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  1. Unfortunately not, he's first eligible to return against the Eagles
  2. Depending how bad Milano's hamstring was injured, I could see another LB. They want to use Zo as a moving chess piece, and I dont think Maurice Alexander is anything more than a core special teamer. Corey Thompson still out after ankle surgery, which makes it more troubling
  3. I supported Zay, alot, but agree it's time to move on. Duke was clearly the better looking WR after just 1 game. Good luck to Zay, and hopefully that future 5th rounder is a gem for us. And credit is due to AlphaDawg, great call on the trade!
  4. As many said, fortunate time for a bye week. Hopefully the extra week helps to get these guys back on the field, but if not, Milano and Murphy are at the 2 positions that might require a roster move due to depth. (assuming wed have Nsheke and Boettger for online).
  5. I would suggest Chiefs....they're looking like a sure thing to win the AFC west, we can use help with other wild card competition losing. Chargers loss today was huge.
  6. Just 1 game, but Duke you the man! Loved the energy and team reaction to his TD. Great win today, rest up/get healthy and keep grinding
  7. huge stop/missed kick... get a fg here. we need to keep the creativity going on offense
  8. that should be at the half yrd line....qb knee touched down before ball hit pylon
  9. Morse on the sideline or Spain? why was Long in there?
  10. I've been a huge Zay supporter, but this is about Duke. Congrats to Duke and hope he does great for the Bills! Be I interesting to see who is inactive at WR tomorrow
  11. Great post! The combination of continuity, and great communication between the secondary and linebackers is HUGE! Obviously the talent is there too, but having 2 high quality safeties can not be stressed enough and a staple of many great NFL defenses over the past 10+ years. Not sure if Micah or Jordan by themselves are worth a top 5 deal (close), but together these guys work so well together and just have something that is a natural chemistry
  12. Played through high school, and could have played d2 but too many concussions in high school. Still play competitive flag football leagues, some decent ex D1 and nfl practice squad guys. Coaching wise, never had the time with my career but family has coached in the high school and college ranks
  13. What?! lol. I'm calling it now, but I might be wrong and let me caveat the crap out of it. This is the same thing ppl said to you then, and saying it again now. You double talk and attack the player when it is convenient for you, while overlooking obvious things that the coaching staff of an NFL franchise evaluate and think highly of. But agree with Dopey. time to end this. and look forward to actual games and not some useless argument where someone has their mind made up
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