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  1. The Who, Goldhawk Road Social Club, London, UK April 1965
  2. Its not just Iphones... my samsung has facial recognition. Their newer ones are basically an Iphone that runs on android.
  3. The beginning of the best years... if this doesn't get you moving you are already dead. Enjoy...
  4. T&C

    Name This Person

    One of those I can picture the face but cannot name the name deals here.
  5. T&C

    Name This Person

    Hehe, not him... the guy with the aged face and white/blond hair. I think its on CBS.
  6. T&C

    Name This Person

    The dude from Dateline? Can't remember his name.
  7. Mid to late 60's... unknown photo.
  8. Could be that they had to leave their comfortable place to work on the mono version of Pepper.
  9. Late 1967? London? Mick having tea and smokes, no idea who the chick is.
  10. T&C

    Name This Person

    Ha! I don't like to keep these hanging around too long so someone else can have a go... but, that is Debbie Harry... Blondie. Call HER lol.
  11. A "small" learning curve could help her out, it keeps the brain active. My Dad, who lives in Covington... not that far from Atlanta, is 84 now. Got him his first smart phone a couple of years ago and a smart tv last year. He still uses his phone book lol. I'm not up there much so he goes with what he knows. At least he can still follow the Bills and NFL action.
  12. I didn't mean to turn the corner on the thread topic... are you considering a new laptop for her? It will make her more mobile... but I don't know the full situation either.
  13. Hehe... George Harrison told me that. 92? God love that woman. Best course of action is probably to get her a laptop for the best one you can get at $400 or so and get a remote mouse so it is kind of similar. She might like being able to move around to other places, or outside, to do what she does. I had a tower forever, like since the 90's and a laptop changed my whole way of thinking about it a couple of years ago. Looks like I'll do the same... new laptop. Walmart usually has good deals on them. BTW... how are you liking the Aldi?
  14. T&C


    Think I saw a Tyson punch there...
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