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  1. Whenever I see or hear that guy it makes me so grateful the Bills have a quarterback leader who is cool, lacks arrogance, and is not a head case. Can you imagine having a yahoo like Rodgers as your team's quarterback? Yikes.
  2. He was our best lineman when here, a pro bowl guard year after year, and a leader of that group. Talented, consistent, relentless. Always liked the irony of his last name, as one of the most conspicuous people around.
  3. Great, clear and specific analysis here. Thanks. Nice!
  4. Not sure, but I agree, and Beasley would fit in very well, really improve their short game, and open up things down field. Hopefully this does not happen! I know Tua does not have a great arm, but I think he looked a lot better as the last season progressed.
  5. A little, but I am still concerned. And maybe even a little more soon after this post, as I found out that Beasley had broken ribs last year. The first time I began to consistently realize Allen was going to be a super star was when he started finding Beasley, effortlessly, in stride, in the slot. It was when Allen started to look like the other HOF quarterbacks I have seen play in the Ralph: Bradshaw, Warner, Montana... Pretty shocked that Beasley has not signed somewhere else by now. May be because of the vaccination controversy. But I am glad that, so far, he is not a weapon for one of the other young guns, like Herbert, Burrow, Watson, and even Tua.
  6. Elam If he can get up to NFL speed quickly, and White is back early, it will move this defense to an elite level. I think a few of the young defensive lineman will take the next step up, like Rousseau and Oliver. And the combination of these things will be the difference this year, and help the Bills to cross that river.
  7. It sure did not seem like a revolving door the last four years, as Wallace was paired with White consistently. But I agree, McDuffie, or another cb in the first, their biggest need, and then move up in the second round to nab Reese.
  8. Yahoo?????? Is that still a thing? I thought they had folded all of their business operations except for their much degraded email. I'll just do what I have done for all the unwarranted stadium criticism to date, cover my ears and yell to drown out the ugly, negative voices. They are nothing--and we have everything... We have the Bills!
  9. To me he has always seemed like a good guy, a high character guy. And I agree his team has not been a high quality one. But he seems to fold under pressure and lacks the leadership qualities of a top NFL quarterback. The problem, I think, is that teams see those personal qualities, see the italics, and they also get to know a player very well, and that clouds their judgement. Carr has a top tight end and and now Devante Adams. If the line is solid, he should have a great year and lead the Raiders to their first playoff win in a long time. But I don't think he will step up and take them there.
  10. It seems that the Raiders would be better off finding a new quarterback, one that has the potential to win big in the NFL. Carr does not seem to be that guy, has never won a playoff game. I know his stats seem to paint a different picture, one of a top tier NFL quarterback, but that is not the case. I wonder if the teams that sign players like this know what everyone else knows, and that they just go with the easier, safer option. That is a huge amount of money for a middling, inconsistent quarterback/team leader.
  11. Well, we cannot move on from Miller, which will go down as one of the worst moves in the Bills franchise, as it will mean we cannot resign some of our very good young players in the coming years. Even when Miller is sitting at home, raking it in.
  12. I don't watch or hear what he says often, but the times I do it almost always seems Johnson says some stupid, illogical thing--like that. Almost no GM would trade Allen for anyone right now. Period. The only comparable player is Mahomes, in my view. Brady is 44, and Rodgers is a head case, not a leader of men. And Watson, well, good luck with that, Cleveland, and all that guaranteed money...
  13. Well, I am certain Zay Jones feels very differently tonight!
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