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  1. https://baynews9.com/fl/tampa/news/2024/07/19/harvey-weinstein-retrial-in-nyc-tentatively-set-for-november
  2. How so? It's a lie... and one of their 1st steps to remove him from the ballot. Those people are desperate....
  3. Biden has covid like I have a bottomless bank account. It's just a lie to get the mofo out of the "race"....
  4. He said it twice and beforehand referred to Trump as "the former Trump".
  5. Understood and I understand Mr. P. I don't post here often.
  6. The 25th will never happen to joey, it is for a president who becomes incapacitated. joey is a lot of things but he doesn't meet that criteria. Anyways...
  7. Ok, thanks. Reminded me of a poster we used to have on the BBMB... Bunner (Bunner is Funner). Used to run the gamut of the board with 2 or 3 word responses until another mod put the ban hammer down on that clown.
  8. This reminds me of a BillStain thread... speaking of, what happened to that person? I've been avoiding this place for that very reason but looking around I don't see her posting.
  9. T&C

    2024 Concerts

    Just a heads up to anyone this may affect, Neil Young and Crazy Horse have cancelled quite a few of their shows due to illness in the band... https://people.com/neil-young-cancels-crazy-horse-tour-citing-band-illness-8670286
  10. T&C

    2025 Concerts

    Earlier than usual to be putting this out there but big portions of this are already sold out... might want to get in on this if you like prog and large ships... what a lineup. https://cruisetotheedge.com/lineup/
  11. T&C

    2024 Concerts

    2 Zappa guitar alumni in the same room... that would be hard to turn down.
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