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  1. Ugh, that would suck. Didn't Greg make the last sack of the game? Basically ran out the clock after that...possible it was 2nd to last drive. But either way didn't seem to hamper him near end of game, so hopefully something more on the minor side
  2. Agree about Dalton. He can be very dangerous/elusive RAC and more athletic to just be used in curls/quick outs. I expect they'll start incorporating more. But comparing to LaPorta isn't fair to DK...Detroit sees much more heavy fronts against their high end rushing attack-frees up more playaction. I would like to see us use our YAC weapons more in space, Harty/Sherfield/Shakir. I think that evolution might make us near impossible to defend. We're already much more balanced on offense than LY, but still have some ability to get better. Funny how ALOT of people were clamoring for a true #2 WR, while some like myself were begging for more balance and more options to be used over the middle: Improved IOL/run game= better down and distance situations, better playaction. We've yet to see our "slot" options fully materialize, but we are spreading the ball around- Diggs then a bunch of others with 4-5 targets per game. I mentioned before the season we could see 6 guys go for 500+ yards, that's not been done by many teams in recent history, but think we could challenge that with getting more Knox/Kincaid/slot targets.
  3. He wasn't even running full speed, appeared he just planted in his backpedal then it happened. Live, it looked like he lost a shoe or foot got stuck in the ground. Just unfortunate, didn't appear to be an "explosive" movement...which is what causes most achilles tears. Could be nothing, but Tre went Week 1 and 2 not needing a vet rest day. Past 2 weeks, he's been given Friday off. Maybe he was dealing with tightness/calf, thats just pure speculation. I've heard alot of ppl say they tore their achilles while fighting off a calf pull/tightness and not having full flexibility in that area.
  4. Some random thoughts after Q1 of season is now complete, and how this team might continue to "morph/improve" heading into the Q2+ of season. Q1 of season review: Trench play: we finally get to see what this team can do, when the trenches (both o-line & d-line) are excelling OL: improvement to both G positions, and what appears to be more consistent play from Dion & Spencer is yielding early dividends. Torrence looks to be a future pro-bowler/locked in starter. DL: Collectively this group is performing "at potential" (finally, based on resources used by Beane). Floyd has been the best signing for a while, collective group returning from LY has also taken a step. Poona is the only disappointment to-date, but inevitably we will likely need to count on him in the rotation again at some point Defensive attitude/aggression: you can tell there is a different "leader", passion/aggression is at an all-time high. I attribute that to Coach, but also to Bernard/Floyd - along with the other defensive leaders. No longer is the team allowing teams to push them around. Bernard has added the "game changing"/high impact plays that alluded Tremaine; not saying he's a better overall player at this point - but a lot of positives thus far (including I prefer TBs intensity) Offensive identity: dare I say, we can see a "well-rounded" identity developing?! Great gameplan by Dorsey yesterday, and this team has faced likely 2 of top 10 DLs already (Jets & Wash). This team will obviously lean on Josh/Diggs combo, but it's promising to see how the run-game & use of "complimentary" weapons are being utilized. Davis target share is down from LY, as I mentioned early this offseason as a "needed" adjustment. Spreading the ball around, and staying ahead of the sticks is "winning football" most times than not -- credit to Dorsey, but more importantly Josh for making positive changes to his style of play. Other than Week 1, which can be an outlier for many teams, this group has been clicking 1 player call-out OFFENSE: James Cook, I could mention others, but this guy caught my eye when attending training camp & he's been dynamic to start the year. I like our RB trio and how Dorsey has utilized them. I still think there are more ways to get James the ball in the passing game, but expect Cook to finish with double-digit TDs 1 player call-out DEFENSE: couple guys come to mind, but I'd give this to Terrell Bernard right now. Milano is our best player on defense, period, and Floyd has been a jolt up-front. But TB has surprised the masses on this message board & has shown ability to make the impactful plays -- and his tenacity/attitude are making it easy to forget Maine right now. Q2+: OL: scary to think this OL, as a group, only has 4 games together. It takes time to 'gel' as a collective unit, and this group looks to be improving week-to-week. This could be a top 5-7 unit in the NFL by season end Offensive improvements: I could see Dorsey trying to get "more" out of Harty/Shakir/Sherfield, each of these guys have that "YAC" ability-- we've seen limited glimpses to-date, but getting more plays designed to get them the ball in space. Kincaid is naturally seeing an uptick in targets, which should continue AND trying to get him on more downfield/developing cross or seam routes is something I expect to see as teams start to adjust to our success against 2-high safeties Mostly we've seen 2-high safety looks & Dorsey/Josh seemed to find a very good balance these past few weeks. I expect to see teams start mixing up more blitzes, which will be more test for our o-line & playmakers ability to win "1-1". Perhaps we could see the screen game, which is probably the only thing they haven't had much success with Defensive improvements: losing Tre - can only say it sucks - but this team has dealt with adversity, especially in the secondary for 3 years running now & have found ways to adjust. I think Elam will eventually take over for Dane, perhaps that's more a preference, but Dane has looked good in limited action & brings vet experience. Overall, whenever Von returns, he'll be joining an already impactful/top performing DL. I think our front 4 is "that good" this year, barring injury, and the expectation should be they are "elite" (given resources spent). I fully expect this DL to start getting more "media" notoriety over the next few weeks, Von returning will bring more attention to that as well Getting improvement: Von's return will only help, but this group has collectively performed extremely well & expect Bernard/Milano's impact to continue getting better S/T: I'm not a fan of our punt return "scheme" - you see alot of teams deploy "tiered" blocking, ie: 2 players 10-15 yards off the line to help set-up the blocks. I think Harty can be a much bigger weapon on PRs. Kick returns, I'm happy if Shakir would just take a knee. Bass is off to a fantastic start, he's been very critical 2022/2023 draft taking shape: 2022: IF, Elam can take advantage of his potential opportunity - we could look back at season's end & say this was the key component to our success/playoff run Round 1-3: Elam, Cook, Bernard - 2 of these guys have critical roles/high-end contributors already 2023: Torrence has been a stud up-front, Kincaid is continuing to get more targets, he needs fed the ball more still IMO.
  5. Pretty sure it would take another corner injury OR they've completely given up on Elam (which I doubt) - in order to be looking for a trade. Benford, Dane, Elam Ingram (P/S) Is an OK group, with some unknown about Elam...perhaps he surprises, aka Bernard, when given the chance again. It's not like Elam looked bad LY, just wasn't consistent and had something behind the scenes that caused the New England benching (in favor of Rhodes). With Von returning at some point, very good to great DL play - coupled with outstanding LB play and 2 vet safeties- we will be more than fine.
  6. I agree the injury sucks, but I wouldn't point to that "last play on Hill" as evidence. Hyde was sitting over the top, doubling Hill. We've not had to put Tre, or Benford for that matter, into many situations without safety help. Benford got beat 1-1 last week against Curtis Samuel, but he's done really good. There's a reason people say Coachs schemes are CB friendly, going back to his Carolina days when he didn't have "elite" talent there some years. We are primarily zone, and have a talented DL/instinctive talented LBs and 2 safeties that get guys into position very well/communicate well. Everyone hates the injury for Tre personally and the team, but realistically Coach will have this defense playing at a high level.
  7. I think Von being activated this week is 50/50. And agree he likely takes Tre roster spot, after IR. Not sure there is a reason to "elevate" Ingram on gameday yet. They've rolled with 3 outside corners each week, expect that to continue. But I am high on Ingram developing into a "Dane" role (3rd corner type in the future).
  8. I wouldn't say it hurt player development. Rather, it's very clear we could have seen even better results during his tenure (especially against top tier offenses). Bottom line, appears we're in good hands
  9. Honestly, I don't know. How many have been caught on Benford? Not trying to be ignorant to Tre. He's our best corner, not elite overall anymore though. That's just 1 person's opinion....and hate to see the injury/downplay it, but it's the NFL and key injuries happen every week
  10. Well Christian finished the game, after Tre went down. He's a tough dude, proved it LY, but I don't think they risk that if it was serious. So expect him to be ready next week. Tre injury sucks, and everyone should be upset for Tre...great guy/leader/hard worker. But it's the NFL, and we see these injuries happen every week. Aaron achilles, Trevon Diggs ACL, etc. It's more emotional, seeing Tre reaction and knowing what he went thru LY with ACL recovery. Just have to get past it and "next man up", as Coach says. Each year it's a game of attrition and any serious SB contender needs to keep most of their "stars" healthy, and have depth/guys step up. Not to sound rude, I think Tre is back to being a very good/above average corner, but not a "star" anymore. Dane/Elam will need to step up. Milano, Von, Groot, Ed, Floyd, Hyde...all more important to our defense success this year...JMO. Offense: obviously Josh and Diggs, then Dion. Those are the "stars"/extremely critical players to our success, IMO. Dane isn't Tre, neither is Elam at this point, but has most potential given his natural talent. All that to say, fingers crossed on news about Tre (expecting the worst) and prayers to him/family, but we will fine as a defense.
  11. I think he still has/displayed that his instincts were elite. Unfortunately, I don't think he ever regained his quickness/lateral speed. Totally sucks for Tre. But agree he wasn't back to gis pre acl "all pro" caliber. He is also our best corner though, and definitely much much better than Dane IMO. Elam has the natural talent, it will be his time to step up when given the chance.
  12. Not sure I'd call it 50/50, unless you think Coach is rolling out a new scheme this week...we haven't seen Elam or Benford/Tre play out of the slot (which your scheme would suggest). Unless you think Benford or Tre is coming off the field. Not sure why all this back and forth about a guy who hasn't dressed for 3 straight weeks. It is what it is...he's #4 on the.boundary corner depth chart. We aren't dressing a 4th boundary corner, who won't be playing meaningful snaps AND not a key s/t contributor.
  13. Opinion. Hoping to be proven wrong though, Elam clearly has talent, just something not clicking.
  14. Well it's all about effort/aggressivness/willingness (attitude). I'd not say any of these are Elams top skills. Something obviously happened LY, that triggered Rhodes starting and Elam being benched. Not sure the reason ever became public knowledge. But, it likely wasn't "performance", as Rhodes could barely run LY.
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