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  1. The good news about Cook. He wasn't a workhorse in college so his body doesnt have the beating on it that some of these guys do coming out. The bad thing about Cook. He wasn't a workhorse in college so you have no idea what you are going to get. I see a lot of CJ Spiller in James Cook. If used correctly, could be a great addition. but don't expect a between the tackles back.
  2. Truthfully he's not, but no team is. his drafting overall is very meh. But he's hit two HR's in Allen and Gabe Davis.
  3. But if yo don't have one, then other teams don't even have to worry about it. Continually building defense is stange to me, especailly for a guy like this who nobody is even sure where he is gona play..
  4. Sure, if this was the (90s NFL. But it aint, and specials teams outside of a good Kicker/punter is becoming less and less relevant.
  5. probably like me and dont have cable. I had ABC on but also had my phone up with NFL app.
  6. I didn't think i was going to get that emotional. That's a voice that's been with me for 35+ years. Sneaking my walkman under my pillow to listen to games as a kid to being an adult with Briere, Drury Max and those magical playoff calls. I get chills just thinking about them. I just hope he lives long enough to for them to win one for him.
  7. This is the first time in 10 years that im kind of mad that the season is ending. They are fun to watch,
  8. Dont draft a 2nd RD WR, James Hardy (RIP) or a first round QB - EJ Manuel. or a 3rd RD RB, Zack Moss
  9. This is what I dont geat about this draft "Not a lot of good 1st rd talent and Loaded in 3rd 4th rds" do not seem to fit together. Trade up again if you have to. I'm still all aboard the Hall train, get a game breaking RB.
  10. Trade up again, so people can get more angry about how you gave up mid-late rd picks because they think they know that BIlls will get a great player at picks 100+.
  11. People mad that the Bills gave up a 4th Rd pick. lol. Drafted a position of need, hopefully the kids game translates.
  12. I hate that I love Tom Brady out of New England. He seems more fun and more laid back.
  13. About 27 Million a Year. (75% of that coming from income taxes) I can like the bills and also say this is a terrible F*&( deal for NYS.
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