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  1. Plus the toll of getting injured can take the love of the game and diminish it a la Luck. I think McBeane will build the wall to protect Allen and then Allen will really bloom.
  2. And really if it turns out that Gabe + Allen + playoff game = stats comparable to the Chiefs game I'll learn to live with a not really a wr2 but a dang clutch playoff tag team with Diggs and Knox also making up a clutch scoring quartet in PO's. If he and Josh manage to set any new SB receiving record I'll just cry silently thinking what could have been if only he was consistent in rrg season over clutch in PO's because really it's more about the fantasy points he earns for you in the reg season. Everyone knows that.
  3. The long time consuming drives let our defensive players all get rested between series and easier to play if you aren't winded or worn out from being on field forever. Yes NE has a good defense but any defense will suffer without adequate rest and ability to analyze what's working and not between defensive players.
  4. I believe it's the first team in NFL history to win all 3 Thanksgiving day time slot games. They added the 3rd time slot in 2006 so only teams from 2006 onward are used to get that record. Now I'm sure there are a number of teams who haven't played each timeslot of Thanksgiving day games, so this is one more a fun fact than a record. Just my opinion can't have a record category if not all teams can qualify to set the record. It's surprising that Detroit or Dallas haven't been first teams to accomplish it as they play every Thanksgiving day. Edit: Yea it's also only team to win 3 Thursday night games in a season. I had forgotten the Rams nfl kickoff game was on Thursday night as well.
  5. Unless he goes off in playoff games a few seasons and even alternating as sb mvp a couple times with Allen. Bills go to a few sb with Allen Diggs and win them they become shoo-ins.
  6. Just seeing groot lined up opposite you as a quarterback is probably quite a nice start to rattling them to where they aren't making the best decisions on the field.
  7. Can't blame him for going after a bigger payday. Hope he is a smart player and is investing his money wisely. This way he can chase rings with Buffalo at a decent deal for both sides.
  8. It isn't that he criticizes his teammates that make him a terrible leader. It's that he does so publicly to try to get the miscues corrected. A good leader would take aside any of the players he's talking about and figure out a way to get on the same page with them. Of course that takes a bit of work and seems Rodgers doesn't feel he's compensated well enough to put in any additional effort.
  9. Yea they are getting top qb play but they don't point fingers saying the missed plays are on the 'other's players even if it was obviously the case in instances they basically will take responsibility for miscues before they put it on teammates. They may privately talk to an individual to try to sort out any issues but won't publicly do it.
  10. I always thought that State Farm is missing out on their just like a good neighbor slogan. Josh can say he lives with a city full of good neighbors. Not the cheesy Mahommes 'my rate' or the dumb Rodgers double check.
  11. Only problem is if there is some underlying bad blood between Beasley and the organization or is there some beef between some players? In either case, if there's something it's not worth risking the current chemistry. I wish he hadn't burnt his bridges but seems there is some kind of disconnect between Cole and the Bills.
  12. I'd like this as it gives our guys that lil extra chip knowing the reg season loss to minn was not the normal result when we have more of our starting defenders. A healthy Poyer and White and I don't think they win a rematch.
  13. Yea don't try to keep the big strong farm boy away from getting his turkey leg after victory. Hopefully a easy win but most importantly one with no injuries.
  14. And our $250 million QB is fully capable with his weapons of picking up any slack... but ONLY if he starts being smart taking what the defense gives him instead of trying to impose his will on opponents. He'll be able to impose it once he utilizes every weapon he has giving defenses headaches trying to guess what he'll do next.
  15. The Bills best themselves. Jets just made fewer mistakes and capitalized on the Bills mistakes.
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