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  1. Josh Allen is the first QB of the five taken in the first round of the 2018 draft to win a play off game. My only wish for the rest of this weekend is that the Browns and Ravens both lose to keep Baker and Lamar out of the club. Not bad for a “parody of a draft choice”.
  2. The games that have the most affect on the Bills seeding and playoff opponents ; Ravens, Steelers, Titans, etc, are the ones that I would suggest for separate threads.
  3. Very nice! Many thanks again and a very happy new year!
  4. Are there any combinations of results today (however unlikely) that would lock the Bills into the #3 spot? Looking at the current playoff standings, it looks like the Bills could still finish anywhere from #1 to #4 no matter what happens today and Monday night.
  5. In the first few years after the AFL-NFL merger, I rooted fervently for the old AFL teams over the the old NFL teams. So, I celebrated the Jets one and only Super Bowl victory, even though I detested the Jets and Joe Namath. That wore off eventually. Now I only root for the Bills and any teams whose victory would help the Bills in some way.
  6. Hou Sea Buf Chi GB Mia Phi Vegas Indy Cle LA NO SF Dal Pit Den
  7. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man will keep his mouth shut if he knows what’s good for him
  8. I am delighted that you called this a pipe dream, given recent events.
  9. I voted 11-5 with the Bills going 6-0 in the division. This vote is about 80% heart and 20% brain
  10. How about giving the defensive team that just forced the safety a choice of: Get the ball at mid- field Get the ball on your own 40 plus 1 point Get the the ball on your own 30 plus 2 points etc down to your own 10 plus 4 points This could make for interested coaching decisions. Take the points or field position.
  11. My wife’s dream of a fabulous new bathroom had just gotten started and had reached the point of gutting the old bathroom and dressing area back to the studs. The electrician and his helper had just started work. Neither of them seemed at all concerned about COVID19. However, my wife had a panic attack about our daughter being alone in her apartment in Brooklyn and drove down to bring her home. When they returned, my daughter announced that she had just received a note from work that two of her co-workers had tested positive. At this, the two electricians literally (I am using that room
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