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  1. Christian Benford. It's in the subject title.
  2. We lost because the clapping fool on the sidelines showed his true colours when the pressure was on. Unfortunately that colour is yellow. Lining up your defense to prevent a touchdown when the other team is on its own 25 with 13 seconds left is a fireable offense. If we ever win a championship it will have to be in spite of his coaching, not because of it.
  3. You can have the best of both worlds if he would just commit to sliding more often. He still tries to take on tacklers too often trying to get those few extra yards, usually after he's gotten the first down. Eliminate that and he's virtually unstoppable.
  4. He's been right up there with my favourite players on the team ever since that game against Cincy when he trucked that defender. Super talented and seems like a really good dude. Hoping he's here for the long haul.
  5. Don't watch enough of gmfb to know she disliked Allen. But from what I have seen, she knows next to nothing about football. I'd say I have no idea why she had that job but I guess it's obvious. Regardless, good riddance.
  6. Sanders is made for TV. He's got charisma and will make a good panelist if he decides to go that route.
  7. One hundred percent. I don't think he was going to leave any money on the table to come to the Bills. He didn't do it for the Rams. Assuming you don't agree, what makes you think he'd have done so here?
  8. Pretty obvious after that video that the main reason he came here was because of the money. Which is totally fine as long as he produces. My concern is how he does as the focal point on a line with no other legit pass rush threat other than maybe Ed Oliver. He's not the Von Miller of 2015.
  9. Criminally underrated by this fanbase. He's not a top 5 pass rusher in the league or anything but he's been really good at hurrying the QB. Unfortunately he has suffered for years for being the only end on the team that other offenses have to account for. My worry is that fans will turn on Von Miller for lack of production for this same reason. He's not a game wrecker at this point in his career either. Really wish the front office will bring Hughes back next season. It will definitely help the pass rush to have two guys to account for for the first time since Mario Williams was here. The younger guys may not pan out.
  10. All things being equal, you take Mack. But as others have stated, that second round pick is a lot more valuable for a team paying it's qb 40m a year now. Pretty sure that was the deciding factor. Key now is to hit on these early picks.
  11. What is this madness? Levi was mostly terrible in his time here. Guy cannot cover, which is kind of an important skill for a cornerback. Glad I don't have to watch him get beat for another 3rd down conversion again. Good riddance.
  12. No team in the salary cap era will be without weaknesses somewhere in the lineup. The talent on the field is good enough to win a super bowl. The team's biggest obstacle in getting there is the head coach.
  13. Yes we do. And his name is Duke Williams.
  14. I remember a video from a few years back where he grabbed a bills hat from someone and threw it on the ground. Honestly, eff that guy. The Bills don't need him. Get a good yac capable receiver and the pass catchers are set.
  15. Not interested in being realistic in February while still cursing McDermott every hour on the hour. Trade for Khalil Mack and sign Von Miller.
  16. I'm picturing McDermott waiting outside one room and then escorting him to the other while clapping the whole time.
  17. I learned that if we dropped all 11 into coverage in those last 13 seconds, we'd be celebrating a super bowl right now.
  18. You seem like a guy who doesn't wash his hands after using a public bathroom and walks around with pee stains on his cargo shorts.
  19. The talent on the team is good enough to win. The glaring weakness is situational coaching by McDermott. Not sure if there's any remedy to that. It's not unreasonable to say he literally stole a super bowl from us this year.
  20. Could not agree more. He's Matt Ryan.
  21. What a crap game. The Bills would have crushed either of these teams. Also, great job picking Watkins over Donald.
  22. Everyone ready for another "it's not my fault..it's how we was brought up" quote from this guy?
  23. Just chiming in to say (again) that this should be us playing right now. It'll be a tough game to watch knowing that.
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