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  1. Steelers with 8, sometimes 9 guys in the box, all playing downhill on 1st down. Might be time for Garrett to buck the trend and go empty on 1st down. Just makes me appreciate our 4 WR sets, we got some weapons to really work with that can challenge defenses like the steelers
  2. Agree, but Ben looks nothing like Ben of old, at least not yet...only 1st half of a long stretch of missing games, so it will take a game or two.to shake rust OR father time has arrived
  3. Not a fan of all these Off PIs to start the season, just like I hate def PI unless blatant. Heck Claypool pushed off just as much in his 1st catch, no call
  4. Excellent defense still, be a tough team to beat
  5. Looks like nerves, same as opening kickoff. He makes it a habit, then yeah we will be asking why not Haush
  6. Excellent post! Awesome deal for the team, and of course Tre! He deserves it, great player great person! This team is building something really special, next up Milano then Edmunds and obviously Josh
  7. Thanks Yolo. Who do we think is going to IR, other than Feliciano? Or possible that Boettger, or another OL to be traded/released
  8. Thats a lot of front 7 players, maybe a couple cuts and defensive backs going to be added
  9. I'll say the same as I did before: 1. OL: winters is a lock, guaranteed money (no cap savings), and our best RG until Mongo is back 2. TE: Sweeney is either healthy, then makes the team OR he gets IRd. He is not going to be released, id at least move him to Blue 3. DL: harrison phillips has always and will be making the team. Dont get why he isn't a lock. by all accounts is looking good in TC and was off to a great season last year before injury 4. LB: Makatavech is a lock, not sure why he's blue. He's our best ST guy and was specifically signed for that role (replace Zo). I'd consider Thompson and Dodson "very blue" right now, as well 5. CB: Norman is a lock, if he misses any gamete that's still.to be seen, but he's not getting cut. Weird take om that. 6. Kickers: I get the sentiment about Bojo, he always needs to be looking over his shoulder/competing. But Bass, really?! I mean he's been as advertised and many, including myself, said he had a much better shot making this team than Housemoney. Bass isn't going anywhere, he's a "lock".
  10. Any other position than Qb, and I would agree. Not even arguing the merits of Fromm, but this team isn't wasting a 5th rounder on a developmental position and cutting said player in year 1. Add that to Beanes prior comments about Fromm and we will see what happens
  11. Thanks for the great post! My thoughts by position: QB I would put Fromm as a lock...be shocked if the team cuts a 5th round rookie, especially at a position that takes time/patience to develop. Rb I would be tempted to put Dimarco as a lock, but can understand anyone who disagrees. Jones or Yeldon makes the team, but id say it is more likely to be Yeldon based on familiarity in the offense. Wr Along with oline, this will be the most criticized decision. I agree with your locks, and likely we keep 1 more player. I think Foster had a lot going on at the beginning of last season, and didn't get off on the "right foot", he'd be my pick to keep OL Agree with locks, would add your 3 'blues' to locks. I could argue all 3 of these guys could start, and 1 likely will (Winters), leaving other 2 as top backups. I like Bates the best from the others, given his versatility and showed well in his limited time. I think we keep 9 OL, if Feliciano isn't IRed, tough decision on the last guy DL Harrison is a lock, he is either active or if not healed will be IRed. If anything Dirty Harry's unknown might prompt them to keep a spot for big Vince. Otherwise I see 8 guys, with Murphy being the 8th (but would be happy if they could shed the cap of Trent and feel like they are getting a similar player in Daryl). LB Makavaetich is a lock, he was signed away from the Steelers to be our new ST core player (great replacement for Zo). I think Corey is a "likely", then it comes down to Dodson vs Joseph for the last spot. CB Biggest gripe of the list....No clue how you have Norman as a "likely", he is a surefire lock. Neal is "very likely", id put him as a lock. Then personal bias toward Dane Jackson making the team, watching him play high school and college ball, he is going to be a good player for us. S I agree with this, Marlowe would be my choice as well K/P Id put Hauscka in the same category as Bass...so going by your prior comments, both should be red. Im 60/40 toward Bass winning the job, but not going to be unhappy either way. I think Bojo keeps his starting job, but agree he is competing and not a lock Tha ks again, well thought out as always
  12. Awesome news....would have supported his decision either way (easy to say now I know), but family does come first and Tre is a very mature dude as plenty of posters have said. Can't replace his talents, energy, passion that he brings. He's getting recognition, top 50 player, but he has potential to dominate. https://twitter.com/BuffaloBills/status/1066796162173333505?s=20
  13. Agree, no huge deal and its likely a combination of cap savings and fringe status. Even if the Bills keep 10 lineman (with expanded roster) here is possible ranking as of now...placing Long on the outside looking in: 1-4. Dawkins, Spain, Morse, Feliciano 5-6 (RT): Ford, Nsehke Depth: 7. Winters (now presumed starting rg) 8. Daryl Williams (possible starting rg and rt competition, imo better than Long at guard) 9. Bates, depth at all positions and staff likes his versatility. Likely 2nd backup at all spots. Long likely a better guard/center than Bates, but his added versatility keeps him above a $3.5m backup 10-12. Boehm/Boettger/Long: I would put Long ahead of all these guys, but not at his current salary. Which means, Boehm Boettger or Bates is backup at center. With salary cap in flux, and many guys to extend next year, saving $3.5m could be the difference of retaining vs losing a Milano type. To me thats worth the tradeoff.
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