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  1. Watch, kc will have this power house offense, defense and now special teams next season. I can't wait
  2. They cut the other punter right after this game too. Then all the chaos happened
  3. I think every football fan would love it to work and be entertaining. I think the issue with it is that it's way too similar to the nfl. You can't expect these players and these leagues to live up to the nfl. If I was the ufl, I'd make it a 100% passing league. Absolutely no running the ball. I'd also eliminate punting completely. Teams get 4 downs to get a 1st down. Zero punting, zero hand offs
  4. I swear people wanna trade Diggs just to have something to talk about. It's that drought mentality we suffered with for so many years. Diggs is still a number 1 receiver. Trading him away right now would only set this franchise back. We're in a win now situation. We're not building for the future (although to some extent teams are always doing that). We need to draft high round receivers (I want 2 personally). Surround Allen with weapons
  5. Why? The stadium is enclosed. It's not half under ground like the current stadium. Not sure why blocking the wind would be so impossible
  6. What I've read from the engineers is that it is being built to block the wind and that it'll be nothing like the current stadium
  7. I think the biggest thing is the wind won't be a factor in the new stadium.
  8. I definitely think they were expecting more out of them. They were almost complete non factors all year. Sherfield was supposed to be a deep threat and Harty was supposed to be the slot guy. Plus, Gabe was super inconsistent. Honestly, it's kinda surprising Allen put up as many yards as he did
  9. I really think beane and McDermott were expecting big production from harty and sherfield. Unfortunately, they got nothing.
  10. Hopefully, when we win it all, they do a part 2 about the drought and winning the superbowl
  11. I don't wanna get any vet wr's to use as our number 1. Any vet we sign should be wr 3 Imo. I wanna draft young studs. I don't wanna keep trying re treads.
  12. If we go d-line in the first round, I may officially give up on this team
  13. I hate the Pats more. Always got flags to go there way. Their coach was always a douche. I dislike kc too, but nearly as much. Only thing that really bothers me about kc is Kelce. I'm sure he's a great guy, but I can't stand his arrogance on the field
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