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  1. Ooh, good call. I’d like that. also, Cade Johnson, WR.
  2. A big DT to push Harry: Tonga, Wilson, Lorenzo Neal Jr.
  3. Sorry guys, this draft is my fault. I texted Beane and told him to only draft Linemen so none of the rookies can wear stupid ass numbers.
  4. Bills read everyone’s mock drafts and ideas just to make sure and do the most unexpected thing imaginable....
  5. Tylan Wallace intrigues me, but I doubt he drops to the fifth.
  6. I aspire one day to fill out a sweatshirt like that.... and to be 6’8.
  7. Bryce Paup works as a coach at Northern Iowa. Not sure what kind of access that grants, if any, but it was something that stuck in my mind about this kid and Elerson Smith.
  8. TBD last season: “I can’t believe Beane has done such a horrible job building the trenches.” TBD Now: 😯
  9. Trey Sermon for rookie of the year with 1,500 yards. Put it down right now.
  10. Vikings having a good draft as well. *Please note, a good draft by my uneducated opinion is literally just guys I've heard of/like.
  11. Robert Rochell, Ambry Thomas, and Shakur Brown all come to mind as late round guys I've looked at, but this feels early for them.
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