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  1. theres a reason Miami made the change now. because they know. i think our window is now i believe in Josh Allen but miami will be force for the next few years
  2. Tua is gonna be a star. Fitz was playing well but i dont think the drop off will be that bad
  3. How many 3rd and 10+s can we actually give up this season?
  4. Supposedly the asking price is a second rd pick dude is still just 22 yrs old and on a rookie deal.
  5. im down to do whatever it takes to improve the defense. We are legit contenders anything we can do to make the defense stronger we NEED to do it
  6. This defense is just flat out bad. its caught up to us this week. sucks this years offence and last years d i believe wins a super bowl.
  7. with the inactive list you would thinkvthe Bills were the ones dealng with covid. Tenessee seems to have everyone back.
  8. me to i see Kelce and Keys backs
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