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  1. I would call this roster anything but elite. This roster is worse than last year‘s at this point
  2. Better Idea trade 28 for Higgins or Aiyuk trade a 2nd this year and a 25 1st for a 24 1st and grab Thomas Jr from LSU. profit.
  3. Calling my shot. Bears get 2024 1st 2025 1st late rd pick Bills get 2024 1st #9
  4. All this says to me is the bills are going to use their 24 and 25 first round picks to trade up and draft a wide receiver.
  5. So nothing like Gabe Davis at all
  6. So top end talent can only be found at the top of the draft? thats such a bull#### answer. All defats and elite players are found in every round. buffalo either can’t draft those guys or can’t develope them.
  7. Meh. The offense still couldnt figure itself under Brady at times. unless he brings in brand new concepts im less than impressed. but go Brady, prove me wrong.
  8. You could literally write this paragraph word for word for about 10-15 fanbases.
  9. I’d say maybe a while ago there was an argument to be made, but now this fanbase is full of pompous #######s who gloat about how great the team is, and have become insufferable even though the team hasn’t won anything. I go to at least one away game a year on a friends trip and I constantly hear from away team fans of how poorly they are treated in Buffalo if they come here and how terribly our fanbase acts when they are in that opposing teams city. I tell everyone I know and meet that I do not associate myself with bills mafia
  10. Congrats on winning a 4 team meaningless regular season crown. what has it actually accomplished. id rather be the giants who won 2 Superbowls having completely ass regular seasons.
  11. This thread is unreadable due to those Twitter posts.
  12. The OL has been consistently rated one of the better units in football all year. I don’t think it’s a bad unit. I love Josh Allen, but a lot of the team he creates pressure or holds the ball and does his runaround thing and the OL seems like an issue.
  13. You live and die with Josh Allen. I may get frustrated at times with him, and I think we all do. probably because we’ve seen what he’s capable of. Missing that long pass to Diggs when all he needs to do is put a bit of air under the throw and let Diggs run under it instead of trying to drop a dime for instance. As long as the live to die remains 4:1 ratio. I’m good.
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