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  1. This reminds me of the old hang up call prank back in the 80's... "we know who you are and we saw what you did."
  2. What exactly does Trump have to do with this trial or the proceedings in the future regarding this case? I'm going to bet that you won't give a straight answer.
  3. There is a big difference between cheap and frugal. If someone leaves a one dollar tip for a good $40 meal with good service, that goes beyond cheap... it hits the ####### zone. I'll buy a one dollar 40 sheet lint roller from the dollar tree, or something like that no problem. Also will look briefly at sales brochures when entering a store too, usually food stores. There is also this:
  4. T&C

    Name This Person

    I missed that... my bad. I was going to say Vincent Price but he's not american so I'll go with Richard Burton, I don't know where he was born. If its not him, that's my final answer, I like movies but don't follow them like I do music.
  5. T&C

    Name This Person

    Did he have a preferred genre of movies or was he all over the place?
  6. T&C

    Name This Person

    Is this actor dead or alive?
  7. You triggered me... "I might not give the answer that you want me to"... nice touch there. The real Mac:
  8. It appears to me, as it should most... that he is reporting news on an ongoing court case. That's what this thread was intended for lol.
  9. This person cannot or will not understand that this particular thread is about a current court case... has nothing to do with Trump, Putin, etc. I don't post a ton here but it seems like he/her is a resident troll.
  10. TC rolled over to Hannity... and I'm watching this interview... holy WTF... lmao.
  11. To be honest... I went outside to take a piss so I might have missed something... not sure.
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