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  1. That was a terrible look. But good on him for not sulking on the sidelines I suppose. Also, he should have probably caught that deep pass in the end zone early on. Btw, Justin Jefferson went 9/166 and two TDs yesterday. Just saying..
  2. It's crazy to me how many people are ready to run Knox out of town. He's had a grand total of 12 targets this year. He's really talented and has shown the ability to make plays like no other tight end the Bills have had in the decades I've been watching this team. He's young and raw, and with what he can potentially bring to the table, that talent needs to be nurtured. It'd be understandable if he was a vet but he's only 23 years old! Give the kid a chance. I'd rather find out for sure that he's a bust here than see him become a superstar somewhere else because the Bills cut bait on him too early.
  3. Dude, it's been 5 games. And he's only been healthy for half of them.
  4. He's not good. He's in the best situation a player of his limited ability can be in. Look at his stats against good teams last year. Also, the way he's always smiling like an idiot before he's snapped the ball really annoys me.
  5. He's terrible at his job, but he's winning life by getting paid to talk about his favourite team. It's pathetic how he sucks up to the Bills players and staff and defends them from any kind of criticism, but at least he shows enthusiasm, which is more than you can say for that creep Chris Brown. He's basically the mouthpiece for all the homer fans on this board who hate guys like Mike Schopp and Jeremy White.
  6. He's a young player who has showed flashes of elite athleticism. But sure, let's get rid of the guy. His issue is between the ears, not having stone hands. Whether he gets over that or not remains to be seen but it's far too early to cut bait on him. If he turns it around, he can be one of the best tight ends in the league. A good team doesn't get rid of guys like that this early.
  7. I'm one the first to say that blaming the refs is a cop out and is usually done by fans with blinders on but this is getting ridiculous now. How can the officials watch the replay on the illegal forward pass and not see that Tannehill was well past the line of scrimmage? That was the most egregious one. But there were a few others that were real head scratchers. The illegal shift, the phantom PI on Norman, the missed facemask on Singletary. The one that really irked me was the offside call on Epenesa on 3rd and 7. I don't understand how refs call that play dead and penalize the Bills 5 yards when teams are constantly jumping into the neutral zone on Allen's hard counts and allowed to reset. It's not like a Tennessee lineman even did that stupid pointing out thing. I've noticed it a few times now. Maybe I just don't understand the rule, but why is it than when the Bills jump, it's immediately blown dead and they get penalized but when the opposition does it, there's no stoppage?
  8. Dipshi** can't even count to 4 without Belichick. The ultimate system QB. Should have retired after last year.
  9. The flip side of this is if there are positive tests out of Tennessee tomorrow and the game gets cancelled/postponed, it's the Chiefs who are getting shafted by going against a well-rested Bills team
  10. I'm in the same boat. BBFS is not letting me convince myself that they are actually a good team. All these years of terrible football has left a permanent scar.
  11. Jay Zones is great at picking himself off the ground in that unique way. He pretty much sucks at everything else.
  12. Luckily he didn't retire at halftime. That forced fumble in the second half was needed. Also, he kinda reminds me of Ol' Dirty Bastard
  13. Defense has been crap all over the league. Both sides of the ball will regress towards the mean as the season goes on. Hopefully we can still score enough as things tighten up.
  14. The way this is going, it doesn't look like they'll be able to finish the season. It's only week 4 and things are getting chaotic. If course it had to happen when the Bills are finally good.
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