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  1. I wouldn't consider Hodgins "solid", he's a replacement level WR who struggled to create separation (also struggled to stay healthy up until this season). And such is life of the NFL, injuries happen. Brown isn't likely to see snaps. Speedy can be activated at any point, and Kumerow will be back within a few weeks. Biggest miss, is having a reliable target for the middle/short areas. It's been discussed alot, but thr combination of Knox/Mckenzie/Crowder/Shakir was supposed to replace Beas. Basically we've been left with Diggs as the only reliable slot WR, when he's lined up there. To me, it's poor coaching that we can't scheme more to Knox/Shakir/McKenzie in the middle. Even the slow involvement of Hines, Dorsey has weapons just needs to get more creative or start deploying different route concepts.
  2. He was "designated to return" from IR on November 16th. According to NFL IR rules, he has 21 days to either be activated to the 53 man roster or be placed on IR for remainder of season. It's not a sure thing he's activated prior to Pats game, but I think there is a strong possibility. It's either Smoke, one of the 2 young WRs on P/S, or Speedy who is playing against Pats. IMO, it's either Speedy or Keesean Johnson (p/s) this week. My money is on Speedy
  3. This ^^^. Let's look at the facts: 1. Smoke hasnt played meaningful snaps in 2+ years 2. Gentry has been called up from P/S 3x already, so he either needs signed to the 53 or no longer eligible to be called up 3. Stevenson (Speedy), who made the 53 then placed on IR, either is activated by Dec 7th or defaults to IR for remainder of year 4. Kumerow on IR for next 2 weeks, minimum. 5. We only have 4 healthy WRs. Unlikely we go into a game with less than 5 (not done a single time this yr) Occams razor/simplest solution is Speedy is activated and Brown is an insurance policy for the next 2-3 weeks until Kumerow is healthy again.
  4. Your point about Daboll is spot on. Recently, he had tremendous success against NE. He seemed to mix things up perfectly and had NE on their heels. I'd like to see Dorsey/Josh get us up-tempo/ no huddle to start games...get the offense going fast. Josh has been clutch running 2-min offense style, get early leads then work the run game in more often. Need more 3 step drops to start games, get simple 4-5 yards on 1st down and ahead of the sticks. I don't have the stats in front of me, but seems like our 1st down offense is struggling much more this yr. Too many 2nd and long situations, need to get the early down success and get into some situations where we can take "shot plays" on 2nd down, or make our 3rd downs more manageable.
  5. After listening to Coach's presser, it sounded like: Likely out this week: Edmunds, AJ Likely to return: Elam Limited/lean toward playing: Morse, Quessenberry Limited/likely more questionable: Groot Complete unknown: Tre Always tough playing on a short week, hopefully can get Klein up to speed quickly and get Elam/Morse/Quessenberry healthy enough to play. Groot would be a bonus, but I could see us calling up a P/S def end this week...also be interesting how they handle Gentry/Rhodes (each have just 1 callup remaining). Speedy also has to be close to playing, activating him this week could be something to watch.
  6. Dorsey making some nice calls, mixing in short/intermediate....finally!! And keep getting Knox involved.
  7. Down, wow these refs are horrible today....right in front of him, forearm down
  8. Need defense to play with a chip on its shoulder, nows the time to start getting that MOJO back
  9. Great drive, great series of playcalls. Need to stay aggressive in 2nd half, and nice if we could get some misdirection on offense....reverse/fake reverse screen/etc. Browns are over persuing.
  10. Reminding me of Colts playoff game, need a drive now before the half. Dorsey needs to get Josh into a better rhythm of playcalls. Short/quick, then intermediate, then aggressive...mix it up and get into better 3rd down looks.
  11. Dorsey really screwing up this offense... there is a weird passive approach, almost just not turn it over. Need that aggressive but calculated approach to return. This is maddening
  12. If you follow real close, it's not difficult to understand the usage of Cook/Hines to this point: 1. Hines: don't bring up McCaffrey or any other trade, until you understand the offenses they are moving "from and to". Hines is coming to a new scheme, one that is that isn't built off common WCO principles like McCaffrey adjusted to. On top of that, Hines isn't near the player of McCaffrey (nobody should argue this), and we aren't going to force feed/creatively scheme up ways to involve him when we have Josh, Diggs, Gabe, and others. It will naturally progress, as Hines gets the scheme nailed down. 2. Cook: rookie, not near the pass protector as Motor. He's starting to get more early down looks, but until he's at or near Motors ability to chip/pick up blitzes, he's not going to be the reason Josh gets blindsided. The simple explanation is that both these players have to adjust for different reasons (new offense/scheme vs pass pro). Not to mention that Motor isn't some slouch, just doesn't have the breakaway speed.
  13. Getting "in" the queue line is one thing, actually being able to checkout is another. So you purchased? What are prices?
  14. You're going to need the code sent to STH, unless you found someone to give that to you
  15. He missed the Steeler game this season, Dodson filled in just fine. Don't like Tremaine missing either, but Dodson wasn't the sole reason our defense gave up points to Vikes 2nd half: 1. Dalvin Cook long TD: Benford or Lewis should have contained that run. 2. 10 points in 4th quarter/OT: Josh fumbles the snap, 7 points. Could have been avoided with a 4th down and 18 stop. Too much being made of this...and to your point about Colts game LY, that was bc our dline was getting pushed into the stands all game. Hence the dline overhaul.
  16. Unlikely. It's a 1 hour flight, tops. As long as team can take off by say 8:30-9am. Then they will be ok, time-wise. This is obviously worse case/very disruptive. Team is scheduled to fly out of Cheektowga on a charter plane, late afternoon/early evening Saturday. Cheektowaga weather looks like it should clear for that to happen. Getting all players/staff/etc, safely to the airport is step 1. That to me is the biggest concern/risk, getting team out of town on time saturday.
  17. I won't be surprised if the team has to fly on Sunday am, worse case. Highly unlikely the game is canceled.
  18. Agree he's been practicing in full. But he could still be "feeling" not 100%, or it could be mental (like many are implying). Many players have said they don't feel truly 100%, until 12-18 months after surgery. Like Coach said, it's go time soon. Silver lining is that Benford and Elam have got great learning experience/PT this season, and it will payoff at some point for us in the future.
  19. Tremaine just needs to rest that groin and get healthy for the final stretch of games. Not sure we should expect to see Klein get meaningful amount of snaps against Cleveland, but he's great insurance for a short turnaround against Detroit. And with New England upcoming, he will be helpful. Dodson is certainly capable and did fine against Vikings. He's got athleticism, not Tremaine level, but if I had to pick 1-2 games to see Dodson get snaps it's against Cleveland and Detroit.
  20. Agree, nobody knows what is going on. Everyone just assumes he should be, bc we see other guys come back in a shorter window. But we know Tre was really down after injury, and it might have slowed his initial rehab. No way he was playing 2 games in a 5 day span. It will be good to get him back for New England and have a month+ of games to get ready for playoffs. As of now, a healthy Dane/Elam/Benford is going to have to be good enough. We need our offense to stop turning over the ball and get back to taking care of business, and the dline to generate pressure with 4.
  21. You don't think that same stress on players/personell/staff exists if the game was at home in a major snowstorm? Ie: getting to stadium for practice, etc. To me, either way the schedule is being disrupted for players. Advantage us for having the game in a setting that benefits our style, vs theirs.
  22. 7 Home games, "9 away" (& 1 neutral) is better than playing a run-first team in inclement weather.... Will take a neutral domed game as a far trade off.
  23. It's a fantastic comparison. Not only the slump/stats, but the primary reason for it... Mahomes LY in slump: struggled to take the checkdown/forced alot in redzone. Sound familiar? Difference is Mahomes has Andy Reid, I'm hopeful that Dorsey/Allen can get this figured out. Not as simple as "take the checkdown" every play, it's a fine lime of being aggressive and being smart/efficient.
  24. Most of this message board underdtsnfs where thats coming from....Every diehard fan feels the same emotional roller coaster. If you take the losses this hard, I do too, then you need to find an outlet, ie:your daughter, another hobby, work, etc. Everyone needs balance, like this offense could use 😁 At the end of the day, it's just football. Remind yourself that, and see you next week...stay the course/keep believing/don't give up...whatever you need to tell yourself.... Season is far from over, could always be worse (we're 6-3, with a great QB still available).
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