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  1. My only guess is that no one has picked up a call ever on it so maybe the robo folks decided it was a piece of ***** number to call and put it on their own don't call list lol.
  2. We have one but have never made a call on it nor picked up a call in 10 years or so, it rings once in awhile. Only reason we have it is that she works out of the house for Hilton so it is necessary for hooking up to the computer... why and how I don't know and don't care but we have to have it for that. Its just a thing here really.
  3. I save the grease... nothing better than eggs fried in bacon grease with pepper.
  4. For sure... Trespass and In the Beginning are both excellent although the latter might not be for everyone. My personal cutoff for this band is Wind & Wuthering, everything after that might as well be another group.
  5. Yes, my wifes boyfriend and my 22 year old Icelandic maid enjoy them too.. I'm not here to judge.
  6. The people who eat them ***** care. This is breaking the internet fcol...
  7. Surprised you never even heard of this one.
  8. You don't have to be straight to enjoy a Skybar...
  9. Ambrosia This would be the one that most are familiar with... they are still playing, I was surprised to see that.
  10. Some may never have heard of them but this one is easily in my top 5 of all time. Unrelated to this candy bar, I discovered that 5th Avenue bars are still being made... way better than Butterfinger imo. https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/607811/sky-bars-are-returning-candy-store-shelves
  11. To me his music is not good to listen to. All I've got...
  12. Billy Joel... how is that a big deal? I wouldn't go if I was given tickets.
  13. I live in the Tampa area and the article they released down here says released, not waived. Unsure of the difference though. https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/news/2019/11/12/buccaneers-release-former-1st-rounder-vernon-hargreaves
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