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  1. With the 48th pick in the draft, the Houston Texans select Ennis Rakestraw Jr., DB, Missouri @frostbitmic and the Bengals are on the clock. The Texans were close to pulling the trigger on Rakestraw Jr. with their earlier pick in this round but decided on Fiske instead. Seeing him on the board at this point made perfect sense to jump up....and we're glad we did. Ennis will be put on the fast track and be expected to contribute straight away. The duo of Rakestraw Jr. and Derek Stingley Jr. in the defensive backfield should conjure up thoughts of another fine pairing.....a bottle of Chianti and a bowl of fava beans.
  2. ***TRADE ALERT*** The Houston Texans trade picks 59 & 86 to Jacksonville for pick 48. The Texans are now on the clock.
  3. A good looking draft to be sure. CAUTION: These are the Cardinals. Something, somewhere, somehow isn't as it appears. j/k
  4. With the 42 pick of the 2024 draft, The Houston Texans select Braden Fiske DT, Florida St. The Texans are preparing for a run at AFC supremacy this season and beyond. The offense is legit good. Not a weakness to be found. Playing with a lead should probably be the norm. On the defensive side, Demeco Ryan has made it clear that getting after the QB is a priority and the addition of D. Hunter playing opposite Will Anderson, Jr. should make for sleepless nights for opposing D coordinators. Fiske provides explosiveness off the snap and his ability to penetrate the backfield will prove worthy of this pick. Opposing defenses are going to double down on the edges leaving Fiske with to deal with a single blocker. Look for the Texans to be among the league leaders is getting to the QB. More defensive help likely coming with another 2nd round selection forthcoming........or maybe not? @Might Rather and the Atlanta Falcons are on the clock.
  5. Differing opinion is all. I'll gladly move on from him.
  6. Understood. But why limit yourself to those choices. Get someone who will actually contribute. I've seen enough from him.
  7. So this justifies him taking a roster spot? Time to cut yoUr losses and move on. We made one mistake picking him. Let's not compound it by keeping him.
  8. Or, in your case, murderers row. He came off the bench. He's a first rounder. You call out one play he made and you say coach him up. He doesn't fit here. I think he something to offer, just not here.
  9. I don’t like how this fell. Therefore, give me the best safety.
  10. Yessir - I'm crushing on Ladd right about now. Draft and play WR. Josh would have his most reliable WR since........he who shall not be mentioned. Then, go get Leggette, Troy or Tez.
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