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  1. If indeed there are games this year and we can't go to them or meet in sports bars then I guess DirecTV/NFL Sunday ticket sales will skyrocket.
  2. From what I remember of it, despite the one score margin, Carolina pretty much outplayed Buffalo. The score, something like 9-3, was a little deceptive.
  3. Pats lost this game at the same time Buffalo went into Atlanta and beat the defending NFC champion Falcons. Gave the Bills the lead in the AFC East for the time being. It was a good weekend to be a Bills fan.
  4. I would say that stretch from about week 9 through 16 was probably the best stretch of games the Bills have had in the 2000s. On top of the dominance in those games the Bills beat some teams during that stretch who were pretty good that year: Jets - made the divisional playoffs, a couple of missed field goals from the championship game. Seahawks - NFC West champs Rams - made divisional playoffs Bengals - in the playoff hunt most of the season and it was one year before their big breakthrough season.
  5. I thought this was extremely unpopular all across Buffalo. At least that's the feeling I get from the Bills Mafia FB page.
  6. Ranch > Blue cheese Drums > Flats
  7. I completely agree. Now if you had put the word "for" between "trading" and "Sammy" that would have probably gotten a different reaction.
  8. I will admit that I loved the Jets after they upset the Pats in the 2011 Divisional round.
  9. I use it and I try to buy local honey. I also like honey mustard. Seems like that's an unpopular opinion but I think that stuff is delicious. Dip chicken nuggets in it, put it on sandwiches, even use it as a salad dressing.
  10. Admittedly, the roar of the crowd would be missed, but not enough to where I wouldn't want to watch. I still plan on watching, particularly if the Bills are going to be as good as the potential that is being hyped up.
  11. Of course, a season where the Bills could finally win the division and maybe even be a title contender would be the one that gets cancelled.
  12. Yeah, particularly if we are going to include Luck as he never made a SB while Bledsoe. Also, would Bob Griese-Dan Marino be close enough to be added to this list?
  13. The loss to the Jets right after the big contract extension in 2011 will probably be a popular pick. In hindsight, that was probably it, but at the time, I was at least hoping that was just one bad game. For me, it took a few more games most likely due to my own denial. I would say I probably didn’t really come to the conclusion until later the next season. Probably after losing to the Rams late in 2012. Again, I was in denial for a long time.
  14. Maybe 3 decades of utter futility play into this but I'm just not sure I understand the hype over Cleveland. Maybe Stefanski will be the difference but I just don't know that I'm convinced he definitely is the answer to get their talent to the right spot. He had a ton of talent in Minn, and while he'll have a good bit in Cleveland as well, being HC is a much different role than just OC/QB coach. I do agree with him on Carolina though. While Rhule is a question mark I think Bridgewater has a lot of potential that has been forgotten about due to injury. He led Minnesota to a division title over a healthy Rodgers in his last full season as starter. He then filled in for Brees very well last year. Of course, NO is still the class of that division and will most likely win the south again but I like Carolina for a wildcard spot.
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