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  1. If he deserves excuses then so do a lot of Bills castoff QBs over the years. Not saying Allen is as bad as them but they didn't have it much better and I would argue in many cases they had it much worse. How many great WRs and olines did any of them have? Allen may not have had the best help his rookie season but he had atleast had a pretty solid oline in year 2.
  2. I honestly don't see a whole ton of hatred. Yes, I'm sure he has his critics, as I'm sure the majority of QBs get. TBH, and I say this as a believer in Allen, I think he gets way too many excuses "But but, the receivers, the line, the play calling....."
  3. According to his latest tweet it's not an April Fool's and it will be announced on FS1. So far I'm watching and only see Nascar.
  4. Let’s just hope that this doesn’t mean they end up with the 1st pick and drafting Trevor Lawrence 🤮
  5. I was thinking the same thing. And their explanation about looking at Brady because they don't trust Jimmy G? Yeah, not buying it.
  6. Hard to say. The info I'm hearing ranges from "this is all being over-hyped and we'll be back to normal in the next month or so" to "we're all doomed and this is the beginning of the downfall of society". I just hope the NFL has people's health and safety in mind more than revenue when they make their decisions.
  7. Given the times, I hear it's 4 years, 300 packages of toilet paper and 50 bottles of hand sanitizer with 20 bottles guaranteed.
  8. So, NCAA Tournament games will pretty much be like Dolphins home games.
  9. I was really hesitating about my answer, TD or touchback. I said touchback but I recall Tim Hasselback brought up a really good point, when a QB is kneeling to run out the clock, they actually take the knee. What would happen if they didn't and just took the snap and just tossed the ball to the ref without kneeling? At the heart of it, if you can't take the time to actually drop down to a knee really quick then maybe you deserve to live with the consequences.
  10. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-reportedly-planning-to-expand-playoffs-to-14-teams-000856379.html Seriously, does anyone really believe that the Steelers and Rams deserved to be playoff teams last year?
  11. If they are going to do the realignment by region wouldn’t it make more sense to just move Miami to the South and the Jags to the East? I mean, do they consider the rivalry between Dolphins/Jets/Pats that much bigger than Bills/Jets/Pats?
  12. I took a look at KC’s home games next year. Not a lot of good ones. Really only the Texans and Patriots and if Brady isn’t in NE that would take a lot out of that game. Looking like it will most likely be Houston. It would make sense seeing as how the 24 point comeback the Chiefs made against them will probably go down as the memorable moment of their championship run.
  13. 2020 Off-season February 2nd: Congrats Chiefs February 3rd: Where will Tom Brady end up next season? February 27th: Will Tom Brady retire? March 17th: More on Tom Brady's future April: Tom Brady May: Tom Brady June: Tom Brady July: Tom Brady August: Tom Brady
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