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  1. I actually disagree with the Giants having needs all over the place comment. They need WRs, a TE, LB core. They have a lot of young talent on their Oline and Dline, set at RB pending they re-sign Barkley, and their secondary isn't bad but could use upgrades on the guys they have. If they add a high end WR, a good LB or two and a CB I think they are ready to compete with anyone pending Jones continues to project upwards.
  2. The smartest thing for the Giants to do is to Franchise Tag him and make him repeat or better the season he just had before committing long term to him. Surround him with better weapons this year and see if he takes another leap under Daboll and Kafka(if he doesn't get a HC job)
  3. I actually agree here. Everyone touts him as some star. He’s not overly athletic, his hands are hot and cold and I think he benefits from all the athletes around him. I know I sound like a psycho but I’d take him bulk him up and make him a HOF LT. I’m not joking either. As a 1st round TE not a shot.
  4. Being an Analyst on TV, especially for Amazon, pays a lot better and has a lot less commitment to it than being an NFL QB Coach.
  5. Lou Amarumo and Mike Kafka would be the two guys I would hire in this cycle. No two coaches did more with less than these two this year. Amarumo runs a defense that doesn't have a lot of stars but constantly confuses and limits star QB's on the big stage. Mike Kafka worked with Daboll this year, elevating Daniel Jones to a level he wasn't even close too before, has a pedigree as a College/NFL QB, and he also worked under Andy Reid as their QB coach. How both of these guys aren't getting more looks is beyond me.
  6. I think the problem with their scouting staff is they rely too much on college tape and not enough on attributes that can be coached up to take a player to another level. Oliver, Basham, Epenesa dominated college football but were all maxed out physically and we're more of the ready right now to plug in type of players. That can lead to having a solid roster but not a ton of guys who can boom for you. I think Beane plays it safe too much in his picks to be honest.
  7. If I could get a 2nd round pick for Oliver I would do it. I'd also consider some package of a 3rd and 4th as well. He's not as productive as people give him credit for. This team needs young talented cheap contracts not bloated high end cap numbers for average/above average players.
  8. He needs to go. Sorry but he's had 4 years and he's going to have a 5th. He was Aaron Donald Lite coming out and people expected him to be a force as a pass rusher in the NFL. He has yet to be that guy. People's excuse for him and his lack of sacks in college was because the University of Houston made him a Nose which wasn't his natural position. He's had two big bodies next to him in his career to take up blockers for him in Star and now Dequan Jones. It hasn't happened. He's a solid player but we could get his type of player and production out of a DT we draft in the 3rd or 4th round. He also had half a year without Von Miller to prove he could be a dominant force that teams had to account for and he did nothing. He may have been banged up a little this year but what about the previous 3. He was the 9th overall pick in the draft.
  9. Well look over the offensive line list and tell me who you would want that isn't going to cost more than 6 million per season. That's how Free Agency goes. The top end guys get top end dollar(we can't afford), and then the rest are modest short term to reclamation projects, to stop gaps etc. Its easy to just rip off anyone but most guys aren't realistic. If you want a mauler who's big then Torrance from Florida is probably your guy in the 1st round from Florida. Mauch was a mauling FCS Tackle who will have to move inside and hopefully will be able to do the same in the NFL while providing athleticism. Saffold was considered a mauler and it didn't work out. If you want Maulers then we better get rid of the whole line cause none of them classify in that realm including Dawkins, Morse, and Bates.
  10. I would release or Mitch Morse retires and move Ryan Bates to Center. I would bring in Andre Dillard from the Eagles to compete at either LT or Right Tackle. Dillard wont break the bank as he has been a semi bust due to injuries(2 out of 4 years). If Dillard can prove himself as a LT in the league(debatable), this would allow the Bills to either move Dawkins inside or Dillard/Dawkins can replace Spencer Brown. Dillard is more of a natural left tackle so I will simply bump Dillard to LT and Dawkins will slot at either LG/RT. I would also try to make a move on Trey Pipkins. A prospect very similar to Spencer Brown. Started for the Chargers and had a decent season. Might not break the bank but will command some type of solid contract. In the 2nd round, I'd take Cody Mauch OG from North Dakota State if he is available. A former Tackle who is projected inside to guard in the NFL. Some think he could go round 1 if he kills the all star circuit. Will need to add some mass but my objective here is to get way more athletic on the offensive line since we are going to continue to pass the ball a ton. I'd like to get a more athletic offensive line so we can add the screen game back into the picture. LT: Dillard LG: Dawkins Center: Ryan Bates RG: Cody Mauch RT: Pipkins/Brown Thats my idea. Don't think it is too far fetched. I wouldn't say its a dominant offensive line but with our cap restrictions and my thoughts on we have to get more athletic upfront, I think this fits the Bill. Obviously we would add some other depth pieces.
  11. After the Bills walked to a 24-10 victory over the Patriots in Foxborough, either Belichick or Patricia said that they threw all of these short passes because they wanted to get their playmakers into space and force the Bills to tackle. You could see Mac Jones screaming at coaches on the sideline after the Bills stifled their gameplan. Bills media and pundits laughed at the notion mostly because the Patriots don't have the receiving weapons to make that happen on a down to down basis. Flash forward to yesterday. The Bengals constantly threw the ball very short with screens, dump offs, crossers etc and made the first one or two bills miss gaining extra yardage with missed tackles. Obviously the Bengals had much better weapons with their 3 WR's but its also arguable that their RB's and TE's were both of a higher caliber than the Patriots. I just couldn't stop thinking about that statement and how I watch the Bills on defense and they just look slow. The Bengals just had better athletes on offense than the Bills had of defense. Also give Cinci DC Lou Anarumo a lot of credit. That man knows how to shut down top QB's in this league. He's done it to Mahomes and now he did it to Allen. I also admired the play of Trey Hendrickson and wish he was on the Bills. Guy can do everything. He's tough, physical, can rush the passer and set the edge. He also was in a 2 point and 3 point at times chucking Dawson Knox before coming on his rush. Just a good throwback hardnosed football player. That Bengals team is really good when clicking on all cylinders.
  12. If I had to venture a guess, it makes more sense to move on from Frazier first. Bills are going to lose defensive talent over the next year or two and it makes sense from a timing standpoint to change while the talent is changing. Dorsey gets more weapons and line next year to prove he’s the guy. If not he’s gone
  13. Ah Feliciano getting bull rushed in the playoffs by a LB
  14. This team makes too many self inflicted things to win a SB. They are the best team in the NFL, but their also the best team at beating themselves.
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