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  1. Steptide

    What about Matt Moore?

    Honestly, Ej manuel is probably the best available qb right now, and I'd be fine with it.
  2. Steptide

    Worst injury you have ever had

    Kidney stones were the worst pain I've ever felt. Not an injury, but by far the most painful thing I've ever experienced. I'd out tearing my hamstring as next in line. While it's not the worst pain ever, it just nags for a long time and makes everyday life difficult, especially if you're job requires physical labor
  3. Anderson could be terrible, he could be great, we'll find out this Sunday. However, can you imagine if for whatever reason they didnt/couldn't sign him? We'd probably be seeing Peterman for 2 or 3 weeks and he's never even finished a game he started. Yes, he shouldn't be on this team, but holy cow if they didn't get Anderson I can't even imagine the blow back
  4. Wgr made a half hearted joke this morning saying something along the lines of "what if this injury causes him to lose his arm strength" and then countered it with "what if it makes him more accurate". Interesting to think about. Probably won't make any difference
  5. Steptide

    Captain Andrew Luck prepares for the Bills

    The ONLY thing the Colts have is Andrew luck. If our defense plays as well as it has been, he'll be awful this week
  6. Part of me would love it. This season is a wash. As upset as I was yesterday after we lost, the sting wore off within minutes. This team was never going to the playoffs this year. So having Peterman start a game again would truly be fascinating to me. I really do want this kid to be good. We all know he isn't, but for someone who's had such a brutal start to his career, I really do hope he ends up successful
  7. Steptide

    Peterman is here to stay!

    It's so ironic that in all of Peterman's starts and games played in (I'm including coming in for Tyrod) that his best game was the Colts snow game last year. I know he didn't finish it, but he never threw a pick
  8. Steptide

    MNF: SF vs. GB at 8:15 PM ET on ESPN

    9ers defense is barf
  9. Steptide

    Why is Derek Anderson a Bill?

    Marv said this kids got it
  10. Steptide

    MNF: SF vs. GB at 8:15 PM ET on ESPN

    This is my argument for starting Anderson for the bills. You don't need to be Brady, just be competent
  11. Steptide

    So who do we want to start at qb this Sunday?

    Another point is, keeping Allen as starter is going to lead to more injuries. The o line is playing pretty good considering. It's only a matter of time that Allen gets hurt again playing like he is.
  12. Steptide

    So who do we want to start at qb this Sunday?

    My fear is he is developing bad habits. I agree he needs reps and experience, but sometimes it can be good to have someone else step in. I want Allen to succeed as much as the next guy, but he's been atrocious.
  13. Steptide

    Peterman TD to Jones was first passing TD in 13 quarters

    Theirs isn't a single bills fan here that didn't want Peterman to win that game for us yesterday and totally redeem himself. However, the dude cannot handle pressure. I put part of it on daboll. You DO NOT HAVE PETERMAN throw to a sideline ever. On the pick 6 drive, they should've used the middle of the field. Worse case scenario you go to overtime
  14. Steptide

    So who do we want to start at qb this Sunday?

    Yes he might be terrible, but our other options have also been terrible.
  15. Steptide

    So who do we want to start at qb this Sunday?

    I'm on board with this. Once we're officially eliminated from playoff contention, put Allen back in and let him finish out the season. The season is still salvageable if Anderson is halfway decent. Allen is just not ready to be a starter yet