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  1. I don’t know McKenzie is a sure fire. Especially adding Diggs to the top 3. I think it devalues McKenzie. Also I don’t think McKenzie is there for the WR component as much as stretching the field sideways from a running component cause Singletary and Gore didn’t have the outside speed necessary. I’m curious to see how it plays out this year. Like if Wade somehow shows he can handle the offense better and we’re to get rostered I think that would spell the end for McKenzie. Or if Foster shows he can handle the end around a then that could be it for McKenzie. I do think McKenzie is a different style runner than Foster. Again I think this comes down to the WR coach and Daboll negotiating at cuts who they want more. I think the locks are: Diggs Brown Beasley Davis (not necessarily 4th WR but definitely not getting cut) Most likely in: Roberts Completely up in the air and dependent on how other positions play out as well as in no particular order (keeping 1-2): Duke Hodgkins McKenzie Foster What I take from this is out of the last 4 speed is not the necessary component of why players were hanging around last season. With Diggs and Davis now I think that pushes Foster and McKenzie further down as a need to hang around. Which opens up the possibility for Duke or Hodgkins to be number 6 or 7. Also if for some reason a young DB or RB shows they have return ability that could shift the priority of keeping Roberts too. I prefer they keep him. But that sort of thing opens up an opportunity for younger WR’s
  2. I bet in years past it’s been higher than that on the Bills teams. But I don’t think it’s a percentage game this year. There’s numbers there. Think about it. Duke got more targets in the playoff game than Beasley. He’s established himself with the coaches. I’m not saying he makes the roster for sure. I think he makes it over Hodgkins though. I think Diggs changes the dynamics of who they keep. Foster was a dud last year. But they kept him cause of special teams. With Diggs his speed isn’t as important for our WR core as much. Plus now we have that RB from the Texans who I’m drawing a blank on at the moment. He’s a stud gunner. Which makes Foster more expendable. Personally I’d rather Foster take more of the McKenzie end around role. Who knows though. A lot of roster cuts is talent no doubt. But the coaches also have favorites for whatever reason and they will fight door certain kids to be their last slot at their position. All I’m saying is I’d put money down that Duke makes this roster over Hodgkins. Hodgkins can easily slide onto practice squad. Especially this year with Covid. I think less practice squad players get pillaged.
  3. Hodgkins is a 6th round flyer. There is no guarantee he’s getting a roster spot. This team is too talented for all late round picks to make the roster. Duke has just a fair shot at making it as Hodgkins. Maybe a better shot. Not to mention Duke sighs close to 230 lbs. That’s a thick man.
  4. Well my first reaction before the video was “oh no gangster life”. After watching the video I was like “oh no redneck life”. Looks like he just spent the day playing in the dirt on his ATV. Drinking and maybe shooting stuff. A regular weekend activity for me and my family. Obviously one should use more caution when driving. But the headline sounds like it would be accompanied by worse follow up incriminating circumstances. I’m this case it really looks like he was just playing too hard. Hopefully the gun is registered to him. But even if not I imagine it was more of a shooting and blowing stuff up out in the woods type of vibe.
  5. This game is almost a guarantee prime time game. The head of scheduling was on One Bills Live and said that it was on their radar as a hot ticket game.
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