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  1. 85 catches, 1310 yards, & 8 TD's --> 16 games (If we play 16)
  2. I am not sure how this works? If he goes to NE would he already be under contract with them? I know he signed and they cut him, so would he be under a new contract?
  3. I guess you are alright, this gave me a good laugh! You Jests fans can be funny! Adam Gase is up for coach of the year already.......
  4. Pretty sure we wouldn't have a season then....... My vote would be Fred Smerlas!
  5. Tasker is HOF worthy for what he did on Special teams... Far better then any Jets Special teams player! Also having a lot of HOF players from that BILLS era shouldn't have any weight into deciding if he is put in. That's just ridiculous!
  6. Fred Jackson or Kyle Williams with Fitzmagic honorable mention
  7. This kid is going to be a beast, So young and so good at a yound age. He will most likely keep improving for the next 4 years..... Good Shiet!
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