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  1. The Bills will not touch Jermaine Burton Be interesting if they have T’Vondre Sweat on their board still The hard part is we don’t know Medicals. Is Laiatu Latu on their board? What about Maason Smith? Did the Bills use a 30 on him so their doctors could look at his injuries
  2. It’s either BTJ, Worthy or trade down imo if they don’t go way up
  3. I know it’s easy to make the thought because of the relationships but the Giants brass is fighting for their jobs and accepting picks next year could very well just be assisting the next HC/GM. Can’t see them making a deal with the Bills
  4. I think the Bills intend to spread the ball around moreso than having a dominate # 1 guy per say, even if they go up and get an Odunze imo. I dont think you look at it as Worthy is the # 1 WR.
  5. I only think 5 WR's go in the first round MHJ Nabers Odunze BTJ Worthy Its either a massive move up for one of the top 3 or into the high teens or early 20's for BTJ/Worthy
  6. My opinion is its either going to be Thomas Jr or Worthy and if neither are available, their looking to trade back and will take a guy in the early 2nd round.
  7. I think only 5 go in the first but I do believe there will be a 2nd round run on guys. I have all 6 QBs 5 WRs 11 OL 4 DL 5 DBs 1 TE
  8. I think he’s right. Less WRs and I think all 6 QBs go in the first and 8 OTs and possibly 3 IOL Legit half the first round might be QB and OL
  9. I will say this. As two teams looking to make a trade, this makes a lot of sense. I’m sure Florio is just blowing smoke but the Broncos need 2025 capital so they can take a QB next year or rebuild their roster. The Bills have 2025 capital to give, but the question is will Odunze be there at 12. I find it hard to believe but Odunze is a Buffalo guy. Humble hard worker who doesn’t show diva traits that could be Allen’s # 1 for the next 8 years or so. Bills give up 2025 1st and 28 and maybe a 5th this year should get it done
  10. He is elite at contested catches. He ran a 4.45 in the 40 at 6’3 212 pounds. Sure that’s not 4.33 but it’s plenty elite ebough at a guy that size who runs a much stronger route tree. Could you argue BTJ has higher upside I could see that but he also has a way lower floor
  11. Good to get confirmation on this as I suspected they didn’t bring him in. Further shores up that he’s not their guy imo
  12. Id probably ask for a 2025 pick as well since we’re losing value in that like a 2025 5th rounder
  13. Pick 100 is actually fine by me if that comes about it’s like getting your comp pick back and still getting the 4th
  14. 40 is too far back, I think Buffalo would demand pick 36 from Washington to move up into their spot to get an OT. I think most other teams in that range would do the same as well.
  15. I don't think that is a they will give up both 36 and 40 but just a they have the ammunition to get there because one of the top tackles might not be there at 36. I think this is correct, those last 10 picks of the first round are going to be filled with OT/OG selections imo. To make it worth the Bills while they might overpay by giving up either 67 or 78 but the Bills would probably have to give back 144 which I think both teams would be willing to do because its only a 4 point difference. That would leave Buffalo with 36 60 78 128 133 160 163 200 204 248 I'd expect Buffalo then to move around the board again with all of those picks to get another guy they want or two.
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