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  1. You’re crazy!! I hope he suits up again. He’s playing at a high level
  2. Wallace, johnson, Johnson and Neal happened
  3. I think you set the bar low. I don’t feel as if he’s “been good”. Serviceable, maybe. He’s about to get overpaid in after next season too. I’d trade him and a 3rd for Trent fosho. Trent Williams is top 3 LT and a difference maker, when healthy.
  4. Maybe we have. Bates played solid last game. I just don’t think Ty is gonna be staying in the field. Every time I see him after a play, it looks as if he’s looking for his wheelchair. im of the mindset that our tackles are the weakest link on the team. Ford has been terrible at tackle. Waddles on IR. Ty, always banged up. Dawkins is meh. I’m looking to upgrade from Dawkins and nsekhe, not add backups behind them
  5. Having the best coach and best QB ever on the same team is the blueprint? Well, they aren’t ever going to achieve that with Goff under center, so might as well try a new route
  6. They should “Need”?. In order to win a super bowl we need 2 more WRs? I’d rather have 2 good tackles.
  7. Tell that to the owner of the team that lost the SB last year
  8. The rams are super bowl or bust. The only thing that matters to them over the next 1-2 years is bringing home a title. They are closer to that with Ramsey as opposed to not having Ramsey. replacing peters with Ramsey is a HUGE upgrade.
  9. If they have a corner like Ramsey, they can play everything else differently. Truth
  10. For those that say he isn’t worth it......if they win one super bowl, it’s worth it. I don’t think it’s enough, but this weeks game vs the niners was an eye opener. They are way behind SF.
  11. He’s terrible. I wouldn’t even want him on our team if they cut him.
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