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  1. Meh if a better one came along id drop either. Not to get to far ahead of myself but if they are able to get their hands on Travis Etienne and Najee Harris in the next draft they should.
  2. IMO, They are going teh other way. Regression instead of improvement. Next week will tell a lot about this team. Seattle's Defense is bad. Their offense is unstoppable. Which Bills team shows up Weeks 1-4 or weeks 5-8
  3. TO be fair. When the close games are against teams the Bills should be much much better than. Its cause for concern.
  4. You cant let bad teams hang around. This team has no identity on offense. The team is bad on defense. Not a good recipe, hope they get it figured out next few weeks, or it could spell trouble. But they are 6-2 and on pace for a division title, so all is good, for now.
  5. I have at least 4 losses to SF, AZ, Sea, Pitt who knows what to expect against Billy and the Pats. 3 weeks in a row the offense was pretty bad. I don’t know what defense is going to show up.
  6. I’m still not confident when he steps on the field. Hes got a lot of work to do.
  7. It was a win, and thats good. but to me it raised more questions than answers.
  8. Build a dome, no more need to worry about it.......😁
  9. Went with Herbert and Prescott. People severely underrate Dak.
  10. I had a feeling that this would become permanent. IMO its a big middle finger by Snyder who didnt want to change the name at all.
  11. NO. They literally took what the defense gave them, just like the Pats did when they ran the Ball down our throats when we had Dave Wanstead because we didn't want Brady to beat us. But you are right, Mahomes is going to come out and say yea that defense is trash and we were able to do whatever we wanted and it was nice to not actually have to break a sweat. The Bills shut none of teh KC offense down. KC just decided to run the ball more in a driving rain storm than throw it becuase they could do it a 8 yards a carry.
  12. And the Chiefs were a missed pass to a Wide Open Kelce away from Mahomes having 300+ yards and 3 Tds The Chiefs moved the ball at will both through the air and on the ground. Rain had a hall of a lot more to do with it than anything the Bills or Chiefs did.
  13. What have you done for me lately. or NFL not For long. They have looked like ass for two weeks. THe 7 week gauntlet after teh Jets is going to tell us who this team is.
  14. I meant Peterman, All the bad Qbs are in my head.
  15. yesterday let the clock expire in the 3Q trying to get the Chiefs to jump Offside instead of actually running a play to get a fresh set of downs to start Q4. Going for 1 instead of 2 yesterday to make it so if the Chefs got a FG you were within a TD still.
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