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  1. An extension they can easily get rid of after THIS season. Overreact much? What’s your point? That Beane isn’t a good Gm? That he can’t evaluate talent?
  2. They have no defense Ethan!! They don’t have one decent LB Ethan.
  3. At all. Patrick Queen probably wouldn’t even start for them. Their leading LB tackler was Krys Barnes. Yeah, THAT Krys Barnes we know so well
  4. Most of those people that are crying about it, literally didn’t know that play even existed. It wasn’t brought up of show on 95% of the highlights/videos I’ve seen. Chris Simms brought it up and mcafee brought it up. Not much else
  5. What a sad 2nd half performance by our OL and/or the coaching staff in pass protection. Josh would drop back and run for his life...not afraid of taking casualties along the way
  6. Keyshawn better save his salary from this show. No chance they keep this threesome going. Jwill and zubin are fine. KJ is just awful and bringing the other 2 down. kJ should only be on his YT channel imo.
  7. Hyde is just fine. Stop
  8. Or had a competent roster on the defensive side of the ball. Just can’t get over not going all in on 2020 after the team made the nfccg....when you have aaron Rodgers under contract for 4 more years. 4 years of Love on the bench one year as starter, then pay him 40 mill. It’s a waste in this day and age. It’s not 2005. You don’t sit your rookie QB for 80% of his Rookie contract. You win Super Bowls during their rookie contracts. P.s. ignore me, This is just one of those things that I can’t get over and probably won’t
  9. As the packers are 3-0 with one of the worst LB units in the league. get ready to watch Patrick Queen around like a madman tonight. Packers coulda, shoulda, woulda taken him still can’t get over backhanding Rodgers with the Jordan Love selection. rodgers making bums look like pro bowlers.
  10. This. Additionally....If the ref doesn’t throw a flag, the game is over. The Bills don’t have another chance. There was CLEARLY contact after 5 yards. They called a penalty, maybe not the correct penalty, but a penalty nonetheless. At this point, the Rams still have a chance to win the game. Everyone in the media saying that the ref decided the game. No, if he didn’t throw the flag, the ref would’ve absolutely decided the game. It would have been over if they didn’t throw the flag on a play in which there was blatant contact after 5 yards....which is the rule
  11. Bomani is a wanna be comedian that isn’t funny. His take today was terrible. He’s just doing it because it’ll help him get clicks from the mafia
  12. Are you serious? Where did I say we played against good offenses. You are 💯 putting words in my mouth. In my post i stayed several reasons why our defense is struggling. ONE of the things I said was that we aren’t playing the terrible offenses of last season. I think the disconnect here is that you must think that offenses are either terrible or good. You’re insinuating that I said the dolphins are a good offense when in actuality, I was insinuating that the dolphins don’t have a terrible offense.....especially when their QB is on his game. This year, we played one terrible offense. the Jets. Miami, while they aren’t great, aren’t terrible.....unless you say they are of course. They were good enough to beat the best defense in football last season with a bye on the line. If Fitz is on his game, the offense he runs is FAR from terrible. He played great vs us. The Miami offense is not terrible imo. They have a streaky QB. When he’s hot, he’s hot. When he’s not, he’s not. He was hot vs us. The rams have a great offense. Last year, we played duck Hodges, Brandon allen, Dwayne Haskins, Eli Manning, Marcus mariota and the Jets x2. the other QBs we played, Dalton, Baker, wentz, dak, Lamar, Brady x2. We played vs 2 good QBs. 4 if you want to include Brady as being good last season. The offenses that we played last year, as a whole are MUCH worse than the offenses we’ve played this year. Almost every offense we faced was bad that was a monumental waste of my time. Don’t expect another reply.
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