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  1. “You should temper your expectations. You’ll only end up blaming Dorsey if he doesn’t have a huge year.” - some idiot 🤣
  2. I agree. I expect Benford and Hamlin to make the team. Benford @ corner and Hamlin @ S. I think Alex Austin is the WC. Between Tre, Kaiir, Taron, Dane and Benford, they’ll have a tough decision to make if Austin looks like a keeper. Neal is likely going to make the team as the 6th CB/gunner.
  3. Which safety will make the team over him? Converted Benford? Cam Lewis? Zayne? Most 4th safeties are below average
  4. Because everyone says so. Got it. acting as if organizations don’t ever hold back all of the information in order to benefit one of their own. Frazier is one of their own. It just wasn’t working. They hope for him to become a HC because that’s his goal. Stating that mcdermott was going to take over play calling regardless of Frazier’s decision accomplishes nothing towards helping him achieve that goal. It only hurts whatever slim chances that he had. We’re all entitled to believe everything that’s said as the truth. I think that’s naive in this case considering the possible ramifications being only negative. Nothing good could possibly come of telling the truth. we’ll never know for sure imo.
  5. most teams change considerably in 3-4 years. Which is why I said he needs to hit on more draft picks and land some low cost, high contributing free agents. To keep the cupboards somewhat stocked. If he blows draft picks and doesn’t find any low cost free agents, we’re in trouble. Look at the chiefs starters from their first SB roster. How many starters remain other than Mahomes? 1, Travis Kelce. How many starters on defense? 1, Chris Jones.
  6. Other than not being at voluntary workouts, what bs?
  7. Sure, there’s concern. Sometimes you have to take risks. Sometimes you don’t. Tough to predict the luck portion of winning a Super Bowl. I think we’ve mortgaged a solid amount of future cap space to increase our chances to win this year (and last)……In Josh’s prime. I don’t think we’ve gone even close to all in. I think we’re doing what many contenders do. I think you’re underestimating how many lottery tickets we can buy. We think we can have 7 GREAT chances doing what we’re doing rather than 9 good chances. Do you think we’re all in this year?
  8. I agree. I think that’s why we don’t have Hopkins. He’s restructured and kicked more money down the line than I thought he would have this offseason. I’m glad he did. I really love this roster a lot more than last years
  9. agree to disagree. If becoming a HC is his goal, I don’t see how this makes any sense….. unless he was told McD was taking over the play calling. but then again, there are millions of stupid decisions made on a daily basis.
  10. To me, it just proves that it’s a waste of time debating about it on a message board in the offseason. There is no “proof/evidence” with regards to offseason signings. Past stats don’t “prove” anything. There’s literally no way to prove any off season move will be a success or not until they start playing game. so asking for proof is a waste of time as it’s impossible. but it’s a message board, so we talk about how we think these moves will impact the team.
  11. Agree 💯 I think there’s a big difference between going all in and mortgaging the future. We aren’t all in, but there’s a solid chance that the overall talent level on this team > the talent level of future bills teams. I think for us to remain this stacked, Beane is going to have to hit on a higher % of draft picks and get significant contributions from low cost free agents. that said, even with slightly lesser talent, it’s still possible to win a Super Bowl (possibly multiple) in the future.
  12. How old was Pep when he stepped away for a year? That was his first coaching job iirc? This is like McVay stepping away. A young stud coach. Fraziers situations is nothing like peps was. Frazier is old has been getting bypassed for HC vacancies for younger coaches year after year for a decade after getting fired. I don’t see how stepping away and talking to people will get him any closer to a HC job at his age. Winning a SB with a great team may have. We shall see. I agree that what you said could have happened….but I feel that the people that informed you of this left out some details that would change the dynamics of the conversation. As in, mcdermott wanted to call the D. We’ll never know. McDs job is on the line going forward. Allowing Leslie to continue to call the D would be putting his career in the hands of Leslie. I think mcdermott was determined to take on the challenge and seize his destiny. jmo of course.
  13. Even if there was evidence (stats is the only thing you can go by) the evidence isn’t proof of anything either. Just seems like a waste of time arguing about proof and evidence. No team in the league has proof that they’ve upgraded until they see the result on the field. adding and upgrading talent can only go as far as the coaches scheme. That’s not something anyone can prove in the offseason.
  14. Disagree. Kicking cap down the road is exactly that. Yes, it’s part of being a contender, but how much you want to kick down the road is up to the GM. He didn’t have to extend Ed and free up cap room to sign floyd. He could’ve kept the cap hit the same and had more $ to work with in the future. The move allowed him improve our chances in 2023 at the expense of future cap. He had already restructured Josh and Von this offseason. Every restructure is mortgaging the future. That doesn’t mean we can’t be contenders in the future. It just means we’ll have less cap to work with. I suppose we just have different views of what mortgaging the future entails
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