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  1. As added incentive the Bills beating the Chiefs to face Philly in a rematch in Super Bowl might be tempting to the decision makers.
  2. He's hoping the rest of the Cowboys get sick over next day so more will be out if game or very least under performing. Guess some fans are scared of the Cowboys. I think Josh and the boys can take them.
  3. Think it's the rewarding defense if the ball touches pylon. In my view once the plain is breached its a td can throw the ball to ground in celebration.
  4. First I don't care what his standings sre in 1st downs in the league. How many 1st downs does he account for for the team. Is his 29 amongst team leaders or lagging in the low end? What he does for the team is more important to me than fantasy stats.
  5. I don't think they could withstand the public seeing them let Mahomes and Reid slide. And I'm sure they already have discussed the image issue with them so they will be fined and somewhere a gofund me gets setup that raises the fine amounts and I wouldn't be surprised if the team and maybe nfl itself has funds sent to it as anonymous donations. Or if Mshomes has some foundation setup then he pays his fine and over course of year his foundation gets donations equal to his fine . With Reid likely something similar or the Cheifs can just say he earned some bonus in his contract. Heck he could win a poker game at a private game with the owners.
  6. Well he's been cleared to practice so I'd I'm a give it is in the latter stages of bring healed likely plenty if strength exercises to help as he works his ankle back to pre injury strength and flexibility. Hopefully he was busy creating a new notebook on what he picked up watching tape with db coaches while he was rehabbing.
  7. Maybe it is possible he didn't let the trainers know he had an injury initially and he maybe did further damage to his ligament that now will need a longer rehab and we don't know when the zone he's learning makes it into his skillset as needed fir the defense we are running. Initially got in mcds doghouse for not playing as well as they knew he could, then once the injury was identified they started proper treatment. Did he require surgery? We don't know unless and until Elam himself decides to share such medical info.
  8. It was funny but it was just copycat of Whoopi Goldberg's response to the media that suggested Dolly should act her age after appearing in cowboy cheerleader outfit and the little picture I saw she doesn't look her age. So I guess Poyer is your football Dolly Parton? Rest of your post I agree he is playing smarter.
  9. Or CBS gives yttv both games that ST customers csn choose whichever game. Actually they probably are doing 6 or 7 games on any Sunday so all should be available with no restrictions to ST customers. Otherwise I hope yttv isn't sending alot of money on rheir nfl deal.
  10. Most likely yes, but then again thinking outside the box.... Does Shorter have any time playing db like in HS if he played both wr and db? Might be he can help if our dbs are getting banged up. He plays some ST role while being an emergency in game body at wr or db.
  11. Might even use his practice time to see what he can do in a ST role. Could be up for it. Doesn't even have to go full kamikaze either but even if he's only doing a st role in a real game that helps his conditioning in event we need him at wr due to injury. Seems Bills wrs get beat up somewhat and always good to have known replacements now that the Bills are basically in win or go home mode now. And with no game film on him they could design up a few set plays where he is the decoy or the beneficiary with Diggs and Davis being the coverage magnets.
  12. I disagree I hope we knock out KC in the AFCCG to face the Eagles in the Super Bowl where they humiliate the eagles in a big blowout win.
  13. Any true Bills fan knows the shout song and can sing it without it playing in background.
  14. I believe those ranks are team ranking not league-wide rankings.
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