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  1. I don’t think anyone is trading up for any QB not named Kyler Murray. These guys are all meh imo. Why waste a first rd pick like we did on Ej. Just because they’re the best available doesn’t mean they’re any good. People reply like Drew Lock that much where they’d use a 1st and a 2nd on him? I don’t see it
  2. It’ll be a shocker if he’s still there, not that we select him
  3. Was hoping for one of the teams with multiple first rd picks, raiders, packers, giants. If I can’t get one of them. I’ll take the falcons
  4. Random thoughts: I really hope the Pats take Daniel Jones irl. KC taking a rb in rd one is just dreadful. Their Not so good D was decimated. They have no pass rushers. Their DL is meh minus Jones. LBS and corners are meh. Their RB, Williams dominated in his starts. I thought he played better than hunt. They also signed Hyde. While I love Jacobs, that makes no sense considering how bad that D is. DK @ 6 lol. Wilkins is ok but I’d rather trade down again and grab him, Lawrence or Tillery. I love Deebo. I hope he’s a Bill. Would rather pass on a RB in this draft. All these guys are pretty meh imo. I do like sanders more than most, but I think there’s better value on the board Metcalf is now ELITE? Lol oh man.
  5. I’d stand our ground at 9 if an elite player is there. Bosa, quinnen, Allen, Oliver or White. If they’re gone, I’d rather trade down.
  6. Me too Augie, I really thought there was a chance we’d land Oliver. That’s starting to sound like a fantasy at this point, regarding all these trade threads, good luck, bryce love in the 4th? No thanks. Broken midget rbs
  7. It’s a pretty lame class. Waiting til next year could be in the plans. There’s 5-6 guys I think represent good value in rd 4+
  8. Yes, I see how that works. Doesn’t mean that you’re right. I am though. Put a couple polls up. I would, but I don’t want to be that kind of a jerk.
  9. Ok. I retract clearly better because I don’t have time to dig up stats and efficiently ratings and such. Nor do I really care. Regardless. Tyreek Hill isn’t the most valuable non QB in the league. If your eyes tell you that Kareem Hunt is better than Bell and Gurley you should to get your eyes checked. Clearly
  10. In the conversation.....but never landing in the top spot at this point in his career imo. AB, Hopkins, Julio and Beckham are all clearly better WRs at this point. Regarding most valuable, I’d say Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack are without a doubt more valuable. That’s just 2 off the top of my head that are clearly more valuable imo. Bell and Gurley are CLEARLY BETTER than Hunt. It’s so clear that you should be ashamed to even ask. You can recite all the stats you want. I have eyes. My eyes tell me that Kareem Hunt has never been in the running for the best RB in the league. He was the #1 RB for an Andy Reid offense. He’s going to get stats.
  11. I’m also excited for the 3 rd but I have no interest in drafting with the same teams. Dibs on the raiders, giants or packers?
  12. Kareem Hunt the best back in the league? 😆 Hill is a special talent, but he’s not the best WR in the league and certainly not the most valuable non QB in the league.
  13. I’d have the 2011 draft rated higher. The class is so good they don’t even list Patrick Peterson and Aj Green
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