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  1. I’m gonna go with 72 catches 1,243 yards and 7 TDs
  2. My thought is he had to of come into camp way out of shape which could easily happen in this offseason and that was unacceptable. What else would have changed? He was solid in spot duty last year carved out the same role. Could have held on to see if he could have started or maintained his role this season. AND I believe was in the last year of his contract, interesting timing which makes me think out of shape and a message sent.
  3. I didn't watch either and my first thought was we were going to get some long winded response on why the NFL should cancel out. Bob Costas is all about keeping Bob Costas relevant after he got enough clout with "heavy hitting" sports interviews and stories.
  4. I think this one is a legit possibility as well. There was some talk about going in on a new stadium with the Pegula's or having a part in it so they could place all their stuff in it. Jacobs worth 3.1 Billion and Delaware North brings in over a Billion plus per year as a company. Makes a lot of sense actually.
  5. I believe right now, the plan is to still let fans into stadiums but only season ticket holders. I think this is why your seeing single game holds on tickets and refunds.Then first take voluntary season ticket withdrawals like the Bills are doing to thin the numbers as well in stadiums without future repercussions. Then comes a lottery system of sorts. My guess is the cheapest season ticket holders get cut first. People in the upper decks and in the rockpile since they spend the least amount of money. Then seniority of season ticket holders. Then change seating locations for fans that still want to go. Sign a waiver, wear a mask at games, and proof of being tested either before the game at the stadium or from a hospital something along those lines would happen before they go empty or cancel the season
  6. I know this wont be looked fond upon but between the Sabres(who I'm not a fan of) and the Bills (who I clearly am a fan of), I have been hearing too much about her recently for my own personal liking. To me I guess you can look at it two ways, she likes having her hands in her business interests(her prerogative), or you can look at it that she is always pushing her way into things that she shouldn't. Not calling her dumb, but she sounded pretty dumb for saying that Botterill wouldn't be fired and basically saying that she knew more than the average fan did due to her inner workings only to fire him 3 weeks later is pretty dumb. She not only flip flopped but she also insulted a fan base when what they were saying ended up being true. Then I hear about the headset thing. I get if your McDermott or Beane that she is the owner and you have to do things she wants but no way in hell am I letting her do that even in a game that "doesn't really matter". How does that benefit the Bills? Shes never gonna be a coach, it doesn't help the business side of things to listen in etc, I guess I dont get it, she wants to hear how a well run coaching staff does things? Then I hear about all this stuff about treating employees like family when they cut people in their own business. Its all very wishy washy for my personal tastes. Let the people do the job and be in the background. Thats what good owners do. My own opinion.
  7. Ok, I believe this is fake for one reason. Look at the spelling of Jacob(which is his middle name but goes by Jake). It is spelled Jakob. Now I know people can misspell a name, but if he was talking to someone he knew why in the world would it be spelled like that. Also why would Fromm have a pic like that as his display.
  8. I don’t know what people’s affinity is with this guy. He had a great run in a preseason game. He’s got very little chance. They are now invested in 2 draft picks and Yeldon or Jones make more sense for the 3rd role. He will get cut cut and put on the practice squad
  9. I think Epenesa, Moss and Davis are locks. I think Fromm is 50/50, Bass and Hauschka make the team, Hodgins and Jackson don’t
  10. I think it’s clear the Bills feel they can get better, younger, and cheaper at a couple positions. I expect Gilliam to take Dimarcos spot, Bass to take Hauschka, Epenesa to take Murphy, and maybe Antonio Williams taking Yeldons
  11. Heres the reason why I want a punter for the couple of guys asking why. I think we can all agree we are still very much a defensive team. I think our offense has gotten better but I don’t think it is going to be Chiefs or Saints level. We can get away beating average and below average teams with bad punting but against the upper echelon teams we need a guy who can flip the field and make these super potent offenses drive the entire length of the field against our good defense. The way the game is set up now offenses have every advantage and one shanked punt can be the difference between losing and winning a game in January. Too often last year our great defense would have to be bail out the offense after turnovers, the special teams after a shanked punt. You just can’t have that against the Chiefs to win a game against them
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