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  1. While I believe a win is a win, if we are as good as most of us have been touting us to be, I would expect us to beat them pretty much as badly as everyone but Washington has.
  2. I guess the door is open for the Raiders now. Perhaps one last playoff appearance for the city of Oakland?
  3. Really, dang, tell me he won’t miss the game against the Dolphins. We’ll need our best and brightest.
  4. Seems like forever ago when he began his career by throwing 4 TD passes in a game.
  5. Mike Vrabel maybe? After his kicker misses 3 field goals he sends him out to try a 53 yarder.
  6. I get so sick of the ridiculous “it’s good for college football when Notre Dame is good” BS. This is one of the main reasons I root against them every year.
  7. It's nice to be doing so well right now especially when you consider that today was the 10 year anniversary of this gem:
  8. Gonna watch that intriguing Washington/Miami game. In all seriousness, probably play some volleyball or something. Do something outside before the weather gets too cold.
  9. Well, at least I’m still alive in the eliminator challenge.
  10. Yeah, I've always felt that it was ever so slightly backwards. It was maybe be just the slightest few inches backwards but hey backwards is backwards. It looks backwards to me when you see the angles straight down the line. At best it was exactly level which, as mentioned a few posts up, goes to a backward lateral. Also, let's not forget one of the biggest plays in the comeback was Don Beebe catching a TD pass after stepping out of bounds. Therefore anyone who takes joy in the comeback has pretty much revoked their right to complain about the lateral.
  11. I think the Ravens did get penalized for that play. It just took a while for them to call it because they had to tend to Rudolph.
  12. Chargers may be the most disappointing team this year so far.
  13. I saw some parts of that game on a side TV at the bar I was in but I didn't stick around for that play. If the Ravens did get a favorable call there it would have made up for a ridiculous play that was ruled a catch for the Steelers on their last TD drive. It was on 3rd down, the WR never had possession of the ball, and then it got knocked out but was ruled a catch.
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