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  1. Yikes. Feral takes take a massive shot for no reason. Seriously uncool, those cats deserve much better than to be associated with that thing.
  2. I firmly believe that releasing any rightfully incarcerated individuals due to the Covid situation is a huge mistake and shouldn’t even be thought of. That being said, I find this post distasteful. You don’t know what Dawkins is advocating for(as you stated yourself) and your assumption that he isn’t smart after reading one piece of writing/seeing the results of a completely arbitrary testing process seems very unfair. Don’t assume his motives and then attack his intelligence. As for the discussion of releasing prisoners due to covid: I think the question has to be asked as to why prisoners are incarcerated to begin with. I think the easiest answer, that many would agree with, is that their actions have deemed them a threat to themselves and/or society. With that being the basis for their incarceration, I don’t see releasing them when society is at its most vulnerable as being a good call. Its also worth noting, as anyone familiar with social work/law enforcement in general would testify, that a huge portion of released inmates have a lot of trouble finding basic necessities such as housing, clothing, and food upon their initial re-entry into society. How much more so in the crazy world we live in now when human services are running over capacity (if at all) and society as a whole is barely producing the necessary things for those already active members. In that sense, assuming probably safety measures are taken, I think Jails may end up being as safe, or safer for those people.
  3. I was just thinking that the other day... we seem to have a progressive line of such cases... Glenn —> Dawkins —> Ford
  4. I don’t know that we’ll run enough 12 personal to justify that... I would think more than 50% or our offensive snaps will be out of 11.
  5. Hey, I won a mock draft competition on the old Bills board in 2012! I think I got like, two picks right...
  6. It's crap like this that makes it feel like the end of the f-ing world.
  7. Davis is intriguing to me, and in the 6th is a great pick. A CB over a RB is nowhere near as offensive as a gimmicky WR over a QB whose only knock was his height.
  8. China and their ***** animal eating obsession... “a new pandemic has been created caused by animal byproducts after China lied about the byproducts being able to cure the other pandemic that their animal byproducts created.”
  9. This one turned into an amazing one and i didn't even have to trade anything...
  10. I like Steven Montez, from Colorado as a late round flier.
  11. I did mean my "trade morse" comment as joke/literally a completely crazy idea. The only reason it makes sense is if they are worried about the concussion issue. I don't think it's anything to be worried about, but if they don't love it and can get value without losing too much, it's a doable idea.
  12. Crazy idea? Morse trade bait? Dawkins - Spain - Feliciano - Ford - Williams
  13. This is a good pickup. Offers positional flexibility, and insurance if Ford doesn't play well. Also allows Nsekhe (if on the roster) to truly be our swing tackle.
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