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  1. More from obd

    Only long term employee I can think of that is crucial to the bills is overdorf
  2. The don of dunkirk

    Dunkirk Don, people are always gonna hate on here. Theirs plenty that appreciate your posts
  3. Freddy Jackson leading the charge this Sunday!

    He didn't outright say it, but basically said the plan is to retire him a Buffalo bill when he feels he is ready to retire from football (said this on the John Murphy show today)
  4. I remember cutler was mic'd up for that Toronto game and the one thing I remember him saying was something along the lines of "if they had a pass rush they'd be legit"
  5. Man that Toronto series was horrendous. I think Washington was the only team we beat there. Last game there was Atlanta I believe
  6. I think we were like 0-7 at the time. I don't remember much of the game either, other than roscoe perish had a really good game but got hurt and went to IR.
  7. The 2010 bears game was in Toronto and we gave them a good run for the money but still lost.
  8. I hope he gets healthy and they can re work his contract. He's a great player when healthy. Would rather retain him with a better contract than trade him
  9. Happy 3rd Anniversary today

    Yes and then we went and lost to a bad raiders team the next week
  10. Jerome Felton retiring

    I would rather have Felton than Tolbert. Neither were very productive. Wasn't Felton a good special teamer though?
  11. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    You don't have to act like a drunken fool to enjoy tailgating. I was making the point that it's part of the fun/experience.
  12. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    I would just say be careful what you wish for. Downtown stadiums do not have near the tailgating experience that a stadium like New era has, and let's be honest, half the fun of going to a bills game is the tail gating.
  13. TNF: Broncos at Colts - Siemian Still Sucks

    Indy has to be the quietest stadium in the NFL. Even when they make plays or a call goes their way, it's so quiet
  14. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    You're missing the point. People who go to bills games that live in rochester arnt going to see the city, they're going to support their favorite team. If you've ever had to drive home after a bills game and you live outside Buffalo, you know how much it sucks. A stadium outside downtown makes more sense and I'd love it