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  1. Rumor is there was beef between Gordon and Wilson
  2. I wouldn't exactly say that but a much needed win to help the boys to get thier heads right and nobody seems to mention we have been legit missing about half our defense
  3. Wow ***** got me. 不不不不不不
  4. They deserve every bit of the shade coming thier way.
  5. At what point do we actually get an answer on what the story it with White.
  6. Lol the thing is I don't get the hate dude has for the Bills but he sheet talked them every chance he got this morning it not like his team's didn't have thier way with the Bills. It's just a wierd misplaced hate.
  7. Bruschi just said Bills get slaughtered on ESPN GameDay
  8. I'm sorry my personal experience with a friend offends you. People are so freaking sensitive these days. It's like we all all have to be one single hive mind of stupidity Noone is allowed an opinion that may go against all the little preciouses sensitivities out there. This ***** is crazy I never even considered that my friends opinion as a member of the group being talked about was so blatantly wrong. I'm going back to sports and staying out of any other conversations around here. Peace out yall
  9. I wasn't trying to be like that at all just sharing my personal experience. Obviously many didn't like the name and logo its well documented. I'm not fighting for the term sorry if it came across that way that was not my intention. Like I said I was sharing my personal experience maybe I should have framed it better. My bad
  10. Ok? Maybe I should just keep my personal experiences to my self. Or should I get him to directly email you his paperwork. We are not super close but we do talk football maybe he will do it for me.
  11. Sorry I am not informed here. But why do most natives find the Commanders name more offensive? I have a brother in law whole is full blooded native american and he was so pissed when they dropped the name and logo. Mostly the logo he felt the logo looked like a strong native he was more offended by the Cleveland logo
  12. Omg my 10 year old son runs like that.
  13. I hope to God your right. I don't know about some of you guys. But sometimes I feel like I'm bad luck Charm for the Bills like my being a fan is what causes us to lose.
  14. I think they just turned 5s upside down when they ran out of 2s.
  15. I like it. Gonna miss this thread more however.
  16. Honestly I never noticed this watching the games back then and a curious to know the answer.
  17. Only one ring you say? What would I give to see the Bills win 1 ring.
  18. I bought I signed one for 100 bucks. It sells for almost 2k now wish I had bought more
  19. I have accuracy issues. My wife tells me everytime she cleans the bathroom
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