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  1. I think we all know we'll barely see the starters, but I am interested to see trubisky as well as the other guys who've been here that never see playing time (Duke, wade etc). Pre season football is awful, but it's something at least to hold us over
  2. The second I can get Sunday ticket through a streaming service (apple, Amazon, Netflix whatever) I'll cancel my dtv service. I hate them and would so much rather just have YouTube TV.
  3. The entire Browns vs Bills game in 2009 is up there for me
  4. If he did, it was intentional. He posts his workouts on Instagram quite frequently
  5. I was on the fence about the Rex hire, but I loved the Marrone hire cuz I watched what he did at Syracuse. Thought he'd get the bills turned around. He did have a 9-7 season, but looking back at it, I can't stand him now
  6. I am not farmiliar with a single guy the bills drafted, so I have no clue if this draft was good or not. As always, we'll see when the season comes
  7. I know I'm in the minority, but the draft is so boring
  8. This is true. Leasing is definitely not for everyone, and I agree that leasing in general is a bad investment. Like you said, it depends on priorities. Leasing is kind of a guilty pleasure. Some people gamble, spend tons on liquor, run up their credit cards etc. Leasing for me is my guilty pleasure as crazy as that sounds. I'm not a big drinker, don't gamble, don't really do much, so I actually enjoy reading and keeping up on new cars, and then when lease time comes around, I feel that I'm pretty well educated. Dang, I got old
  9. Are you dead set on a new vehicle? Are you opposed to leasing? I was anti lease for a long time until I started doing it and now I enjoy a new car every 3 years.
  10. I'm down with this. The NFL just wants a new sexy stadium to look good on TV, while bills fans want the game day experience. I think you could get the best of both worlds doing it this way
  11. Boeheim is kinda the Belichick of college basketball, but even more snarky
  12. I think pulling Edwards was stupid, as I'm sure many of us do. He was the only thing keeping us in that game and he gets pulled. Tired my arse. No competitor wants to come out of a game. If he started playing bad, then Ya pull him, but he kept that game close. Boeheim in his older age seems to be more and more arrogant and distant from reality. I realize that cuse probably wouldn't have won that game regardless. Houston is a 2 seed for a reason. Still, Boeheim seems to have a disconnect from reality at times
  13. Remember when beane traded him and we were all up in arms about it? Now he's playing for as many teams as Fitzpatrick and can't even get through a full season. And to think we gave up 2 1st round draft picks on him 🙄
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