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  1. 2018 NCAA Tourney

    Holy crap Virginia about to lose to a 16 seed! Me too
  2. That could hurt

    No clue. I wonder what's happening at the other end
  3. That could hurt

    Holy moly that thing is going fast
  4. Completely off topic, but going along the lines of your first point. I watched the press conferences with Tyrod in Cleveland. As glad as i am that we've moved on from Tyrod, it was strange to watch him with another team. Still feels like he's a bill in some way. Anyway, the bills have to pick the qb they feel is gonna be the answer for years to come, whether that's the 4th overall pick or pick 22. Whatever they do, just don't settle on getting any qb. Make sure you know this guy can compete for a championship
  5. Syracuse Hoops 2017-2018

    Syracuse needs to play ALOT better than they did the other night if they want any chance to win this game.
  6. NFL Sunday Ticket Price Increase for 2018

    Did you talk to someone in another country or someone who speaks proper English? I've found if you can get connected to their English speaking people they are much more generous
  7. #13 Buffalo vs #4 Arizona 3/15 9:40pm CBS

    As a Syracuse fan that watched this game last night, Buffalo looks like they'd destroy cuse right now. Definitely routing for the bulls as well as cuse.
  8. Bills GM: Not certain we move up to take QB

    It's the safe answer. Typical gm speak. You start saying you're gonna move up, other teams will start asking you to sell the farm to get their pick. Bean is smart
  9. Upcoming QB competition

    I don't think qb competitions are ideal for football teams, but as a fan it makes camp/pre season so much more fun. I can't wait
  10. To be honest, I'd probably drive from Columbus too. A flight from Columbus to Buffalo seems ridiculous unless it was urgent.
  11. Bills looking to add a free agent CB

    Just re sign Gaines if you can
  12. Tyrod named starting QB of Browns

    Little pre mature I'd say
  13. Is Lindsay Rhodes hot?

    I know she had a child within the last year or so. Don't know if it's her first or not, but having kids will definitely age a person
  14. Is Lindsay Rhodes hot?

    I wouldn't say no by any means
  15. Is Lindsay Rhodes hot?

    The picture I posted is a really good picture of her. On TV I'd say she doesn't look as good. I think part of it is she has a great personality and that always makes a chic more attractive