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  1. That’s my other boy. He may lack the ideal speed we’re looking for at wr but the boy is a baller imo. He just makes plays. Just needs to stay healthy
  2. That pick would make me sad. James white with home run threat ability.
  3. I see most giving him a 2nd rd grade. Considering the draft class and our needs, 30 might be higher than most but if he’s the 5th rated CB on our board, which is possible imo, than we might have to pull the trigger at 30. I’d prefer to trade down and grab him but I think it fills a huge need. I’d be ok with either him or stokes. I just hope we don’t miss out on adding a CB. There are a handful that are solid fits in our D and upgrades over Levi imo
  4. Tall, long, willing vs the run, solid in man and zone, fast and athletic. Certainly looks to be better than Levi Wallace. Levi is mid size and not very fast. Campbell can run with people in man and solid in zone. Fits our team really well imo. what don’t you like about him? Lack of ints I assume?
  5. Oh man. If we trade up for Zaven Collins and Micah Parsons slipped to 30, I’d be and than we draft Milton Williams
  6. Nightmares. Wouldn’t mind Paye, but I don’t feel like he’s a huge difference maker as a pass rusher. Good, but not special yet. if we trade up, I hope it’s for pitts, Waddle, parsons, JOK or any of the corners.
  7. At this point, improving the pass rush enough to make a big difference is unlikely imo. Unless we could add Justin Houston. Slight chance any rookie in this class would come in an make a big difference. Maybe jaelen Phillips. Likely going to have to beat them with improved coaching.
  8. Seems like a better replacement for Marquise Goodwin. Fast, always hurt and inactive
  9. I’m surprised Deonte Brown is getting more votes than Trey Smith
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