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  1. There’s no need to compare it with any hit a Bills player might have taken. That’s not how the NFL evaluates it when determining who gets a FedEx delivery, which Rapp certainly did.
  2. In another video posted to his Instagram story Tuesday, Brown, 35, referenced the film “Finding Nemo,” repeating the movie’s famous line, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” “Missing? They ain’t never seen Finding Nemo?” he said. “This is traumatic. Lucky I know how to say a joke.” Police said Tuesday they were aware of the posts and are “looking into its authenticity.” The former safety who played college football for Notre Dame and played professionally most recently for the Buffalo Bills is still considered a missing person, Maywood Police Department spokesperson Carmen Rivera said.
  3. Bizarre update from him today... https://www.foxnews.com/sports/former-nfl-player-sergio-brown-appears-resurface-rambling-video-cops-probe-mothers-death-homicide
  4. Yeah, I think he was referring to that little upper deck overhang thing...idk🤣
  5. Time for some payback for my Jets fan friends who were talking a little too much trash😄
  6. You’d think when they invite these legends back they would be the owners guest in his suite
  7. Another FG….death by a thousand cuts
  8. Here you go…..this is how you X (formerly known as Twitter) https://x.com/haileesteinfeld?s=21&t=7IYMoqPjmx5cbrAAglSk2g
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