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  1. To me, the players to watch are Duke Williams, McCoy, Yeldon, and Lawson. If Lawson makes similar strides this year the Bills need to sign him to long term contract now--and cut McCoy if he is done.
  2. A good guy, is set for life financially. But he will likely work hard and be very successful. Look at his college stats, and at his college success. He could only do that with hard work, as we know his limitations. (Just not good enough for the NFL.) I was excited if his throw was in the vicinity of the receiver. I wanted to believe that the Bills had a good quarterback, finally. EJ will do good things in his life.
  3. This is nonsensical--Allen is by far the more recognized talent at this point. Of course not everyone feels that way, but as far as praise for their play and potential based on last year, Allen is clearly the choice. Not to say that Rosen will not be good, although now that he is a Dolphin I hope he is not.
  4. Clearly the OP is joking, being sarcastic, correct? To put on the Bills wall the most inexplicably, unacceptably traded player in the history of the organization? To remind the Bills faithful of how incompetent, even negligent, the franchise has been at times in the past? A player that immediately then showed himself to not only be an all pro, but a hall of famer, the day after he was cut loose. (I remember after Lynch was traded of posting that it was the worst move I had ever seen the Bills make, and the backlash I got on the board when I said the Bills just cut loose their best player, and for almost nothing, and what may be the best back in the NFL.) You don't put evidence of the worst move in the franchise history (and one many on this board at the time felt was no big deal, a fine move) on your team's wall!
  5. Both your question and mine are real questions, but mine seems more relevant to this thread.
  6. Not game changers? Not much in Buffalo, but of course there have been many.
  7. I don't know--what is your theory?
  8. Been busy, and while paying a little attention to the draft players, today was one of the first times I have had some time to read about Hockenson. And frankly, as a long time Bills fan, hard to get excited for a tight end so I haven't been interested. To me, 1983 pick, Tony Hunter, a first round tight end, is still a key reference point. He played two years for the Bills. As Daniel Jeremiah said in his evaluation: "Hockenson is at his best in the run game. He rag-dolls defensive ends and linebackers. He had multiple pancake blocks in every game I studied. Overall, Hockenson is one of the best blocking tight ends I've ever evaluated, and he is dependable in the passing game. He's a Day 1 impact player at the next level." The Bills went after free agents to make their offense and Allen better, and shockingly, even making a play for Antonio Brown. So the Bills are looking for impact players on offense. Hockenson is the player the Bills' offense needs, like Cornelius Bennett was the guy the defense needed in 1987. Hockenson can have a similar impact. Imagine Josh Allen and Hockenson in the same backfield.
  9. Josh Allen looks like the Bills quarterback of the future, finally. And the Bills have given him better wide receivers and offensive lineman. Allen looked good without a legitimate running game, without an adequate offensive line, and with very little production from the tight ends. Hard to argue that these areas were not team weaknesses last year. Ditto for the Bills short passing game. Hockenson is an excellent run blocker and high quality physical receiver (760 yards, last year, 15.5 per catch). If he is as good as he seems he will have a significant impact in all three areas. It is hard to imagine that another player, right now, could have more of an impact than TJ Hockenson. As Gronkowski leaves, one of the most important players in the Patriots' success, we get a similar player.
  10. Thanks. Wondering if NFL GMS know more than most of the prognosticators.
  11. I looked a little online but cannot find any mock draft evaluations from last year or the year before. Looking for first round, but any other rounds in addition. I just want to know whose picks were closest to the actual picks. I assume mock drafts are mostly inaccurate, but want to know which were the closest.
  12. Well, possibly. But I would rather they draft a great running back, actually. But I want one in the early rounds, and all conventional wisdom is saying that won't happen. I am not of the mindset that good/great running backs are a dime a dozen, easy to find late in the draft, and think a young high quality running back could end up being the missing piece this year if the Bills are not careful. I want Yeldon as I don't have confidence the Bills are looking at a running back early in the draft.
  13. Just a hunch? Really think the Bills can risk their season on a pipe dream? No sign of life in him last year, consistently. Obviously I hope you are right, but nothing to go on here other than his career stats--not 2018. The Bills cannot take that chance, should not. In the Super Bowl years the Bills almost always cut ties with players when they were done--sign of a good team.
  14. Hope this happens--excellent receiver too, and young. To me, this, inexplicably, has been one of the most important need areas not yet addressed. So, while late in the game, could be a key pick-up. Shoot, at 25, who knows what this guy could do on a good offense.
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