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  1. But how is that a problem with Trump’s candidacy? Like anyone else, he works to legally minimize his tax liability. He didn’t write the law. During most of the time he wasn’t even involved with government. Even now, the President doesn’t write the law.
  2. Where’s the scandal? I mean, other than someone working for the IRS illegally stole someone’s tax returns, with the intent of seeing them published, which I’m nearly certain is a felony. The returns demonstrated that: - The President had no worrisome financial dealings with Russia. - The President has been audited, a claim he made which liberals said was untrue. - The President has been fully compliant with all US tax laws. So, what’s the problem?
  3. LOL... It actually demonstrates the opposite of that. It demonstrated that the President has been audited, as he had prior stated. It demonstrated that he had no financial ties to the Russian government or any officials. It demonstrated that he has been 100 % compliant with US tax law. All of this begrudgingly reported by the New York Times.
  4. It was comparably bad to Jim Joyce’s blown call that cost Armando Gallaraga a perfect game.
  5. The Rams are a good team. They were always going to put the ball in the end zone two or three times. The offense needs to keep us out in front.
  6. It’s stunning that they’ve improved literally all of their deficiencies from last year. You’d expect some improvements in some areas, but nothing like this.
  7. So, just to be sure, we forced a turnover on downs and then had a 7 minute TD drive to start the 3rd quarter? Do the Bills know it’s the 3rd quarter? They must not know. No one tell them.
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