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  1. His true colours showed today. He hid them well all season but this is who he really is. Never gonna win the big one with this coward.
  2. Just busting your chops, bud. That account is not actually from a Bills fan in Kazakhstan. Just someone doing his best Borat imitation.
  3. Did you know that the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary?
  4. Daboll's from Welland. If the Argos come calling, don't be surprised if he makes a run for the border 😎
  5. Really happy for him. Long time Bill who's still far and away our best pass rusher. He brings it every week, even when the team has sucked. He had a few nice pressures today, but that play before the pick 6 was the game changer before the game changer. If he doesn't get to Jackson there then it's 10-10. Brown was wide open and it'd have been a completely different game.
  6. He's Chris Elliott. I'm sure of it. https://images.app.goo.gl/88MjwDTbF2CGTH7K9
  7. If this game was in a dome, the Bills would be blowing these chumps out of the water right now.
  8. I think he means Aaron Rodgers reminds him of Josh Allen
  9. Eff him. This is obviously a calculated PR move to distance himself from a sinking ship.
  10. That's nonsense. He had a few scheduled weeks off this year that were predetermined. From his interview with Schopp last year he wanted to come to Buffalo to call a game, whatever that's worth. If you heard it on wgr, it might have just been a knucklehead caller.
  11. What you should do is what Indy is going to do. Zone defense with extra DBs as they don't really have the skill at that position to cover man to man. Josh will see a lot of cover 2 I'm guessing. The Colts are praying that Buckner will be able to generate pressure without blitz help. Offensively, they're going to run and keep running and hope that the Bills start stacking the box at which point Rivers will try to complete those quick passes to RBs in the flat or to whoever Levi Wallace or Josh Norman is covering.
  12. What is this insanity? I'd like to see what fans advocating for the Bills to go all out to win would say if Allen gets hurt. It's beyond stupid to play the big guys tomorrow. Worst case, they go to Pittsburgh in the second round. And that is already highly unlikely. It's definitely not worth risking an injury. I hope this is all just a smokescreen and McDermott actually isn't this dense.
  13. I don't always compare other teams' fans with other bills fans, but when I got the notification he opted out, I partied like it was 1999. Then I saw that some fans were upset and I knew that we had some dumb fans among us too. All good though. We all want the same thing. In short, eff Doug Marrone. He was the antithesis of what we have now. Arrogant, stupid and dismissive.
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