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  1. Excellent post. You hit 2 key points for me: 1. As some have said, Beane/Bills have done a very good job drafting (17-current). 2. Mcdermott alluded to this after KC playoff loss, we are multiple years behind them, from the perspective that Reid/KC have had more time to finetune and construct the team. We will be there, some will say we already are, but likely 1-2 years away from being a dominant force for a while. I think the other major point, and I think Beane will get this done, is we are basically a TE and stud DE (or collective DL) away from being the t
  2. Just my opinion, but he doesn't have a big arm. And despite good size, comes across as soft. Maybe Steelers see something, like you. Mason is on his last year too, so should be intersting how they handle
  3. 1. they didn't "sign him back", just changed some financial obligations 2. basically steelers got themselves into this ugly deal, so best they could do was create a fake 4yr voidable extension, convert salary to signing bonus, and spread that cap. On top of this, Ben takes a $5m pay cut So all in all, Steelers continue to kick the can. They will "void" his contract next yr, and have a $10m dead cap hit. Not much else Steelers could do. Although Mason showed up well in that last game against Cleveland, he's not the future. I also.dont think S
  4. Coming off a torn acl in December 2020 or late in November, if I recall. I think he could play Jerry's spot, but huge gamble, given he's not a lock to be fully healthy by start of season. I'd pass. At some point this team needs to develop their own defensive line and stop signing FAs. Epenesa, Oliver, and an early selection this yr. Develop and cut the dead weight (ie Jefferson, Butler, Addisson), and hope Star returns to form. Then focus on finding 1-2 rotational backups
  5. Considering Daboll won Ap Coordinator of the year, I don't think he's overrated by fans. Recent history includes Roman, Fangio, Pat Shurmur, and Wade. All very good coordinators, who got HC looks. Your other points are valid though.
  6. Great points. I agree, but 1 area that I'd comment on is the tradeoff (your final paragraph). I think Beane and group have done wonders, but they have also eaten up a good chunk of cap in very avg players (ie: Murphy, Winters, Jefferson, Butler, Addison, Norman). Yes, Williams did work out, and Feliciano to a degree, for us and also fits this category.. But I'd rather see them sign a JJ and give up these type of acquisitions, and better develop our draft picks. For that reason, I'd leave Milano out of the comparison. So to me, it comes down to maximizin
  7. Morse is still very good. He is not a mauler, but is excellent pass blocking and elite movement/open space blocking. We could be using more screen game, pulling him in space if we had a quicker RB. But that is all fine, since he's here to protect Josh and we are a pass first offense. Understand his concussion history, but every player is 1 misstep or 1 play away from serious injury. As far as Feliciano being the best guard, I think that honor goes to Ford. Not saying a ton at this point, but he's the most talented and if he can stay healthy he will be real good
  8. To me, Feliciano is a great "insurance policy". I don't want him starting anywhere on the OL, but if he's our top backup that's fine. Now that said: 1. Beane and staff need to assess, and figure out if they want him as a backup or starter 2. If backup, they need to carefully look at this team and stop wasting too much money on backup types (ie: Norman, Winters, Murphy, Kroft, other DL guys pick 1). These cap moves add up to wasting $10-15 mil, per season, and could have been used elsewhere. If it's my decision, I let Feliciano walk. Keep Mors
  9. Bump... Tampa playing great, I'm sure rest of afc taking notes...Tampa has the Lb mcdermott dreams of, comparable to kuechly/davis
  10. Yes this x100...much more physical team and faster. I would say this fits the type of upgrades McD said in his last presser
  11. Looking forward to seeing how Tampa attempts to contain/shut down the KC offense. I think the Tampa defense is one of the most balanced, good front 4, solid LBs, and young developing secondary. I think Tampa has pieces at LB and safety that will cause issues for Kc. Also KC o-line banged up against a real good group up front.
  12. Agree about alot of what you mentioned. I just don't think Milano does anything "great", but he's just good at everything (blitzing, coverage, etc). That coupled with injury concerns, at times, and it makes a difficult decision where to land with a contract offer. I dont think we end up adjusting our defense, and don't think Milano is an alpha dog MLB, unless that was a typo. There will be Milano caliber players early in the draft or other options in FA. I'd rather spend the money on DL, and cut the fat up front to help provide additional cap money. Milano and Ed
  13. Agreed. My preference would be to get more talented on the OL, and also fix our run play designs. Wouldn't be against hiring someone who could help Daboll in this area. This would also give our 2 recent 3rd rounders time to continue developing and see what we actually have there. Motor and Moss are.more than capable, IMO. We also need to ditch this 3rd rb is a special teamer only concept. Find someone who can compliment these guys, ie: speed type, that can also play teams (kick returmer/punt returner or gunner). We might be one of the few teams who only activate 3 Rbs per week
  14. Something with Tremaine just looks off. I mean its like he 2nd-guesses himself and overthinks way too much. Kid will become a star when he just plays with his natural instincts. I agree, if switching to the Will LB spot take more off his plate and allows him to play more "free" then I'm all.for it. However these coaches need to figure it out, bc they basically took a corvette and swapped it for a safe Volvo. I get the sense they've done this with Ed Oliver, then trying to tweak Aj Epenesa weight prior to the season...these are 3 men who were beasts in c
  15. He played 3-4 outside backer for the Cards this season. Totally different than Will LB (Milanos spot) in our defensive scheme. If we had him on the team, which i doubt happens, it would be at defensive end...which is where he played at Temple but was undersized according to NFL standards to be a 4-3 end. Just don't think he's a fit for us, great player though i agree with that
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