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  1. He's a run stuffer who gives a lot of upside as a pass rusher. He could realistically play 1T or 3T. This Cover one account just did a whole vid essay on him. Good stuff. He's my wish at DT. He's not a long DT, but he's a little dynamo in the middle and just keeps pushing forward.
  2. He’s one of those interesting guys caught in covid that could end up being a high pick and nobody knows who he is.
  3. Alim McNeil please. They just got crushed by a very balanced team.... this argument is stupid. If the chiefs have a good defense and aren’t playing the whole game from behind they can work around the OL issues. It’s 60 minutes, both sides of the field. Anytime someone tries to make one side the priority and completely ignore the other side they end up getting beat.
  4. Meh, I get the argument for Peters, but I’m not looking to change our tackles right now. I get the idea of moving one inside, but I would rather have a true guard. Plus, we just set a record for scoring with our presumed best 5 not playing a single game together. I want an upgrade at IOL, but for this exercise give me the dominate DE. But I agree with the premise that Peters is up there as best Bill from the drought.
  5. Anyone whose not saying Mario Williams is just bitter about how it ended. It’s not close. He was easily one of, if not the, most dominate player in the drought era. He was a top 5-10 player at his position for several years with the Bills. Who else can claim that during that period? Moulds, probably. Maybe Clements. Add 10-15 sacks and the dominance against the run to this defense and things change greatly. My random darkhorse pick who would be fun though, is Terrance McGee. Upgrades CB2, and gives us a great return option.
  6. he’s like a fringe third rounder at best. 1 tech isn’t a top 100 pick, let alone top 65.
  7. Overdrafting Shelvin after taking Ossai in the first is really making me hate this board. Come on people!
  8. Last two picks: Darrick Forrest, S, Cincinnati Robert Jones, IOL, Middle Tennessee
  9. Later round guy from what I’ve seen, lots of speed, probably better as a rush backer in 3-4. There is no consensus this year. I’ve come across so many guys who I can find people arguing for a day 2 grade for them, and then find another perspective that has him as likely undrafted.
  10. For me I just don’t see what he adds to this offense? He’s a developmental move TE that’s probably never gonna be very good in-line and will be a year or two away from producing in this offense - he’s a less athletic hedge against Knox not taking a step. If I’m gonna grab a TE in that range I’d rather get Tremble, who I know can come in and be a good blocker right now and has as much upside as a receiver.
  11. yep. This is why I’m team trade. I don’t hate trading up in the first, but really I prefer trading out of the first and using a surplus of capitol to move around and get guys you like as they will be few and far between. I don’t know about Shelvin, but my go to for 1-Tech is Alim McNeil. He’s good against the run already and offers a nice upside as a rusher. He’s super athletic for 330.
  12. Zerovoltz mock is all well in good, but I’m here for the zerovoltz 17-0 chiefs predictions. When are those coming?
  13. I don’t love Oweh, but after seeing this TBD consensus on us not drafting him, I’m not even gonna bother watching the draft. let’s go new Buffalo Bill Jayson Oweh!
  14. A ton of these guys are nowhere near round 2 talents. I chose Molden cause I like him as a joker role/Honey Badger-esque, but he wouldn’t be my pick. We reaches like crazy for Ossai, and undoubtedly we will again in this thread. The Menierz kid being TBD’s favorite is peak TBD draft season. You don’t draft a guy in the second round who would have been lucky to be a UDFA 4 months ago. This isn’t a “wow, he wasn’t on anyone’s radar, but look at how great he was on the tape” situation. This is a “wow, he wasn’t on anyone’s radar, hasn’t played in a year, and had “okay” tap
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