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  1. They do sometimes. Sometimes they are shut down completely. I remember when John Miller and Jordan Mills made JJ invisible. Even those elite players are best when they have a great player opposite them. This isn’t even up for discussion. regarding jerry, we agree to disagree. He’s very good in my book.
  2. Name one player that isn’t best when he has a guy like Mario williams across from him to take a little pressure off? I don’t think he’s “good”. I’d rate him very good. He isn’t elite, no doubt. Stats are what sells. He doesn’t have much in terms of stats. He plays the run very well and has been one of the best DEs in the league at generating pressure. He has major issues finishing sack, but QBs know he’s coming.
  3. Jerry Hughes has 3 sacks against the 2nd best LT in the league in a playoff game. Just sayin
  4. Agreed. At one point I thought sammy had the ability to be the best wr in the league. Quite possibly has to do with ghosts
  5. Agreed. Cooper reminds me of a more productive Sammy. All the tools to dominate and be the best wr in the league but something is missing. Still dam good, it I don’t see him as a top 10 guy. I’d rather have Diggs for sure
  6. He’s a fast running back getting carries in a shanahan offense. Is anyone surprised he’s producing? He should be happy with his 3.5 mill a year imo. His salary is what’s keeping him a niner. If he wants more, someone else is gonna have to pay him. I doubt SF gives him more
  7. Agreed. I really hope we don’t give up a high pick and pay this guy 20 mill a year. He’s good. Not that good imo. I’d rather allocate resources elsewhere
  8. No doubt. Been looking for it since it came out. I didnt bother to Dvr it because everything eventually makes it online.....except this one interview
  9. Deal with it P. Business gots to do what businesses gots to do.
  10. Ahaha hahahahahaha. he is, but even the worst can sometimes say things that are legit.
  11. John Brown is the perfect #2 in the league. He can do it all with speed to dominate. Beane is money
  12. This. Americans suck for the most part. There’s lots of good, but too much sucky to allow the good to make their mark
  13. Of course it’s real. No one is saying it isn’t real. Beane (and McD) scouted and liked those players enough to draft/sign those players when he was in Carolina.....it makes sense that he would be interested in them. They had success with those players. Seems to be working out just fine so far. Looking at that FA list I posted..... there are 6 ex bills that made their way to Carolina. While
  14. Yes I realize that, thanks but this is not true.
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