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  1. I might be in the minority here, but I want the Bills to become the best by beating the best, however much disdain I might have for the "best". I want to see Tom Brady's and Bill Belichick's distraught faces on the sidelines as the Bills take both the division and AFCE championship from them year after year after year. Yes, I agree that a win is a win and would still a celebrate Bills victory, even if the team they beat was just the Little Sisters of The Poor in NFL uniforms. But it would not be nearly as sweet for me. Nor would it get the "respect" from national media and the twitter pundits that so many seem to crave. So, I would not cheer if Tom Brady, or Pat Mahomes, or Baker Mayfield got a career ending injury, nor would I cheer if Bill Belichick or Andy Reid had to quit coaching because of some terrible accident or illness. I don't want the Buffalo Bills to become the Tonya Hardy's of the NFL.
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