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  1. Okay on to week 4 then: Week1: Rams Week2: Bucs Week 3: Broncos Week4: Bills over Texans
  2. Week1- Rams Week2- Bucs Week3- Broncos over Jets
  3. I think its just the Bills were highly successful last year in the pass game and now teams , particularly in the AFC, spent all offseason studying the Bills and the Chiefs and ways to stop them. The problem is the Bills haven't changed at all from last year. Right before Singletary broke off the TD run I was begging for them to run it. Everyone is going to run soft shell defense with 4-5 guys in the box until the Bills can run successfully against that. They did halfway decent today and need to continue to do that to get people out of it so we can go back to last years stuff so much.
  4. Week 1: Used Rams Week 2: Bucs over Falcons
  5. Most of the calls were legit. Their defensive line flat out owned our OL. Both Dawkins and Williams were terrible today. Feliciano and Ford were not great either. The PI on Wallace was the one a that I was miffed about
  6. The OPI is debatable but I’m not sure if it was the screen play or the almost pick but there was a clear hold in the middle of the line early in that drive where one of Tampa’s oline threw a Cowboys defender down with a wrestling takedown idk how that was missed
  7. I love Jim Kelly but honestly not a chance, I could honestly understand people who would say he’s one of the most overrated QBs of all time. Couldn’t win the big game, injured a lot. Team had a lot of success with Reich in there which doesn’t help his cause either
  8. I believe that the AAC makes about 7 million dollars more per team than the MAC as it currently stands. I think UB should make that push to go to the AAC and may need Temple to push for them strongly. I think Buffalo would be a team considered but the attendance numbers that Buffalo produces aren’t appealing. Plus if I was the AAC I’d focus on continuing the push for top level upcoming football programs. If I’m going after 4 teams I’m looking at App State, Coastal Carolina and Boise for sure(prob won’t happen but take that shot on Boise). I’d also settle for Army, Navy, Marshall, Toledo. Buffalo would be in the mix but I don’t think they’d be in the top 7 options or so to replace those 4 schools
  9. when Sweeney is healthy, I would argue he has as much upside as Knox. I like Sweeney a lot. He has solid hands and a good blocker just can’t stay healthy. If he cab stay on the field he could end up TE 1
  10. Hamlin is making the roster regardless dude has been solid and a playmaker so far. Loved the guy coming out and he hasn’t disappointed
  11. sounds about right maybe Isaiah Hodgins or Sweeney they are trying to keep, idk of another guy that could go on long term IR unless it’s Stevenson or Doyle but both played last week By thin we’re talking Knox, Sweeney, and Gilliam
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