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  1. NewEra

    Kelly or Brady

    Yet, he IS the conversation. He’s discussed by anyone that knows anyone about football as the best or if not the best, he’s in the conversation. Every time.
  2. NewEra

    Jarvis Landry... again

    Anyone have a video of the hit? Or the time of the game where it occurred?
  3. NewEra

    Jarvis Landry... again

    Hate that man. Hate hate hate.
  4. NewEra

    Other League wide injuries

    Poor kid. Such a solid player
  5. NewEra

    Other League wide injuries

    Cash rules everything around me, CREAM, get that money. Dolla dolla bill yo. preseason isn’t going anywhere. Wish it would, but ok much money. They should extend the training camp rosters by 30 or so, so teams don’t have to play starters if they don’t want to.
  6. Do tell what? He told. Why is this annoying? It’s smart imo. The more the opponents know, the easier it is to gameplan. It’s not as if Peterman and Allen have similar skill sets
  7. NewEra

    Trent Murphy - Should we be worried?

    You’re worried about a DT being lazy in preseason but not worried about the only pass rush upgrade we added this offseason to a defense that was terrible rushing the passer? Dude hasn’t played in a year and used PEDS. If you’re not worried, you should be.....unless of course you don’t give a **** about the Bills success, just their salary cap holds going forward. Murphy playing and playing well will be VERY important to this defense improving. I’m worried about star as well.....but lazy play in a preseason game < injury plagued player imo.
  8. I watched it and I enjoyed it.
  9. Ahh my bad. Good question. Don’t have any idea
  10. Because Andrew Luck is their starter and he isn’t entirely reliable
  11. Thx for posting. Enjoyable video.
  12. At this point, there may be lots of things that are inevitable. One of which is our QB getting killed by Juan Castillos unit. @Raven, vs Chargers and @vikings. As much as he may deserve to start, letting Peterman get destroyed by those teams may be the smartest move going forward. The OL is just bad
  13. NewEra

    Jonathan Hankins - Yes or No

    Behind this OL? Ehhhhh. Good chance we lose one of the two for at least a game. You realize that Juan Castillo is on our team right?
  14. He looks like it playing vs 2nd and 3rd stringers for 2 games. To think he is a sure thing at this point is a bit of a stretch imo. I’m EXTREMELY happy with his play, love what I’ve seen. Can’t wait to see him lead our team. Still not sold that he’s a sure thing, not sure how anyone can be. Looks the part so far,