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  1. He's fragile, and weak armed. That means they really don't have a QB
  2. He's not. He couldn't even stay healthy on the college level He's small and fragile...just not built for the rigors of football
  3. Tua's availability has always been an issue. He always seems to get hurt...sometimes even on routine stuff
  4. The Dolphins really didn't care about this guy putting him on the field last Sunday...then four days later they trot him out again? What a ***** franchise to handle their players in such a manner
  5. I am not saying his career will end in failure. It's quite possible that this team gets it done, and I'm sure he will be a good coach in this league wherever he may eventually end up if he and the Bills were ever decide to part ways. I 100% hope he does get it done, and we can put the notion that he can't to bed.
  6. McD gets plenty of credit from me. He has instilled a great culture, and his players give him their all. Combine that with a top 3 QB and a talented and deep roster, and you have a great recipe for success, and they are. He's the one that did that, and it's something that he should be credited for. What I'm talking about is next level coaching. The stuff that gets you wins in close games, and under adversity like what we saw in Miami. That is what he still lacks in, and it's costing us when it matters the most. I could name at least six coaches I'd rather have during the game, and another four or five that I would view as on par...with two too fresh to say right now. It's tough, though, because you may lose what he gives you Monday through Saturday. I'm not ready to abandon him just yet, but I could be much closer to it if we suffer another playoff loss in a similar fashion. I could also be persuaded to move on if one of those coaches I view as better becomes available for some strange reason. He should be under pressure this season, and the hot seat next if this team does not meet expectations.
  7. You are making my point for me. Despite controlling the game and severely outgaining our opponent in terms of yatdage and TOP, he managed to somehow lose a game that would have been won had any one of those things been different. One may look at it as if that's something that's a credit to the players and coaching, but others may see it as an indictment on the coaching staff to execute better, or make better decisions that wouldn't have led to missed opportunities. If McD gets credit for when the players execute and are mistake free, then shouldn't he receive the blame when they don't execute and make mistakes?
  8. So you want to claim him as a top tier coach because of culture? How much value do you put in that as opposed to actual decision-making and out doing your opposition? The best deliver in the biggest moments. He's done the opposite. You seem to view his constant GameDay mistakes and failures in big moments as the 10%, while I see it as something closer to 50/50. I don't subscribe to the theory that since he's so much better than what we've had that we can't say or think anything that paints him as anything less than irreplaceable. He's on track to be a Marty Schottenheimer coach...one that was a world beater in the regular season, but a dud in the playoffs. This postseason will go a long way in telling us who's closer to being right, and I hope it isn't me because all I wish is for the Bills to be the champs
  9. You're the one that responded to my criticism by making a snide comment towards me...let's start there. Why is McD a top 5 coach? I disagree with that assertion, and one could argue that it's ridiculous. Of course the argument will be his results (W/L record), but there's no question he's had a top 5 roster since at least last season, and a top 3 QB. He's also gotten routinely out coached by the best ones. I understand the injuries and the situation they were in, but he made decisions that helped contribute to the loss...or at least his assistants did (which falls on him, too). I just tire of the constant defending and acting as if this man is above criticism. He's a good coach because of his approach, and his players like him by all accounts. The GameDay stuff is where he lacks and where he has let the team down. That's where I stand
  10. Ball washing McD at this point is really odd. Not sure why people are still doing it...considering all the mistakes that have cost us not just games, but our chances to go to the big game. And, yes...I said mistakes. Just like the article says. Is the coach not responsible for those? Isn't his job to make sure everyone is prepared, and to not have or limit mistakes? I truly don't get it
  11. If he can't be good enough now...what makes you think there's any chance he's better in January? There's also the numerous failures these past few seasons as well If we make it to and win the Super Bowl...luck will have been on our side. It won't be due to the coach making the right decisions.
  12. I've been saying it for years...McD is not a championship caliber coach. I always hope he evolves, but I don't think it's gonna happen. One could argue we have missed at least one year of our championship window...possibly two. Will this organization be content with being a contender, or will they look to shake things up if they aren't meeting their ultimate goal?
  13. Edmunds should have been traded for whatever someone offered this past off-season He better pray this man ends up ok
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