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  1. Certainly could use help in the trenches and Ed/Daquan might be gone after this season. Front office has done what they typically do heading into draft, give themselves options to pick BPA. MLB is such a critical piece to our defense, looks to be the direction for round 1 or 2. I've been in the camp of improving OL and WR room, but DL is equally an issue (Boogie, Epenesa, Settle - all not reliable). We have Groot, Ed (who most want gone bc of his salary), & Daquan healthy now. Von is no guarantee to be the same impactful player this yr. DL has been our downfall in the past 3 playoff losses, lack of pressure/struggle to stop the run. Sad, given what Beane has invested, but it likely needs more talent infused at both DT and DE. Could see Epenesa traded during camp.
  2. Good depth signing and versatility/another weapon. Not a primary role, but I like building "pieces"/complementary players. Gives us 2 speed/YAC guys. Hopefully, Beane is targeting an early draft pick as well. That would round the WR room out nicely. Should always be adding a WR in the 1st few rounds, every year or so
  3. Oline instantly looks better with a quick hitting passing game. A 1st round Wr will help that... Too many long developing pass plays. We lack anyone that can win 1-1, except Stefon. Help the Wr room, in turn helps thr playcalling and oline.
  4. Yes on a Wr, and agree the top end talent isn't of years past. But....I'm a big fan of Flowers and Downs, and what they bring to the offense. Hyatt, I'm more iffy, because he's basically a replacement for Gabe...maybe that's what front office wants, but think slot versatility is more important/short passing game
  5. Spencer Brown says hi. He's a talent, hasn't had a full NFL offseason until this yr. Sign a vet, just for insurance. Beane needs to stock the WR weapons. Josh needs help from other consistnrt playmakers, besides Stefon. Also a good position of value to draft round 1 and get 5 years
  6. 1st: Flowers or Downs. I'm higher on both these guys than most. 2nd: Hyatt (unlikely to be there), Rice, Reed, or Tillman. Depends alot on what the staff is looking for, ie: slot/outside and what they're looking to do with Gabe's contract/role.
  7. Don't disagree about putting best players on the field. But they clearly like Neal/Cam at that backup nickle spot. Bigger areas to work on improving than backup nickle at this point.
  8. Dane has never played slot, in his entire college and NFL career. Not 100% about Elam. But now we're talking about cross-training 3 players at a new position...who are young and still need time to improve at primary spot. Either trust Neal/Cam, or draft a better backup at nickle
  9. I can see 3 "depth" signings prior to draft, ie: RT (Shell), Rb (Fournette), and a DE....that might be stretching it. But think that gives us some flexibility to focus on our top weaknesses in the top 4 rounds (WR, MLB, IOL, and DT). This means he absolutely needs to hit on a couple starter caliber players and key depth in the draft. This is going to be a different season of playing rookies, don't have the luxury of spending on vets. I'm hoping for a WR, MLB, OG/C, DT, TE, and S. Assuming we sign a RT to compete with Brown, Rb, and DE prior to the draft. We could really use an upgrade over Bates and Brown, but I think Spencer hasn't hit his ceiling and will be a good enough RT. Bates, he is what he is right now. I don't see how we run it back with our current group of WRs, biggest weakness.
  10. Hunt might be looking for starter money. I like him, but not for above $3m per. Cap room going to make our decisions more critical. TBH, Fournette is a better fit if he'd do a 1 yr $2-2.5m deal. He's still got a little juice left and the type of runner we're missing. Cook should be our 1a, getting 60% of snaps. Bruiser type and Hines would round out the group nicely..
  11. Offensiviely, the problem was going against the type of defense Cincy deployed, similar to the Jets scheme they ran. We need better short passing game and running in the interior. Same problem against teams that ran all out pressure, Miami will be tougher this yr and KC. To counter, we better interior line play and a more dynamic slot receiver. Defensively, agree...we played too soft on all levels. Again need better interior DL play. Daquan was a big missing piece, but we need another meanie in the middle. These are fixable, and already got 2 pieces. Need 2 more pieces in the draft/Fa
  12. Agree. Actually already happened with the guy McKenzie was kept over (Ray Ray Mcleod).
  13. Unless they like Cam Lewis as the backup Nickle corner, I can't see us letting Neal go. Neal is one of our best, if not best, S/T core player. He gets too "grabby" on defense, when given the chance, but worth keeping around given his role.
  14. Are you kidding?! Dotson got banged up and still had a great year. He's a man beater/super quick, and elusive. He had great body control/ability to get open in confined zones too...given his TD production. I typically like/agree with your opinions, but not this one.
  15. Everyone has an opinion, but I see Zay and Downs as 1st round talents. There's skills in both of these guys that translate very well in our offense, and traits we look for. Both of them remind me of Dotson LY, and have a little Stefon/Tyler Lockett style. I see the OL as pretty much set. Biggest unknown is MLB, and what they plan there. But our 1st pick is either WR or MLB, as of now...def worthy candidates at both spots.
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