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  1. Seattle is gonna win the superbowl this year
  2. The Patriots have looked as bad as the jets the last 2 weeks, you could argue even worse
  3. I think Fitz will be starting for the Dolphins again within 4 weeks, whether by injury or Tua just not being completely ready
  4. I have no issue watching the Patriots look terrible
  5. That Denver weather just looks seriously depressing
  6. I think gase told his team at half time they were in danger of winning the game and losing the first overall pick, so to start playing like garbage again
  7. I can't believe tannehill is playing as good as he is. Seriously. Tannehill
  8. Bills are giving the jets a chance to tie this game
  9. Thinking the same thing. Why are they relying on one of the most un reliable players
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