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  1. After foster had a few catches the last few games, I thought maybe keep Duke inactive. However, it's very evident we need a large reciever that can make those contested catches. I'd really like to see Duke active again for one of these games. I thought for sure they'd use mckenzie on alot of jet sweeps today, but I dont think they ran a single one
  2. Steptide

    NE v KC

    As much as I love to see the Patriots lose, the refs screwed them a few times, not that I care
  3. Steptide

    NE v KC

    The bills should litterally blitz Brady every single down in a few weeks. We'll win by 20
  4. Steptide

    NE v KC

    I love watching the Patriots play terrible
  5. Does indy and Houston losing help the bills today? Watching them lose and play terrible almost makes up for the bills losing today. It's such a great feeling
  6. Don't care if it doesnt make much difference, I love seeing the Patriots collapse
  7. Generally when I avoid the GameDay thread, the bills play pretty well. See you guys after the game.... When we win...
  8. Fumble or interception time. Gonna need the defense today folks
  9. Should be, but I don't think it was, unless alot got bought this week
  10. If Brown wants to have a 10 catch, 150 yard day tomorrow, I'm all for it
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