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  1. Yea it would be nice to get an update on how she's doing. Obviously if she's in the icu it's fairly serious and we will just have to wait till they feel it's the right time to give us an update. I don't care for speculation as well I'm fully capable of thinking about possible issues but I will just keep checking for any updates they post.
  2. She just had her birthday so it could be she had some regular checkups that detected some serious condition that required treatment that had her in the ICU. So we don't know if it was a sudden event or if she has some other condition. It seems like she's on the road to recovering and certainly pray that is the case.
  3. No the statement specifically asks for the privacy of the family be respected. If and when Kim should choose to disclose what occurred once she has recovered will be when there is more info available. I certainly would expect any professional reporter to not even speculate or try to find out more details that frankly no one is entitled to know outside of whom Kim and Terry decide which I expect is just family and trusted friends. I add my prayers everything is fine soon and no lingering issues from whatever happened.
  4. Yea I would boycott the Bills and I would have serious questions on the ownership which I can happily say I don't believe would ever allow such a transaction to take place. We really do have an ownership that was actually just one of us back in the glory days when they were just fellow WNYers cheering on the Sabres and Bills. I just cannot see Terry or Kim ever allowing such a player to be signed to the team.
  5. So if he was so aware of Barbers state of mind, did he report it to mental health professionals? Get a bunch of friends together to offer him support or attempt an intervention?
  6. And that's exactly what I want for my team. Let them get tested often and well and if they can emerge on top then they know they can beat everyone and can really begin a Glory Years era for the Bills.
  7. Aren't there any federal laws he may have broken that would not be calling on the Texas grand jury but a federal one did he fly in any of the ig massueses from other states? At the vary least this a case where imho a undercover task force should investigate and even conduct a sting where he is videotaped and if he's some innocent that's what tape will show, but if he is shown to assault the woman they arrest him and try him for it. Don't know if his guaranteed contract would pay out if he is found criminally guilty?
  8. Also if tavon still has his speed and if he clicks with Allen and the other wrs. After John Brown and Sanders both seemed to wear out after playing with JA I kinda lean toward he gets new toys and since he does use them all he does break some. So it doesn't hurt to have Crowder, Mckenzie, Austin and Shakir all bring speedster they could rotate the vets on/off the ps with the increase in vets they can sign to it. If one gets dinged up they can be inactivated while they heal and bring up an equally capable speedster.
  9. Does the appellate court that decides whether an appeal is warranted, consider the credibility of the witnesses? Or do they only look at what evidence was and was not allowed and how that may have effected the verdict. Basically in their review if they believe Amber is lying as most of the public believe, does that weigh in on whether or not an appeal is granted?
  10. Ok there's is a matter of mental health problems people suffer when they become homeless no matter how they arrived at that point. I can certainly understand a person that's ostracized from society when they become homeless and also there can be nutrient deficiencies that can cause brain chemical imbalances that are linked with depression. I've also recognized that there's likely some damage to his brains impulse control in his frontal lobe. Doesn't absolve him of guilt if there is a medical reason he's acting out as he is alleged to be. So the locals of Portland seem to just accepting there are people with mental issues that act out in various inappropriate ways. I'd think it was more overwhelmed by the number of homeless suffering some type of mental issues than accepting it as the new normal standard of behavior.
  11. Lol your bias is showing you're labeling all women as materialistic. I can think of a number of examples that proves its wrong. Do you agree with this premise - if a person (any gender) is caught lying to you will you believe everything they say after you catch them lying? Or will you naturally weigh the likelihood what they claim is based on truth or could be another lie? Tell me do you also believe the victims of the racist tops shooter weren't savvy enough to take shelter the moment they saw a white man in camo and weilding a gun so they are partially responsible for their slaughter? That being said there certainly are a portion of people (of any gender) who are indeed materialistic and willing to trade sexual services for pay. They are called prostitutes. And he's a wealthy enough athlete he could certainly find one that possessed sufficient skill to accommodate his massage preferences including the anus allegation, they may charge extra for it but he'd get what he paid for. But by deliberately seeking out just normal therapists to prey on and 23 different women have charged similar abuse. From what I've read he's used 50 different therapists over a 2 year span so a session every 2 weeks give or take on avg. He's the one insisting on no third party present. If he was as innocent as he claims and you must believe wouldn't it be wise to have the witness to verify nothing did happen during the session? If you are innocent but accused of something would you not want a witness to prove you weren't committing these acts?
  12. It's still he said she said with no actual proof myself I'd have saved the towel used to clean up when he ***** in the cases he did so. Then let it be tested for DNA and hear his explanation as to how it got there.
  13. I imagine some of the reason they crack down of PEDS is they are known to cause health problems when used excessively and with the safety concerns over effects from concussions it really does add to quality of life and when the nfl is paying settlements to vets over health issues they shouldn't be liable for health problems the players themselves cause to their bodies. It's not like a health issues cause can be definitively traced to a specific injury. Jr Seau cause of his suicide is generally attributed to cte and yet he may have dabbled in some peds that also could have been the root cause of his depression that led to his suicide. No evidence he used any PEDs so its likely the cte but it's not impossible that Jr did use some peds at some point in his football career, maybe unknowingly if he went to a college with any shady strength conditioning staffs.
  14. Now in the Depp/Heard case the abuser was Amber even her video proof she recorded trying to bait Johnny into retaliating to catch on her videos only showed him slamming cabinets and basically just trying to get awa,y from her while she mocks him to tell the world he's abused because she knows it's difficult to get people to believe a man is abused. Now could Johnny be acting and hiding an abusive personality? He's such a good actor that yes he could pull off such a performance I have no doubt. However, if he has such control over his abusive behavior than he'd be just shy of the devil incarnate himself brimming with evil that it would have manifested in one of the videos where Amber is trying to trigger such a response. And if he were that diabolical I guarantee that Amber Heard would have been 6 feet under because as Amber herself claims he's such a powerful guy with his money and fame. I read a comment from someone where they stated they had injuries to their face that were from a young child under 2 or 3 yrs who struck his mother while he slept with her which caused black eyes that no makeup could conceal and this was just a weak little child would be a miniscule amount of force compared to what force Depp would be capable of not to mention the heavy rings he always wears and all the marks she has are like nothing even close to what battered women suffer. That case is an example of an attempted money grab. It's that or Depp is the most considerate abuser in that he can strike with sufficient forcevto cause terror but very little damage to his target. Maybe if he was Bruce Lee I'd believe he has that level of control to his hitting. All his tendencies to run from his abuser is consistent with other abuse survivors. It actually was probably in a twisted way a very good gift he gained from the abuse he grew up with from his mother and watching his father never responding to her abuse with any physical retaliation. And then Amber Heard is claiming she's so afraid of this man that she's constantly running after him and even mocking him on her own videos. So she overcomes her fear to chase after him time and again like no DV victim would do. They are looking to get away from their abusers. She should have had some secret video cameras installed when she had the locks to the penthouses changed its not like she couldnt afford some very stealth sophisticated cameras to capture the abuse. She maybe dismissed that as she knows she's the abuser and wanted to get him riled up after seeing her lame attempts to hide the phones she used to record with. Her childhood she grew up helping her dad at his dog fighting ring which is a breeding ground for psychopathic lack of empathy. I'd wager that Amber likely did abuse some of the dogs when she was young. She does the opposite of what most dv victims exhibit when she's constantly and looking at him in court and when she claimed he couldn't look at her it came across to me like she was trying to flip the fact that she no longer has any power over him to almost claiming he can't look at her because she's in the right and he's guilty and can't face his guilt when he looks at her. She tries to gain sympathy by claiming there have been threats made to her daughter and she feels his powerful influence is the cause. I see a narcissist whom I'd be wary of her trying to frame an injury to her daughter that she actually inflicts. Because I do see she's gonna react badly to the lack of support she is convinced she is entitled to just because she's a woman. Just read that the jury found in depps favor. Johnny's response is very well stated that the truth was what he was after not any money which he certainly does not need as he's actually invested well in real estate and now he'll likely command his top actor pay for any future roles he chooses to accept I imagine he will have tons. I like that he's hoping a result is getting back to innocent before guilty for all men and women alike in the justice system and the court of public opinion. Empathy and concern for others welfare are not a mark of an abusive personality. And I know he's a top notch actor but no one can mask a flaw nonstop under the media scrutiny he's subjected to just because he's Johnny Depp. And Amber is still exaggerating and twisting the truth with her mountains of evidence being overlooked. It's cause the evidence doesn't match your story. There are real DV victims that have real injuries including being paralyzed or killed by their abusers. News flash quantity of evidence doesn't equate to quality of evidence. If there had been quality evidence Depp would have faced criminal charges.
  15. And it's because Watson is denying anything improper occurred. No witnesses besides Watson and each of the women. I myself just wonder why they didn't insist on a 3rd party to be in the room or at very least I'd think one of them would have thought to set up a video camera and when he demands a NDA signed I'd have told him only if you sign this release for the video I have of our session. Heck I'd have put in fine print that the session may be recorded on a billing statement he would need to sign for the session. I doubt he'd have bothered reading that fine print and would just signed to get his party started as he would have expected if he was doing these acts. Then let him deny what you have video proof of.
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