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  1. Actually, I wouldn’t cut him. I’d just bench him and ban him from practice and the facility and the stadium.
  2. NewEra

    Patrick Peterson available

    I’d trade for him 100%. Could give us the best defense in football with another addition. Imagine Peterson, White, Poyer, Hyde and Johnson?? Might be the best secondary ever.
  3. NewEra

    My 2019 Cap Targets

    I see jags when I see them play. For the money they’re going to want to leave their pro bowl QBs to join josh allen, I’d pass. Get 2 WRs in the draft and 1 solid WR with real speed, not fats for a 6’4 guy speed. Jmo
  4. NewEra

    My 2019 Cap Targets

    Devin funchess????? **** no!!! Funchess isn’t very good. The chargers drafted mike Williams when they already had tyrell. Says a lot abiut him. He’s a solid guy, but for him to come to play with us, he’s going to cost way more than he’s worth. Williams had 1000 yards with Phillip Rivers as his QB and he was the #1 WR with Allen out....:.steveie Johnson had back to back 1000 yard seasons with fitz. How good was he? Stats can be misleading
  5. NewEra

    No Free Agent Wide Receivers?

    I’d take him. Not his biggest fan but we need solid WRs. Probably cost us 16 mill a year to get a 10 mill talent to come to buffalo though
  6. NewEra

    No Free Agent Wide Receivers?

    Sadly I think our best FA candidates are Josh Gordon and Martavious Bryant (if he’s not retained). We have to hope they can be the second coming of Ritchie Incognito as opposed to a Merrimanlike contribution. Been scouting these college WRs and I can’t figure out if any of these guys stand out. Aj brown maybe? Seems like his explosiveness comes and goes though.
  7. NewEra

    No Free Agent Wide Receivers?

    Diggs signed an extension
  8. NewEra

    No Free Agent Wide Receivers?

    If I were a Free agent WR I wouldn’t want to play with Josh Allen. Accuracy issues and a laser beam. Your drop rate is sure to go up just because some of his passes are tougher to catch just due to the velocity. He can make a wr look real bad. It’s happening to Benjamin right now. While he is a bum, his hands have never been this bad before. Catching a pass from JA isn’t the same as catching it from other QBs. Then throw in the crappy weather and almost 20 years of a wr graveyard. Been over 10 years since we had a true number 1 WR actually perform like one, Eric Moulds. Sammy did for 1/2 a season
  9. I’m with ya. I didn’t want Josh Allen. Hated the pick at the time. Loving the pick after a the Viking games. Hated the pick after watching him play at a Lambeau. It’s a week to week love hate that I realize will take a few years to materialize if (if he materializes). His accuracy issues that were caused by his footwork still exist. He has major issues reading the defense and pulling the trigger on time. He’s constantly late to rip it and early to run. 3 issues that he will have to fix in order to become our QB for the next 15 years. My greatest hope is that they get him the proper help in the coaching room. Culley is uninspiring. Adding Anderson was a. I brainer and a great move. He needs more experienced voices in his ears and his head. The talent should come next season. We have enough money and picks to surround him with a solid OL and have a plethora of playmakers.
  10. Unless we surround him with a good OL and playmakers in the offseason and he comes out and goes 16-0 while winning mvp!! At that point, I’ll be sure he’s our QB of the future 😬
  11. NewEra

    Refs for this weeks Bills game are.....

    Love it when I don’t know their names.
  12. NewEra

    Bills Have Worked out FA WR Bennie Fowler

    True. mcD made some poor coaching choices, i bet if we fire Culley today, Allen will be in the pro bowl by the end of the year.
  13. NewEra

    How is Dean Marlowe not still around?

    On your face maybe. Lunacy.