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  1. NewEra

    I want no part of Tyrell Williams

    I just want guys that can catch Josh Allen’s fastballs on big third downs.
  2. NewEra

    R. I. P. Bill Fralic

    So sad.
  3. Yeah, maybe I’ll trust your opinion over there’s. Sure thing. Herbert is similar to Josh Allen. According to many, Allen was a 2nd or 3rd rd prospect. Nobody was trading into the top 3 for mahomes or Watson, but now teams would Ben thinning differently. All it takes is for Herbert, Haskins or whoever they draft to become This year’s version of mahomes or Watson. Overlooked as worthy of a top 3 pick that slip out of the top 10 and become the franchise QBs. Whoever they draft has a chance to be that guy
  4. I’ll leave that up to the professionals to decide.
  5. https://sportswire.app.link/5miNIfmPDS
  6. If I were the gmen, I’d go after Haskins. With the Skins and jags being the other 2 teams in competition for a qb, they could get the best qb in the draft. The teams in the top 5 need to try and make those qb needy teams spend some picks to get their QB. Eager to see how these QBs grade out during the draft process.
  7. Prior to the draft I thought they made a huge mistake passing on a QB. As it stands, they may end up getting the best qb in the draft next year and may not have to give up much to do so. If they can get a solid franchise qb this year, I’d say they made the right move. Unless josh Allen reaches his potential of course. At that point, they had messed up
  8. If you haven’t clicked on it yet, don’t waste your time.
  9. Bandit came up with the numbers. Sorry I don’t have time to feverishly track down stats on websites. Someone else did. You say those stats don’t matter and come up with new stats. But they matter somehow because you watch all-22. Come on man. If the cards OL play is worse than the Bills, it’s not by a wide margin. Terrible Ol play is terrible Ol play. The only reason we move the balL and they never do is because Our QB is a 6’4 240 lb running back and Rosen just gets wrecked. You say Johnson and Fitz are good but the Ol makes it so they can’t be used effectively. We have shady. A dynamic RB......relegated to being one of the worst RB in football. We have shady and who? Shady and no one. The cardinals have better playmakers than we do. There is no doubt. Edit: i retire
  10. NewEra

    2020 NFL Draft will be held in Vegas

    I’ll be attending for sure.
  11. You noticed that the Bills were in the bottom 5 of 3 of the 4 stats you listed. I don’t have the time to look for it like you do, but I’m confidant that there’s an OL stat that the bills are bottom 5 and the cards aren’t like the last stat you listed. And what about the playmaker comment? After 4 mentions, no reply. Per the usual
  12. I said we are the 2nd worst. We are. That’s all I said. How is that wrong? You’re the one that’s making stuff up. Josh Allen running the football is our entire offense. His running is a direct result of how bad our OL is. He runs because he has too.