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  1. Nice work @Alphadawg7! I'm biased, bc I'm a big fan of Worthy and the impact he could being to this offense/Brady's scheme. Beane has moved in front of Dallas before and perhaps he will again. JMO, I'm not a fan of trading back in this draft. Rather move up "modestly" in Rd1 and/or make a big jump in Rd2 (ie trade next yrs Diggs pick to say Car for their 2nd selection in Rd2, acquire their top fourth pick as well). If the right DL is still there. I agree on S being a nice add in 3rd round, if we move back. But I could see in my trade scenario, of finding a good prospect at top of 4th. Fun time of year, lots of options with the extra pick next yr now
  2. I'm a big fan of Javon. I think he's a great fit for us as a situational pass rusher (wide 9 type). He has the lower body bend/balance to arc to the QB, has great explosion. His size worries me in the run game, but I think he has 8 sack potential as a rookie in our system. His long arms is a big trait in what Beane looks for as well. His get off is better than anyone we have, except Von (if he regains prior form). Just think Javon makes a ton of sense. As a 4th rounder, he's better value than Chop at 28, IMO. I think Javon is in play for Gmen at top of 4th, I'd preferably like to trade both of our 4ths to Arizona to get ahead of them
  3. Frank Gores kid and Isaih Davis are two guys that fit our mold in a rotational role/backup. I agree 5th round is a nice sweet spot for landing a rotational backup
  4. I think Javon Solomon is a strong possibility, in the 4th. Might require a small tradeup but he's someone I think the Bills are interested in. Looking for a guy to compete as a 4th/5th edge player. Top 3 are locked in and Coohill might be a better fit than I'm expecting, or Jonathan makes a jump. But I agree, it's not deep at all at Edge in this draft class. If we draft past the 4th round, it's probably competing for the last DE spot. I think if we land Solomon, he could add some pass rush juice sooner than later, but might be limited to mostly pass downs. To me, ideally we land: Rd1: Mitchell, Worthy, or Franklin Rd2: Roke or Maason Rd3: trade into 3rd (next years pick from Diggs trade) for Kam Kinchens or another safety Rd4:trade up for Solomon Use rest of draft on OL, CB, RB. That addresses our major/minor needs. Once we get to the 5th round especially, I see us going RB/CB - two positions where depth roster spots are open. We're fairly set on OL, could always use upgrades but don't see it happening until late.
  5. 100% agree and I mentioned that in a post. Not expecting Floyd production, but 5-7 sacks. Thinking Ogbah is a strong possibility, or a lower chance for Yannick. I'm hopeful we land one of these post June 1st, on top of drafting a DE in the 4th-6th range to compete with Casey Toohill and Kingsley
  6. Not true. By the time rookie salary replaces existing player in top 51, we'd only be adding approx $2.5-3.0m. That's a ballpark estimate, but it won't be much higher than that. We already have that in available cap room. We will need some the Tre money for Practice Squad/signings throughout the year onto roster. But we should effectively have $5m or so to spend in FA, post June 1st. They could easily sign a 1yr deal with added voided years to fit a "Leonard Floyd" type for that. Just like LY.
  7. I think Von will be a solid 8-10 sack guy this year. Came back way early from his torn ACL, year 2 is always the "get close" to form year. Even at his age, he has 1-2 productive years left in this league. He's highly motivated/hard worker naturally, but also has alot of incentives riding on this year. JMO. But I'm also hoping Beane uses the post June 1 Tre $$$s on a FA DE. Someone who can be insurance/allow Groot to slide inside on passing downs again.
  8. Their window with Hurts/Brown/Smith are the next couple years. AJ Brown likely gone in 2026
  9. Looks a bit like Micah....but could be Austin Johnson
  10. Not only will the price tag of a Aiyuk, JJ, Higgins be alot, but the draft capital as well. We're likely talking a future 1st rounder at minimum. If we're going to drop a future 1st, I'd rather do what it takes to move up for 1 one of the top 3 in this years draft. I could see Beane wanting to get that "stud" prospect OR building our WR group like the GB model (young collective unit, but no #1). Either way, I don't see us trading for a premier WR
  11. I beg to differ about Edge. Like I mentioned, for better or worse, we're likely to roll with Groot and a combo of Von/AJE ( and potential FA signing post June 1st). We're counting on Von to get close to his old form and for AJE to be more consistent. Next year, Edge will be the biggest need once Von is cut. As for WR, we "might" have 1 outside WR in Samuel. Bigger than that, we don't have any downfield threats. We have a starting DL to roll out, we can't say the same about WR
  12. I'm not debating how you draft, you just changed the topic. You stated that Edge is a greater need than WR. I was trying to convey my opinion as to why it isn't. Then I added what I hope to see happen in the draft. Two separate topics, but DE is not a greater need than WR
  13. I would have agreed on EDGE/WR being equal, but prior to Diggs trade. We just lost 240 targets, between our WR1 and WR2. I think drafting a RD1 WR has been long overdue, most will agree. Someone who can take on 80 or so targets. Rest of targets will get spread amongst Samuel/Kincaid/Shakir and most likely a 2nd WR drafted in the 4th or 5th. At Edge, I see us addressing 4th round+ and also targeting a FA post June 1. Similar to Floyd LY, but not holding out hopes for as much impact (at least a vet rusher to rotate). For better/worse, Von is penciled in as a starter/rotational rusher (teaming with AJE). With a late pick and another FA addition, I think we can be good enough up front (similar to LY). DT is where we need to start getting better push/interior pressure. I see us going: Rd1: Mitchell or Worthy Rd2: Nubin or Kinchens Rd3 (trade next years 2nd from Minny, to get into top 10 of this years 3rd round): Maason or Ruke Rd4: DE and RB/WR Rd5+: WR/RB, CB, OL
  14. These are my exact thoughts as well, excellent write up. Realistically, I see one of the Tier 3 guys being there at our pick, and quite possible 1 of the tier 4 guys is gone (some team falls in love with any of these guys). I prefer we don't trade back, as this scenario (V2) played out. I think we stand a chance of losing out on a Tier3 player (given that's how Beane assess them), or missing out on our top tier 4 guy. Rd 2, I'm coming around to the realization that we're likely not double dipping at WR (at least not this soon). Rather S, OL, or DL. I see safety as the most immediate impactful position/most upgradable and we certainly need a better 3rd safety at minimum. I also prefer we trade next years 2nd (minn pick), to get into Rd 3 /hoping in the top 10 of round. And grab a DT 3tech, either Ruke or Maason. Maason, biggest question is if he regains in pre injury form, both guys would be solid options behind Ed. 4th+, address another WR, CB (I think Devonshire is our guy if there in the 6th), Rb, and OL depth.
  15. Kam Kinchens makes alot of sense. Playmaker, College FB coach on staff, could be a starting FS immediately. Best thing is we brought in a college DB coach. Who will be very familiar with players not only on Miami, but others in college football. Rd 2 pick needs to be a starter and impact player, and this checks the box. We need a FS with range and playmaking ability. Kam also brings position flex, dropping into the box/blitzing, and can drop down into the slot. His 40 time isn't indicative of his on field instincts/playing speed
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