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  1. If Oliver keeps progressing this year, builds on what he did last year, and QuintinJefferson plays up to his potential (he's 26), the Bills defense may be even better this year, more unforgiving and with more big plays. I think signing Jefferson and Diggs will be considered two of the top 10 off season moves in the NFL. Go Bean and McDermott.
  2. Yup, agree completely. A very important man in Buffalo's history and in most of our lives. Only wish that he was still around to see what the Bills are going to do in the next five years...
  3. I hope the Chargers aren't calling it in new logo, that would be embarrassing. Logo shmogo, who cares? I always liked the plain old Buffalo best: But at least when they changed it, the Bills really did so.
  4. Wait...what's the difference? Color only? I don't think I would have noticed if not told.
  5. If Edwards-Helaire is tough like Singletary, then he sounds like a good choice. I was thinking a big back is what the Bills would want, to complement Motor, but if Clyde can break tackles like him, then size may not matter. Crappy football last name, but Clyde will work.
  6. For those, like me, who did not know who Stephen Ross is, those who don't know the names of every NFL owner, that is who he is--principal owner of the Dolphins.
  7. This post is tongue in cheek, correct? Not a real question or concern, correct? Shocking, almost disturbing, if not! Gore is 36 years old, has carried the ball over three thousand five hundred times, and rushed for over fifteen thousand yards. In addition, he has almost five hundred receptions for almost four thousand more yards. You don't need to know all the specifics, of course, to know this is the reason. This is a joke, right?
  8. Yes, not sure why some are parroting 1-2 yahoo 'analysts' on this signing--using their exact same language.. The Bills filled a significant need by giving up, as you say, a 1st this year and 4th next year. 2-3 years ago those 5th and 6th round picks were MUCH more meaningful to the less talented Bills with significant holes to fill. Now, it would be much harder for low round picks to make this much improved team. In addition, the Bills may have gotten one of the top wide receivers in the NFL--and he is young, 26 years old. He has had the opportunity to learn and grow in the NFL so there will be almost no learning curve for Diggs in Buffalo, which is not the case for most fresh out of college receivers. Also, and undermining even more directly the "steep price" nonsense, they get Diggs, at least for now, at about half the price of other top tier receivers who are available--and he's under contract for three more years. Interesting that the few saying that this was not a good move, that the Bills gave up too much, don't mention Diggs' salary and contract. Furthermore, the Bills, with a dramatically improved wide receiver group last year, take another big step forward by signing Diggs. Brown, Diggs, and Beasley? A dynamic, diverse group of receivers, possibly now one of the best groups in the NFL. I think the price the Bills payed for Diggs was excellent, enabling the Bills' offense to take the next steps forward next year, and will be considered one of the best free agent signings this off season--just like Brown and Beasely were last year. A great move by the Bills, again.
  9. Umm...yes...as an extremely obvious answer to the question at hand, as stated.. Would anyone answer "no" to this question...? Tannehill was the highest rated passer in the NFL last year and almost led his team to the Super Bowl. So, duh?
  10. The Bills do what they did last year: Address holes or weak areas effectively in the free agent market. Then, based on what they accomplished in free agency, they will draft the best player available at 22. And: They will sign key Bills' free agents, such as Shaq Lawson. They will not sign Jordan Phillips. They will lock up White and others before the season starts.. And then the Bills will win 12 games and earn a home playoff game.
  11. But this is your OP, the question you posed in it, directly (not as 'an example'): "Here’s my idea...what if we took the top DE or OT on the board at 22 and trade next year’s first and one of the extra 5ths this year to get back in the bottom of round 1?" I was responding to that, as that is the base of this thread, what many are responding to. But good to hear that you know better, that that is completely unrealistic. Unless the other GM is really, really bad!
  12. Nonsense, as Allen showed many signs this past year he is already not a "very average quarterback".
  13. Obviously not someone very familar with the NFL draft!! It would take a lot more than next year's first and the FIFTH round this year to get another first round pick this year!!
  14. Umm... yes, some GMS listed here... But does anyone else know how this relates to the question posed by the OP other than providing a list of some good GMs possibly? I hit the links and that does not help at all, at least from what I see. (Is it so we can go to their many yearly drafts and read each one and try to ascertain this? If so, not very helpful!) Thanks.
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