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  1. KC was certainly impressive. Mahomes is making his case he’s a still the best QB even without Tyreek. I do think the whole hurricane thing had a negative effect on TB…. But Mahomes deserves all the credit. Special performance
  2. We’ll see. I think shakir can be a real playmaker if Dorsey uses him. I had him as. 2nd rd talent and the top WR on the board when we picked cook. I just hope he gets the opportunity. I can’t say I’m upset that crowder got hurt. He was in the way of shakir making a difference. Crowder was more valuable as a punt returner than WR. Then there’s James Cook. I was never a big fan of him as RB, but he’s super smooth out there with his routes and hands looked as natural as they come in college. Tough start but we can’t base his whole career on his first 4 games. The kid is talented. We paid Dawson Knox. He has the athletic ability. He’s just not getting targets. Mckenzie has rare speed and Josh trusts him. Expect more big 3rd down conversion coming from Dirt. Singletary is better than most think. He makes plays. Quintin Morris- I think he’s talented and a nice fit as TE2. His blocking has improved and he’s got some skills as a receiver. Zack Moss- diaf kumerow has shown capable and is a beast in the run game and ST. Diggs- the man Bad weather holds us back much more than the talent of our pass catchers. Josh makes all these plays with his legs on 3rd and 4th. Not because we lack talent, but because he’s almost unstoppable on the move and the chances of converting the 1st go up if he’s in position to run or pass. Davis—— I agree. The ankle will always be an issue. I’d like to add WR talent. Don’t get me wrong. But we can win the SB with this unit considering the overall talent on the team. We’re loaded.
  3. Thanks. I saw it in another thread. Helluva play by an unheralded player. Our DL didn’t miss a beat in the 2nd half.
  4. Agreed. 2 of the 4 games he’s botched his 1st touch which basically ends his day
  5. Definitely hoping to see him more involved in the pass game
  6. Helluva play. We all noticed Milano wrecking Dobbins, but that was all BB. We’re so loaded @ DT. Wonder if we don’t trade one. Jones, settle, Ed and Phillips. Emili made the play on Poyers first pick. Poyer was just at the right place at the right time. Prince made that play. This D ♥️ 💙
  7. Why not make it a poll? I say no. We don’t need him vs Pittsburgh.
  8. 👍🏻 McD and Frazier are DB masterminds.
  9. Is there an approx timeframe on Crowders injury?
  10. I’m really happy to see Hamlin getting this opportunity. He and Dane are a great story. His arms are 2.5 inches longer, 3 inches taller and imo, plays faster than Johnson. Most importantly, he’s under contract for the next 2 years. JJ is a FA after this season.
  11. We’re dropping a lot more passes this season and making more boneheaded plays on offense. James Cook. Where are you James Cook? CATCH THE BALL BRO!!
  12. I’m in love with our DL——and Ed and Phillips have only played moments. Rousseau and Jones have been revelations. Rousseau is looking like a future pro bowler. Possible all pro. He can be dynamic. 2 steps and he’s on top of the qb on the inside stunts. Impressive. Jones is what we had been hoping for from Star and Phillips and more. His pass rush has been much better than I anticipated. I expected dominance from Von. He’s given it to us. Shaq made a huge play on the 2nd Poyer pick. He caused the int. epenesa and Basham have both flashed and shown to be capable depth imo. Settles injury is likely still hampering him somewhat - but he held his lanes played well vs the ravens. Big investment in the DL has turned a weakness into our best unit. Dominance.
  13. Which means he’s fine for 2022 as long as we don’t continue piling up WR injuries. He might also be a fine backup for 2023 too. He’s looked good this year. Josh throwing him the ball will also help. He might be putting in the work and improving. He looks better than the past. a core of Diggs, Davis, Mckenzie and Shakir- with Kumerow as the 5th or 6th is solid- as injuries mount, it will be up to Beane to keep the PS stocked with capable options. Bryant, Emili and Brewer have been capable PS DTs that have stepped in and played solid throughout the year. Hopefully Hodgins and anyone else we decide on can do the same.
  14. Yeah….I’d put Rousseau up there too. The play of the DL in the 2nd half is what changed the game imo. Poyer Milano Rousseau shout out to Shaq. His beat of Faalale on the last Poyer pick won that play. Without it, I think LJ finds Duvernay wide open in the corner of the end zone. His presence gave Poyer just enough time to find Duvernay and make the play of the game
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