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  1. You are right, they were. This is a pretty cool read regarding their friendship: https://www.dailypress.com/news/dp-xpm-19890501-1989-05-01-8904300169-story.html
  2. Hit by a car last night... https://www.tmz.com/2019/07/15/pernell-whitaker-dead-at-55/
  3. Not to say no one was affected would would be a lie but I'm glad that it didn't become much worse than it has, few lives were lost. From all I see now upriver flooding is the main threat. Weirdest tropical system I've seen in a long time. Elena did a loop de loop in Tampa bay years ago, that was the last bizarre one I've seen.
  4. NBC nightly news guy said that the winds from the Atlantic ocean will further fuel the system, heard/saw this a half an hour ago.
  5. Yes, that Angie. Wicked sideways glance
  6. I was joking... another poster came on kind of heavy, made me laugh. The wife hates when I say this but why in the hell did someone decide to build NO below sea level when they are on the gulf. What do you expect? Plus, all of the freaking money spent to keep that place afloat.
  7. That sounds complicated.
  8. Pretty sure is just a different word for here or there but I believe that they spin clockwise south of the equator, like toilets do.
  9. Pretty much this, have seen a ton of them form in the gulf. Been affected by probably 15 of these mofo's since moving to Florida and we are doing our best to get the hell out of this state asap. I don't think I have either, a new "spin" on things. Pretty much everywhere I look has it developing into a Cat.1. https://blog.myfoxhurricane.com/2019/07/10/tropical-depression-soon-to-form-likely-to-strengthen-and-move-west/?fbclid=IwAR0WxxHslPVWbwlef-_RYLVARzR_etSZ_r7gM74nw7pOjM83VAZb22yn9Rk "It should be noted that the current forecast from the National Hurricane Center intensifies this into a category 1 hurricane."
  10. Strange how this low came down from Tennessee:
  11. My first introduction to LZ. I was 9 or so... we lived in Lancaster and went to visit my Mom's friend in I think Cheektowaga, not sure on that though, it matters not nor does my spelling. Anyways, we arrive and her friend Claudia puts me in the recliner soon after with a headset... she puts LZ2 on and then headed back out to have coffee with my Mom. Her husband was a professor and had a huge reel to reel collection... so, the first time I heard Zep was on a reel to reel tape with whatever the most advanced headphones were out there at that time. As of this time though, I am Zepped out... no corners to turn anymore. Like a lot of other bands. Sometimes I take a couple of years break... but of course that doesn't win out in the end.
  12. Use your phone options and stick a pin.
  13. Just put a fork in this thing already. We can visit the original site if we want and play the soundtrack in our vehicle.
  14. Ever heard Cheap Thrills in mono?
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