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  1. I mean, their defense looks worse than the Rams defense. It we move the ball and score on them like we did against the Rams, I’m fine if they want to run all day.
  2. Sounds like we’re getting healthy, which is good... Maybe I’m being crazy, but nothing about this Raiders team scares me... I’m confident we’ll move the ball on their defense and score points which will force Carr to throw which is a good thing for us.
  3. I mean, I don’t know who was saying 9-7, but I’ve always been saying 12-4 or better. The death of the defense is highly exaggerated. We have all the core pieces that we had last year for our number 2 defense, and we’ve seemed to have made some improvements as well that just haven’t shown up yet. I expect the defense will get humming shortly. Besides, defense always matters more in December than it does in September.
  4. Word on the street is I’m in the lead of the presidential race. Let’s wait and see what happens. 😛
  5. 1- violation of the rule doesn’t deserve a suspension unless it’s pre-determined that that’s the punishment. I’m fine with a suspension if it is, but the NFL can’t unilaterally punish as they please. We’ll see what happens. 2- That’s where your argument breaks down. You and others are assuming that just because they were there without masks they are definitely more likely to have the virus than anyone else. It’s not accurate. Unless there is evidence that they came into contact with the virus, there’s no real reason to treat them differently. If Josh Allen tomorrow goes and does a public appearance or what have you, and wears the mask constantly, and someone he’s close to has the virus, we would still fall back on the testing to determine if he’s able to play or not. Potential risk of exposure is worthless in a pandemic. The Falcons had a dude test positive after playing at practice and it was determined they were able to play because they all passed the tests the next day! There’s only so much that can be done. We can be mad at the Raiders that they didn’t wear masks, but their not wearing masks does not mean they are infected. That’s what testing is for. I wasn’t insulting your reading comprehension, I was simply pointing out that you didn’t use it. It’s not about lending credibility, it’s about pointing to the fact that I voiced my opinion, and then you got hyperbolic without understanding my opinion and what I was saying. Poor reading comprehension.
  6. Not that they deserve a defense, but Mahome’s initial rating that year was based entirely on unknowns so it was a soft rating that grew exponentially as he put film out. Allen has 2 years of film to draw from so his progression may take longer as every positive is weighted with the reality of past negatives which Mahomes didn’t have.
  7. 2 things: 1- How do we know they screwed up? 2- how much time does it take to prepare: run, run, run, run, play action pass.
  8. For sure. As we’ve seen with many players who have been very good for McD but then struggled after leaving. I just wonder how much that affects their market value.
  9. That’s fine, and I would be fine with a suspension If that was clearly laid out in the agreement they made to play- but I doubt it included first violation suspensions.
  10. Makes you wonder what the perception in league circles about McD’s defense and DB’s playing in it is... do agents know that when teams look at an elite player in McD’s secondary that there’s some question about how that will transfer? No slight on white here. Just curios. We did see this with Norman... All pro player under McD, gets traded and makes a crap ton of money and sucks.
  11. Saying “just notified” before announcing something definitely makes it seem like you have high level sources... well done.
  12. Okay so it’s your capacity to understand what you read that is the problem. What my point was, as I clearly stated, is that while frustration with the Raiders makes sense, those crying for the game to be cancelled are doing so out of panic and not a logical understanding of the situation. Had they gone with masks on they could have been infected anyways making the only thing standing between an infected raiders player and a bills player being those daily tests. Short of a full bubble (which seems impossible for the NFL) there is inherent risk in this. So we use our best practices (testing) to avoid risk when possible. I’m fine with the Raiders getting fined, but unless there’s tangible reason to believe they were exposed/are infected the hot takes here are just that.
  13. I lived in Jackson Hole Wyoming for a year, hiked in Grand Teton National park and Yellowstone a bunch (as well as driving tours) and never saw one. Randomly had one run in front of my car in the Appalachians like a month after I got back. I’ve seen two others since then. I also saw a dead one about 100 yards down the street from my house (roadkill)... had no idea we had them this close to my place.
  14. Did they Blitz Allen on the game winning drive last week? I remember a lot of pressure and being impressed with how he handled, but I didn’t see how many they were bringing.
  15. Did you even bother to read the rest of the post?
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