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  1. First preseason in a LONG time, that we have this type of depth at multiple positions....fun to watch, definitely some.good players not making the 53 Credit to Beane
  2. Agree completely, Gano a 2018 pro bowler coming off injury or an unknown, who is young showing potential (and much cheaper)
  3. Agree, this Slye kid has impressed at Carolina camp the past 2 weeks.... I think he is a legitimate option for us/others. Plenty of recent seasons where teams dump their kicker for a complete unknown
  4. Slye also went 3 for 3 last week against Chicago, including a 50+ yarder...going to predict right now he is someone's week 1 starting kicker
  5. Doesn't have to be Slye, but you can't ignore that Hauschka has struggled and just doesn't look like himself (following his injury last year). On top of that, our staff just spent 3 days with Carolina and plenty of opportunity to review Slye at practice
  6. Like many have said, it's nice to have a young up and coming starting QB, in addition to what's looking like a great backup situation with Barkley
  7. Watch for us to keep an eye on Slye, Panthers 2nd string kicker.....hauschka just doesn't look like himself...injury/age
  8. Good to see Shaq making some plays, but will trust Frazier and others who have said Murphy looks like a different player this year. Time will tell, but we have some depth at that position if Hughes stays healthy
  9. Lol, way to go Murphy...that defensive end position group is DEEP
  10. I agree that Dimarco has to show value to the staff, but team chemistry has to be considered in that equation, which I'm sure the coaches will. I respect a lot of your posts, so you don t need a lecture from me about leadership. It's just that we lost OUR biggest leader in Kyle, still have Zo but could use all the help we can get in that dept, with so many new faces...but again without sacrificing a roster spot for a starter/future starter
  11. Great post! I promised not to post here until week1, but can't ignore a great rebuttal. Be back week 1 to keep this thread alive
  12. It's cliche, but most coaches will say 4th down is the most important in football. Dimarco has carved out a role and leadership/team chemistry is HUGE. Can't see him getting cut
  13. LOL! you need to follow this up with 50+ pages of saying you're still rooting for the player to succeed and remember, it's not about right or wrong, or better yet this thread is only intended to solicit opinions about the other o linemen.... It's also just guys in shorts right now
  14. My last post here, until we get into training camp or season...but ill just leave this here. Again, you required above saying theboijnt of this thread was to have an open discussion about how the off-season COULD impact Zay, yet you made a prediction and say it's not about being right or wrong. Well to me it is, when someone calls out a player that won't be making the roster, that I think is on the upswing. so yes, we share a vastly different opinion on the player. If I say, I bet Trump is going to be impeached, then I continue to discuss his merits to not lead the country and support it with my opinion, but then say the purpose of the whole conversation was to discuss other potential future presidents...i would imagine most ppl would be holding on to my comment about trump being impeached. just an analogy, nothing more...but this was my basis for continuing to bring up the title. carry on, see you again in August September, back here
  15. Agree about Zay over foster, both are locks in my opinion. Zay might be the most controversial player, from a fan perspective on this team.....some think he's fighting for a roster spot, and others (like myself) think he's on the verge of something special. I'd also consider Spencer Long ahead of Spain, injury aside. I think he wins a starting guard spot, and brings more versatility in the event of injuries up front
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