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  1. After the drop in the AFCCG I was done with Motor. The signing of Breida and McDs tendency to have 2 active backs (plus Taiwan Jones) really had me thinking that Singletary could end up in Yeldon like role from last year. We needed speed at RB. Beane acknowledged it and acted on it by signing Breida. Why would the speed RB we signed be inactive? now that the season is here, I’m pulling for motor. Josh’s accuracy has improved, maybe Motors offseason work resulted i. His becoming more explosive or dare I say, faster. I’d love to see it, but I also don’t want to see breida inactiv
  2. Get home from work. Wife wants to hang out. Yeah right. First day of camp. Must see and hear everything! Thanks to @YoloinOhio I can find everything in one spot. You’re the man. Thanks again for all that you do
  3. This is amazing. 17 and 14 will be leading this team to a Lombardi. The question is, will it be 2021? I like the start. Feels right
  4. Not to mention that the pass game coordinator who was introducing the material to him died
  5. Agreed. McBeane preaches competitiveness and steel sharpens steel. Looking at our CB room, our depth is nil. I’m baffled tbh. I was (and am still) praying that we can add another CB that is more capable in man.
  6. I don’t think either of them “made” the other one. That said, qB > WR. The end. regarding Lamar, I don’t think he’s nearly as good of a passer as Josh. Different realms. That doesn’t mean that Diggs wouldn’t have a HUGE impact on Lamar as a QB. Diggs is that dude and if he were on the ravens for several years, I think Lamar might win another MVP and possibly a SB. Adding Bateman, Tylan Wallace and Sammy will help Lamar, but I don’t think they’ll get Lamar into qb17 territory ever again
  7. Depends which book you go to. The stations casinos have chiefs and Bucs +400 followed by the Rams +700, Bills and Browns are +1000, Niners +1400, Packers +1500 and Ravens +1600
  8. I get it. I really do. Potentially keeping their franchise stacked @ the most important position in sports meant more to them than giving themselves their best shot at winning the super bowl. It really may have cost them that title. I also get that drafting him caused this predicament. Rodgers and his diva attitude has been in play for 15 years. No one is shocked that this is taking place are they? They knew there was a chance that the drafting of Love would lead to this. Might be time for Mr Love to step up and make the FO look good. Or terrible
  9. That’s gonna be 🔥 Jones gets my vote for best ufc fighter but Ngannous fists might be the most deadly
  10. Maybe if they took Antoine Winfield with the first and a corner with the 4th that they traded up with they would have beaten the Bucs. we’ll never find out. They only thing we know for sure: jordan love did nothing to help them beat the Bucs. A first and fourth rd pick may have.
  11. Not accurate. How many times have Rodgers and Adams made the super bowl and lost? CP3 and Booker, once
  12. Accurate would’ve included one player with a ring on his finger like Rodgers has. Take your meds
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