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  1. T&C

    Name This Person

    Name This Person's Job? Steve Jobs.
  2. T&C

    Name This Person

    Amazing how fast we go from sexy to scary... she was a hottie back in the 80's.
  3. T&C

    Name This Person

    I think she was married to Ray Davies at one time... We got a red light ticket heading to a Pretenders show in Tampa at the now defunct Jai Alai venue. Made it for the show though.
  4. "It is the scent of garlic that lingers on my chocolate fingers..."
  5. I'd gun it and take first... has to be better than 3rd place in this scenario money wise. That was a touchdown, by rule. Not assumption.
  6. T&C

    Name This Person

    Guy's name is just above... I gave the answer away due to timing on my end.
  7. T&C

    Name This Person

    Dinner is in the oven and on the stove, its getting late for me... the work week begins in the morning. Without him we would have no King Crimson... wonder if the show at Glen Falls is still on, think its supposed to be the 16th of this month. Robert Fripp would be the answer.
  8. T&C

    Name This Person

    I am the same way about actors/actresses... most times anyways.
  9. T&C

    Name This Person

    But I'd bet you have heard his/their music...
  10. T&C

    Name This Person

    Here is a clue, a quote from him: "I'm left-handed, incidentally, playing the guitar right-handed. ... So my left hand is very similar, if you like, to a classical guitar position, and my right hand is operating in free suspension which demands a great deal of control."
  11. T&C

    Name This Person

    Not Keith... he/they were a bit later on, the Stones had their first gigs in 62.
  12. I dunno, Blood on the Tracks and Desire seem like the same album to me... both excellent.
  13. A lot of people weren't happy when he went electric back in the 60's... the times they were a changing.
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