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  1. That wasn’t helmet to helmet. That was helmet to chest then slide and hit in the chin. I think the refs got that right. It’s unfortunate he got hurt but just because someone gets hurt doesn’t mean the defender was at fault. I’m sure there will be arguments on who sees that as bad hit vs clean hit. I think that’s clean. Close but clean by the rules standard.
  2. Just because Ford has been injured doesn’t mean he isn’t good. He’s shown really well in the preseason games. Ike in my opinion has looked worse this preseason than last year. Ford improves our run game too. Significantly over Ike who couldn’t move anyone off the ball last season. Ike can pass block for what it’s worth.
  3. It’s Norm Macdonald playing Burt Reynolds as a guest on Jeopardy. He puts his name down as Turd Ferguson.
  4. I only mentioned the other things as well because they were in other comments. They can lose game checks but guaranteed money is guaranteed money. The Bills are on the hook for that. Will be interesting how it plays out. New stuff evolving constantly.
  5. Everyone’s seems to be strongly opinionated about Beasley because he isn’t on their same narrative. But you’re also assuming the rest fall in line with that belief which they may or may not. Strong stance. But what if it’s mandated and Josh Allen sits out cause he’s not wanting to get vaccinated. Just assuming he’s gotten it or will is a big assumption. I see no reason why we can’t play this season the exact way we did last season pre vaccine. We made it through then surely we can do it again. This doesn’t need to be an issue. Mandating anything will make it an issue. Also the Supreme Court ruling back in 1912 was a $150 fine for not vaccinating. They didn’t pin the man down and vaccinate his child because he refused to vaccinate it. Just so we have the correct context. Any mandate that is applied people will still have freedom to choose. Like employers requiring it and employees quoting their jobs. The exact same could happen in the NFL. This is not as simple as many on here think it is. playing devils advocate assume JA is anti Covid vaccine like Beasley. You think the Bills would be stoked if it’s mandated and JA walks away and says he’s not getting it? They just guaranteed him $150 million. Just food for thought.
  6. We can go 7 WR. No way we go 8. Kumerow can replace Taiwan Jones as gunner I believe. So that would be the swap for the 4th RB. Giliam plays RB/TE. But we would at bare minimum carry Knox and Hollister. The log jam at DE is crazy. I bet we trade one. No way we hold onto 7. Some years we only have carried 4 (maybe 5). This year to carry 6 would be a lot. LB I suppose would be where we sacrifice for extra defensive linemen. This will no doubt be quite the debate once we see final cuts/roster. Joe B I enjoy his stuff but he is way off here I believe.
  7. While I agree with almost all of this one of his main reasons against the vaccine Cole has stated is that those with the vaccine are just as likely (or more likely) to transmit the virus. This is because they may have it but not feel the symptoms. His main complaint is why are they being held to a different standard. I don’t know what McKenzie’s beef is cause I didn’t read his tweets. I had the Covid 19 as well as all in my family. We have not had the delta. We live on the west coast and I’m not sure where this is more prevalent. The only cases of people I know who have personally had Covid in the last 3 months are 3 friends (all of whom had the vaccine). So I’m assuming that’s the delta variant that is going around. It seemed like all the Covid had began to come to an end (or was trending that way). Then we had a big surge. I still think it’s irrelevant. They need to wear the mask because it’s what is required. Even though I think the masks are useless we need to abide by the rules put in place no matter if we agree/disagree.
  8. It is probably best that it is far. Otherwise I would crush it every day and my cholesterol would get out of hand. I can guarantee Josh Allen eats In-N-Out. Everyone in California eats it. Fresno area fold especially. If you didn't enjoy it your first go around I highly recommend you give it another shot. It grows on you like a tumor.
  9. They fry the mustard onto the bun. It is unreal bro. I swear the hidden menu at In-N-Out is great. If you go fried mustard I suggest not getting the spread though. So you can enjoy the taste of the fired mustard. Also the spread is like 150 calories too. Delicious in it's own right as well.
  10. The big pull for me with shake shack was the mushroom and bacon option on the burgers. That being said straight burger for burger In-N-Out hands down for me. No spread, whole grilled onions, fried mustard, and chopped chilies. Just let the flavor soak in. I used to despise their fries but now I can’t stop eating those either. They must use cocaine or something. Good lord I know what I’m eating for my next meal. Food porn!
  11. I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t appreciate In-N-Out. I realize it’s a simple recipe but the burger is delicious. In my opinion the best out there. I had someone rave to me about Shake Shack and I tried that. To me it was just meh. But I understand everyone has a different pallet. My fallback plan if I ever become homeless is to just hang out near an In-N-Out and eat the grilled cheese and onions off of discarded food trays.
  12. I think it would lead to an end for Taiwan Jones as Kumerow can play gunner.
  13. The vaccine is not FDA approved. That’s a fact. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dangerous. Just means it hasn’t done through all the required testing to meet FDA requirements. Some of those are probably based on time which this vaccine has yet to run the course. I’m sure it will be FDA approved eventually. Not that the FDA is a perfect measuring system in safety but at least it’s a standard to go off of.
  14. Are you getting that statistic from the same department who said the virus didn’t originate in a lab in Wuhan? jk. This thread is a fun read. I’m enjoying this.
  15. Touché. Still I don’t trust any statistic being released by the government currently. Haha. Seems like much less down in Southern California but I suppose it’s just the circles I run with.
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