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  1. Has anyone said they love Tyler Kroft? From anything I've read about him, people think he's a waste of money. Where are you getting this from?
  2. Totally agree. His record against the Bills is going to be laughable regardless but hopefully it can still end on a positive note for Buffalo. Not the case right now.
  3. Jeez. This is going to bother me for a long time. Perfect play design. The game should have been over here.
  4. Sal is an embarrassment. He's more concerned with being liked by the Bills players and coaches than doing his job objectively. On the plus side, he's built decent biceps carrying water for the team the past decade or so.
  5. Depressed yesterday. Angry today. Game was there for the taking. The Bills just blew it.
  6. Duke played really well yesterday. He should have been playing all year. On the potential TD he "dropped" his left arm was being held and was a clear PI call. And he made some tough catches that nobody else on the team is capable of making. Having said that, Beasley should have been in a lot more too. I just don't understand the fascination with playing guys like Gore, Lee Smith, DiMarco, Kroft late in a playoff game when you have better options on the sidelines.
  7. I think it has zero to do with money and everything to do with utter incompetency. This common sense thing is complete trash. A rule is a rule. It doesn't matter what a player meant to do. It's what he did that matters. Josh Allen didn't mean to fumble in the second half. Perhaps they should have reversed that too.
  8. Thank God for this. Levi sucks. KJ is much better. The Bills chances are looking a bit better if this is the case.
  9. It's crazy to me that people are fans of this dbag. He's complete scum.
  10. I'd bet anything that Brady has someone coaching him via his helmet mic after the ball is snapped.
  11. However bad he is at tackling, he's much worse at covering. Get this bum off the field and let Kevin Johnson play.
  12. I've been his biggest critic this season, but outside of that terrible possession inside the Steelers' 10, I thought he played relatively well yesterday against the best defense in football (imo).
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