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  1. We did steak and chicken kabobs.
  2. I'd the Bills let Beane go. He could write his own ticket to just about any organization. I think he's the best we've had since Polian. That said it were out of our window. And haven't been the best drafters the last few years. I do believe they do well in finding bargain free agents.
  3. Beane also said it on Pete Shragers podcast. Another comment he made that I found interesting was how the Bills liked Washington quarterback Sam Howell when he came out.
  4. Great breakdown that is doing the lords work.
  5. Not a good look for Raccuia if this is true. Always be transparent with your boss.
  6. I actually did the carpet in her condo in Cheektowaga and that car was in her garage.
  7. A little Sunday fun for you guys. https://youtu.be/MkWA3qXSERI
  8. He's also the same style rusher as Miller
  9. This is the signing I've been wanting this is awsome 9 sacks last year
  10. You know who else remembers? Pepperidge Farms remembers.
  11. The bulge on the Colts mascot would make any dude envious.
  12. Tragic. And terrifying as a parent. Deepest condolences
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