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  1. NewEra

    Ideal Scenario If No Playoffs in 2018?

    With this regime, win as much as possible.
  2. Hahahahaha!!! Love this Where are those Von Miller haters?
  3. NewEra

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks

    That’s kind of my point. He went from the best team in the league. I bet he had a wonderful time winning. If I’m him, I’m signing a 1 year deal with another contender if someone isn’t willing to pay top dollar. As much as we love our city, not everyone sees Buffalo as a desirable destination, but top dollar makes us look a lot better. If we somehow get him, I’d bet top dollar that it’s over 6.5 mill a year.
  4. NewEra

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks

    I hope your right. It’s just if he’s going to sign a 1 year deal, which is what he’d probably want to do if he came here, I think he’d rather put himself in position for a super bowl
  5. NewEra

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks

    I think for him to come to buffalo it would cost upward of 8 mill a year. And I’m fine with that.
  6. NewEra

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks

    Oh man. He’s the piece I’m looking for. Can’t see us spending the money on him though unless we can backload the contract. Kendrick’s, Edmunds and Milano would be pretty versatile. Our LBs would be set imo
  7. NewEra

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    He’s been 1st in arm strength since day one. But make things up.
  8. NewEra

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    Nice. Another vote of confidence for the big kid
  9. NewEra

    The Biggest Whiffs In Buffalo Bills History

    Drafting Whimpner over Ngata
  10. NewEra

    Am I the only one who has confidence in our WR's?

    I most definitely didn’t think Tyrod was awesome. It’s been documented on this site.
  11. NewEra

    Top 10 Boneheaded Moves of NFL offseason

    A better deal than 3 2nd rd picks to move down to a spot where they were able to draft one of the top 3 players in the draft? I doubt it. That deal was perfect for them and I personally don’t think there could be another deal better
  12. NewEra

    Am I the only one who has confidence in our WR's?

    I don’t understand how someone with eyesight could write this thread.
  13. NewEra

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    6 pages?? We need some new news.
  14. NewEra

    Brian Daboll’s Temper

    Agreed. That’s more than a bit scary. I wonder how many of those positions he was fired from
  15. I agree 100%. I didn’t even watch the kick. Sure, it would’ve been risky, but I was screaming at the TV for them to go for a quick out. Any playbwhere we could get 5 more yards. When they trotted Norwood out, I was a 16 year punk that ran into my bedroom, jumped on the bed and put my head into my pillow and started crying. I didn’t even watch the kick. I was throwing a full blown tantrum before the kick was even missed. I found out he missed when I heard my dads reaction. I just knew he was going to miss it. Inside of 42 Norwood was money. Outside of 42 he was a disaster. If the kick was inside 42 and he missed, the kick is on him. It’s like if poppovich called a play for tim Duncan to shoot a 3 with 2 seconds in th clock. It’s not Tim Duncan’s fault if he misses it. He didn’t shoot 3s well and it wouldn’t make sense for pop to call that play. We called a play that didn’t suit the player taking the shot, and we lost because of it.