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  1. But... We love premature frothing... If we can't do that, what's this all been about?...
  2. I literally only came to this thread to see if I was the first to think of this...
  3. There's definitely room to say that Rudolph is to blame as well... But the hit was late to begin with, taking him to the ground was unnecessary and pointless, and then even after he's getting pulled off of him, he's twisting his helmet off. Blame all around, but Garrett is the most egregious. I do feel bad for the NFL people who have to decide this *****...
  4. I think Rudolph was a Dbag, and I think he probably should get fined for his role, but I'm not sure he did anything suspension worthy- he aint an innocent victim though. Ogunjobi coming in and smacking someone without a helmet might deserve a suspension.
  5. I struggle with the Pouncey question... The refs weren't wanting to stop things from happening, and the lineman has to protect his QB... That being said, they can't let kicks go unpunished. DeCastro, whether or not he meant to, handled it better by just getting ontop of Garrett and ending the situation.
  6. Myles started the whole thing with his unnecessary roughness on the late hit. It escalated from there. Both sides were idiots. Garret was worse. what a night to go to bed early...
  7. Someone on here was arguing that Rudolph was better than Allan...
  8. I bet his pickup line in Cleveland bars is “I have my own magnifying glass.”
  9. Two things can be true. Rudolph’s deep balls have been terrible.
  10. Did you see his interception? His deep balls hang in the air, the receiver stops to get under it, and the CB comes into make a play on it. It’s happened like 5 times tonight.
  11. JNb I’m sure this lovely person isn’t compensating for anything...
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