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  1. Pulled from a blog: OCGA Sec. 40-6-393 allows for a driver to be charged with vehicular homicide if he "causes the death of another person" VH is a misdemeanor if the death is caused by what I'll call a "normal" moving violation, e.g. speeding or running a stop sign. When the predicate offense is a more serious one such as racing or reckless driving (or if someone leaves the scene), it's a felony. What this means: a prosecutor could decide to indict Carter for two counts of felony vehicular homicide and he could face up to 15 years per count. This is not to say that is what will happen - the charges were referred to the solicitor who handles misdemeanors, but the solicitor could very well refer the charges up the ladder to the DA.
  2. I feel like we are also ignoring the BAC levels that were reported. Did he bolt because he was also heavily intoxicated?
  3. I assume they hire from within as well. they will have the same scheme. agreed about getting new young blood in. maybe even though scheme is different the play calling will be more effective/efficient. That’s the hope at least.
  4. Frazier runs McDermotts style of defense. Who ever they bring in will run the same defense. I wouldn’t expect schematic changes.
  5. There is being tough which we all wanted but and he is a complete liability on the ice. Vancouver fans are thrilled he’s gone. he’s a very bad player and has been every place he’s been in. 4th team in less than 2 years as well.
  6. To #NJDevils : F Meier (50% RS) D Harrington F Ibragimov D Hatakka G Émond 2024 5th RD pick (COL) To #SJSharks : F Johnsson F Zetterlund D Mukhamadullin D Okhotiuk 2023 1st RD pick 2024 2nd RD pick (conditional) 2024 7th RD pick * becomes a 1st if NJ make the conference final
  7. This is absolutely hilarious. I wonder how many takes this actually took
  8. I’m sorry but these excuses are getting old. the Carolina game was “well it was the last game before break” Calgary game was “well it was the first game back after a break” the game last night was “well it was the first game of a west coast trip and they need to find their legs after travel” how about sack up and win a damn game. They arnt just losing either. They are getting their faces stomped in.
  9. Probably no one and won’t really watch much. Football season ended today for all I’m concerned about.
  10. That seems really dumb then to be honest. draft players and force them to fit your mold, instead of using what they are and do best. I just can’t picture of the bills doing that, but what do I know?
  11. And Basham is just a DE. your point would hold a little more value if they hadn’t just spent their first picks on the d line in the draft. it was an awful pick for need, value, etc.
  12. Except the way they’re building the defense of line of quantity over quality is not sustainable. They don’t have a true difference maker on that D line. With a miracle form Cincinnati*
  13. Just because one player turns out doesn’t mean the other player shouldn’t feel pressure to. It was and has always been a bad pick in terms of positional need, player, resources used on the position etc.
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