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  1. Pretty obvious that Bills fans don’t like Murray. Has anyone checked any of the fan sites, especially Arizona, to see what kind of reaction there?
  2. I have been a fan of the Buffalo Bills since they were first created in 1960. My earliest memory of seeing the Bills in person was in the Rockpile stadium because my dad got some free tickets. My second oldest memory is helping my dad put up the rotating attenna to the roof of our house so we could watch the Bills on Canadian tv. I joined TBD relatively recently after many years of lurking around TBD following drafts,etc. I haven’t lived in Buffalo since 1973, and haven’t been back often except for funerals etc., so I haven’t been to anyplace but the Rockpile. My favorite Bills player of all time is Josh Allen. Before Josh, I guess it was Kelly and before him OJ. I didn’t have any favorites during the 1960s (at least I don’t remember them). My favorite game is the “Comeback “ versus Oilers. My screen name “Epictetus” is reflection of the stoicism you needed to be a Bills fan. i remember going to the stadium the Jets play in for a football game, but don’t remember when or what teams. Probably Bills versus Jets, but don’t remember the game itself.
  3. Asking which is more important, Brady or Belichick, is like asking which is more important for binocular vision, the left eye or the right eye. If Tom Brady had been drafted in the 5th round by your least favorite coach, he would not be what he is now. If Belichick had drafted anyone else, he would have far fewer Super Bowel rings today. It was a marriage made in heaven (or hell if you dislike them both). I am rooting for a scoreless tie myself.
  4. No. Not since I retired 5 years ago. Not that I cared one way or another what they thought about the Buffalo Bills, but I needed something ignorable to listen to on my long commute to and from work. Mina Kimes does have a charming smile, but that alone is not enough to tune into ESPN.
  5. I’m an old man. I vividly remember the 1970s. So, I dislike the Dolphins the most, although the Patriots are a close second. The Jets? I like seeing them lose, that’s as far as it goes. The Chiefs and the Cowboys were not on your list, but they would rank one and two on my “hate” list.
  6. Just win the damn game. The only thing that matters is to win the games, win the Super Bowl. I don’t care whether the Bills win by 1 point or 77 points; just win. Sure, it would be nice for the Bills to win comfortably, but this would just be the cherry on top. If by some chance Miami wins this game, I don’t want to hear about how good Josh Allen played or any records he or any other Bill set. These things matter, if they matter at all, only if the Bills win the game. I don’t expect the post game conversation (outside of TBD) to be about Josh Allen’s MVP run. Instead, i expect the national media to talk about Tua; make excuses for him if necessary, praise him whenever possible.
  7. I usually wait until Wednesday or Thursday, win or lose, to avoid the hot takes and internecine warfare between posters. I am mainly interested in why the Bills won or lost. I am especially interested in the bad news associated with the wins and he good news associated with the losses. I seek out the comments of thoswho seem to know what they are talking about (&GunnerBill. et alia) and those who actually watched the game ( &Virgil et alia). I avoid looking at ESPN and most of the national media, but I do that anyway, so it is not relevant to this thread. The Buffalo Bills have been my one and only NFL team since 1960. I would not disown the Bills for one bad game or one bad year any more than I would disown one of my children for one bad report card. Yes, it is important to recognize where improvement is required, but one must realize the limitations of being a fan. I can care all I want, but I am not the owner, GM, or coaching staff who make all the decisions (good or bad) for the team.
  8. Both Tyrod and “Fritz” were backup QBs that we attempted to use as franchise QBs, which neither of them are. So, this argument is silly. We needed a franchise QB and we rolled the dice (successfully, so far) on Josh Allen. We would have drafted him or the best available prospect, regardless of whether we kept Tyrod or Fritz or whoever we picked up to replace them. we did not make a mistake in drafting John Allen.
  9. I expect the Bills to put forth their very best offensive, defensive, and special teams. I am fully confident that they can beat any team they face. Like many others, l would be heartbroken to see them lose Super Bowl number 5. If they must lose, it would have to be to a team that was obviously better.
  10. Bills 38 Steelers 34 Good Ben shows up ( per @GunnerBill). Keeps score closer than Bills fans would like, but falls short in end.
  11. I will not worry about this until such a trade actually happens (if it happens at all).
  12. Suppose some GM offers xxx for Obada. How silly does xxx have to be get your interest?
  13. Serious question: How many men must the Bills cut after this game and when must they cut them?
  14. I, too, would much prefer to see the Bills become a dynasty rather than a one SB win wonder, like the Jets. I want the Bills to dominate for decades, like New England did (but without the cheating). And, yes, I’d like to see a 20-0 season and a three-peat or four-peat of SB victories. So, I am greedy. Nonetheless, I will celebrate every season the Bills play without getting bitter over the occasional bad games or draft picks. They are still my team, win or lose.
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