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  1. Is there a solid reason based on this season alone that the bills are being given no chance in this game?
  2. Every generation has a team it picks for the idiots who know nothing of football to jump on cause they have success, or cause they have a player seen as the face of the league. Cowgirls in the 90’s, Pats in the 00’s/10’s. Seems to be the Chiefs in the 20’s...
  3. I have no feeling on this game. I know we could win, or we could lose. Honestly, I wouldn’t trade this success for anything at all, but I am beat. This has been a long long season and my emotions have been alllll over the place. Go bills!
  4. Perfect example: Drayton Florence pick six to win the Pats game. A great lost memory in an eventual collapse season. Not worth much in the grand scheme.
  5. These playoff games are showing the anti-bills bias. Any other team wins two games like that and it’s all about how they’re a strong minded team who can win in a variety of ways and is dangerous. Only person I’ve seen mention that is Gregg Rosenthal, which is funny cause he’s usually very anti-Bills.
  6. I think we need to do something to help the run game but I don’t know enough to know if we need a better back, better line play, or better scheme...
  7. If we signed him now and made the SB, could he play? Ingram > Yeldon.
  8. I don’t follow it, but I’ve seen it several times as it’s been retweeted by Bills media folk... the crazy thing is, when google asks if I want it translated, it translated it into Spanish so I get confused in two languages... I know I can adjust the translator and or google it directly, but at that point it just feels like I’m not supposed to know....
  9. I suppose the good thing is if anyone ever calls you spineless you can whip out that picture and show them otherwise... now to get brain surgery....
  10. Cool interactions today: - Had a coworker who is a Ravens fan say he was prepared to not talk to me for a couple days, but that because of what the Mafia is doing for Lamar he is happily rooting for the Bills going forward and he’s okay with it! - Had a guy at a spot I was delivering point to my Bills hat and say he’s pulling for us the rest of the way as his team (the 49ers) weren’t able to make the playoffs this year. Its a heck of a time to be alive folks....
  11. Welp, that can’t possibly be within the code of conduct for the board.... *vomits profusely*
  12. Just had someone tell me it was reported he wouldn’t play- went to find said report and found nothing. Now I hate that guy. my guess is he was taking about the report from yesterday’s game that he was out the remainder.
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