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  1. Man, I get the satire but the Chargers video objectively sucked and I'm pretty sure the Falcons one was made by a drunk 18 year old who watches too much Archer. Not saying the Bills is the best, particularly since I haven't seen all 32, but to say those are better is a stretch
  2. It's ridiculous! It goes to show that the Bills D has a ton of depth but not necessarily high end talent in the front 7 right now. That's obviously subject to change depending on how the next year pans out and if we have a guy (or a few) who's heads above everyone else moving forward
  3. He should have at least double that! C'mon man!
  4. I think they're gonna roll with what worked last year and see if it truly is a position that needs to be upgraded. They love Dane and Levi has proved to be serviceable so why invest a high pick if you have faith in Dane taking a big step. If he doesn't then next year they'll know for sure and draft accordingly
  5. Simple question here guys. Which bills defensive player finishes with the most sacks this upcoming season? One of the two high round rookies, a second year player, one of the vets, the new guy, the under achieving DT, one of the LBs? Man, when I first thought about this I was thinking just DE, but none of them had big years last year and AJ Klein tied with Addison for 5 sacks on the year. Honestly I could see any number of players taking the crown! I'm interested to hear what the rest of you think. Personally I think Rousseau is going to light it up with the tutelage
  6. Hahah I've never seen I get that for sure. It's really just an abstract thought I had on the potentiality of moving up to secure higher rated prospects this year at the expense of the later picks for the most part. Quality over quantity and all that
  7. What do you find unsustainable about the trade? If anything I'd say it's more sustainable because the players your drafting this year will be better than you'd get otherwise and next year having a 2nd instead of a 1st wouldn't be tragic
  8. I didn't. So theoretically the Bills would have to choose to move closer to the middle of the rounds rather than as high up as the Panthers are. Not a terrible trade off. What I find interesting is everyone automatically shooting it down even though if this trade were to happen the Bills would come out on top by quite a bit (the value of a 3rd and 4th?)
  9. I don't know the composition of their roster but I wouldn't be opposed to it, especially if I have a number of late round prospects I feel good about. Realistically this would be the bare minimum it would take for me to do the deal
  10. Those were my thoughts exactly! Although I didn't necessarily convey them like you did here. It's obviously risky and there's almost a zero percent chance of it happening.
  11. It's not like I said it was some rumor or bound to happen. Just a thought I had about trading up
  12. I'm not thrilled about losing that pick completely. If we do it this way then we still have two 2nds to work with
  13. We'd still have the same amount of picks and with more players coming out. The talent drop off would probably be comparable from the trade down next year to the trade up this year
  14. I don't hate it but then those picks absolutely need to be impact players. If it were for friermuth and then a CB2 whoever drops wouldn't be bad. I'd like to keep a 5th and 6th if possible for a 1t and a speedy offensive player
  15. I mean we'd be moving up in the 3rd too and getting an early 4th. I just feel like there might be a huge drop off in talent and this would prevent us from missing out
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