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  1. His uncle played tennis,,,, er something. Maybe volleyball!
  2. So, Your saying there is a chance?!!!........................
  3. I don't think Watson would go there. Jests are not a contender!
  4. I'm pretty sue Josh Allen is the superior athlete. It's just he is coming around to being the better QB. Coming out of college D Watson was better but J Allen is getting better and better and is surpassing Watson do to his ceiling being much higher. Watson is a great QB, but his ceiling is lower than Josh just like his floor was higher than Allen to begin their careers!
  5. It's a lot easier to DUMP Mario A's contract after 1 year. I believe Shaq had a lot more guaranteed and it would have cost more to dump him. So the contracts were a little different...... I don't think either were worth 30 mil.... So maybe it was wiser to let Shaq go....?
  6. Josh needs to stop dipping chew before interviews..... It was his only struggle!
  7. I agree Chubb is a stud, but the cost? Unfortunately unlikely....
  8. Rather look at the final score...............
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