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  1. Is that sarcasm? He is my least favorite announcer.
  2. This bothered me more than anything today. The bills looked rusty today, but the play calling had me scratching my head. I thought without a doubt today, the bills would come out firing with Miami's secondary being injured and just not that good. There was way more running and qb runs. I don't for the life of me understand what they were trying to do. It definitely got better in the 2nd half, but why wait until the 3rd quarter?
  3. Don't like the idea at all. U wanna shorten games, fix officiating and replay
  4. Sad tannehill looks 10x's better than mwriota
  5. Wallace had a rough game. Hope it was just bye week rust
  6. Love Reich as a coach. Wish them all the best minus playing the bills
  7. No way he'd be rolling off the field if that were true
  8. And people thought Allen would have over 300 yards today.
  9. Hopefully McDermott is ripping faces in the locker room
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