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  1. Ford is praised for his run blocking. His best skill. Spain is a mailer in the run game. Feliciano is better run blocker than passer. Not sure he’s an amazing talent. But better at the run than pass. Long is a good run blocker Neske I’m not sure. But based on his size I wouldn’t be shocked if he was a stud there too. Really Morse is the weak link at run blocking. I’m not concerned about the rest of the offensive line talent. I honestly think we lead the league in rushing, end up with a top 3 defense (not just in yards but in points), and end up somewhere in the middle with the passing game. Lots of people here feel confident that we can push 10-6. Personally with our O-line and control of the run game/clock I think we squeak out 11-5 this season. A big jump. The question is going to be to is that enough to take the Patriots this season. Do they slip? Or can we split with them and luck out on a tie breaker? I wouldn’t bet on them slipping but if we pull off an upset and another team then it will get interesting.
  2. Have to think that the offensive line will be improved. That should give Josh more time from the pocket where he threw pretty darn well. Also I think the darn swing routes to the RB will be one of the main focuses in developing Josh this season. They were there for the taking and he would wait way too long. That is where Brady makes his living. Figure he completes a few of those easy dumps during the game. I would not be shocked to watch his completion percentage fall between 60-62% this year which I think is more than enough. I am guessing he averages 200-250 yards a game passing. The long balls are not high completion percentages but I think with better offensive line play they do become more achievable regularly. Season 3,500 yards 24 TD's 12 INT's That is serious improvement. Ground game will be markedly improved this season. McCoy gets really close to the 12,000 yard mark this year. I think we lead the league in rushing this season. To me that would be the biggest improvement. That opens up the passing game for Josh Allen. Play Action they were force feeding last season. This year it will work.
  3. I believe Allen elevates the talent at WR. Most good quarterbacks do that. Last year Josh allen was arguably the best player on the field for us the last few weeks. I believe he continues to progress. It doesn’t even need to be a major jump. Just steady improvement. I think JA will help make these WR look better. Also I think these WR’s can get it done. Too many people seem to think that we must have this all star #1 WR. I just don’t think there are that many even in our league. There can’t be more than 10-15. Surely not every team has a big time receiver. We aren’t the only team lacking a true number one. That being said I wouldn’t be bummed at all if we were able to find someone via trade. My my vote for #6 is Duke Williams. Also I don’t think Roberts is a sure bet. I know he is good and led the league in returns. But other talent could rise for a returner. However Roberts does have production as a WR in the past. So I do think it’s probably 80/20 chance he makes it. There red will be a couple of FA’s we signed that I wouldn’t be shocked if they were cut/traded. We signed so many. It’s a beautiful thing having decent competition this season.
  4. Long on Redskins was a pretty darn good football player. I’d argue he was better there than Spain at the Titans during that 2 year period. You our are correct on when he was signed and guaranteed. But look at spain’s guarantees. It was a very small contract. Shockingly small
  5. Neske (sp) Dawkins Morse Long Ford The only way Spain starts is if Dawkins wins the LT job. Spain got a small contract. Long got paid some good money. Contract is structured for back up/starter depending on where he plays. People worrying about who plays swing positions are putting too much emphasis on that. We have so many guys who play multiple positions we could easily start the best 5 and dress another 2 OL guys on game day. If someone goes down then you can move someone to another spot to get through the game if needed. Ex: Neske goes down they kick Dawkins out to LT and Spain comes in to play LG. Or Morse gets hurt they slide Long to Center and Spain in at RG. Or whoever is the second dressed backup OL for that game. People are are sleeping on Long for some reason. Don’t let last year dictate your opinion of him. His snapping hand was jacked up. Look at him at Guard where he excelled. Even for the Jets with a messed up hand.
  6. They keep 4 and a fullback. Last year they started 4 RB’s during the season. We had to call one up from the practice squad for those who forget (Kieth Ford). NE runs with 4 backs every season. We run a similar offense. I’d imagine they want McCoy to get 15-20 touches. Gore will get 6-10 (pass blocking downs). New kid will factor in as well as Yeldon. They just might not all get their touches the first few weeks. But the RB’s are going to get banged up. It’s football. Beane and McDermott said they want to run and play action. We couldn’t do that last year. We will this year and watch Josh Allen progress this season because of it. Good things my friends. Good things.
  7. I don’t think RB is a weakness at all. Guard you have Long and Spain (no long wasn’t brought in to play back up center and yes he is a damn fine guard when healthy). TE I would say it’s as good as last season (possibly better cause Charles Clay was injured). WR is better than what we finished with last season. Could be better still yes. But no reason to think Josh can’t improve with the additions. Lastly you started the argument with Josh a Allen threw for 2,000 yards. He also missed multiple games and was probably not ready to go from the begging long. However the kid has the make up to succeed. If we run for over 2,500 yards and he passes for 3,500 yards then he is developing just nicely. Also we are playoff bound.
  8. Dawkins/Nseke Spain/Teller Morse/Long Long/Feliciano Ford/Waddle TE Croft Dawson Croom WR Zay Brown Beasley Foster Williams/McKenzie low round draft pick I just don’t see the argument for this unless it was Hollywood Brown in the 1st which we obviously didn’t do because we went with Ed Oliver. Maybe we we can pull of Hakeem Butler or Emmanuel Hall. Otherwise we still could trade I suppose. But that probably won’t happen unless there’s a legit all star that Beane wants/can get. Also so I can’t see how the new offensive line talent doesn’t give you a massive football bonner. Like my prostate hurts it’s so massive. Freaking get ready for some W’s boys!
  9. Josh Allen averaged the longest pass per attempt last season and we added John Brown. I’m pretty sure that won’t drop off. Go ahead and flame away and be negative about that move. Brown is a decent player. Not a number 1 but a good player. We have the boys to get downfield. Also if you heard Beane in his presser they want to run and Play action. So this draft is exactly geared in that direction. If if you are upset that we took Cody Ford in round 2 then I just don’t even know where to start with you. If Josh Allen has 5 seconds to throw then he will be doing terrific this season. Also McCoy is possibly getting to 12,000 this year with this line.
  10. I want nothing to do with Kelvin Harmon. I just don’t see the love. The guy timed slow and plays slow too. Also doesn’t look or play as big as he measured. I’d take A Johnson over Harmon. Riley Ridley doesn’t look anything as talented as his brother on film. Just a good last name. Hall from Mizz I think it is I think would be worth a flyer. Kind of a Robert Foster build. And really fast. Im wondering if Butler bombed interviews? Way too talented to slide to round 4. Something is up.
  11. I feel like everyone here is contradicting themselves on this board. If any of these WR’s were clear cut #1 wideouts then they would have gone early in the first. They just aren’t. Sure there’s some talented ones. Maybe red zone type threats and stuff. But who is to say they see any of these draftable WR’s as anything better that on our roster. At this point (or even in round 3) if Beane is drafting someone then that player definitely needs to be a special teams contributor most likely. Just my opinion. But think about it logically. John Brown and Beasley aren’t playing special teams. So other WR’s who are on game day roster need to be playing special teams too. I guess I'm just not as bent out of shape because really if they weren’t there in the top 2 rounds I didn’t feel like they would push someone on our roster. Except for McLaurin in the 3rd. And he got drafted right before us. I honestly think he would have been the pick over Singletary. But I’m not going to lose my $#!+ over it. We still have our top WR’s from last season + Beasley and Brown. Maybe even Duke Williams contributes. We proved last year with a crap O-line and Foster and Zay that JA can throw for 200 yards. Now with this new focus on the O-lime and a couple more guys maybe Josh a Allen is more consistent. Running less. I just don’t see it as the sky is falling. I kind of felt like WR was a maybe if the right guy fell to us. Not a we absolutely must draft a WR. Now as as far as day 3 prospects I still feel like there’s talent there that I would argue will stick around the NFL as long or longer than a few who went before. Still some fast dudes. Also shockingly Hakeem Butler is there who I feel like is and has been the best award on the board. I guess that’s why I’m not a talent evaluator. Or maybe he just bombed in interviews. Keep that hat in mind but a reason some of these people fall so far is teams completely remove them from their boards. So when they are falling and we on the board are screaming “how come we aren’t trading up into the 3rd round to take so and so” just remember. Usually at that point no one is. Metcalf must have been completely off people’s boards. Neck injuries are serious. Seattle is willing to gamble. We will see if it pays off. I’m 50/50 on him. I think I’m more obsessed about his numbers than anything. There is some WR’s still there with some impressive highlight film. Who knows if that matches up with their skill. I’m guessing if we grab one at this point he will be fast and a teams contributor. Not shocking at all.
  12. Lol. I honestly called this one a while back. Side note it’s it makes sense cause the WR’s we have on our roster Beasley, John Brown and Zay aren’t playing special teams. So this wouldn’t shock me. Also McLaurin’s 4.35 40 time didn’t hurt his draft stock. But I think he can be had in the 4th. Maybe even the 5th if lucky. So I see DE and TE as going in the next two picks.
  13. I disagree. And I wouldn’t be shocked if we go this whole draft without one. I personally have wanted Hakeem Butler the whole time. But I don’t think this front office will push for it just because this board I had a hard on for DK Metcalf.
  14. Agree. We don’t have to take a WR just because they are all going. Why don’t we start a run on another position instead. I wasn’t Ferguson at DE. I just think he plays aggressive. Then fingers crossed or trade back up for a TE later. WR is a luxury if we get it. But don’t force it at this point.
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