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  1. Coach Tuesday's Tyrod Thread

    Word. Really was hoping he’d improve on his progressions while being more aggressive and taking more chances throwing the football. He’s a special player running the ball. One of the best scramblers ever. The stars just didn’t align in Buffalo. Hopefully he can succeed somewhere in the NFC. Pretty sure he’ll be throwing pinpoint lasers all over the field next time he faces McDermott.
  2. Reggie Ragland's play for the chiefs

    You can have a slot WR AND a TE, fwiw. The patriots have made the slot WR work, as well as many other teams. I get that you don’t like giving up picks for Zay and I completely understand why. At the same time, I like the player and there was a chance we wouldn’t have gotten him unless we did trade up. Sometimes the trade up works and sometimes it’s a mistake. Time will tell with Jones. the bills didn’t want to draft a RB this draft. Trading down for Kamara would’ve been a greeeeaaat idea....if they wanted a rb. But they didn’t. Most teams that had a 2nd rd pick before Kamara was selected would’ve been better off doing the same thing. But they didn’t either. They failed to properly address the backup rb spot and it made the team worse. I said that from the start. They unsuccessfully identified the guy they wanted to be their change of pace back as Tolbert. Fail. Hopefully they’ve learned for next year. My take from the start was that, imo, we got the better end of the deal by letting gillislee go. The deal as an isolated entity. I’d rather have Peterman (or Milano, whoever it was). I believe Peterman will be an outstanding backup QB in the league. Not a great starter, but guy I’d be very happy with as our #2. I loved what I’ve seen from Milano as well. Looked like our best Lb all year (not saying much, I know, but you get the point). Just have to believe that they won’t fail again in regards to our backup rb this offseason. If Tolbert is our #2 again next year, then I’ll seriously have to question wth they are doing.
  3. Reggie Ragland's play for the chiefs

    Rarely a game in which any team loses the game because of a backup running back imo. Only case really should be because of losing your starter early or because of a Bryce Brown like fumble to lose the game. Do you think we lost a game because of our backup RB situation? I can’t recall a game, but could be wrong. Usually medicating during games. I liked Gillislee and wasn’t excited when we lost him because I thought we’d bring in a competent replacement. Whaley always did. McBeane did not and it hurt the team. I just wouldn’t say we lost games because of it. Sure, it may have factored in but just wasn’t the major factor from my recollection
  4. Reggie Ragland's play for the chiefs

    Peterman, Milano. I’d take either of them and their contract over gillislee and his contract. They won that decision imo. They lost in their plan B. Really lost. Of all the RBs our there, they thought Mike Tolbert was their best option. There are many free agents that are better than he is. Our OL failed in the offensive scheme switch. Cordy being hurt forced us to start Jordan Mills all year. John miller must really suck if Vlad is our Rg. Our OC has been a failure. All of our WRs are constantly hurt. Zay started off bad but I think he’s going to be a good one and worth the trade up. Clay is always hurt. And we haven’t even discussed the QB play. Maybe all of those things occurred because we let gillislee go and traded sammy. Its it’s been a series of peaks and valleys so far for McBeane imo. They’ve done some really good and some really bad. Seeing some jauron-like decisions has me wary, but I still think we’re headed in a much better direction than in the past 18 years. Time will tell.
  5. Also my favorite player of all time, supplanting Bruce Smith. I’d take him over Tolbert every day of the week
  6. Reggie Ragland's play for the chiefs

    I hear ya: the fact that Ducasse is starting is scary to me. Ragland coming off injury and projection as strictly a 3-4 ILB is the reason I wasn’t worried about trading him.
  7. Reggie Ragland's play for the chiefs

    I remember half the board crying over losing Mike Gillislee for a 5th rd pick. Not sure how it’ll end up down the road, but I’ll take that trade all day.. At least see what we do with the picks before bashing what we received. Matt Milano says Hi It’s McBeanes team. If they don’t think guys are buying in or if they don’t think someone can fit the mold of what they are looking for at a particular position, I’m all for trading them away. I get that people are hating on it because, to date, mcbeane hasn’t done anything relevant, but they run the show. I expect them to make moves that will help the team. I’m glad that they aren’t afraid to make big moves. A team that I thought would win 4 games is in the wild card race. They’ve done a good job so far imo. Reggie Ragland couldn’t beat out Preston friggin Brown. ✌🏻
  8. Wow. Imagine if that press conference happened in this social media generation? He’d be the biggest laughing stock in the league. No disrespect, I thank you Ralph, but wow. That was brutal
  9. I believe the reason Groy isn’t starting at guard is because he is the backup C. If he and wood both go down, we don’t have a center. Maybe that can change next year if we sign another center. I’m happy with 3 starters, Glenn, Ritchie and Dawkins. Center play and RG need massive uprgrades. What are the chances we take a tackle in the draft and kick Dawkins inside? Didn’t he project as a guard? Hopefully groy isn’t butthurt about never playing and wants to stick around after next season. Ritchie will also be a FA. Should be drafting 2 interior lineman and sign 1.
  10. Why not? Easy answer: He is Vlad Ducasses backup.
  11. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    Talk about thin skin. It’s a message board my Bills brother. Use the ignore function. I enjoy reading your threads and I appreciate you. I’m sure many other do as well. I believe your source is credible. Everything you’ve said (in this thread) makes perfect sense to me. Don’t get all butt hurt and run away. Click ignore and don’t take everything so personally. You didn’t expect everyone to gasp and bow down did you? There have been many here that have stated they have sources too. Many prognostications came up short. Many came through. Time will tell with you young padawan.
  12. 2018 Trade partners moving up the board

    I’ll leave the scouting up to the FO. I’d be happy to trade up fowith Rosen or Darnold. The others, not so much. If the FO thinks another guy is worthy of trading up for, do it. I REALLY hope we don’t end up trading multiple picks for mason Rudolph. At this point, I think I’d rather have Lamar Jackson.....and I don’t really want Lamar Jackson. I think Rudolph is a 2nd-4th rd qb but will get drafted higher. That being said, if the FO sees something different, go get him. Qb must be addressed in the 1st/2nd rd imo. Hopefully the FO hits a HR.
  13. DC Frazier Announces Matt Milano as Starting WLB

    Hopefully not next year. We need a new Lb unit minus milano at WLB. He’d be good depth. I’m just tired of watching Preston Brown. Can’t wait til we have a new QB of the defend e
  14. DC Frazier Announces Matt Milano as Starting WLB

    Now give Humber some reps at MLB.
  15. The 2017 Draft: 1st round Re-do

    I’m not saying that Watson is for sure a franchise an but from what I’ve seen so far, he looks special. Not sure one could argue that. When he’s played, he’s been very good. It’s a good indicator. Not always a sure thing, but more often than not when a guy plays he has, they don’t end up sucking. He was an mvp Candidate for sure. Possibly the best player in the league during his short stint. Not many bums do that. Rg3 was on right there. Nick Foles had a very good season in a crazy scheme, but didn’t look like Watson imo. Freeman never looked special to me. I love tre. I’m happy we have him. I’m even happier that we were able to get an additional 1st AND draft Tre. I’d rather have Watson.