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  1. Probably don't remember you there as, like I said, I very rarely even clicked on the political forum. Foxx put me on the new site political forum but as you can see I don't post there really.
  2. If you mean the BBMB I don't remember a Bman there. I never messed with the political forum but we all decided it was time for it to go.
  3. What board? I don't think I've ever posted with B-man anywhere other than here or the new one... and the politics forum is hidden on the new one.
  4. Political forums on Buffalo Bills themed boards are a hassle imo. I moderated/moderate on 2 of them and we just decided to dump the forum all together. I've always felt that if there are no personal insults then let the people type... this one seems to self moderate in a way, not as bad as some others. I used to suggest this place if you want to still talk politics, etc. https://www.city-data.com/forum/politics-other-controversies/
  5. This thread has gotten a bit funny... wish HOUSE would chime in to take the edge off.
  6. I saw a guy under the 75 overpass vaccinating himself so.. it is readily available for anyone who wants it. "whispers" Get vaccinated.
  7. The mods here are ***** awesome. Btw, I haven't seen HOUSE reply yet, maybe he's sleeping.
  8. This may have been the catalyst for this decision: https://dol.ny.gov/ny-hero-act
  9. Last posted 21 hours ago. This is serious.
  10. Take a 20 minute drive and get the real deal, along with real pizza, beef on weck, etc. Best place around here hands down. https://www.casadipizzabradenton.com/
  11. I never knew about the gluten thing until maybe 10 years ago. Have no recollection of it growing up at all. Same with the ADD thing. I'm thinking too many fruity pebbles... and the crap they started putting in cereal and pop tarts.
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