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  1. Almost feel sorry for the guy; could have been a hall of famer, one of the best ever. But he is a nut job. And, now, a pathetic one at that.
  2. I really dislike Rome's show because of calls like this--people trying to kiss up to Rome by giving him the same crap, in the same way, with the same (not funny) humor as everyone else that Rome likes. It became very boring to me quickly and now, it's REALLY, really boring and annoying; I cannot listen to it. Wonder why people are so eager to kiss this guy's kiester, just to get on air? But go Bills today.
  3. Complete BS I laughed when I saw all of the quarterbacks all ranked above Allen. Most of those teams would give up 2 first round picks + to have an opportunity to have Allen as their QB. Morons.
  4. Answers: 1. Zero times 2. Yes Why don't you provide some info, facts, to support your point? Then maybe this would make sense...
  5. Can the poster or someone clarify what is being asked in the poll, "Who get it?" The question needs to be clearer, I think. (For example, what is 'it'?)
  6. Thanks. Was thinking that had to be the case or teams could take advantage of it. Will now be interesting to see what the specific players are payed this year.
  7. If this is the case, then teams can use that to their advantage by offering significantly more if they really want to keep that player but don't want them on the current roster. For me, that leads to the question: Do the salaries on the practice squad count against the team's salary cap?
  8. Yes, and also, I too pick Bills because they are Bills. It is one of the reasons I stay away from fantasy football.
  9. Why? What facts and objective information made you do that? I too had hope that he could have a rebound year, but it seems like a bad move unless it was in a late round, a big risk.
  10. More super crazy talk here... The Bills will go 1-6 because they cut a back who averaged 3.2 yards a carry last year! That will cause the bottom to fall out and they will be one of the worst teams in the NFL now. Super nuts.
  11. More than ridiculous here. The Bills cut a player who showed significant decline. During the Levy years, one of the hallmarks of the team is that they almost always cut players on the decline and brought in a stronger option. You are letting emotion guide you rather than the facts.
  12. What crazy talk this is... He averaged 3.2 yards a carry last year.
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