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  1. Idiotic. The implication this creates is that the national anthem is the white anthem all because a subpar QB decided to kneel.
  2. I mean, this is pretty simple: Statues built to honor men who had some issues (defense of slavery being one) while also having much going for them is clearly racist and pro-slavery. Wonder of the world built on the backs of slaves is just history.
  3. It’s just a song that you barely even have to listen to, just get over it and stand there like everyone else.
  4. Yeah, except that the media is pushing cases like they’re deaths.
  5. You lost him at “you do understand.” You forgot the part where he goes to work in his mother’s basement. 😛 Damn, I bet you were a hard out in dodgeball in school....
  6. This we agree on. But he won’t. Best people ignore his thread and converse in threads started by rational people who won’t delete when they lose arguments.
  7. You start the thread like this is being censored and ignored by those on the right when the reality is that your idiotic compatriot deleted the thread cause he was made to look foolish. I assume you’ll do the same?
  8. I was not tagging them in passing discussions, or to notify them that poster x had called me a mean name. I mentioned them In a topic trying to discover why one of the central posters on this forum was banned. We got the answer: no call out threads or you’ll get banned- even in the Wild West of ppp. sure, that’s a fine standards even if It’s a relatively new thing and goes against their own set precedent. So now, one of the more worthless posters who consistently goes out of his way to muzzle conversation and be an idiot creates a call out thread: do the mods care to enforce their own standard? Thus the call. I am all for a PPP that exists without mod interruption. The mods demonstrated that that is not reality when they banned one of the most tenured and consistent posters (love or hate him) here for doing what really is pretty par the course down here. So the question (as I asked in my original comment) is what actual standard are we dealing with here?
  9. 2 things: 1- no, I clearly did not. I mentioned two of them as a part of discussion. A discussion is something where two people have a conversation, engaging in ideas, stating facts and opinions and then responding in kind. I realize that as one of the resident drive by artists down here you’re unfamiliar. 2- as for your belief that you can tell me how to behave while calling me a tattletale and making things up: kindly shove it up your ass.
  10. You’re cute. Give me one other example of me calling the mods for anything on PPP. I’ll wait. It’s being done here because this clown got a good poster banned for the very trash he’s doing here. If mods are going to play one side of the Aisle, they may as well play both.
  11. Hopefully mods see this to judge its validity before it gets deleted.
  12. The reality is that anytime one of these babies starts a thread, someone should spoof the thread and start a new one with the same title and topic making it clear that it won’t be deleted when said babies are made to look like fools.
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