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  1. Don't forget Xavier Rhodes who appears to be a good pickup for us
  2. I have never been an OBJ guy, and at the beginning of the year when there was chatter about this, I was steadfast against it. But as this season has gone on...with the injuries we have sustained, and with the lack of a true slot/third receiver that we can depend on (sorry, McKenzie), I am now more open to it. OBJ always has something going on, so the plane thing is just part of what you expect when you sign this guy...not a deal breaker to me at this point. What I do believe he wants is to go where the best deal is, and that will likely be Dallas where he will pay significantly less taxes, and where they might guarantee more.
  3. I wanna see more back shoulder throws for Gabe to high point...especially in the end zone. I haven't seen as much creativity as I was hoping to from Dorsey, but maybe that will develop over time
  4. Dane is now finding out that being a number one corner is hard. He did good as a two, but now these top guys are making tough catches...his coverage is good, but his ball skills need work. So now it's on him to work on improving that if he wants to keep ascending. If he can't, them he may get pushed down the depth chart by Elam and Tre.
  5. Pipe dream He's looking for a 20 mil yearly salary prorated, which means he wants over a mil per each game we have left You wanna pay 7. 4 mil for 7 games of a just medically cleared from an ACL tear OBJ? You're high if you think that's a good idea, or if we can even pay that salary
  6. In a heartbeat Frank Reich has been a HC in this league. He's been where Dorsey is at now, and has all the same experience being a QB as well as being an OC. Frank Reich is a win now move. Dorsey is a wildcard that we don't know. This team is in a window of win now
  7. If people's assumptions that the players are not happy with McDermott, then McDermott will be gone at seasons end. This will infuriate the crowd here that views him as having more passes than a hall monitor, but it would be the right move if the players aren't responding to his message
  8. If we don't win a SB while we are in this window of Allen and Von on defense, then we are cursed and condemned to a destiny of epic meltdowns and failures. So I think we get our answer within the next few years
  9. I would guess philosophical differences between players and coaches on how they should approach each side of the ball But we likely won't find out what it is
  10. I've seen enough from Josh in previous seasons to say that his current issues are due to coaching. His coaches are failing him. What I hope they aren't doing is ruining him
  11. If the OC you had in your building as Dabolls understudy for years is overwhelmed...than you didn't make the right choice by making him your OC...the guy working with your franchise QB to run this offense. McD can try to use him as the scapegoat if this season goes south, but that would be really weak on his part.
  12. This is the worst mindset IMO Scared to be worse, so accept not being good enough This team has way too much talent for that Coaches would be lined up to Canada to coach Allen and company This isn't your old Bills
  13. Whether he goes anywhere or not...we aren't getting to the SB with him as coach. Better enjoy being good enough to be a contender that isn't really a contender
  14. Besides Cousins making multiple miraculous throws to one of the best receivers in the game and the Cook run, they were pretty solid. JJ shouldn't have came down with all of those. They held twice when it could have been the difference in the game Given the injuries...I think they were decent
  15. If that's how this organization operates...that they only care about fielding a competitive roster and aren't committed to being the best...then that's not a franchise I wish to support. Hopefully we don't have to find out, but I actually do think McD could very well be on a very hot seat depending how this season ultimately goes
  16. Earned several benefits of the doubt? What does this even mean? How many examples of bad coaching have we been subjected to? How many playoff heartbreaks? How long and to what degree do these "benefits of the doubt" last? Do they expire, or can he use on each year he fails to get this team to meet their expectations? Maybe he uses two if they miss the playoffs entirely? This team has a window, and you could argue this is year number three of that window. So, to me...I am not giving the coach anymore get out of jail free cards because some people think he's "earned" them. To heck with all of that Expectations were SB or bust. Not even winning the division or making the playoffs is inexcusable.
  17. My answer would be if it is rare that they don't do the correct thing, then it's on the player. If it happens on a more frequent basis...then I look at it as a reflection of the coach not doing his job
  18. Did you forget the fumble where all he needed to do was hold on to end the game? Bad weather games are coming...
  19. I just laugh when they lose nowadays. It's almost always in spectacular fashion, which I think I enjoy in some kind of twisted way. This is what being a fan of this team for decades will do to you, and I can't blame anyone for any choice they make as a fan of the Buffalo Bills. We are one screwed up bunch
  20. So for four seasons he was near perfect when it came to INT'S in the redzone because of what exactly? You're telling me he just got lucky up until now? This doesn't pass the smell test with the data we have seen over his career
  21. That's what you want to believe. You have been a staunch defender of the coaches for some time now...so I think it might be you that is on the wrong side here Allen is a different player under this OC, and not in a good way. You must recognize that and have some tough conversations to fix it, or expect to receive criticism and blame. It ultimately falls on McD...whether you are willing to accept it or not. Or you can say Allen is regressing and not as good as we thought, but the evidence points to the coaching change this season
  22. They gave up 23 and made what should have been the game winning stop...not just in regulation, but OT Josh gave them 7 for free Fail post
  23. Pretty much He just doesn't have it Not sure how many seasons of failing to meet expectations we must endure until this is acknowledged
  24. So shouldn't the coaches be coaching him to do that? That's what I thought the whole point of coaches was for?
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