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  1. My contract with directv ended in July. Right now I'm paying month to month. I'm gonna try and call to renew my contract and see if they'll throw in the ticket free. Last year I got a 12 dollar a month discount and paid the rest. Talking to directv customer service is worse than having a root canal. Last year I think I was on the phone with them an hr just to get a $12 a month discount on the ticket
  2. Starting to think that also. Gonna be interesting for sure
  3. No padded practices until mid August? Isn't that a bit late?
  4. I did a little more research. I think it's the non football injury list.
  5. Sorry if someone already mentioned, but why not then Washington senators? That was the original Washington football team
  6. I've done it a few times. It's terrible. Makes it hard to do just about anything
  7. I don't think Orton was THAT bad. He just wasn't that good either. But, he make some clutch throws on that drive. The one to Sammy deep over the middle and that one to Hogan were huge. There's alot of bills qbs that couldn't make those throws (Ej, Tyrod, Edwards, Losman)
  8. He's never been worth what the bills paid to get him. Yes, he had a good run in the playoffs and superbowl last year, but giving up 2 first round picks for a guy who's been on 3 teams and only played very average up until the playoffs of last season is pretty pathetic
  9. Ya he was average at best, but this was a pretty fun game. Gotta give it to the guy for converting a 4th and 20
  10. I'm sure most of us here remember this game well. I haven't seen it in years and I forgot how fun this was. I think the bills drove 150 yards to score between penalties and sacks. Lots of amazing things happened on this drive. Enjoy/discuss
  11. I like listening to brown over Murph personally, even though both can be die hard Homer's at times.
  12. Well this sucks. Guess our first pick in the draft has to step up already
  13. I just got to the party, shocked we got 4 prime time games. How awesome is that though
  14. If you don't know who she is, she's one of the hosts on NFL prime time on NFL network. I know she isn't a total smoke show, but I find myself having a bit of a celebrity crush on her. She's like your friends hot mom in high school
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