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  1. This will be interesting. As far as I know I'm working this week, haven't heard otherwise. Don't put it past my employer one bit to completely ignore this updated list
  2. Ya the slums could get hit really hard. We complain here in America, and yes we definitely have our issues, but we're fortunate enough not to live like some countries in the world do
  3. I completely agree with you. I've thought for weeks now the entire country shouldve been on lock down. Unfortunately (see my previous reply) places like my work, which I consider totally non essential are making us work. Locking down a few states won't eliminate the pandemic. We need to shut down the whole thing. This whole thing is a crap show
  4. One word : TAXES. People not working, shopping and traveling equals less taxes and money for the government.
  5. Landscaping/lawncare. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind working and getting a paycheck. I actually worry more about going from place to place. I'm still relatively young (39) but my mom is in her 70s with cancer and that makes a little nervous. It is what it is, but this is purely greed on my employers part
  6. I have to vent a little. I just found out that I have to work next week. Right now is a slow time of year and we don't really do much, but as soon as April hits, it's all out chaos. I cannot believe they're making us work and not sure how they got around this mandate, as we are absolutely not essential. It angers me because all they care about is money, they couldnt care less about employee safety
  7. There's been some mentions on fox news today of a nation wide shut down. They should've done this 2 weeks ago. Instead they're slowly shutting down state by state, but this, if anything is just prolonging the inevitable. Just shut it all down, get past this thing and get back to life as usual
  8. I was talking with a friend the other day about how if this all happened when we were in highschool or college, we would've all (our friends) been hanging out together every night and doing who knows what. Maybe we wouldn't be going on spring break, but being off from school for however long is just an invitation for young people to do dumb things
  9. Didn't they have like 650 deaths today? That's less than yesterday? Sorry I can't even keep it all straight
  10. If we get to September and businesses and workers are still on lock down, the last thing I'll be worried about is the NFL. At that point we'd all be eating out of dumpsters
  11. My work is trying to get an exemption from this mandatory shutdown in ny. Trust me when I say that my line of work is absolutely not essential buisness, but the money hungry company I work for is desperately trying not to lose money and cares more about that than keeping their employees and customers safe
  12. Not sure. I checked on our banks website and it said if you wanted to suspend mortgage payments for 90 days to call them. So I'm thinking it's not just automatic
  13. Cuomo said today they're suspending mortgage payments for 90 days and that they will not charge interest or affect your credit report
  14. I don't know what to think. Part of me thinks two weeks from now everything will be back to normal, and another part of me thinks 2 weeks from now nobody will be allowed to leave their house
  15. Haven't posted anything conspiracy related. I did post my displeasure of certain businesses staying open amidst the crisis, but I didn't think that's a deletable offense
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