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  1. K. Johnson very well could end up being the starting CB opposite TreDavious. The reporters can't stop talking about him making picks. He is a former 1st rounder. the only reason he isn't on a big contract is he can't stay healthy. Wallace is a nice story but K. Johnson is a baller if healthy.
  2. I can’t recall what game specifically it was last season but Josh Allen made a first down throw on 3rd and about 6. The play got called back for holding. Next play was 3rd and 16 and Josh’s allen came back and hit a deep outside comeback for a first down again. The play got called back again for holding. For me that was the defining moment when I knew Josh Allen can play this game. The first was him converting with his arm instead of running. The second was him converting with his arm on what would normally be a throw short and punt it for field position. The kid can play. I don’t post here often but I read every day on these threads. Ronin’s argument that the new OL additions with husband pFF ratings is in accurate to say the least. If you go to 2017 PFF ratings Spencer Long grades out very well at guard. Now healthy one can assume upgrade at LG, C and with Ford/Neschke (I cant spell it) at RT this line is upgraded for sure. Significantly? Not necessarily. Upgraded? Definitely. I’m of the opinion that if JA gets a half second more in the pocket or a full second then we will see him hit 58-60% completion. If we get him more time than that he will be pushing 65%. During OTA’s they were throwing swing passes close to half the snaps on offense. That alone will help increase his completion percentage. A halfway decent run offense (which the slightly-moderately upgraded O line will help provide) will help allen as well in his development. How is someone watched Allen last season and is unable to recognize his improvement over the last 5-6 games of the season is beyond me. They need to rewatch the games. Don’t look at the stats. The ball is placed just fine. A few times it’s placed incredibly well. Oh yeah WR is upgraded too. Not dominant but definitely adequate. This should be a fun season. I think 10-6 is realistic. 11-5 very possible.
  3. Ford is praised for his run blocking. His best skill. Spain is a mailer in the run game. Feliciano is better run blocker than passer. Not sure he’s an amazing talent. But better at the run than pass. Long is a good run blocker Neske I’m not sure. But based on his size I wouldn’t be shocked if he was a stud there too. Really Morse is the weak link at run blocking. I’m not concerned about the rest of the offensive line talent. I honestly think we lead the league in rushing, end up with a top 3 defense (not just in yards but in points), and end up somewhere in the middle with the passing game. Lots of people here feel confident that we can push 10-6. Personally with our O-line and control of the run game/clock I think we squeak out 11-5 this season. A big jump. The question is going to be to is that enough to take the Patriots this season. Do they slip? Or can we split with them and luck out on a tie breaker? I wouldn’t bet on them slipping but if we pull off an upset and another team then it will get interesting.
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