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  1. I want two WR’s this year. 1/2 round, and 4/5. 3 wouldn’t bother me either with a 6/7 (I’d be surprised if we don’t end up with a 7th rounder) thrown in for good measure.
  2. I haven’t seen either of those guys rated above 4th round... are they coming up that much, or am I Ill informed? The WR talent in this class makes me very very happy.
  3. This will be great for the filming of oceans 85... plenty of extras and fan-fare.
  4. That’s idiotic. All for a walk in when the networks and tweets have already spoiled the pick.
  5. Especially not in a class that’s very deep at that position. The worst part about the Sammy deal was, not only did we get someone who wasn’t worth the trade and the pick, but there’s like 10 stud recievers from that class that we could have had straight up.
  6. He still likely has a good grasp of institutional scouting ideas and preferences, which is helpful in making random predictions this far out. He also doesn’t take Mocks too seriously, from what I gather. That being said, he’s one of the best voices on draft stuff out there.
  7. This is interesting- I hadn’t realized that. I thought any upward movement was unblockable. I do agree that it probably doesn’t go over well to block someone from a promotion If they want it. I guess pegs could shell out some cheddar to keep him happy and in Buffalo, but that doesn’t make a ton or sense unless they plan for him to replace Frazier in the near future.
  8. Can you stop a position coach from taking a Coordinator job? Or am I misunderstanding the OP?
  9. Lol. Your argument is that someone, anyone... needs to learn situational coaching from Andy Friggin Reid? You're showing your ignorance.
  10. Trading for Benjamin is another issue. Getting rid of an underperforming head case and getting high value for him was a good move.
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