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  1. TakeYouToTasker

    Trumps shameless attacks against McCain.

    The pre-MBS Saudis who ran a global breeding/trafficking ring, much of their American business funneled through the Arizona/Mexico border? Those Saudis? You don't say...
  2. TakeYouToTasker

    Trumps shameless attacks against McCain.

  3. TakeYouToTasker

    Trumps shameless attacks against McCain.

    Face to face interactions? Absolutely. On a message board? Two sides of the same ***** coin.
  4. TakeYouToTasker

    Trumps shameless attacks against McCain.

    I’d say he diminishes the board about as much as The_Dude did. gator’s too dumb to rise to that level. I mean, he definitely makes the board worse, but the other two are/were basically mind cancer.
  5. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCMENT: This thread was started by gatorman/tiberius
  6. I would argue that the only thing holding black Americans back today are the remnants of Johnson's Great Society, which imposes on them the soft slavery of dependence, which I believe to be the hardest chain to break as it is self imposed, and requires one to modify their self-identity in order to escape. To play along with your questions: - Look to the Indian reservations, and those Natives receiving direct funds from the government. Their poverty rate is actually even higher than that of black Americans (29.1% as opposed to 27.4% according to the 2010 census); and there is no way to control what it gets spent on, as any attempt to do so would be viewed as an additional form of servitude in which white people have determined that they will decide how black must spend their money. - This is absolutely a major consideration.
  7. This is a non-starter, and should be opposed by any and all freedom loving individuals. Nearly every person alive today is a descended from a serf or slave. All of us. American slavery was not unique. Slavery is the historical human norm, as only for the last few hundred years has the concept of human freedom taken hold. The whole concept of freedom was only allowed to be forwarded because of economic and technological improvements which slowly lessened the necessity of slavery. Further, you cannot move forward by punishing white citizens of today for the actions of their ancestors, or in many cases, white people who themselves descend from indentured servants, or who arrived here after slavery was ended as an institution. How can you justify stealing the labor of some people, with no due process, who have committed no crime, and giving the fruits of that labor to someone who did not earn it as recompense for the exact same thing happening to another group of people??? The modern tragedy of American slavery is that there is no just way to unwind it. You cannot un-ring the bell, and it is a massive moral wrong to punish people for a crime they did not commit themselves.
  8. TakeYouToTasker

    Slavery Reparations

    I think so.
  9. TakeYouToTasker

    Slavery Reparations

    Jim, would you mind starting another thread to discuss the topic? It's probably better for the community if a poster with the integrity not to change or delete the thread started one on the topic.
  10. TakeYouToTasker

    Trumps shameless attacks against McCain.

    We should honor traitors who attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of the United States? I disagree.
  11. “We tried to overthrow the government because the President went along with a lie we told.”
  12. I know who sets the definition. My comment was snide, and built on Doc offering the Oxford definition.