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  1. It totally matters. He won one game vs a team that had already lost several games in a row. That doesn’t mean he’s not trash yet. That means he won a game. Matt Barkley looked like Tom Brady vs the jets. all I’m saying is......josh, you could still be trash. The jury is still out. He has room to jab right now, he should refrain from getting into any fights right now
  2. I usually have no problem with things like this but in HIS case, I do. I feel like it’s way too early to determine if he’s going to be trash or not. To be determined. Considering he’s playing for a franchise that hasn’t had a good qb in over 20 years, he should keep focused on making sure he isn’t the next bum in a long line. Ryan Tannehill has a good game vs us. Does that mean he’s not trash? Shhh
  3. NewEra

    Marquise Brown Lis Franc surgery

    This just reaffirms my thoughts that I want absolutely nothing to do with this guy unless it’s the 4th rd or later. Doug Whaley once said that human bodies weren’t made to play football. This dudes body wasn’t made to play flag football now he can’t show the world how fast he is because he can’t run at the combine or pro day. Let someone else roll the dice on a 165 lb wr
  4. NewEra

    WR Charles Johnson of Orlando Apollos

    Unless he’s really improved he’s bleh
  5. NewEra

    T.J. Hockenson

    Word. Considering the lack of talent at WR in free agency and just overall lack of players I’d like to root for, I really hope we can sign a great Oline in free agency and after some of these intriguing playmakers available in the draft. WR, TE, RB. We need all 3
  6. NewEra

    T.J. Hockenson

    I’d be extremely happy with this. I just don’t know if we’re going to be able to sign 3 quality starters along the OL. Long is nice depth, but I don’t think he’s a good starting OLman. Could happen but I just can’t see us NOT drafting an OLman in the first 3 rounds. The
  7. NewEra

    Best/Worst QB - Kelly/Van Pelt?

    Peterman will go down as EASILY the sort QB of all time if he doesn’t play again
  8. NewEra

    Brandon Marshall (LB) to be released by the Broncos

    Tom Brady thought was bad a few years ago...... prior to injury. He made one play. I’d rather go with Lorax. Maybe bring him on as depth.
  9. NewEra

    Daboll should eliminate designed QB runs from our offense

    Just goal line, 3rd and 4th down and on scramblesz. That’s it. I’m fine with that
  10. I expect him to put decent pressure on the QB when he plays, similar to this year. If he plays the whole year (or is even on the team) I expect 7-12 sacks. He didn’t look terrible when he played. Problem being, he didn’t play very much.
  11. NewEra

    Would You Draft A Punter In Rd 7?

    I know nothing about college punters. If we can draft a potential top 10 punter in the 7th rd, I’m all for it. Our punters have sucked since moorman. I miss him.
  12. What a train wreck of a thread
  13. NewEra

    Corey Liuget DT going to be cut

    Aren’t they alway bad vs the run? I haven’t studied him enough. Is he solid vs the run? While it would be nice to add some las rush from the DT, our run d was almost as bad as our run O last year
  14. I doubt we go after him due to his volatility, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t succeed with with him
  15. I think you’re overreacting to how the locker room would feel. If we kept Poyer AND added brown after Poyer had told became that he doesn’t want to play with brown, THEN there’s reason for beef. If you play it right, it can be done with minimum damage. Ill remind you, its the best wr in the league and WR is one of our biggest problems.