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  1. The President has been awful on the Second Amendment.
  2. There’s a very reasonable argument to be made that violent uprisings against the ruling class are a valid check and balance on any government.
  3. I would argue that the franchise is nothing more than a legal fiction. A construct invented by the elite/ruling class in order to justify as legitimate the projection of force towards those they intend to rule. The franchise cannot exist without the state, and the state is not of God. The franchise is part of the chains of servitude.
  4. Laws are in place to deter crime and punish criminals after they have been proven guilty. And as you know, most laws are unenforceable. There is. A reduction of the state, and of the perverse incentives it creates, which lead to increased poverty and increased crime. And end to the prosecution of victimless crime. Legalization of most drugs.
  5. No, Joe. It doesn’t owe that debt to the public. Courts have conclusively ruled that is not the responsibility of law enforcement. And, regardless of your loud protestations, the policy you advocate affirms my accusations. In fact, in your system, my accusations alone, were I a cop, would be more than enough to place you in the custody of the state, without bail, destroying your life, your family, costing you your job, home, and reputation.
  6. Stop being a litteral student of Benito Mussolini. A pragmatic fascist perhaps. All hail the infallible state, and ***** human freedom, right Joe?
  7. Everyone is a law abiding citizen until they have been proven guilty in a court of law, according to a jury of their peers. ***** me your fascism runs deep.
  8. No one is a criminal in our system until they have been convicted of the crime they are accused of. Full stop. Look at the rampant corruption across law enforcement, all the way up to the highest levels of government. The fraudulent charges. The manufactured evidence. The absolute lack of accountability. You’re making the assertion that any “law enforcement” officer asserting that someone has committed a crime should have their life ruined, and be incarcerated, destroying their family, costing them their job, home, and reputation all on the say so of a line of professionals 40% of whom are documented wife beaters. Stop being a blind statist.
  9. If a justice system is just, it means that it is better for the guilty to go free than for the innocent to be in prison. You’re arguing for an unjust system.
  10. Does the Senate have the authority to reject House managers? My assumption would be that they do, thought I haven’t researched yet. My understanding is that the entire process falls within the Senate’s purview at this point, House managers included.
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