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  1. McDermotts first pick. Beane was a panther at the time.
  2. It wouldn’t have mattered if the Bills converted a 4th down. It wouldn’t have mattered if Josh didn’t throw a pick. It wouldn’t have mattered if andre smith didn’t hold. It wouldn’t have mattered if josh would’ve seen the wide open WRs we had running open in the end zone on a few plays. It wouldn’t have mattered if Frazier wouldn’t have been so horribly out coached. There are so many “what if’s” in every game. We could point out several instances in every game in which “we would’ve won if”.
  3. What constitutes “productive”? Neither were productive last season. Both look improved this season but I’d prefer more production out of my 3rd rd picks than what we’ve gotten from them
  4. It was a big drive. I don’t think there was ever a “turning point”. The game tied the record for most lead changes on a mnf game and the ended with a GW goal line stop. They played tough and had a great game plan on O. Josh didn’t take what the defense was giving him on that drive and we paid the price
  5. What he was during his draft year means nothing 5 years into his nfl career. I’m ok with paying him. I love the dude. But I can see a world where we have to say good bye due to the salary cap. You can’t pay everyone
  6. That’s the question we’ll be asking next season. It depends what that next contract will be. I don’t see anyone paying him over 12M aav. If that. i still need to see more.
  7. There’s a difference between putting all the blame on the DL and saying that they weren’t fun to watch yesterday.
  8. Especially Dion. Dude got wrecked on the biggest play of the game.
  9. The one worry I take from this game is how we balance our DL going into each game. I hated the fact that Epenesa and Basham were both inactive. Really peeved about that. He said it was to have bigger bodies to stop Henry, but they had several crucial plays where our lack of pass rush led to converted 3rd downs. I didn’t notice Rousseau much at all after the first quarter. He played 25 snaps. Addison played 28. Jerry played 34. Why on earth is addison playing more snaps that Rousseau? Was he hurt? Can he not hold up against the run? Obada played 5 less snaps than Rousseau. Strange. our DL has been so fun to watch this year. It wasn’t fun to watch last night.
  10. Agreed. I took consolation in the fact that we would be able to watch allen lead an incredible gw drive that kills the clock as opposed to watching tannehill complete 4th down conversion after 4th down conversion en route to a possible last second gw td. Our D wasn’t good last night. Going into last nights game, I had confidence in our d stopping them on a potential gw drive. After they scored 6 on 6 straight possessions, the confidence had faded. Frazier got owned. I love taron, but I would’ve liked to see some Aj Klein mixed in. He’s played pretty well in spot duty this year.
  11. Thanks to dawkins getting wrecked by simmons one player dominated another player and decided the outcome of the game.
  12. Another team probably already has a deal in place with him and that teams owner threw the Houston owner a couple hundred K to let him go.
  13. Yeah it was fun while it lasted….I won’t be watching much YouTube much this week. Their OC took Frazier to the woodshed. He’s come up lame in the last two meetings vs the Titans. The same can be said for KC prior to last week. I’m confidant Frazier will get it done if we meet Tennessee again.
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