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  1. Little concerned they're bringing in guys who have trouble staying healthy.
  2. Imagine an adult male carrying on over an internet reaction to their comment. You should see someone about that.
  3. LMAO at sensitive posters that feel the need to respond to reactions on their posts🤣 Not even a comment, but a reaction! We're talking reactions!
  4. Alex, I'll take how to say the same thing 4 different ways🤣
  5. Just another example in a long line of them of what a tool this guy is. Mind you, it has nothing to do with his football prowess, but yeah, he’s a douche. On the Hail Murray: “Hopkins has plans of having a chain made to commemorate the play, he revealed during his Pro Bowl Verzuz on Thursday night with L.A. Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey, and the level of disrespect is over the top. “I’m going to get a chain made with their three names on there and a cemetery,” he said. He basically wants to tell White, Hyde and Poyer to rest in peace.”
  6. Nope. Besides being too old, I’ll never forgive his douchebaggery after his lucky catch.
  7. Best news on the board today.
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