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  1. When Takeo Spikes was on mad sports on bet he went to kfc/taco bell for food. I was one of the guys there it was all set up ahead of time. But he took time out after the cameras were turned off to hang with all of us a half hour 45 minutes after about how the season was going and everything. Me and my buddy had season tix and really were disappointed in the season. He told me to tell my buddy to come to that week's game it was against Washington. My buddy was so excited. And we blew the Reds out that week.
  2. OMG this was the first Bills game I ever attended And they spray painted go Steelers on the wall where the walkway in and out of the stadium was to the 100 level
  3. He would have been a top 10 pick had he not missed a year. great scouting and development by the bills here.
  4. This thread has been a blast. The pure entertainment value alone makes it worth the read.
  5. Did anyone else see colts online men named French and fries standing next to each other?🤣🤣🤣
  6. But he never played a full season because baseball came first. He would always show up week 7 or 8 when the Royals season ended unlike Deon who put football first.
  7. I feel like the issue with Bo was he was more committed to baseball. My memory had him as a pretty dominant back.
  8. My friends mom used to work there way back in the day and regularly ride in them planes
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