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  1. I haven't been keeping up with this thread, but for me it reminds me of how Moulds came back after one offseason just completely physically transformed, and he broke out that year. The dedication and discipline and taking things seriously by preparing your body in the offseason, coming back totally jacked shows you're finally in the right head space and ready to take your career to the next level. That's what I'm hoping is happening with Zay right now based on reports he's "bigger, stronger, faster"💪
  2. Wow, sad news. Remember her well, RIP.
  3. Mine is jail broken too, kodi, some apks. Care to PM me which service you use that is reliable?
  4. Thanks. So what I am gathering from everyone's feedback is just pay as usual and it shouldn't be an issue when the season rolls around. I do use Apple TV, not a mobile, and am out of the Bills market. So I thought they may be able to check IP while watching and determine you shouldn't be getting the streaming at all. If they don't do that, getting Bills games won't be an issue, as just my local team has been blacked out over the years.
  5. Brilliant! But how do you set up your account with your email and pay with credit card under your name? They don't check that? PM me if this is getting out of TOS bounds. Thanks - I was thinking that as well, but that's just a 1 year fix, right?
  6. I’m hoping you guys who have subscribed to the DirecTV online only streaming version of the Sunday Ticket can help me with a question. I have had the online Ticket for a number of years now, after having had the dish since the beginning. Somehow my address came up as eligible, even though I previously had the dish at this same address. Anyway, my question is, I will be moving this summer to a house that almost certainly will not be eligible. And I don’t know anyone with college accounts, etc. to work around that. So, I am currently on auto renew, so if I let that renew and pay with the same credit card that will probably have my new address tied to it, can I still stream it through my Apple TV anyway? Or will they have some kind of cross referencing software or geo locator that would block the games for me? Hope I explained that situation well enough for some informed individuals to provide better insight! I don’t want workarounds, either I can somehow continue getting this service, or it’s back to the dish or local pub, both highly undesirable (not that I have anything against pubs😁)
  7. HaHa! They panicked and took Bunting😅
  8. When do ST holders with the most seniority get access to buy individuals?
  9. I counted at least 2 in this thread alone....
  10. I actually met him several times, once at a pre-game party outside the stadium, and he "graciously" took time to take a picture. He probably would've punched me out though if I asked for an autograph😀 Besides, I'm not sure how the sad autograph story relates or ties in to the point that he quoted in his response to the assertion that there is no bigger self promoter "begging" to be relevant.
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