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  1. One caught passes from Josh allen, flanked by Diggs. The other caught passes from macnzhz and Jimmy noodle arm. Situations matter. And Bourne wouldn’t cost a lot (if he did, we won’t be signing him). Would likely be our WR4. He can play. Not spectacular, but would be a good WR4
  2. Latu is an animal. I really hope he goes to the nfc, if not Buffalo.
  3. Yeah it’s been back in action for awhile. Naked City Pizza (the kitchen inside the bar) moved to the Office bar over by UNLV but they kept a similar menu and the food is good. Wings and pizza are on point. Pbr on tap too! 🍻
  4. You should hit up Moondoggies sometime next year. Beers on me!
  5. St. George is amazing. We absolutely love it here. Gorgeous, safe and this city understands growth….. unlike Vegas, which is a mess, has shootings everywhere and seems to be the current landing spot for 50% of the California transplants. I am missing th food options in Vegas, but it’s only a 2 hour drive, so I head back to my bills bar for every bills game
  6. 🤣 I just moved here in November…..but I was living in Vegas for the last 24 years prior to that. He went to Faith Lutheran Hs, which is in Vegas.
  7. Yeah, he had neck surgery and missed 2 seasons. Scary for sure. I just think he’s an animal. His technique, footwork and explosiveness is a recipe for being an elite pass rusher.
  8. depends who’s available. If Latu is available, I’d take him over Franklin and trade up in rd 2 for a WR.
  9. No, you’re just an extremely sensitive and over dramatic KC fan that reeks of insecurity. Removing you from ignore for a moment didn’t disappoint. “it doesn’t seem like any of you” doesn’t = “refer to the other side”. No you were not. You were all emotional and typing while seeing red. ✌️ again
  10. So sorry for your loss @rockpile Truly heartbreaking. Donated
  11. I think dude went overboard with his comments but we all know that offense, OL and QB play has a big effect on RB production. I don’t think that those stats really tell the whole story
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