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  1. Highly doubt many, if any starters play this week. Even if they do, Imo they have to get live game reps at some point. I think I'd be more nervous about players going into the real season with no game time
  2. The crowd was evacuated. There was actually a pretty big crowd before the weather delay
  3. Member when trent Edwards hit t.o. Twice in the hall of fame game and we thought we were superbowl bound... Me either 🙄
  4. Who is the rams backup qb anyway? Ps, I've had tendonitus in my knee and it sucks
  5. I don't see it happening. Unless Gabe becomes a huge dissapointment this season, I just see no reason for it. Personally I think I'd take my chances on Gabe becoming a star over signing obj. Sure, you could have them all, but seems unnecessary Imo
  6. I heard the call when it was live. It was awkward and stupid. However it did remind me of something. During camp in Allen's rookie year, a few friends of mine went and brought their kids. They stayed to get autographs and got a bunch of signatures from players. They were trying to get Allen's, but for whatever reason they couldn't (big crowd etc). Someone had told them that Allen could only sign for kids and it was part of his contract. It sounded like a bunch of bs to me, but maybe there's something to it? It still sounds like bs to me, but who knows. Maybe they don't want people trying to make a quick buck off a signed Allen jersey 🤷. Still makes no sense, but just passing along info I was told
  7. I don't mock or make fun of any qb, especially after what everyone thought Josh would be and what he's become
  8. Ya I know. Just like to listen to the sports talk shows during practice and listen to the player interviews etc
  9. I'm tired of the NFL stealing my ideas 😂 For real though, I've thought this shoulda been a thing for a long time, see my post in the Sunday ticket threads
  10. Where is the training camp schedule? I hate the bills app sometimes. It can be super hard to find stuff on there
  11. I didn't even read the article, so I have no clue what it says, but Imo the defense has alot to prove this season. While the bills were part of one of the greatest NFL games ever (kc divisional round last year), they blew a lead and lost a very important game with 13 seconds left. This bills defense needs to be absolutely nasty this season. On top of that, the offense needs to be better in areas and also not hit a stumbling block having a new oc. The bills have every oppertunity to get to the superbowl this season, but it took Peyton Manning (6?) years to finally get there. This season is not the end all be all
  12. I love that even though Josh is a super star now, he's just a kid having fun playing football. This makes me excited for the season.
  13. To me he was a very average qb, and still is Imo. He brought some excitement to this team when Rex brought him in. I supported him 100% when he was the qb here, but after his 3rd season I was ready to move on. I still remember screaming at the TV to throw the ball. I also felt like he never fully embraced buffalo. I mean I think of how Allen has completely embraced this team and city, and it's a pretty big contrast compared to Tyrod. Not saying Tyrod didn't like his time here, but I always felt like he was missing that "it" factor. Also as a side note, when the videos were going around of the team going nuts in the locker room after the Cinci game in 2017, I still to this day have no idea where Tyrod was in all that. Still can't think of a single video I've seen after that game where Tyrod was in it. Doesn't really mean anything, but can't imagine that happening now and Josh not being front and center
  14. 15ish years ago (maybe a little less) there was a bad pile up in Rochester by the airport due to a whiteout from blowing snow. Pretty sure a few people were killed if I remember correctly.
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