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  1. Are you dead set on a new vehicle? Are you opposed to leasing? I was anti lease for a long time until I started doing it and now I enjoy a new car every 3 years.
  2. I'm down with this. The NFL just wants a new sexy stadium to look good on TV, while bills fans want the game day experience. I think you could get the best of both worlds doing it this way
  3. Boeheim is kinda the Belichick of college basketball, but even more snarky
  4. I think pulling Edwards was stupid, as I'm sure many of us do. He was the only thing keeping us in that game and he gets pulled. Tired my arse. No competitor wants to come out of a game. If he started playing bad, then Ya pull him, but he kept that game close. Boeheim in his older age seems to be more and more arrogant and distant from reality. I realize that cuse probably wouldn't have won that game regardless. Houston is a 2 seed for a reason. Still, Boeheim seems to have a disconnect from reality at times
  5. Remember when beane traded him and we were all up in arms about it? Now he's playing for as many teams as Fitzpatrick and can't even get through a full season. And to think we gave up 2 1st round draft picks on him 🙄
  6. I like it. He's a good backup to beasley.
  7. The 9:55 start time Saturday is brutal. Old guys like myself (I'm 40) can hardly make it past 10 😂
  8. Cuse needs to practice in bounding when facing full court pressure, but other than that, great win. Rutgers is up on Houston right now which would be a huge advantage for cuse if they win.
  9. Pumped for today's game! Friday night was a very pleasent surprise after watching Syracuse look like hot garbage most of the year. I think this will be a tough game, but if they can play anywhere near what they did the other night, they have a chance. Go cuse!
  10. I think beane signed trubisky to trade him in the future, if by some chance we sign Watkins, I believe it'd be for the same reason
  11. Wasn't doubting your reporting skills in anyway. You're a 2 bills drive superstar, just thought it was interesting that no local media had a sniff of it if true
  12. Interesting I haven't seen any buffalo/Rochester media people say anything about this
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