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    Bills Team Dinner

    The restaurant is called South of Nicks in san Clemente. I heard Micah Hide say it on Instagram. Which sucks cause that’s where I live and had I known I would have gone over and stalked them. I’m pretty sure that they are training in Dana Point which is the next city over. Also Darnold lives here in San Clemente so I suppose they are hitting up all the tasty joints.
  2. First disclaimer is I fully supported the offseason moves. Also to clarify I think anyone who thought the upper management expected playoffs this season are fools. I distinctly remember McDermott stating “We aren’t as far along as some people think”. Or something along those lines. Essentially meaning lower expectations this seasons even though we made the playoffs last season. Also I agree with them in the aspect of I don’t want to continue as a middle of the pack team which is what we have been for a very long time. I want to be a playoff team every year similar to the 90’s. Or how all the freaking Pats fans can just assume playoffs every year. We deserve that as fans. So I am just fine with taking a step back for a year. Even 2 years if I feel the team is building in the right direction which I sincerely believe they are for the first time since the music city miracle. Back to to the post topic: after listening to the end if season pressers I feel even more confident in upper management. Without throwing the offensive line (existing players) they recognized out lout that that is an area of concern and I believe they will address it. I see a lot of pessimism from lots of posters and I can’t help but assume that that negativity is from years of mediocrity. I just can’t see how after watching this season and the direction the team is building towards how they can’t feel better about our future. One more point more I’ll throw out there: how refreshing is it to see a QB who the coaching staff feels comfortable enough with to call passes out of our own end zone or who call pass plays for yardage beyond the sticks on 3rd and long. Even with Josh’s pick 6 yesterday I thought “at least they had the balls to call that play”. Ideally we we can address several issues in FA and the draft. I have been enjoying the college bowl games much more this week. One final thought about the Josh Allen scrambles. I may be in the minority but I think those are essentially completed passes for yardage. I don’t see why people count those against him. They are a major issue for the defenses covering him. Really looking forward ward to a great offseason and an amazing 2019 season. Playoff bound no doubt!