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  1. Pretty sure they don't go onsale until the schedule is announced in the spring
  2. I'll watch as I do every year, but I can't stand j-lo as a singer/performer. I don't think she's a good singer and her music is terrible Imo. Shakira isn't much better either, but at least she's legit singer/musician
  3. If I'm daboll i wouldn't want the oc job for the giants. He's spent the last 2 years grooming Allen and now he'd have to essentially start from scratch with a new offense. Can't imagine it'd be THAT much more money either
  4. Saw the 2 part series that I think A&E did a while back. You say this is worth watching also?
  5. I'm fine with it if it comes before the bye week. Either way, just win
  6. Git er done beane. Jk, that sux for Carolina
  7. I always find it funny looking at a college football sideline. I feel like every team has 150 players
  8. Man, Lawrence needs to do something with that hair
  9. No, but they're showing the game in 4k on directv and it's some super annoying field pass thing where they're showing 4 different announcers at the same time. It's really annoying
  10. Just judging by the comments on Twitter from Browns fans
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