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  1. Mckenzie has certainly made a difference
  2. Reading this just makes me feel like we’re about to lose the last 3 games and miss the playoffs
  3. Would love to take him rd 3+. Ain’t happening
  4. Probably in the same way that you teach someone reading comprehension. Painfully
  5. The current problem the QB is having isn’t going to be solved overnight. While we wait for him to try and resolve his deep ball issues, the next best thing is to coach up the WOs to see if they can be the difference in a complete pass or not
  6. Yes, most of the time. The OP said that this was intended to help some of the throws. Completing an extra deep ball or two can be the difference between a super bowl and not making the playoffs
  7. overreaction, maybe. Can’t really argue with ya though. Their cheating may have changed the landscape of football for 2 decades. Sucks that we can’t prove how many times they’ve cheated over the years. Maybe Belichick will do his wife wrong and she’ll spill the beans.
  8. Jarvis Landry. No question. Earl Thomas is a great guy. I’ve met him in several occasions and he’s a class act from my experience. He’s a helluva football player too. HoFer iMo Edelman is my runner up
  9. Next on Josh’s to do list: figure out how to deal with the blitz
  10. I don’t look at stats. I could care less about yardage. How about ypc. They’ve never been remotely close in ypc
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