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  1. Just chiming in here. I know there has been some debate in NFL circles about Tebow getting a shot before Kapernick. I am not here to stoke that fire. Just putting in some thoughts. I recall hearing Kapernick having a demanding price to play. Which probably means he feels he is worth more than a team was offering him. Maybe that part isn't true. I am not sure. Tebow signed for minimum. Which means he is trying out and no guarantee to make the team. https://www.nfl.com/news/jaguars-signed-te-tim-tebow-for-one-year-minimum-920k-deal I can honestly see Tebow run
  2. Sounds more like OCD than superstitions.
  3. Fromm gets cut. With Trubinsky as back up we go with just 2. They are keeping Harrison Phillips. He was. a 3rd round pick and is finally healthy. Played his best ball the end of last season. Wouldn't be shocked if Taiwan Jones doesn't make it if we can field someone else as a gunner opposite of Siran Neal. Maybe Kumerow pulls that off? Or another DB. If it's a DB that is already expected to make the cut then they could carry another O-lineman like Lamp.
  4. I wanted Roseau and we drafted him. So if that ends up being a miss I am poor at evaluating. For the record I wanted Oliver that year too. Epenesa as well. I was hoping for Darnold but liked Allen over Rosen. I wanted a corner but I am okay with doubling down on D line. If they legitimately didn’t like their options in round 2 and 3 with CB’s I’m glad they went the direction they did. if we come out of this off-season getting more defensive line pressure and stopping the run better than last season as well as running the ball more effectively then who could argue that we di
  5. He was probably the player I wanted most on day 3....bummer.
  6. Same could be said about Chubba Hubbard! Haha
  7. Darren Hall CB SDSU looks like a decent pick if he gets to round 5. That Boise St kick returner who is a CB. The Louisville RB who is a home run hitter. Any 1 Tech DT Safety depth Wouldn’t hate Jabril Cox even though it’s not a “need”. He just has some pass coverage instincts that would be helpful
  8. This was my target/wish going into the draft. However I won't lie. When I saw JOK sitting there I was hopeful. But I am glad we got Rousseau. DE & CB are the two main priorities for me in this draft. Possibly 2 CBs. Late round targets for me would be Javian Hawkins RB, Paulson Adeebo (if we can't snag Georgia, Syracuse or Kentucky CB), Avery Williams ST. I would be happy with O-line as well. I will watch tonight and enjoy without the stress of who we get because really I like the way the draft has gone so far. I just don't want us to trade any picks form next years dr
  9. Holy crap Caleb Farley celebrating with a back brace on!
  10. I realize a lot of people want to hate the Jets and I do as much as anyone. But I’m from San Clemente and know Sam Darnold. I was wishing we somehow would draft him. I love JA but Sam was my wish cause I’m a homer. Now time to double down. Zach Wilson is a talented kid. If he gets the support JA got from our front office he will be an issue. Not the same level as JA but for sure he’s dynamic. I’ve watched every game he has played. Side note his TE Rex is from San Clemente too. Wouldn’t mind us drafting him next year. But I’m not rooting for Wilson to fail as much as I hate the Jets.
  11. I have zero faith if the Bills are looking to move up that it is for ETN. I have no doubts they are putting out feelers to see what it would take to move up, but if they move up it is for DE or CB. Nothing else. I am not saying I know anything. I am just saying this front office is too smart. If they move up it is for a premium position. I personally think they want a DE. I know there are different thoughts on who is best. I personally like Gregory Rosseau (SP?). I like they way he contains on option runs and chases down plays. I know he didn't test well but he has the production and
  12. This. People kept saying we were good at WR last year after grabbing Diggs int he trade. We added Davis and the 6th rounder. Davis was a pleasant surprise and the 6th rounder people seem to think has potential. but no one knows. We got Milano in the 5th 4 years ago. We didn't target him otherwise he would have been drafted higher. That is where he was graded out on our board when we drafted. Lest we forget John McCargo/Kyle Williams 1st and 5th round picks in the same year. We still have like 20 spots to fill for camp. They will draft as many players they can. Maybe one
  13. I actually believe he is Joe Horn's son the former NFL WR. I may be wrong though.
  14. Enjoy! Fred Slacks is a winner!
  15. An old Will Ferrell SNL skit where he plays the devil and Garth Brooks sells his soul for a hit song. Plus my name is Freddy
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