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  1. Thank you so much. I use it not enough to justify the regular cost but for 2 years $35 you can't beat it.
  2. Ertz liked the Lee Smith trade on twitter.
  3. Saints are restructuring QB Taysom Hill’s contract to create cap room. Details are great: it’s a 4-year, $140 million contract extension - but all years are voidable and it’s a mechanism to free up cap space this year, per source. It saves Saints over $7.5M against cap this year. They are paying Taysom Hill 35 million a year.
  4. Not sure but I know NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick is.
  5. i Figured this would be a good olace to put this. I always like players tribune articles it gives you a sense of a professional athletes life in a way we never have had before. And Marquise Goodwin put up a powerful one about his premature children. I went through something similar but i was lucky so maybe it resonates more for me personally but its totally worth the read. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/everything-i-do-marquise-goodwin
  6. Do they have one that says I choo choo choose you amd that annoying train horn blows?
  7. personal story on the topic. When me and my ex wife were going to the store one night we were rear ended by a drunk driver with no insurance. My then wife was 6 1/2 months pregnant. The accident caused am abruption which was the separation of the placenta from the uterus. Causing her to go into labor and my son being born premature we was under 3 lbs and was i the hospital for 2 1/2 months. We got lucky my son is now 22 years old but seeing his heart stop and having to be shaken by nurses to restarted and the lungs nit being fully formed and him stopping breathing randomly was really scary. I get sometimes good people make mistakes but the last thing you want is to have to live with killing someones child cause you thought you could handle a few drinks and drive. Sorry not really football or Bills related but i have very strong feelings in drinking and driving
  8. Arthur Smith is going to own a team one day.
  9. its about perception tickets arent sold during the season the are sold in the offseason hope springs eternal. I never said one was better than the other i said the Rams wanted to make a splash to open thier new stadium to the public. But at the same time look at the supporting casts both have had to work with the last 4 years Stafford has had a much tougher go of it.
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