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  1. How do we know Edmunds assignment, other than when he's blitzing, on most plays? Is he in his zone and someone else screwed up? I know you and Gunner are 2 of the more educated/good posters, so not calling out your knowledge of the game. Everyone has an opinion. As other have noted, scheme plays a big role. Front four to LBs to secondary, there is a role for each and when one underperforms its translating elsewhere most of the time. If anything, teams haven't figured out Edmunds as much as they have figured out the defensive scheme and zone packages. That's my t
  2. Awesome! Watched both these guys play high school ball, then at Pitt too. Hard working, no nonsense guys. Narduzzi speaks very highly of both of them, and has good positional coaches working with them. Hamlin and Ford formed a very good safety duo. I think Hamlin is a future starter
  3. Coached by our very own Jim Leonhard. He's definitely been well coached, and good eye discipline
  4. Agree he won't replace Lee. But he could absolutley be used as an exta blocker on the end of line. I think primarily goalline and short yardage, and won't get my hopes up for any receptions. I think he will get acclimated, perhaps get used as a ST kick block (up the middle)
  5. All about using FA to fill "needs", and the draft to find gems/develop young talent. Beanes philosophy, and we're always 1 play away from needing a quality backup OT to protect for Josh. So we need depth, and basically had Bobby Hart coming in. I'm also curious if the team plans to use one of these "trees", as an extra OL/blocking TE. Or on field goal blocks/ST. If these guys have verticals and already 6' 9", this could make interesting situations. That's likely a stretch, but bottom line we need depth at OT
  6. Why? Diggs torn oblique, Davis sprained ankle, Beas broken leg...those are significant injuries to play thru. And after Smoke fought thru his injuries, his play just dropped off completely. We didn't get shut down by Indy. Bmore and Kc did shut us down, so agree there. But combination of injury and execution both games. Agree speed would be nice. But it's more about execution and finding ways to get our guys open. We have plenty of talent, but I agree another skill position player this draft, with a diff skill, ie quickness, speed, yac would be great.
  7. Thanks Gunner, great assessment (as always)! Beane was asked during his presser last night/early this am, if they considered CB with either selection. Def hones in on your BPA mentality, as to why we went with who we did. But to me, speaks to what they think Dane/Levi can provide. Someone like Sherman could always be added, and perhaps that's the plan all along, but this wasn't like Rd 1 where we targeted BP at a certain position. Building the trenches, if we hit on these guys, will typically payoff. I like the vision/planning of having a potential future starting
  8. Get after the passer and this is a play out of the eagles.playbook when they went and beat the Pats, with a rotation of defensive lineman. We now need Oliver to bloom into our version of fletcher Cox. Ask an NFL Gm which postiiton is most difficult to find the "guy", and 32 out of 32 will say QB. 2nd position, edge/dl who will disrupt the passer. Not easy to find a premium guy, so why not double.dip especially especially when that is BPA
  9. Agree, tonight will be very telling about how they feel about CB and TE
  10. Eskridge won't last until our 3rd, so if we want him take him at #61 (if he's still there)
  11. I like him, but think Eskridge can bring a diff speed and return ability
  12. I heard he plays the all glorious big nickel, 😆 Real good college player, just don't see the fit with us.
  13. Eskridge, hoping he lasts until our pick. Reminds me of Emanuel Sanders coming out of school.
  14. If Dwayne Eskridge is their for our 2nd round pick, I'd run the card in. Dude would fill Roberts return role, is a dynamic WR/playmaker in general, and has lights out speed (former track star in HS too). Plenty of tape to review, as he went the old school route of staying for the duration. I'd also like a CB, so it's a tough choice. But Eskrdige is a guy that can play the slot, or outside. He'd bring some speed and skillet that I'm sure Daboll would love.
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