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  1. are you talking about last season in future tense? Or are you talking about last season, not knowing that what tense is? watson is one of the best QBs in the league. Not sure anyone would dispute that. I pray he doesn’t end up in the AFCE. You should too Can’t see a situation where they would trade him within their own division. That would be the dumbest move in history
  2. Good thing you don’t matter. The bills should be worried about him on 3rd down and in the red zone
  3. Against us week 6, their philosophy was to interfere and play extremely physical with hopes that the refs didn’t throw flags. They’d Esther f grrrrrr ace penalty yards than passing yards Yeah, it isn’t a coincidence because breeland was holding a Diggs the entire game. Got called for 2 PI, should’ve had D multiple holding calls too.
  4. Didn’t see this mentioned, but I just saw this on nfln- Mahomes didn’t throw at Tre’davious one time in week 6.
  5. I thought the same thing until I saw fields vs Clemson. He put on a clinic that game. I’ve never seen him play so well. He was dropping dimes. but then he missed a bunch vs bama. Wilson vs Fields is similar to Baker vs allen in terms of physical traits.
  6. I would draft a QB in qll 3 situations....if there were a QB available that I thought could be a face of the franchise. If there isn’t, I’d look to package a bunch of picks and (Tua/Darnold) for Watson. If I couldn’t get either of those done, I’d probably try and trade down with efforts to secure an additional 1st and picks for the 22 draft
  7. If he plays like Lamar played, he’ll get the Lamar treatment. If he lights it up and we lose 38-37, he’ll get a standing O for his season as a whole and everyone will say, “I can’t wait to see how good he is next season”
  8. That’s the current money line offered pretty much everywhere. Bills +140
  9. Just that he’s limited in practice. Even if he’s a go, I suspect it’ll be mostly Darryl Williams with a few doses of Clyde. Williams has been playing well and Reid trusts him.
  10. Don’t think we can keep him from interviewing for a promotion Losing him would suck
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