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  1. Tom always bringing the sunshine.
  2. whatdrought

    Midterm Election Gameday Thread

    Maybe we can get a two for one from a company that's apt at removing chunks of land from continents. They can take California and Florida and let them be free to mess up crap on their own.
  3. I didn't murder my wife when I woke up to her pushing me off the bed and stealing the covers. Check that box.
  4. whatdrought

    If Zay pans out, McD's first two drafts are awesome

    I would say that if he turns into a decent #2, and Allen turns out to be a top 15 QB (which some may see as a stretch right now) and the others continue as they have, this could be considered a historically good two drafts.
  5. whatdrought

    Bills Release Peterman

    The bad man can never hurt us again... Seriously though, I will say this- Nate was a professional and handled himself well, he just seemed to be in the wrong profession. I hope he lands on his feet, and I would be fine with him getting a job somewhere as a backup for a team that can take advantage of his temperament and brain- if not, I wish him well in whatever he pursues. Also, if he signs with the Patriots I wish nothing but the lice of a million camels in his jock strap.
  6. whatdrought

    John Harbaugh & Ravens to part ways?

    I hope he doesn't go to the Jets... I would hate to face more than one capable coach 2x a year.
  7. whatdrought

    R. I. P. Stan Lee

    Wow. Pretty wild that one guy can have such a transcendent impact on the entertainment industry across platforms and generations! Rest easy.
  8. whatdrought

    Ronald Darby Tore ACL. Done for the Season

    Team that's struggling to meet expectations get's weaker at their weakest spot. Big loss.
  9. whatdrought

    The Thread For Greg's Stashes

    I can understand that, and I don't begrudge that choice. I think it's hard to argue an animals life for a human life, but I also realize that in the discussed conversation it isn't specifically a 1 for 1 trade, but rather an attempt at saving the animals with an acceptable risk to the human.
  10. whatdrought

    The Thread For Greg's Stashes

    Very true. And I hope this is just a case of nobody knowing where they are going. It would really bother me to know (as I am sure is happening) that people would go towards one of these and risk their lives knowingly for any number of any animals. But it is California
  11. whatdrought

    The Thread For Greg's Stashes

    Im glad she is okay, and I hate to be negative about this... But isn't it pretty crazy that she willingly came very close to burning alive in order to save some horses? Horses are great, but come on.
  12. whatdrought

    *** SNF thread - Eagles vs. Cowboys ***

    I hate to see the Cowboys win. The Eagles don't play with the same care-free attitude that made them great last year.
  13. whatdrought

    *** SNF thread - Eagles vs. Cowboys ***

    That was a bad no call on the PI against Tate.