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  1. Tampa area... we got lit up pretty good.
  2. Yeah, the paywall. Apparently news from Buffalo is made of gold. I'm in Florida too and only know of two good places for wings, not counting my house. Side note: the power just went on and off from late storms so my internet is off for a bit but I can still type. I'm sure someone on here has been to or heard of that place. I never minded the whole wings... just a variation on a theme I suppose.
  3. I had never heard of this place until today and I grew up in BLO, and what is funny to me is that I used to make them like this when I had kids in the house... they loved them like that. All I did was cut the tip off and fry them in peanut oil, then shake them in a sauce that was pretty damn good, I still use that sauce recipe. Not sure where to even find the flats and bats attached anymore. https://www.newsbreak.com/new-york/buffalo/news/1613978764836/mumbo-wings-theyre-an-important-part-of-buffalos-chicken-wing-story
  4. T&C

    HELP !

    Interesting Duke... have never used the share option, I just copy and paste and it embeds itself automatically.
  5. Are you trying to ***** up my childhood memories lol? I loved that place twice a year or so, think it was around the corner of the mall... Genesse sp. st. maybe. Their root beer was pretty top notch as far as that goes. Station wagon days...
  6. Jeesh... I haven't watched "The Thing" in probably 15 years, probably more, would be like a new movie to me now.
  7. T&C

    Name This Person

    Oh I don't know if it was that show/girl... just taking a guess so maybe a clue comes out of it.
  8. T&C

    Name This Person

    The girl who was on the show that had a butler?... sebastion cabot. Can't remember the name of it.
  9. T&C

    Name This Person

    Has this one been guessed yet?
  10. I have Sling too and was wondering wtf happened to the NFL network... thanks for that.
  11. Would be interesting to read but I'm not paying for a subscription lol.
  12. Gabriel's Gate is solid for sure with the wings but their fish fry isn't to be missed, it is excellent. The portion was so big it hung 2-3" off of either side of the plate, the size of a forearm. Sides are good too.
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