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  1. LOL! you need to follow this up with 50+ pages of saying you're still rooting for the player to succeed and remember, it's not about right or wrong, or better yet this thread is only intended to solicit opinions about the other o linemen.... It's also just guys in shorts right now
  2. My last post here, until we get into training camp or season...but ill just leave this here. Again, you required above saying theboijnt of this thread was to have an open discussion about how the off-season COULD impact Zay, yet you made a prediction and say it's not about being right or wrong. Well to me it is, when someone calls out a player that won't be making the roster, that I think is on the upswing. so yes, we share a vastly different opinion on the player. If I say, I bet Trump is going to be impeached, then I continue to discuss his merits to not lead the country and support it with my opinion, but then say the purpose of the whole conversation was to discuss other potential future presidents...i would imagine most ppl would be holding on to my comment about trump being impeached. just an analogy, nothing more...but this was my basis for continuing to bring up the title. carry on, see you again in August September, back here
  3. Agree about Zay over foster, both are locks in my opinion. Zay might be the most controversial player, from a fan perspective on this team.....some think he's fighting for a roster spot, and others (like myself) think he's on the verge of something special. I'd also consider Spencer Long ahead of Spain, injury aside. I think he wins a starting guard spot, and brings more versatility in the event of injuries up front
  4. It's not title policing. It's a group, or a few according to you, that have called you out for your ownn"calling it now", then litetally two pages ago (i can dig up your post if you want), said that "zay may very well make the roster....". Then a couple posts later, comment that it's only spring "running around and catching passes in shorts", then say, "you don't care if you're right, but don't want anyone calling you out later" if you're wrong.....color me dumb, but that sounds like waffling at its finest. Here is the long and short of a 50 page thread of quotes from you: 1. you thought Zay was borderline Peterman like his rookie year 2. you downplayed his year 2 improvement 3. you said he disappeared in 10 of 16 games last season 4. etc I can appreciate that you've tried to support your opinion. Now I for one thought it was a crazy statement to make, he was our top WR last season and had been praised by coaches and teammates numerous times. But, beyond all that, you've insisted this isn't about being right or wrong. And I say it is, when you make any sort of prediction...that is why we keep pointing out your thread title! Look, I'll be back either way to revisit this thread come week 1 and during training camp. I want the best team on the field too, but I'm convinced that will include Zay Jones. and I'm also not afraid if someone wants to call me out on being wrong later on (unlike some).... Title police is funny.... I'll be back, go zay
  5. Very well put! and not to pile on, Alpha, but this is exactly what I and others have been trying to say for pages and pages of posts. Foxx worded this very clearly. @Alpha, hopefully that clarifies what others have said about: 1. thread title being misleading, click bait 2. waffling, covering your bases, or back pedaling Please answer, is this thread meant to say: 1. Zay isn't going to make the team, bc of merit, being traded, etc OR 2. Added WR competition will make for difficult roster decisions Or both? I'll speak for myself when I say that I'm very confused still
  6. I am just sharing my interpretation of your posts, word choice. We can agree to disagree on all of this. You're the one pointing out I'm wrong, you're right...seems a little defensive if you ask me. I'm just sharing an opinion, and you seem to be getting upset at my reactions. So be it BINGO!
  7. I did read the thread and you have gone back and forth with your stance, significantly back pedaling at times. And as far as thread title, that is the first thing people read. Put me in the crowd, of Zay will make the team. Calling it now. Ridiculous to say he was cuttable his rookie year. He is known as one of the hardest working players at his position on the team, and has the skills to be a solid #2 wr in this league. Your choice of words is about being right and wrong when you say someone is going to get cut or traded. And you have been pretty defensive about ppl calling you out in several posts, so I interpret that as you being upset or bothered by the notion that someone would dare to call you out. Just saying
  8. It's a stretch to say he performed like "peterman" his rookie year. Peterman was downright awful, and held his starting role for less than a few games. Not at all like zay. And to say he "disappeared in 10 of 16 games", could be debated by saying: 1. he had very little support from other Wes, until foster stepped it up 2. Peterman did start a couple games, then we had a rookie QB learning on the job Zay isn't close, at least right now, to being a wr1. But his skill set and improvement last year, points to wr2 potential this season. wr3 at worst. And don't be upset at other posters calling you out on your original post. It's not like you said, "we are adding competition to the WR room, and I think zay has an uphill battle to make the team". Instead, you said "calling it now, Zay isn't on the week 1 roster". the latter, has much more conviction and comes across as a prediction as opposed to conversation. Everyone is rooting for the team to succeed, but you appear to be trying really hard to cover your bases by continuing to say it was only a February opinion. If I made this opinion in the first place, id either continue to support it or just say I was wrong (which it isn't week 1 yet, so we can wait and see). Either way, you made a prediction specifically about zay, not a post to start a convo about our wr group improving (at least your title didn't allude to that at all), so both sides have a right to call out after this is all settled. Go bills
  9. Great point about Chad Hall! Hoping he can coach up the young group
  10. Great thread, as others have stated! Kudos to the great and knowledgeable fans on this board. Regarding "told you so" game, that is bound to happen when someone makes a bold statement. And it wasn't started, at least the title doesn't reflect an open convo about all the WRs...such ad "let's discuss our WR camp competiton". The post was a direct statement about Zay jones not making the team, so ppl who are still supporting him are likely to become defensive and may get upset. Nothing wrong with anyone staying their opinion, but nobody should be offended by bold statements or someone wanting to call out he makes the 53 (after the fact).. Me personally, if it hasn't been transparent, I still strongly support Zay, but can understand others doubts. Like you said, great competition will be good for all this training camp! Super exciting, great time to be a fan of this team. And it's great to have a group of educated fans giving their thoughts on here, all in good fun/support of our team. So thanks again for starting this great thread, pretty awesome dialogue.
  11. Great post! Thing is, and this just might be me, but Robert Woods didn't look like a #2 (borderline #1) until he left the Bills. Our passing attack has been so bad for years. that is is difficult to assess how good our WRs are/were. When we trot out a bottom 5 offensive line, rookie QB (or Tyrod), and a different o coordinator each year, then how much can you really assess the situation? I hope we're both right, Zay continues his development into a #2 and Duke outplays him...that would be awesome! At least we have some competition at camp this year, so nobody will just be making the squad out of default
  12. No offense, but strongly disagree. We'll find out soon enough, but for everyone dogging on Zay, he's a safer bet than Foster. But I think Foster still makes it and has a role, speed/deep threat
  13. Wish him the best! But he will need to be a full level, maybe 2, above our other WRs on the field. Bc his maturity and off field issues will not be working in his favor. So that leaves me asking, who is he going to beat out? Safe bet that Brown,Beasley, Foster, Zay, and Roberts are safe...which leaves one spot and hopefully he can play special teams, because that will be the concern vs McKenzie, Ray Ray, and Sills
  14. None taken. Sorry my point wasn't to call his good games and exclude the bad. Just wanted to mention the obvious, which is Slay and Ramsey would have shut down Foster too. And there s a reason those teams matched their best corners against Zay. Can certainly appreciate the comparisons that you and GunnerBill have included here as well. Good discussion going on
  15. Great assessment of the past two WR drafts, and overall summary. Agree that separation and catching are two high level, very important qualities that evaluators look at. Catch skills/quality is a trait that most fans can at least attempt to evaluate. However, separation is really complex....(man vs zone defense, what routes and complementary WR routes are being ran, what depth/did the receiver get where he was supposed to be on time, what # read was he on the play, etc). I'd say anyone short of the coaches, who tries to evaluate separation is not providing a thorough/accurate assessment. I agree, I think Zay has stiffer competition vs years past, and that he will ultimately make the roster. Let the best man win! Just my opinion, but saying that Zay will be traded or cut (not make the roster) is almost as outlandish as saying Dion Dawkins won't make this team. All of the inconsistencies and improved positional competition exists there too...just saying😁
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