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  1. Did anyone actually listen, and not just read the cliff notes? 😀 He actually gave Frank a big compliment and said "he" taught me everything I needed to learn. A bit of a misquote from the interviewer, imo. Either way, not sure how anyone thinks he didn't speak highly of Frank or his appreciation of things frank taught him. Everyone should go listen and not try to overanalyze
  2. Wow, that is really crazy. Got me thinking about Alexs comments, in regard to what he remembered from that play. He said he remembers identifying Houstons blitz, and adjusting his blocking protections. For a Blitzer to come that free, it looked like the RB was supposed to "cross block" the blitzing defender between guard and tackle on Alex's right side. Not a soap box moment or anything, and I have no clue if I'm right or not, but certainly shows value in having a RB who can pass protect. Blink of an eye to lose your franchise QB, definitely a shame.
  3. I don't think they can do much more. Risking surgery to "make it look better" is highly unlikely, could only see them going back if medically necessary. Pressure sleeve certainly helps with circulation, and to some extent pain too. But as you righfully said, the amputation consideration was needed at the time, as becoming septic and risking spread to other areas of the body could have been fatal.. Amputatiom could be still in the cards. With the muscle and tissue transplant, healing varies greatly from person to person. Possible, not saying likely, that Alex perhaps gives this more consideration as his kids get older and his lifestyle may become less active.
  4. Lost alot of credibility putting Mike Tomlin on this list, especially with comments about him moving up near the top by the time he retires. I think most people don't realize he has had a great QB/future hall of famer (Ben), his entire career. Lets see what happens once Ben retires. Cowher rightfully belongs on the list, and along with Kevin Colbert, built an unbelievable foundation. I'd take 5 coaches before Tomlin, who are coaching right now (alphabetical): 1. Belicheck 2. Carroll 3. Harbaugh 4. Payton 5. Reid And likely another 5 guys, including McDermott, who have less than 5 yrs head coaching experience that I would hire before Tomlin if starting with a new coach. Rest of list is solid, definite arguments to bring a few guys on and most are in +/- 3 spot range
  5. Not doubting your sources about possibly drafting Dugger, but when we play nickel Taron better be on the field or our new 7th rounder. If we take a 2nd rounder to play a "specialty" position like big nickel, i think that would have been a huge misuse of the valuable pick. We picked up Jefferson to play a hybrid role, replacing Shaq and 3 technique rusher. But with Epenesa, you have a perfect replacement and possible upgrade at left end immediately. If we need someone to play "big nickel" so.bad, there are plenty of strong safety types than can bump down to LB. Including Neal and Marlowe, already on the team
  6. Agree.completely about Tyler, and your point of sticking with Davis. I think Tyler would have been the pick over Fromm, if he was available. Would have been nice. I'm not as big on Anae, but admittedly watched only a couple Utah full games. I like his energy/motor/attitude, but as you said, lacks certain traits to be successful in our defense. Not athletic enough to play the "right end" and I question if he's stout enough to play left end, but after taking epenesa I don't think there's room for another def end this year
  7. Zuniga is the complete opposite of Epenesa, and really doesn't fit the "left end" mold of our defense. I think with Hughes and Addison, Zuniga would be struggling to find the field this year. That type of atheletic/flashy guy will be next year or the year after, once Hughes and or addison is gone. Also, this staff values availability and zuniga has been fighting the injury bug
  8. Thing is, Singletary is the man. They found a steal in the 3rd last year with Motor. I won't disagree about Dobbins being rated higher than Moss, however, would you rather have: 1. Motor/Dobbins/3rd round Def end....please go check out what remaining LEFT END options were there after Epenesa. I'll save you time. HUGE drop off 2. Motor/Moss/Epenesa. Dobbins might be a better player than Moss, but for the "value" option 2 all day every day. Epenesa is going to be a real solid player for years to come.
  9. Growing up near and watching Dane play here us my breakdown: 1. Natural athlete: as posted on the bills website, he was a football and basketball star in high school. he went to a small school here in Western PA, but competition and quality at that level is still really high. 2. At Pitt: he played outside and inside (Nickel or slot). Very physical, for a smaller stature player. Solid tackler, good Blitzer, and very quick...not only feet but ability to diagnose plays.. He reminds me a lot of taron Johnson or even nickel robey Coleman to be honest, and at the NFL is likely to be a nickel or slot cover corner. Nothing wrong with that though, nickel corner is a very important position. Another team first, physical and "loves football" type of guy, great selection 3. Draft position: I might be biased, but think any other year, Dane is likely a late 4th or early 5th round pick. Similar to Taron and his draft position. Since he doesn't project well to outside corner and the slew of wrs this year, he got pushed down. But this guy will make the team, no doubt and might even start. 4. Projection: he will compete with taron at the nickel corner/slot cover corner. Great pick, he provides much needed depth or possibly a starter at that position. Behind Taron, we tried Neal and Marlowe last year, and remember what happened once Taron got injured against the Texans.
  10. Unlike in years past, we have starters slotted into every position on this roster heading into the draft. Not to say that some can't be upgraded, but provides a lot of flexibility to truly go with BPA. That said, we were very fortunate last season with injuries and having depth is a necessity, if we want to develop into a championship team (especially without an elite qb, as Allen continues to develop)...Imo, we run into the biggest drop-off in play if these starters were injured: 1. RB: Yeldon, Jones, Wade and DiMarco provide much to be desired. Absolutely no starters in this group, and a bunch of #3 rb types. Top pick or 3rd rounder, absolutely needs to be a playmaker to split time with Motor 2. Corner: Taron Johnson hasn't proven to stay healthy, and Levi has missed games in the past. With Norman and Gaines, you hope one of these veterans can stay healthy, along with of course Tre who has been durable. Upgrade at CB2, or flexibility to shift down or compete at nickel, along with providing depth is a big get. 3. Linebacker: Klein was a great pickup, but he isn't the mold of a Milano or Edmunds. Unless they like what they see from Dodson or Joseph, I see a pick in the 4th-6th round range (speed type, ie milano) 4. Safety: behind Poyer and Hyde, Marlowe is a solid contributor who was a "jack of all trades" last year, but not the type you want to roll out for numerous games. If not this year, I see us drafting a 3rd round caliber player, who can play in the big nickle role (like Marlowe or Neal) and eventually replace as a starting safety. Other upgrade options: 1. Def end: I see argument to get younger, but we already have a 2a and 2b in hughes/Addison, not elite guys but real solid. Murphy is average, a good guy for a #3 end but paid too high, Johnson is young and might be a fringe player, and Jefferson will be a solid option, if he's not bumped inside (which i think they will do on obvious pass situations). Unless they see a future #1 or #2, in rounds 2-4, I just don't see why they'd take one this year....more likely a big target next season 2. Oline:deepest position on this team. Nsheke, Williams, Long, and Boehm are all very good backup types. Starters: Dawkins likely to get a long term deal, Spain just got his, Morse stays healthy then he's here longterm, and they just drafted Ford in rd 2 last year....Feliciano played solid too, so i.just don't see them doing anything but letting this group "gel" 3. TE: Knox will be a very good TE, if he can stay healthy. Kroft is a great 2a option, if he can stay healthy. Then you have Sweeney, Smith, and Croom as competition. Unless they are transforming the offense into a 2 TE offense, I don't see a need to.go after this group...plus just drafted 2 last year, Kroft restructured, and draft class is NOT deep 4. WR: Diggs, Brown, Beasley is the best trio we've had in a long while. I think Duke Williams, Mckenzie and Foster each bring a different skill set, along with Roberts. I could see a late round flier, but no draft pick is taking a top 3 slot, let alone seeing many targets unless two of our top guys go down. My prediction: Round 2: corner Round 3: running back Round 4: safety Round 5-7: linebacker, wr and punter
  11. 1. 3 newly signed free agents, all expected to start or play significant snaps, will do that to your cap 2. I also don't agree with who wrote this, regarding Hughes and Murphy. I just don't see the upside in letting either of them walk, unless their play slips drastically 3. Once we get the likes of Tre, Milano, and Dawkins extended. then our portion of cap allocated to defensive line will naturally go down...just give this another season. Bottom line, while an interesting piece, this year is likely an outlier and not the rule, for how Beane will utilize Caproom. We have flexibility to overspend until some big extensions come rolling around the corner. A more interesting article would be around "player return" vs contract. Meaning Josh Allens play this upcoming year might be 90% of his ceiling, but he's not getting paid that yet. Be very fascinating if someone would assess a roster in a similar metric
  12. I think Jefferson is more a 'tweener', 3 technique or 5 technique in run situations (shaq role). Not sure they see Jefferson as a true edge guy. I think they have a couple guys on their radar for round 2 or 3, after that, I would be surprised if they went edge. A pass rushing edge, complimentary RB, and corner/safety depth will likely make the most impact this season.
  13. Personally. I did not read his comments as if he is advocating for his brother, or others, to be released from jail. I read it as he is concerned and worried about his brother's health. Seems like you've been reading too many other articles/people advocating for this. but please dont put words in someone's mouth
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