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  1. Agreed- it’s the worst way to go. My mother was diagnosed as early stages of dementia 2 years ago- my wife and I took her in and she’s been living us since her diagnosis. It’s been an extreme learning experience for us as caretakers. Mom has it pretty good so far. She doesn’t know she has any disabilities and gets 2 meals a day prepared for her. I’m sure the worst is yet to come.
  2. lol, I can’t take credit for that one. Can’t recall the originator
  3. Definitely don’t care about any rankings
  4. Yeah- Brady did ok vs KC- now we just need a defensive play caller that doesn’t get shelled in season ending defeats
  5. Not sure what the nflpa will say about it- but he could really show his love with his next contract extension- a la what Jalen Brunson and Mikal Bridges did for their Nyks. People say athletes never take less money- Those people are fos- the overwhelming majority do not- some do
  6. Pass rusher that can cause a ruckus in the playoffs- WRs that can make plays in the playoffs Play callers that can confuse their opposition in the playoffs
  7. Mahomes will likely end his career as the 2nd best, if not the best QB ever. That said- I think Josh would also be in that position if he were to have drafted into Mahomes’ situation in KC- best HC in the league- best play caller in the league- best playoff DC, maybe ever- top 2 TE all time- top 5 DT all time- most unique WR the nfl has ever seen (imo)- top notch GM
  8. I agree that Conklin should be on over Cowart and Fletcher, but I’d give the nod to Milano. I feel that Milano, at his best an elite player. I thought Conlan was a very good player, but I would never call him great at any point. i think Cowart may have been the best LB the Bills ever had- too bad injuries took him from us. Fletcher- meh- very good LB- seemed to make most of his 150k tackles 5-10 yards downfield. Wouldn’t consider him for the Mt
  9. Bmac- Jordan or Lebron? Keon -Kobe ❤️ ftr- Kobe and LeBron > Kobe- but Kobe’s my guy too. Love that he said that
  10. 😂 great Keon slow burn there @Lost
  11. That would certainly be a big surprise. Cutting Edwards would be terrible in any situation- 3M guaranteed. If he wasn’t part of our plan, Beane would likely get a draft pick.
  12. And we didn’t have the talent on the DL, especially in ‘20. I don’t think that DL was capable of beating Mahomes and the chiefs. I think it’s been our Achilles heel every time we've faced them in the playoffs.
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