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  1. CountDorkula

    WR John Brown (Ravens) to the Bills

    I would have rather had Funchess for 1 year 10MM.
  2. CountDorkula

    Bills one of 6 teams in on Leveon Bell

    But you have all the caps space. That was the saying leading up to this off season. Make it a 20MM cap hit this year and front load the hell out of the deal. 3 years in, you have an out, and can restructure if needed.
  3. Possibly? He did just put together a team that had one of the worst offenses in NFL history. he cut a lot of players, any of us could have done that. it also did not allow teh bills to be competitive last year. it remains to be seen if he can bring in the right talent and not overpay for bad players in UFA and also draft well.
  4. The same Julio who sat out the offseason last year trying to get Atlanta to get him a new contract....
  5. the extra picks are what rounds 4-7? also, you just said they got rid of guys that were overpaid. They tried to bring in a guy and pay him, he said no thanks. What do you think is going to happen in UFA this year? The Bills are going to have to overpay to bring in the top talent that is needed.
  6. what is that plan and direction? build a culture of swell guys? his plan currently has a losing record, again, why is there so much faith in it?
  7. Through two years they have the same exact record as Marrone and Ryan. I don't understand the blind faith in these guys. especially after the coach says culture is the most important thing and it trumps everything else.
  8. you know me, I want the bills to fail. i love being a fan of a team that continuously fails and makes he same mistakes over and over again.
  9. they built a bunch of cap space and a losing record over the past two years. with one of the worst offenses in history. Doug Marrone - 15-17 Rex Ryan - 15-17 Sean McDermott - 15-17 Why is there so much belief in these two that they are any different?
  10. kind of like Julio Jones who signed a contract and was holding out to get a more lucrative one.....
  11. You mean one of the best WRs in the game wants to make as much money as he can in a short amount of time. Seems unreasonable.........
  12. now only if teh bills had a QB that when he was coming out of college was compared to a guy like Big Ben. i wonder if we could get one of those. Oh wait.....
  13. Hi, A decent home for 100K? Find me that. It's extremly expensive here, I've traveld for years and Buffalo is one of the most expensive cities to fly into and out of. A beautiful home for $350K is going to cost you 10K a year in property taxes. over a 30 year mortgage, thats 300K Other places with better weather and better paying jobs and lower income tax will have that at maybe 3K per year that's $210K i am saving for other AREAS over 30 years. I guess buffalo is so good that it is continued to be ranked at the top for people leaving.