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  1. The more I think about this, the more I think that Prescott has really embarrassed himself. He wants to be the highest payed player in the NFL! There is no legitimacy to his salary goal, a complete pipe dream.And Prescott turned down a new 30 million a year contract! It makes him look arrogant and ignorant. He is making a fool of himself.
  2. Thirty million a year for Prescott would be too much--and he turned that down!! The problem in Dallas is that Jones pumps the team up with so much hot air that the star players think they are hall of famers early in their careers. I hope they give him a huge salary! That, and a poor (duh) head coach in Jason Garrett would mean one less team to compete against for championships. How 'bout them Cowboys?
  3. What a poorly written article--I was surprised that this was from an actual sports writer (?). It adds nothing to the conversation at all. When something is that poorly written it should set off warning bells that the article's content is usually a joke too.
  4. Thanks for the daily updates, Astro!
  5. Nskehe will be 34 this season so my point is the Bills are now in the market for long term right tackle. But if Nskehe plays great then, yes, the Bills will be less likely to start looking now. Obviously we hope for the latter scenario.
  6. Ford did not look like an NFL tackle in the limited video I watched of him after the draft--too slow, lacking the athleticism a tackle needs. Makes more sense at guard. The more experienced Nsekhe will start at right tackle. It also means that the Bills are back in the market for a right tackle, maybe even before this season. Probable starting Offensive line: LT- Dawkins LG- Spain C- Morse RG- Ford RT- Nsekhe But Ford needs to play better now at guard or won't start this year.
  7. I assume the OP is just messing around with some of his comments, such as the possibility of the Bills trading Foster for a 3rd or 4th round pick before the season?? An oversupply of NFL quality receivers on the Bills!?!! Good idea: trade away what, from all appearances, seemed to be one of your best young players last year, in one of the weakest areas of the team, to a desperate enough team for a mid round draft pick. We don't know if Foster will become the star he looked like he may become last year, but our eyes did not deceive us. (And most of the other players mentioned, like Bodine, generally have almost no trade value at all.) Whenever I read a bizarre and ridiculous post like this it makes me want to go back and check what the poster's views were on things like the Marshawn Lynch trade and see if they thought that (one of the worst moves in the history of the Bills) was a good, logical idea too...
  8. We should all be extremely grateful that Beane and McDermott would NEVER even consider being on that drama creating, team dividing spectacle. I think this will be the case for as long as they are in Buffalo.
  9. Yes. I can't believe I didn't even think of Lawson until I read your post as he was a much improved last year and made some big plays. I think the Bills will regret declining his 5th year contract option this summer. THAT would be huge if Lawson excels now. Imagine how good this defense can be if Lawson, Murphy, Oliver, Hughes, all play to their potential this year.
  10. Surprised that his name has not come up before this. More of a 'hope' it happens for me this year, but if he played well, and then Kroft comes back strong, then an extremely weak area of last year's team becomes a strength. Would move this offense to another level.
  11. Yes, as with Singletary and Williams, if players like Murphy (and Johnson, though less vital here as the secondary looks solid) rise to their potential, and a player like Ty, then the Bills will be an excellent team. The good thing this year is it seems likely that several of these players will come through--and move the Bills to the next level. And it is different this year than in others, as the base of the team is much more solid than it has been in a long time, so these players can then be the key to a great year..
  12. What do you mean about Jones?? I have no idea! If this happens and McCoy rebounds then this would be one of the best stories of the summer--and instill even more hope for a great season.
  13. Almost every summer at least one player pleasantly surprises in training camp and preseason. I realize that this is more about hoping this is the case than anything else. This summer, my prediction is that Duke Williams and Devin Singletary will be those players. In this case, if these two players come through, combined with a great defense and Josh Allen progressing, the Bills will be a very solid playoff team. They can help turn around two of the weakest areas from last year and also play a big role in Allen's progression.
  14. I think signing Williams may end up being one of the best off season moves by the Bills. He dominated in high school, junior college, and in the CFL. In my view, if in the fall we are talking about players like Williams, Singletary, Knox, Dawson.. the Bills will have a great year.
  15. Yup, dumb; pure greed from some of the richest men in the country.
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