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  1. That's unfortunate. I decided to ignore science and the words of doctors all over the world and was going to decide on whether I get the vaccine by what Josh Allen said. Sucks that he didn't give a straight answer. Let us know when you know, Josh.
  2. I wonder if Diggs will give him back his old number 😐
  3. Actually Adam Clayton plays bass I believe. The guy you're thinking of used to be the WWE champion. Easy mistake.
  4. Sal Cappacio is bullish on the Bills? Now I've heard everything.
  5. I also think that if we got to play this Chiefs team, who were dropping passes left and right and getting called for every infraction, we might have beat them.
  6. Didn't see it posted, but I'm guessing a lot of fans are wondering. My thoughts even before the AFC championship game were that KC was a awful matchup for the Bills and that if they had gotten by them, they would have beaten Tampa. After watching what the Bucs did to the Chiefs on both sides of the line, and comparing what those same Chiefs did to Buffalo's O and D lines, I'm not so sure now. What really sucked was these refs today calling all the clear holding penalties the Chiefs were also committing against us two weeks ago.
  7. If the refs had any balls, he'd have been ejected for that. There isn't any room for judgement in the rules when it comes to punching. It's black and white. But they wimped out as expected. Bill vinovich is the worst referee in pro sports. Also, much has been said about mahomes, hill and kelce but Chris Jones was the real mvp on Sunday. Put him on our d line and I think we win that game.
  8. His true colours showed today. He hid them well all season but this is who he really is. Never gonna win the big one with this coward.
  9. Just busting your chops, bud. That account is not actually from a Bills fan in Kazakhstan. Just someone doing his best Borat imitation.
  10. Did you know that the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary?
  11. Daboll's from Welland. If the Argos come calling, don't be surprised if he makes a run for the border 😎
  12. Really happy for him. Long time Bill who's still far and away our best pass rusher. He brings it every week, even when the team has sucked. He had a few nice pressures today, but that play before the pick 6 was the game changer before the game changer. If he doesn't get to Jackson there then it's 10-10. Brown was wide open and it'd have been a completely different game.
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