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  1. This whole show is so obviously a CIA flex that it’s not even funny. This isn’t Democrats running an inquiry. It’s the CIA running deeply compromised assets in Congress; telling the President that they run things.
  2. This precisely. This is nothing more than trying to criminalize foreign policy. There is no “it”.
  3. A popular (and correct) refrain among conservative and libertarians is that the Constitution was designed to be a cage on the Federal Government, carefully enumerating it's very limited powers, restricting what it is allowed to do, in order to maximize and preserve the liberty of a free people. However I would argue that, given the mountains of evidence compiled over more than two centuries, that it does not work as intended, and rather than serve as a bulwark against government intrusion; it's intended purpose has now been flipped on it's head, as it is used by the Federal Government as a permissive guide towards the usurpation of power and the oppression of it's people. The Constitution has objectively failed in it's stated goals, and as such the government it chartered is no more. The government in it's current form should be abolished. In it's place should be erected a bare-bones minarchial structure serving no purpose other than the enforcement of private contracts, the protection of national borders, and enforcement of laws requiring that the states/territories/municipalities within uphold the natural rights of the people living within their borders; and it should be funded through voluntarism. Free banking with no designated state currency should be the order of the day.
  4. Sounds like a strong argument in favor of abolishing the DoE and teachers unions, and raiding the endowments of universities and teachers pension funds.
  5. This is not an unreasonable question. It may speak to a substituted body also not wanting to die. Either way, I’m not saying this was the case.
  6. https://truepundit.com/video-epstein-medical-examiner-drops-autopsy-bombshell-no-dna-test-conducted-to-confirm-epsteins-identity/
  7. This board is going to be unreadable for the next 6 days.
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