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  1. Are you suggesting that there’s actually a way to know this or find this out? I don’t play pretend or what if. They had sammy. They won the super bowl. There is no “would they have won with out him?” It doesn’t exist.
  2. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think we’re in good position to give him a long term contract paying him 20 mill a year AND give up a 2nd rd player making a mill a year for 4 years. I’m all about going all in for the next 2 years, but I’m hesitant to pay him huge money long term.
  3. Great mock.....but it’s the reason I hate these. I can’t see any of those players falling to any of their draft slots. Will be huh? Interesting that you know what’s inside the heads of every gm. All it takes is one to love his fit as a rb. He’s worth 7-10 carries a game imo.
  4. They won the super bowl. He played very well in the playoffs. They won the super bowl. Everyone has their opinion on the matter, the the fact is, the chiefs didn’t overpay for sammy. They paid him for one reason. To help them win a super bowl. He did just that. It doesn’t matter that Kelce, hill and williams were bigger factors in winning a super bowl. If the bills win the super bowl, there’s a good chance that some of our current defensive players would have a bigger impact than Clowney. As long as he plays his 1/11 like McD asks.
  5. For one season, you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT have to make sure that the players output matches his pay. It’s one season. There are no long term ramifications. It’ll all be over next year. Ask KC how they feel about paying sammy watkins. They paid him a multi year deal and didn’t get the output to match his pay.....until it did and they won a SB
  6. The Miami Dolphins select Kyle Dugger, S, Lenoir-Rhyne. we had difficulties selecting potential safties with back to back picks, but the cupboard was bare a that position. After adding Ashtyn Davis and his speed to play FS, we add the thumping SS in Dugger. We love his versatility to play in the box and potentially some LB in subsets. we went back and forth between Greenard and Ezra Cleveland, but settled on completing our secondary with what we feel is the perfect final piece @Johnnycage46 and the chargers are on the clock No doubt. Thank you @Virgil and @BuffaloHokie13
  7. I’m all about adding another tight end. As far as I’m concerned, we have one promising prospect and a prospect. The rest are close to useless. It’s a bad TE class imo. Lots of marginal prospects. regarding corner, there are a few solid options that are projected around where we pick. After next season, we only have tre as a boundary corner. If we hit on a good corner in rd 2, it’ll offset Tre’s 19 mill a year contract
  8. Agreed. I think he’s going to be special if his qb/OC situation is stable
  9. You guys really like Gus huh? i liked him 15 years ago. Not a fan of the screaming anymore it’s been about 10 years since I met him, so he may have quit by now, but he was a pretty nasty chain smoker when I talked to him last. surprised someone that depends on their voice would smoke so much
  10. Imo, This is the kind of pick that says we aren’t trying to win this year. Just a solid guy that doesn’t provide very much pass rush and will maybe develop some moves over time. If we spend our first pick on a DE, I pray that his best trait is getting after the QB and not setting the edge
  11. I hear ya. I love Hodgins. Definitely a good fit. Maybe I’m clueless in thinking claypool could play situational TE. I’m just putting his size and ability to block together and it seems like it could work if he were to learn the position. It’s not always that easy. I’m not really advocating for WR in rd 2, I just think that Claypool, with his skill set and talent makes sense for our team as I feel he can fit multiple roles and we have no size with regards to receiving threats. I’d really like to add a top notch OL in rd 2 as I think our OL still needs improvement. My primary focus as this team currently stands, would be to give JA the best OL possible. Not sure if Beane would thinks the same about Ford as I do though. I haven’t given up on him, but I would still try and upgrade RT. With Ford, nsekhe, d Williams and bates in the fold, RT might not be on his list. the rest of the OL is solid, yet unspectacular. Not exactly what I’d like to put in front of Allen but hopefully playing side by side for another year will help and they’ll continue to grow into a dominant line. there could also be great value at Corner in rd 2. I’d have taken Arnette over claypool but I cheated and saw there was no chance he’d win, so I took claypool over CEH due to His similarity (imo) to singletary. I’d be very happy with swift, Taylor, dobbins, Akers and my boy Antonio Gibson in rd 2. I guess I’d be happy with CEH because I like him, but I’d rather take the other guys over him. I’d love a pass rusher in rd 2 but I see the value at pass rusher in rd 3. Just not a big fan of the potential pass rushers in rd 2. They all seem like rd 3-4 guys imo. Not much twitch from my eyes. edited: added content
  12. This. i agree that we will likely select a Corner or the trenches with our 2nd rd pick
  13. But isn’t Claypool a WR? @Logic says so. love you logic. Always appreciate your knowledge, I just don’t like the way you’re currently pigeonholing him as a WR. @Billl and the Texans are on the clock
  14. I guess I differ in the fact that I just don’t see him as a WR. I think he can see the field in red zone situations as a receiver and a blocker. His run blocking can be a weapon in its own right. He can play ST. He can play TE. I just don’t see him as a WR. edit: I wouldn’t draft a speedy, route running 5’10 WR that can’t run block, isn’t a red zone threat and can’t play TE. I think claypool the football player fits as we don’t have anyone like him.
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