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  1. how much of a raging ***** must she have been for people in that office to say “oh I totally get it” “it was self defense” You've got to admire the dedication. There had to have been been days where he was just “man what am I doing with my life” and just kept going. Also so the ability to never get caught.
  2. Alright, which one of you sick freaks is this? https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/man-accused-of-ejaculating-in-his-boss-coffee-everyday-for-4-years/
  3. Turns out Adam Gase Never wanted Le'veon Bell. Was adamantly against it. Pissed that they signed him and it eventually gets the GM fired Now Gase is the GM. With Bells attitude history and Reports that former players hated Gase. I could see that being a disaster
  4. If only the bills were able to get Ross Tucker before he went national. He is a great listen. I don't listen to OBD so i cant really comment on them. Though i will say for the times i have briefly tuned in, for as bad as people say they are, my opinion is the callers/"superfans" are 1000% worse.
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