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  1. Makes no sense--we should not ask questions in a post? He says he does not have this information and is asking for some.
  2. I never thought that, but instead think that Dabol sometimes struggles to put the right guy in there--and Kroft has been injured as well. The reasons I, and others, think Kroft should start are the reasons I state in the OP and that others have stated in this thread--Kroft was very reliable in all phases of the game. Yes, one game, but the fact that Knox has not shown that (in his many games as the starter) and Kroft showed it immediately is significant. Knox can very well become a great tight end--and now, if we are right, with a very solid tight end starting in front of him, I think that is more likely now as well. I also think Knox will make his sure of big plays this year. With Singletary and Kroft starting consistently (and getting the vast majority of snaps), as they did last week, the Bills are a better team. The Bills found that out last week in a game they may have lost if that was not the case.
  3. Not happy to be without Knox and Moss this past Sunday, but I did think it may be a blessing in disguise-. I still think a weakness of Dabol's sometimes is his choice of who to play, and I realized Singletary would now be the main running back, without Moss. And Kroft was an unexpected surprise, but should not have been to Dabol. We saw that last year with way too many touches by Gore, not enough by Singletary, and almost none by Yeldon, although he was clearly the better option down the stretch. And this year, I had been frustrated by the running back by committee the first two games, as a back like Singletary gets better and better as a game progresses. He runs smart and so learns in each game as he sees what the defense is doing. He is the number one back, but wasn't given a real chance to shine until this week, when Moss was out. Of course on Sunday, he was the back we were expecting, with over 5 yards a carry and lots of important catches as well. Losing Knox and Moss this past week will make the Bills stronger down the stretch, in my view, and hopefully help Dabol to look at his players more objectively in the future. It may be his biggest weakness as a coordinator.
  4. I agree, but from yesterday's game, Kroft is clearly the more polished, consistent tight end now. Knox will learn from him as Kroft now starts--I believe.
  5. Okay, but Kroft sure did look good yesterday, consistently. He is 27 year old. If he plays like he did yesterday throughout this year, I believe the Bills will not be looking too hard for a new tight end next year,
  6. Definitely, as the Bills have been gashed too often already, seem to really miss their huge lineman, Star and Jordan Phillips. He is 30 years old and can likely still be, if motivated, a big part of a great defense. No risk, but a big reward possible here.
  7. For the first time in a very long time a Bills tight end looked disciplined, showed superb hands, got open consistently, and blocked effectively. We are told how much more athletic Knox is and how much more upside he has than Kroft. But our eyes did not deceive us yesterday--in all phases of his position Kroft is superior to Knox. Knox has never looked like that, although he has played well at times and made some big plays. He is not a consistently reliable starting tight end yet. Dawson Knox may well become the starting tight end a few years down the road, but if yesterday was an indication, he does not play the position well enough (yet) to be the starter. Knox will continue to make some big plays, but not in a starting role. Kroft played an integral role in the victory yesterday and should be the starter going forward.
  8. Come on! It is simply coach speak for 'we like Tyrod, think he is a good teammate, a capable backup, but he is done as our starter'. Tyrod knows this, of course, as he heard almost the same exact things after Mayfield was drafted in Cleveland and before he lost his job in Buffalo. He will continue to have a great career as a backup, earn lots of money, and retire rich and healthy.
  9. Well, that seems likely--but that seems like a good sign, as it indicates how much talent and depth, overall, the Bills have. We all knew that good players would now needed to be cut. But, it seems many of those players will now be signed today, Sunday, anyway.
  10. Just another ignorant opinion. For example, he says, "The Bills were at their best last season when Allen was mostly staying out of the way and focusing on protecting the football at the expense of taking shots downfield." Allen led the NFL in both game winning drives and fourth quarter comebacks, as a 2nd year quarterback, and in his first full year as a starter. I am open to listening to criticism of Allen, but this, like so much of it is simply based on ignorance. (Honestly, I really think some sports writers don't like his down to earth, humble approach to things.) "Staying out of the way" and the facts, are not congruent at all. Allen was the clear leader of this team, and his late game performance indicates he was not merely a game manager, or worse, an obstacle on an otherwise great team, but an integral part of their playoff season last year.
  11. Well, look at the video again--okay that our franchise quarterback is doing something so stupid, so negligent? I will contradict myself when I said this is unlike Allen--as later I was thinking about him pitching the ball back against Houston. Everyone called him out for that, how reckless that was. We should do the same here, for the same reason, so he doesn't put his own life and the life of others in jeopardy. (And, more importantly, the Bills season!) I have huge respect for Josh Allen as a player, person, and leader, but that doesn't mean I should not call BS after seeing this video: https://twitter.com/BuffRumblings/status/1299816077682245632 Don't you think McDermott did the same? Wouldn't you if you were his coach?
  12. I'm not thinking of the legality, which is questionable actually, but it seems like a very stupid thing to do--he is driving a car on a street with traffic and also filming a video as he does so. Doing something stupid like this seems out of character for him. Unless it was a self driving car. We should start a Go fund me page, if not, and buy him one.
  13. Okay, thanks--did some express concerns? He seems to be driving--and turns to keep Oliver in his view.
  14. That sure seems to be the case from the Twitter video. Pretty disconcerting, I think. It isn't a country lane, but a street with cars passing.
  15. What is your reasoning? We have good knowledge of how Singletary performs in the NFl. His statistics, and what we see with our own eyes, indicate that he is an excellent player, and can soon become one of the best at his position. He had almost 1,000 yards rushing and receiving last year as he shared playing time (too often) with Gore. 5.1 yards per carry; super quick and elusive in the hole, surprising power, and a good receiver. With each component of the offense seemingly improved this off season--wide receivers, running backs, offensive line, and quarterback--if Singletary plays merely as well as last year (but he'll be better--it is only his second year...) he could have Pro Bowl caliber stats. But, they hopefully hit with Moss too--this would be a rocking team for the next few years if Moss plays in the NFL, like he played in college. And this coaching staff is excellent at bringing out the best in their players. Why do you think Moss will get more playing time?
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