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  1. I don’t think anyone here has ever argued that Trump is a social conservative, but it’s cool to see those from the more left side of situations now saying that the public does have a right to speak to the sexual activities of consenting adults. Trump isn’t a first choice for me, and he wouldn’t be someone I’d let my daughter around, but it’s a stretch for the left to create moral standards all the sudden.
  2. Information is only important if you have the recourses to use it. No- according to tibs that was just some random occurrence. Not terrorism at all because it doesn’t fit the narrative.
  3. Wanna put it to the test? You bring a pen and I’ll bring a sword. The real winners of a shooting civil war in this country is the Chinese or whoever comes to mop up what’s left. A real and true civil war would have to start with some big shocking thing like nuclear explosions, or an EMP- has anyone seen Jericho? It could be something like that.
  4. Well, that’s an accusation about Trump and the accusation against Kamala is that she boned her way to the top.
  5. She is valuable that way, but everything has a shelf life. If they can deal a big blow to the "youth movement" and have her bitching about Nancy and DNC on the way out, they'll take it.
  6. I disagree. Parties throw money at races they won't win all the time. Example: DNC and Beto
  7. The best thing for districts like that is candidates who tow the party line and don't make waves. Noisemakers draw attention from both sides which leads to way more investment and opportunity for whichever side is on the defensive (in this case, the RNC). Not to say she will lose, but it's more open than it once was- It's also going to be interesting to see how much support she has from Nancy and the DNC by then. Well if they start now it's just cause they're racist.
  8. https://www.opensecrets.org/races/candidates?cycle=2018&id=NY14&spec=N Her opponent spent the equivalent of a used Honda Civic on the election...
  9. 100% agree. Everything involved with this pedophile scum should be thoroughly investigated in a truth seeking, non-partisan way. Edit: And if there is evidence that Trump committed sexual crimes, he should 100% be removed from office and jailed. I have no problem with that.
  10. Not where it mattered. There are a lot of people that are going to vote for the blue either way, but the consensus going in was that it would be a landslide both vote wise and electoral wise. It was neither because the Clinton name isn't worth as much as the Dems. believed. That harkens back to my point about how I was surprised they didn't do away with them once and for all when they had that out.
  11. If you think so. I disagree but I know you've been pounding that angle for the past two weeks, so keep it up. Also, not sure if Kamala is your choice, but she has some skeletons In her closet that aren't great- as far as sweet deals go, don't forget her connection to Kimm Foxx and the Smullet scandal. There's plenty of mud on both sides.
  12. I'm not deeply plugged into this story, but I thought Trump banned E from Mar-a-Lago? Yeah, that is true- I think the bigger issue is that the D's didn't push the Clintons out of the sphere of the DNC they way they should have been after the Clinton Empire got exposed as a House of Cards. It seems like some kind of Bill scandal was a matter of time. Well, That's how you see it and I respect that- My perspective is that the scandals have mostly been fabricated- there are moral problems i have with him, but a lot of the big stuff is contrived. IMO.
  13. My mistake. I don't think any other attack on Trump has worked, and this one has even less substance than the others. (at least so far) Socialites party together, it's not a big revelation. Clinton on the flight logs 2 dozen times is a much bigger deal. And there are a billion other threads to be pulled on.
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