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  1. 🤣 These are my favourite types of posts on this forum. The needless curmudgeonly response typed with zero irony is high comedy. Guarantee this guy has painted his chest at a Bills game once or twice in his life.
  2. John Murphy is a good pbp announcer when you compare him to some other teams' radio guys. Obviously he's no Van Miller, but I think that's too much to expect.
  3. The Titans said they used the Bills' defense that game as a blueprint to beat the Ravens in the playoffs. If Allen could have even been average that day, the Bills win easily.
  4. Chris Brown is awful. For anyone suffering from insomnia, listen to that dial tone for a few minutes. What a milquetoast clown.
  5. He's already the greatest Moss to have ever been in the NFL in my book.
  6. Beane interview starts at 32:15, fyi
  7. I don't know how anyone can be optimistic about Wallace. He was picked on all season and came up short so many times. Kevin Johnson was way better than him. Would rather they have kept him.
  8. It's funny how he actually scratches his head when he says that Newton not being on a team is a headscratcher. CB2 is the biggest position of concern on the team (other than QB if Allen regresses) so if Norman can turn back the clock a bit, this defense will be even better this year.
  9. I'm right here. Sorry for peeing on your lawn, Beane.
  10. That was one of the weirdest articles I've ever read. Who was the Bill who called him a weed smoking f'ing idiot? Sounds like something Eric Wood might say.
  11. Do most people believe Allen is going to be good though? Or just most Bills fans? I like Allen. He's got all the arm talent in the world and seems like a good dude. But I'm not completely sold on him yet. I hope he becomes all we think he can be. But he's still got a ways to go. As for PFF, if they're really just trying to get a rise out of fans, best to not give them what they want.
  12. The majority of us love Allen but there is some serious homerism going on here. The comparison isn't as offensive as some of you are making it seem. Trubisky had a pretty good second year but didn't improve in year 3. The PFF stuff I don't know much about except that Bills fans will only support analytics if they make the team look good and trash them if they don't. Maybe these guys are different with an axe to grind but that video on it's own is nothing to get upset about imo
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