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  1. Yeah, he slipped…..but if Mongo held his block……it would’ve been a first down. Instead, he compounded the slip by getting walloped and landing on 17s back
  2. Cap issues occur for every loaded team. It’s exists for that very reason. Regardless of how the initial contract is drawn up, once a team is up against the cap, they’ll restructure and kick money down the road to create more cap room if winning now is that important to them. We’ve never had to worry about that before 17. The initial contracts are done to benefit the team and the player. Once a FO decides “winning now” is more important than 2-5 years down the road, contracts are restructured and, again, both sides benefit. The team gets cap space for the current season and the players gets cash up front and/or more guaranteed money.
  3. We know you hope so. You’re entire nfl fandom for the next 10 years rests on goodells decision. MLB set the precedent with Bauer. Different cases. Different crimes. Watson should suspended for the 2023 season minimum.
  4. He’s the reason we didn’t win the SB. Watch the 4th and 1 vs Tennessee….. if he blocks his man instead of getting manhandled and thrown in his back and on top of Josh, we probably get the 1st, win the game and clinch home field advantage. Dawkins got obliterated too…..but Mongo getting clobbered coupled with josh slipping and hope was lost regardless of dion. you suck Jon. ☮️ He’s doing his own thing now. Covers a lot of stuff. He’s a die hard Bills fan
  5. He switched to his HS# 7 now. Elam is wearing 24. I vote for both. LAMP appreciation post
  6. You’re blowing this completely out of proportion. The sample size it too small. None of this matters. The topic is so ridiculous. If I understood, it wouldn’t make any difference . This topic is not real. And if it was, it wouldn’t make any difference.
  7. Ok, well I don’t care enough about this to go back and look at and analyze any stats from a super small sample size. believe whatever you like. I suppose the playoffs game vs the Pats was an anomaly. I’ll definitely be rooting for us to make the wildcard and have only away games come playoff time. Especially considering Josh’s terrible playoff record @ home due to being to hyped. i said my peace. Carry on.
  8. I haven’t been keeping up with this thread…..so maybe I missed when the conversation changed. so now the point your trying to make is that opposing QBs are better playing in Buffalo weather than Josh is? Because that’s the only point you could be trying to make with that claim. Please explain how that supports the claim that Josh is better on the road than he is at home…..because that’s what your OP entails. He’s smoking that good stuff today. I’m gonna bow out before I waste too much time reading this.
  9. Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos, Bengals are the true contenders imo, but I could see the Browns (if Watson isn’t suspended very long), Ravens, Titans and Colts giving us a tough time in the playoffs. Any given Sunday in this AFC. The Bengals won the AFC last year. How many of us listed the bengals as the team to beat last year? The AFC team that gave the bengals their toughest game in the playoffs just added Davante Adams and Chandler Jones and they aren’t even on my list. A handful of young promising Head Coaches adds to the mystery.
  10. This is just dumb. He’s been a HC as long as McVay, who just won his first SB. Prior to last season, would McVay have been considered outside of the top 10%? But it took his GM trading picks at the deadline to get Von Miller to get that SB. If Beane would have made that trade for Miller, McD probably would’ve won instead. Took Belichick 7 years. Took Landry 12 years Took Noll 6 years Andy Reid 21 years Dungy 11 years Cowher 14 years Vermeil 10 years
  11. As a Bills fan, you should know why. Very good to great coaches don’t grow on trees. If you don’t have one, you usually end up with a new HC every 1-2 years and spin your wheels for a decade+. Otherwise, I agree with your take. He’s not untouchable until he wins a Super Bowl. If we don’t make the Super Bowl over the course of the next 2 seasons, it might be time to find someone that can get us there. We can’t waste 17. If he wins one this I’d give him and Beane another 5 years.
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