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  1. True. Dorsey certainly doesn't do Allen many favors with the playcalls, a lot of times it's kind of 'go out there and make a play Josh' instead of 'here's an easy 7 yard completion for you'. It would be nice to have a more balanced attack with more runs sprinkled in but I think it's baked into the offensive philosophy of let Josh be Josh. Give him the opportunity to make plays and more often than not, he will. When you run the ball or have those designed plays to hit a 5 yard out it takes away those opportunities for Josh to make magic happen.
  2. I mean you could technically consider most, if not all, teams inferior to the Bills, as even before the season they've been heralded as Superbowl favorites and have finished as the 2* seed in the AFC. Every team they play against is giving maximum effort to get up for the Bills this season. The mistakes they're making are certainly frustrating but that's on the players moreso than the coaches. It's predominantly execution error rather than play calling that's the main issue. McDermott might not always challenge the plays that you want or call inopportune timeouts, but no coach is perfect. To say that the coaching is an issue disregards the fact that they've won 13 games this year and were a cancelled game away from the 1 seed which was the goal for the regular season. Despite all of the adversity they faced. At this point it's a new season and the Bills are 1-0 playing against a division rival with a ton of bad blood. I'd imagine that the Dolphins know the Bills better than any other team in the league. There's so many factors that go into each game and every week presents new challenges, and I'm confident that the Bills can weather any storm and will be in a position to win every game they're in
  3. Fair enough, I'm in the opinion that they clean up the crappy turnovers, the smoke pick and josh fumble (I consider the Beasley pick more random chance than the others) they win this, and most other games going away.
  4. For sure. The Bills haven't played a clean game in too long, as long as they keep winning imo it doesn't matter. The Bills are a gritty win at any cost team and it has shown through the current win streak. Anyone who thinks the Bills are an 'easy out' or will be a walk in the park are frankly idiots. They will be in the game with a chance to win until the very end regardless of circumstance.
  5. Oh I know, your phrasing made it sound like they didn't just do the thing that you described. They realistically could have put up potentially 50 against the Dolphins today.
  6. They've won 7, possibly 😎😎 8, in a row. The coaches must be God awful
  7. They could come out and have no turnovers and blow the doors off whatever team they face
  8. The worst part is I got a Rousseau jersey for x-mas this year
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