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  1. The NFL brotherhood thing might be the biggest joke of the night signed Sean Peyton offering up money for his team to injure “their brothers”. Or countless defender launching themselves like missile into the ball carries dome (now illegal).
  2. By the looks of this thread I’d say the other way around. Brady made fun of half of the NFL.
  3. Right? It’s ***** comedy lighten the ***** up
  4. The Nikki Glaser set was so damn good. also Kevin Hart laughing uncontrollably at “aw hell naw” may have been my favorite part of the show.
  5. Eh. Even those. I love the draft. I’ll never understand the “instant gratification/dissatisfaction takes though.
  6. If I won it at something sure. I have very few autographed things. two jerseys. John Tavares Bandits. Greg Maddux Braves. both hung on the wall in my office. though I may complete the Braves rotation collection.
  7. This thread is full of steaming hot takes. it’s been 1 day. Maybe let this play out to see what actually happens.
  8. interesting read on the entire WR class. Remains to be seen if this data point will continue to hold water.
  9. Says the fan of the team that drafted 3 straight DEs because it was a position if need.
  10. You could say in rd 3 getting a quality starter at any position are not good.
  11. Okay. Fine. A DT. Whatever he might be good. Probably will be average. get more weapons on offense.
  12. Scrubs. Though certain episodes I skip if I don’t want to feel all time sad (Brendan Fraser, Rabies)
  13. I would call this roster anything but elite. This roster is worse than last year‘s at this point
  14. Better Idea trade 28 for Higgins or Aiyuk trade a 2nd this year and a 25 1st for a 24 1st and grab Thomas Jr from LSU. profit.
  15. Calling my shot. Bears get 2024 1st 2025 1st late rd pick Bills get 2024 1st #9
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