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  1. I sure hope so. He has the right mindset and drive, I could see him being the franchise LT we've been on the lookout for since Jason Peters.
  2. Williams and Stewart was an awesome backfield. If Singletary and Moss can give that type of return no one would complain about that! Those numbers would certainly be sweet. 1500 total yards and 8 TDS I guess it depends on his carries and usage but I could definitely see him hitting it. I'm not sure what that leaves for Moss. If he put up and 600-800 on the ground and 200 receiving this year, to go along with 6 tds, we're looking at a top backfield.
  3. The first four games will probably give us the answer. If Singletary balls out early on the season there's no reason to think Moss would eat into his workload. On the other hand if he looks average and/or Moss just explodes on the scene it might play out differently. Either way I'm excited to see how the backfield looks this year. By the end of the year I think the Bills will be talked about as a potentially explosive offense and a lot of the credit will go to the running game
  4. Personally, I think Zack Moss will end up having a pretty impressive season, not sure if it'll be enough to dethrone Singletary though. Devin really started to come on strong late last year and he could follow it up with a big year. Also, I could see Wade getting some action and breaking off some big gainers not that he'll really take any significant carries away from the other two.
  5. I'm not missing the point in the least we just have different perspectives on it. The NFL as an employer gives it's employees the opportunity to express opinions by grandstanding themselves and making a spectacle of the whole ordeal. People would still watch if there were no anthem or flyovers. The NFL, in particular, and major league sports, in general are completely different beasts than your average employers. The NFL as an organization isn't a fair model for it's employees where players are treated like cattle and drafted by teams they might not want to play for, all for the '
  6. Yes if my waiter or waitress whether lgbtq decides to promote anyone they wish it would not affect the 'quality' of the meal I ordered. Also is the waiter's or waitress', in question, performances being scrutinized by millions of people worldwide.. Realistically yes someone who is world renowned should be held to a different standard than someone who is only truly known by his or her close family and/or friends
  7. Exactly. People like to think these things are mutually exclusive so they can have one without the other. It baffles me how many people equate their jobs/professions with that of an NFL player. They train tirelessly for their entire lives to reach 'the pinnacle' of their profession yet (you) as a middle class (insert profession here) believe that the conduct of you both should be held to the same standard
  8. So what you're saying is that, essentially a minute and a half of someone expressing an opinion, that you don't like, completely ruins a 3+ hour (180+ minute) event for you!? YOU and people like you are the problem
  9. Fair enough. It was a quick thought that wasn't fully fledged, although I do stand by that they'll trade down
  10. The Bills trade back with their 2nd and 6th and 7th round picks to get an extra 3rd and 4th. So they would have a later 2nd, 2 3rds, 2 4ths, a 5th and a 6th
  11. Really I wouldn't want either one before the 4th, preferably 5th. It's tough gaging how the draft is going to shake out with everything that's going on and all of the playmakers in the draft this year
  12. I think a similar player with more upside is Lynn Bowden. He was poised to have a breakout season on the biletnikoff and hornung watchlist, injuries to the top 2 QBs on the Kentucky roster forced him to play QB. His stock dropped but he mostly played as a running back while throwing occasionally. From what I've seen I believe he's going to come in and make a huge impact. Hopefully for the Bills
  13. I feel like none of the options here have the upside that Beane looks for. In my opinion he typically drafts high ceiling type players and these all seem to be the opposite
  14. The thing is it's not about running a 4 WR set. It's about creating mismatches using different personnel grouping. Like a 2 or 3 WR set with different players ( Diggs, and Brown, Diggs and Beasley, Brown and Beasley, etc) So a 4th WR could feasibly get action in any of these sets. Or is that off base? I suppose by that logic we must run a slot of 3 and 4 DE sets since Lawson, Hughes, Murphy and Johnson all saw plenty of action last year
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