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  1. I generally agree with Schopp but he's wrong here. If the Bills really wanted to run the clock, they would have ran the play clock down instead of snapping it with 14 seconds left. And they'd have likely run the ball to keep the clock running and call a timeout to make the kick the last play of the game. Sal's right. Daboll blew it and it's as simple as that. Incompetence, not conservatism - this time, anyway.
  2. Not in the least. Did you see how process-y Ed Oliver and (traded up for) Cody Ford looked on the sidelines the last two weeks?
  3. Ok, you're crazy. No way the Bills go to Foxboro in late December and beat them in a game they'll likely need. I see them beating Denver and the Jets to finish 8-8. Don't think they're beating Miami next week.
  4. I would include Trent Murphy and Mitch Morse in this class of grade A losers on this team. The two of them, Star and Lee Smith must laugh at how they are stealing big money from this team by going through the motions week after week.
  5. The QB sucks. The coach sucks. Until the Bills fix at least one of those two things, everything else is a waste of time and energy.
  6. Gore will get there this year if McDermott has any say in the matter.
  7. This Sunday is huge. I don't see this team going into Pittsburgh and getting much done offensively against that defense. Beating the Dolphins, Broncos and Jets gets them to 9 (assuming they do win those 3). Out of the remaining games, @Cleveland is the "easiest".
  8. Thank you. There is some sanity left on this board after all.
  9. Someone called him Devin Singlecarry earlier and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
  10. It has to be Lee Smith. Cool beard. Good teammate. But a garbage player who has no business being on an NFL roster. Ya he had a nice block Sunday, but he's usually just a penalty machine. Another guy not mentioned yet (technically not a Bill) is the special teams coach.
  11. Not sure if you can define the heart and soul of a team unless you're in the locker room, but I think Hyde has been the MVP of the team through these first 5 games.
  12. Quite the video of him circling the web tonight..
  13. I'm 99% sure that it would end badly, but part of me wants the Bills to take a flyer on this guy and see if we could get him for cheap at this point while hoping that he somehow behaves. It'll never happen, but in an ideal scenario, he'd make us a legit contender.
  14. There's talk that he's in no rush to play until he gets a new deal. The injury isn't the only thing keeping him off the field.
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