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  1. Shaquille Griffin from Seattle was a third rounder for the hawks. Great DB class all around.
  2. 5 out of 4 Philadelphians said no and that’s he’s garbage.
  3. How bout the first round CB's in 2017? Marshon Latimore Marlon Humphrey Andoree Jackson Gareon Conley (is he any good) And Tre. Serious group right there... 3 or 4 of the best CBs in the league!
  4. It just feels like they spent last year figuring out the secret sauce and are now ready for business... Run the dang ball all day long, wait till they slip into cover 1, hit em with the speed. As a single back safety, what do you even attempt to do when you see John Brown on one side and Robert Foster on the other? Find a priest? The best part of this article is that it shows that we adapted mid season and found success.... You know how rare that's been for the Bills since i've been a fan? I don't know if it's ever happened... They changed philosophy and made it work. I love it. I might be a homer, but I feel like we're going to win 11 games this year........... Call me crazy, and probably i am, but i feel it in my bones.
  5. Why would you describe such beauty without showing us???!!!! Screw you man!
  6. No hope for someone living in Jacksonville...
  7. I don't know how anyone can think we're worse off with our current group then with Clay... Oliver is likely an upgrade talent wise, but losing experience and leadership is definitely a downgrade there.
  8. One day closer to stomping the Jets. *begins singing One Day More loudly and off key*
  9. Which is saying something based on how much people hate my ranking.. 😛
  10. Yup! The choice of how to rank them was probably more subjective, but I did try to explain if. 😛 I guess that might be preference. I just see two inconsistent QB’s who aren’t franchise guys. Ones inconsistency is cause he’s hurt constantly, and the others is because he’s a head case. So it’s a pick your poison deal. That being said, I wouldn’t be shocked if Ariana turns Winston into a Star... but we’ll see. I disagree on Ryan. I think he’s easily a top 10 QB whose still relatively young. His biggest thing is that he’s been going against his Matty ice name the past few years. He needs to show he can win the big game. That’s what a lot of good QB’s need.
  11. I can definitely see the argument for that. I guess my big hesitation is that Father Time is waiting in the wings and you wouldn’t want him to come around mid season. I did read somewhere that brees didn’t look great down the stretch. I don’t know personally about that, but it’s definitely a concern.
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