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  1. Do you think maybe all NFL teams will forget about him till pick 28.
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2024-nfl-mock-draft-giants-vikings-take-quarterback-in-first-round-bills-pick-wr-after-stefon-diggs-trade/ Am I crazy or does nobody take Odunze in the mock from CBS. Do they not have proofreaders or is there something I missed.
  3. Kids gonna be a stud. Great contact balance and vision.
  4. As far as moving up I'm willing to give this year and next year's firsts and a 4 this year. If 1 of the big 3 wrs fall otherwise keep the picks and fill out the roster
  5. They gotta reset like seriously they went a year too long to try and let the last group get the job done and they failed as usual.
  6. Well this couldn't have fallen worse for Buffalo all 3 edge rushers the 2 dts and the top 4 wrs are gone that with all the tackles and qb is pretty crazy. The only pick left is Xavier Leggette or Ladd Mckonky (?sp). I know Ladd has met with the Bills more than once to this point.
  7. I also remember him getting traded on hard knocks. He was meeting with the GM and just kept asking to call his Grandma. Vernon Davis is also his brother I believe. Seemed like a good dude just went about things a little differently
  8. Lol not for soup to eat anything you should use a fork for the kid acts like an animal it's been a multi year effort to get him to use utensils.
  9. My son is 12. And I have the same issue with him. It's a fight to get him to use a fork.
  10. Couldn't agree more this is the NFL dude had 4 sacks all year 2 of them against UMass in a 63-0 win. That is a 5th rd pick not a 1st. A guy with traits or production not both. 1st round guys have both.
  11. He would make a terrible safety. He has the wrong skill set to make that move. He is a boundry corner and nothing else.
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