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  1. I wonder if #7 is a result of Gronk.
  2. Stadium Wall Mock Draft Sign-Up

    Dang it.
  3. Stadium Wall Mock Draft Sign-Up

    Can I do the Eagles? Also, are teams allowed to make trades while neither of them is on the clock? And can players be traded?
  4. I don't much go for the "reports." Also, I have heard that the Jets prefer Allen. It's all relative at this point.
  5. Lol. I really don't see it myself. I think that Elway is beginning to wonder how much tarnish his golden statue can take. He knows he needs to win and win now. I don't see him passing on a Fitzpatrick or Nelson in order to take a future guy.
  6. I don't know if I see the Broncos taking a QB at 5, also, this includes a trade up on our part.
  7. 1-Darnold 2-Rosen 3-Allen 4-Mayfield (to the bills) Not a horrible outcome for the bills...
  8. Off season can’t get any worse

    Well, I agree. They obviously stripped Zay's clothes off of him and jacked him up on synthetic heroin (or some strange concoction) and forced him to dance on that balcony. Damn the process.
  9. Zay Jones Arrested

    At least it wasn't Benjamin.
  10. Was Trent Edwards broken?

    Watching clips on youtube brings back so many memories.... Josh Reed, Stevie Johnson, James Hardy. Seems like yesterday.
  11. If you get "stuck" with the 4th or 5th best QB...

    Not that I want us to take the 4th or 5th best pick, but the issue with this idea (and the issue with everyone freaking out about the Jets trade) is that we have the most ammunition in the draft this year and it's not even close (aside from the browns, or course). I can all but guarantee that the Colts gave us a call before taking that deal. We own the draft, and the fact that the jet's just overpaid for number 3 doesn't bother me because it means we didn't want to. McBeane are going to do what they feel is their best move (without compromise, as we have seen) and they have the freedom to do so. The question we will be asking in two years is if their decision was wise/right.
  12. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    That's a great deal! So even if he becomes a full fledged starter, we're looking at about 8mil a year?
  13. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    Love this. (Pending $$ reveal) At worst, he's a decent backup, at best he shows some things and in the future we have the great problem the Eagles have now.