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  1. whatdrought

    Julio Jones Trade possibilty?

    If they thought that Allen was ready right now I could see giving up a first and 2 seconds for him, but it doesn't fit the mold that we're building from.
  2. whatdrought

    For Harrison Phillips, the NFL Was Always His Why

    Would have been alright taking this guy in the first or second. Absolutely loved getting him in the third.
  3. whatdrought

    Confession time at TBD

    I still think it was the right decision...
  4. whatdrought

    Mock Draft Has Bills Selecting At #1.....

    The worst part of this would be taking Lawrence over Oliver. But no, if we end up #1 we either want to jump back or take Bosa. (Way too early take)
  5. whatdrought

    NFL planning to suspend Jameis Winston for 3 games

    Short of a great season Koetter is gone, but Winston would likely have stuck around.. this might throw a question mark in there.
  6. Probably too low, but that disastrous mid season slide on defense for a defensive minded coach is pretty hard to see past. And while the playoffs were huge, we did loose a very terrible game there.
  7. whatdrought

    Levi Wallace #1 CB through week 7 per pff

    Obviously it's way to early to tell with any rookie, but I really am expecting him to make the team and be on the field plenty this year.
  8. whatdrought

    Something brewing with the Patriots?

    Wow... How the heck is Bill living with this if it's true... Gone next year for sure..
  9. whatdrought

    SI article predicts a 2-14 record

    Not sure what coverage you watched, (and I don't mean to get political at all) but I watched ever major network all but assume Hillary would win right up until Trump started knocking down swing states.
  10. whatdrought

    SI article predicts a 2-14 record

    Every news station in America predicted Hillary would blow trump out of the water. It's just noise.
  11. Beal is supposed to be decent and was projected to be a top CB in 2019.
  12. Love this kid. Can legit see him as a starter this year. Work ethic matters.
  13. whatdrought

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    I think they're actually checking enrollment records now. I had to enter my school name and my name and dob.
  14. whatdrought

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    Just found out that due to my student status, I can get sunday ticket for $100 for the whole season via internet streaming. As a out of state bills fan, this seems like a great deal, but am wondering if you guys are familiar and know it to be worth it? My current way of watching is to watch via an EU site that is decent, but has questionable quality and sometimes does not work. Thoughts?
  15. whatdrought

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks - Signing with CLE

    Guy would be pretty dumb not to go to Min. Play alongside brother, be on one of the best defenses, serious chance at winning a Superbowl. Seems like a no-brainer.