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  1. We did, but it was a pretty poor attempt Imo. I'd also add that who cares what it lead to? Kc was destroying us regardless. They couldn't cover any kc receivers all night
  2. Gotta be honest, I'm pissed. I'm proud of this team for making it as far as they did, they exceeded my expectations, and this season as a whole was a lot of fun Having said that, I have no idea what this coaching staff was thinking last night. I love McDermott and generally I love what daboll has done this season. Admittedly, I have no idea what goes into a week leading up to an NFL game. I'm not there obviously, but the plan going into this game (offensively and defensively) was just putrid. An extreme lack of aggression on offense and defense cost us greatly in this game. After
  3. I have a feeling this part of the reason we signed stills. We can get the same production and pay alot less Imo.
  4. I'm a firm believer that one big play can change the momentum of a game. Daboll didn't call anything that was creative or threw the kc defense off. I kept yelling at my TV to throw screens. I don't know what daboll has against them. Yeldon woulda been perfect for them and could eat up yards with them. I mean this was the championship game, you have to pull out all the gadgets, especially when kc is just killing you most of the game
  5. This games on daboll Imo. Defense isn't helping, but I hate this play calling.
  6. Screen passes, gadgets, take a deep shot, jet sweep, end around, flea flicker. Do all of it! Now!
  7. Don't know why we are not pressuring Mahomes whatsoever. His recievers are wide open regardless
  8. Enjoy the game all. Bills play better when I avoid the game threads. I'll be back... Let's Go!
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