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  1. Being a year away means to me that the current team is not very good. Your entire post post can be summed up by this. “There is always next year”
  2. Offense scores 16 points. Blame the defense for allowing 2 TDS all day sounds about right.
  3. They have actually gone backwards in terms of production, so that’s promising.
  4. Um, Ever heard of Tom Brady? He is pretty good.
  5. Be disappointed, the NFL actually wants the opposite.
  6. Something very few think about. most of these players played in the SEC or come from southern climates. players hate playing in cold weather games, i remember Thruman on a radio interview saying they couldn't wait for their Trips south during the winter. Your body hurts less playing in warmer weather and its looser.
  7. Carson Wentz completed 70% of his passes in those same conditions....
  8. Imagine being a Raiders fan. Trade Mack and Cooper sign Peterman and trade for Zay Jones
  9. Not sure if you are in Buffalo or not but there is a place on route 5 in Lackawanna called premium coffee roasters, I’ve never been but I’ve heard good things about it. They have a ***** ton of coffee so I hear.
  10. Hes really F*(&% good. He would be the best WR the Bills have had in the last 10 years.*****
  11. Unless he said I'm done here. Maybe he doesn't get along with Cousins? Wasnt there just an Issue with Thielen(sp?) and Cousins?
  12. Why. I will give you two examples just from this past week. Watch the Burfict hit on Jack Doyle. Watch the Jones hit on Allen. One is clear intent to injure, one is a collision that happens 10-20 times per game. it sucks Allen got hurt, but if that was Poyer or Hyde that hit Brady like that there would be zero bi**** here and we would be saying the same thing Pats fans are saying about intent. If Poyer hits Brady like that, do you feel the same? Defenders are taught that if you get a free shot on a QB you 100% take it. The Bills are no different. Josh needs to learn how to slide of just fall forward. Always trying to do too much.
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