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  1. Gotta be this. Wonder if McDermott thought raiser wasn't using him properly
  2. I mildly enjoyed the xfl this season. It has potential to be a good league. I still think the nfl should be involved to make it more appealing to nfl fans. These teams should be playing in nfl stadiums Imo. There's lots of things I think the xfl/nfl could do to make the league more appealing
  3. Side note - nfl network doing a THREE hour special for the nfl schedule is absurd to me. Bringing on coaches to give their opinion about the schedule? Lame Imo 🤷
  4. I love the bills getting alot of prime time games, but that stretch of 3 prime time games in a row is gonna be brutal for work 😅
  5. Could he Sue the bills/nfl for wrongfully cutting him?
  6. Yup The reaction of bills fans last year when this came out was waaaay overboard. Never even had a chance to prove his innocence
  7. Sign him back to the roster I say. Seriously. We only saw a snippet of him, but looked like he had lots of potential
  8. In my ignorance, it's still surprising to me this will take 3 years to build.
  9. Not sure where Daniel Jones will end up by the end of his career, but right now he's on this path
  10. Well, I honestly don't know who these guys are that the bills drafted so far, but I really like they're going offense
  11. The draft sucks, this is boring
  12. Here's my take - the draft is the most over hyped, over rated event in nfl history
  13. Xfl is mildly entertaining, and sometimes I watch cuz there's nothing else on, and I hate baseball. Usfl is just overkill. They shouldve waited and stated the usfl in like june
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