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  1. I hear ya. I love shenault. I’d be happy with him. I was worried about Higgins separation as well until I started watching more tape. He’s a better steelers than I thought he was. But nothing like shenault
  2. Not really sure what that means but I’ll attempt. Biggest reason: I feel he has better hands. I also feel that he’s a better deep threat, runs better routes and high points better. Shenaults route running and hands are a step below imo. His playmaking ability with the ball in his hands are better than Higgins. Lets be realistic. Our Qb is JA. It would benefit I him to have a guy that does what Higgins specializes in. A guy that could be very special at “going up to get it”. Allen improvises a lot. Higgins is a great target for a qb like Ja imo. Shenault too, obv, he’s really good, but I prefer Higgins overall technique, hands and height to Shenaults explosiveness and bulk.....for this bills team
  3. Strip closed for 3 days prior. Ehhhh. I was initially pumped for it but I may just stay home. If the Bills aren’t playing, I hate crowds
  4. Shenault was initially my best case scenario at 22 but I’ve switched over to Higgins. I think his skill set is better suited for us than shenaults.
  5. Good for him. I hope he dresses
  6. Lol. Got me there. I should have said “read this thread” not visit. I haven’t read a bit of it minus your reply its fixed
  7. Not sure why any relatively happy person would even read this thread. Be miserable if you like, I can’t indulge is such lunacy. What’s done is done. Get the f over it and move on
  8. I stopped at the first need. I hope you all did as well. Can’t be very educational
  9. Safe to say I’ll be pulling for the titans and chiefs. To those bettors out there, great value on the niners/titans money line parlay. $100 win $350 (takes home 450).
  10. You’re not sure why they moved on from Mccoy it can be one of many reasons, including multiple reasons. One of which, may have been his attitude
  11. In the beginning of the season, when he had opportunities, he fumbled. He’s ok. I’d rather have someone else
  12. I don’t think we cut Murphy unless we resign Shaq. He wasn’t that bad imo. We won’t cut Long if Spain bolts. Also not that bad and versatile backup. Not very expensive. Please cut Lee Smith. Please cut Dimarco. Please cut yeldon. i just have no desire to see those guys in a bills uniform again
  13. We don’t have to, but it would benefit our offense greatly. With Singletary as the lead back the 2nd half of the year our offense sucked. If it didn’t suck, it certainly wasn’t playoff caliber, let alone championship caliber. Add in 2 WRs, another lineman or 2 and maybe another tight end this offseason plus player progression. Our offense will likely become playoff caliber if Josh Allen improves. Playoff caliber offense and a championship caliber defense sounds good to me. Add Henry to the mix and it’s a championship caliber offense if allen improves. Take into consideration there’s a chance JA doesn’t improve too much. With Henry, our offense is still playoff caliber even if allen doesn’t improve like we would hope. Mix that with our championship defense and the super bowl is a possibility. Henry is an expensive insurance policy at an inexpensive position. Doesn’t sound like the best use of resources, but for whatever reason I think he is the key. Not just any great rb, but his particular skill set and physical being. I doubt the titans let him test the market as they’ll likely franchise him, but I can dream
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