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  1. I’m terribly sorry for your loss. Your family will be in my prayers.
  2. That puts a cap on domestic wealth creation, and there are certain resources America does not possess in abundance.
  3. Apparently, and unfortunately, Kyle Williams has a pedo twin brother.
  4. Love this signing. Im hoping this allows them to kick Edmunds outside where I believe he’d be a generational talent.
  5. A few thoughts: Diggs game, including his size, willingness to come across the middle, courage, hands, and speed remind me very much of Andre Reed. The price tag was very low for his talent level, years of team control, and contract. As good as Brown was last year, this will make him even better. He’ll be in single coverage all year, and won’t see much help from single high safeties over the top. Could see a line of 75/1100/8. Even more so than Brown this will help Beasley, who belongs in the slot but was forced out wide far more often that you’d hope to see for personel reasons. He’ll be an absolute stud underneath this year.
  6. When you wait for the bottom, you miss the majority of the buying opportunities. The perfect is the enemy of the good.
  7. In the private sector it’s fine and dandy to promote your kids to undeserved positions of power within your company, and to give them oversized financial rewards. In the government sector it is corruption, and in the instance of aid related foreign compensation, can be money laundering; and is also illegal. It is wrong to equate the two.
  8. This is out of control, and disgusting. Apparently men on not permitted to withdraw their consent anymore. https://www.thecollegefix.com/williams-college-suspended-male-student-for-not-dating-girl-after-kissing-her-lawsuit/
  9. It’s an impossible job, and most Presidents run through several as a result. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she wound up holding the position at some point.
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