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  1. While reading the posts, there has a been healthy respect for privacy and also some speculation based poster's experiences. I'll add my 2 cents... which has nothing to do with Kim Pegula's situation, because I don't know what she may be suffering from. I think that maybe what I have gone through, may cause one to consider that maybe he/she may see a doctor. My PCP 4 years ago scheduled me for a colonoscopy given I was in my 50's... I was asked before the procedure if cancer was prevalent in my family. I replied "No, we're a heart attack/stroke family. Everything went fine with colonoscopy, but the doctor recommended I see a cardiologist given my statement and age. Saw the cardiologist... told her I had heart murmur and faulty t-wave (since birth). She performed a checkup and an EKG which detected a problem. What happened next was I had bilateral occlusion and stenosis of the left carotid arteries. I had to have an exploratory brain surgery to check for tumors and aneurysms. The 2nd surgery placed a stent in my external carotid artery but the internal is inoperable. I suffered nerve damage to larynx on the 2nd procedure which paralyzed a vocal cord, so I have difficulty talking. The lesson that maybe someone would take from this? I see a doctor, whether I like her scheduling me for procedures because of my age and cringe at... I go through them... I before my surgeries suffered terrible onset headaches on the left side of my head, they went away quickly and I paid no attention to them, they were TIA's (mini strokes)... I had ringing in my left ear, assumed it was concerts and work related. I have neither now... I'm here now because a doctor who I see set the ball rolling that may have saved my life... If you know someone adverse to seeing a doctor, explain to the person that visit may keep you around...
  2. Bought mine... and for her... 40 years ago she and I had Superfest 1982 (Iron Maiden, Ted Nugent, Loverboy and Foreigner) concert shirts at Rich... times change... but we now will have shirts that go to a good cause and it continues the our love of the Bills and the stadium that has made many memories for us..
  3. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2022/5/5/23057322/nfl-contenders-filling-roster-holes-packers-chiefs-49ers-ravens.... I myself would agree with this Buffalo Bills: Running Back One would think drafting Georgia’s James Cook in the second round would take Buffalo out of the market for a running back. But after GM Brandon Beane referred to Cook as a “sub back” in a post-draft presser and compared him to NFL journeyman J.D. McKissic, I’m not sure that’s the case. Cook is a skinnier guy who didn’t fill the every-down archetype at Georgia, so there still appears to be a vacancy at the top of the depth chart. And while the Bills will be just fine if they don’t add another running back—which isn’t a valuable position—it’s a testament to the roster that this is its biggest hole. Solution: Trade for Saquon Barkley The Bills would have to move some money around to fit Barkley’s $7.2 million salary under the cap, perhaps by restructuring Tre White’s deal. But why shouldn’t they? Barkley has been disappointing the last couple seasons, but he has yet to play in a good offense. Putting him in the same backfield as Josh Allen could unlock all that ability we saw at Penn State—ability that has been suppressed by the Giants’ general shittiness.
  4. Whoop Whoop... I'm eating dried Elmer's Glue...🤣🤣🤣...
  5. Here's the meta question for all you Jetsons'... come 2056... which one of you are going to genetically engineer a kid who is willing to spend $1.4 trillion to buy and keep the Bills in Buffalo... taking into consideration that Spacely Sprockets which use to own the air rights in OP was obtained by robotic Jerry Jones and his wife Rosie... forward thinking... just saying...
  6. I made a bad comment back in January and was rightly reminded and spanked because of the comment I made... This seems to be a fair deal for all... Lost in the conversation was I thought besides new stadium monies...upgrades at Key Bank Center would part of the overall package...
  7. Ah... crap... all the NYC infrastructure announcements... guess she follows the money
  8. Ok it's on... blah... blah.. blah...she said we're just getting started.. YAY
  9. If I wore panties... they'd be in bunch right now... although there's nothing wrong with panties in bunch...
  10. I thought Darnold was playing better than Mayfield earlier this season... so I am prone to being wrong... Mayfield 30-31 million per year extension with a 3 term Jackson... this one is a challenge..he has an MVP and could be worthy Allen-Mahomes money.. but... he reminds me of Robert Griffin with a knee injury pending.. Rodgers... Green Bay Wilson... Denver Cousins... Carolina(?)... or New Orleans... maybe going out a limb here possible Miami Watson.... can't see any future until the legal stuff plays out... Does the NFL consider him not playing a year a suspension if his cases get resolved? and finally... Drew Lock Bills backup with Trubinsky in Washington Matt Corral - Seattle... Plunkett... Houston
  11. I don't think so as of now, but... Darnold seems to have reached Baker's best NFL level this season, if not surpassed it...
  12. Regarding the 60 suites proposal, currently at Highmark OTB has a suite for high rollers, I imagine Seneca also has a suite or suites for their high rollers. The state has a suite, Pegula has a suite and the visiting team has a suite. I can't say for sure but I would think the Buffalo Niagara Partnership has a suite to woo companies they're seeking to locate in Buffalo. If they all retain suites at the new stadium, you're down to 54 suites. I imagine who ever has the sports book at the stadium will also have suite for high rollers. Assuming that M&T, Rich, Delaware North, NOCO, and Highmark Blue Cross will have suites, you got 46 suites left (45 if Josh gets his suite). I imagine a lot of the current suite holders will be funneled into club seats with high end perks. I can't imagine what the pricing will be, but it will be sky high.
  13. If you do a Google search of"new Buffalo Bills Stadium renderings" and click on google images result you see a proposed drawing of a stadium that looks like what the AP said. The image was posted on redditt but it was removed from the thread at the request of someone. Shows a city setting.
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