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  1. No. It IS more. It is a fact.
  2. Nick Foles Could Be in Your Future

    I’m starting to think the same. I’d rather have Allen or Baker over him......but at what price? I don’t think Rosen or Darnold will be in play for us. The jets trading 3 2nd rd picks to move up 3 spots really upped the price tag of #1 and 2. If Baker or Allen fall out of the top 6, we may be able to trade up for one of them and give up 12 and a 2nd. If they are gone, Jackson is fine by me. Great arm and mobility (which will help mask our bleh OL) and is experienced playing in a similar system. McCarron can start until they think he’s ready. We’d have our potential franchise Qb and a boatload of picks to build the LBs’s OL, WR. He may not be what everyone here wants.....but that doesn’t mean that he won’t be good. i wouldn’t trade anything for Foles. I’d rather go after him as a FA next year if AJ isn’t very good and/or the QB we draft this year doesn’t show as much promised as we had hoped.
  3. To you it is, but in reality, it’s much more
  4. If he makes it to 12 and they have a plan for qB, I’d be all for it. He’s a beast and he’s only 19.
  5. Check Out this Mock after the Jets trade

    Waste of time. Dude is clueless.
  6. Dan Jeremiah - Bills covet Allen

    It makes a LOT of sense if they really like 3 QBs.
  7. I’m all for Mason Rudolph with the 12th pick...

    Good for you
  8. Dan Jeremiah - Bills covet Allen

    Peterman was drafted in the 5th rd.....they must have really loved him.
  9. You don't know squat

    Is it all of a sudden May 1st and the draft isn’t over? Oh, wait. It’s still MARCH. This is what you said regarding each point 1- there is no hope. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA! There is NO HOPE? Not much to even discuss here. There is very much hope. 2- The fans are the reason that our team has sucked for so long. 😴 3- there is no hope. See 1. You have no idea who we are trading up for. No one has any clue of how we rate each of the QBs. Sitting at 21, we had little chance at selecting one of the top 5 QBs (Lamar Jackson MAY have fallen to 21: but if he’s a guy that they like, can you really just sit at 21 and hope he falls?). Now, we will be able to draft one of them. If we want Darnold or Rosen, the price to move up has likely increased, but we still have the ammo to do so. There are 3 blue chippers outside of the QBs. Barkley, Chubb and Nelson (many say Minkah is in there as well, making it 4 blue chippers) Of the teams picking in the top 6, each and every one of them are in need of each and everyone of those players (although I don’t think the Giants will be selecting Chubb). Say all 3 are taken in the top 6: that leaves one of the top 4 QBs at pick 7. The Browns won’t be selecting two QBs. in summary: You don’t know anything. You think you do, but in reality, you have no clue, the draft is still over a month away. There is no deadline to trade up in the draft until it’s over. You have no idea how our FO has these QBs rated. You have no idea if Beane was on the horn with the colts and they told him that they didn’t want to trade out of the top 6 so they could secure one of those Blue chippers previously mentioned. None of them will fall to 12 (unless they do something stupid between now and the draft). Baker and Allen may slip to 7+, where they can be traded up for without giving up the house, Jackson will likely fall to 12. We are in a great postion to draft a QB. You have no idea. There is no reasonable way of getting a QB now? Oh man. Lunacy
  10. Bills hosting Bengles FA C Bodine

    Center version of Preston Brown?
  11. Hello Buffalo Fans - Two Bills Drive

    Brown is terrible is man coverage from my watching experience. He’s not nearly as bad in zone, I’d say average. He’s a smart player and super durable. Don’t think he’s ever missed a game. Can’t even remember him on the injury report. Problem is, he’s slow. I’m glad he’s gone strictly because I’d like a game changin MLB (I mean, who doesn’t?). Glenn was a consistent top 10 LT until the foot issues appeared.....and never went away. If he’s healthy, it’s a great trade for you. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for an amazing memory that I’ll never forget.
  12. Is Will Compton any good? I’m a Nebraska fan and I always thought he was Bleh with the big red. He makes the most most sense considering our current stable of LBs. Hopefully minimum type contract as an eventual backup.