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  1. On every board….No? No other back in this class is in his realm. it’s not the ranking of the player among his RB peers that will get him selected before we pick. It’s his ranking among every player in the draft. Top 5 player imo. He’s a truly great RB. His agility (especially for a guy his size) is almost unmatched from my memory. that said- trading up for a Rb….oh hell naw
  2. Elway top 3 🤣 I thought Steve Young was 10X better than Elway. Not sure if Elway would be in my top 10 tbh
  3. He’s an extremely patient runner. Running backs like him seem to be patient when they have good blocking and tentative when they have no holes. He looked dam good to me…..his 5 carries vs Cinci not withstanding
  4. The majority of those RBs aren’t getting that kind of money. Wait til the market eats itself then pick up the scraps for pennies. If we can upgrade the OL, I’d be fine with cook and Duke tbh.
  5. The feelings are mutual John. Whichever position we draft, I just hope that player turns out to be great. If it’s a RB, just hope that he can help run us to a Lombardi.
  6. Of course you are! He’s a demon. I wouldn’t hate on it. It’s not my preference, but we’d be getting a top 5 player in the class with the 27th pick. That said. I REALLY doubt he slips to us. He’s a different animal than Breece Hall.
  7. Well, you have Peterson AND Pederson listed. If you only listed one, I’d concede an spelling error. You listed both in your own list (not the OPs). Hence the question.
  8. Who is this Peterson guy that keeps being mentioned along with the Pederson guy?
  9. Pretty good list. Except- saleh and mcdaniel ahead of Daboll? Please explain. I also think Mcvay, sirianni and Taylor are a notch too high but understand why you’d place them there. also- who is Peterson? I assume you mean Pederson who you also listed? I’d also put pederson up a notch.
  10. He’s a helluva defensive mind. Take your talents to the NFC Lou
  11. Great coaching has a lot to do with it
  12. I’d love to sign Gronk. It’s been my hope to run more 2TE sets to help the run AND pass game. Knox and Gronk could be tough. I’d question how much he has left in the tank though. Upgrading TE2 or making sure Morris gains another 10 LBs and improves his blocking would really help our O imo.
  13. I don’t have much confidence in Bates anywhere. As is, we know is not a good guard. Maybe he suffered this year because he was playing next to Brown as opposed Dawkins last year. Maybe he’s just a better LG than RG? Maybe he’ll be a better center. One thing we know, he wasn’t good this season playing RG
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