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  1. Not technically a sequel but this is a horrible idea imo: https://www.slashfilm.com/the-naked-gun-remake-liam-neeson/
  2. T&C

    Name This Person

    No idea yet... was he a criminal?
  3. T&C

    Name This Person

    Was he in politics or sports?
  4. T&C

    Name This Person

    Nobel Prize winner?
  5. Great song, great band, great team...
  6. You aren't kidding, especially the way some of the "pricier" tickets are rated. These tickets are for the serious Bills fan with disposable money to spend, which isn't me/us. Tv works for this one.
  7. Still plenty of tickets left... https://www.stubhub.com/kansas-city-chiefs-kansas-city-tickets-1-24-2021/event/104765589/
  8. I lived maybe 2 miles from it and my grandparents lived right across the street from it... a lot of partying went on in the field/woods by the lighthouse too. Speaking of... why a lighthouse on a big pond lol.
  9. Como lake isn't even a lake, its more like a big pond. Had a lot of good times at that park though, great sledding hill.
  10. https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/politics/2021/01/19/biden-picks-transgender-woman-rachel-levine-as-assistant-health-secretary
  11. Bills Mafia of Kazakhstan: we’re gonna abduct Phil Rivers’ kids and feast on their limbs
  12. https://bet.rotoworld.com/nfl/game_page/nfl-bills-vs-chiefs-2021-1-24
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