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  1. Define Steady and consistent to me if steady and consistent is taking reps and setting the edge with no ability to rush the passer than sure. Epenesa had 6.5 sacks in his 3rd season in the NFL and is an ascending player. He also started 2 games this year. Lawson started 6 games and had 3.5 sacks in his 7th year. So Lawson had triple his starts, forced less turnovers, and has double the experience in the NFL than Epenesa but had 3 sacks less, 1 less turnover opportunity and had 15 more tackles which at the end of the day aren't difference making plays because Epenesa had 7 TFL and Lawson had 6. There is literally no concernable stats that say that Shaq Lawson is a better player than AJ Epenesa at this point.
  2. Lawson is an average football player. I mean the amount of love the guy gets on here makes me shake my head. He's a loveable character. I get it he likes Buffalo and Buffalo likes him but that doesn't change the fact that the Bills can't do a lot better. Epenesa has upside still. I don't care if they were garbage sacks. He's still showing improvement unlike Lawson who we know exactly what his max is. I'm not even really advocating for Epenesa or Basham either but at least there could be something more there.
  3. Either Boogie or Shaq isn't making the team. At least Epenesa had a pulse with 6.5 sacks last year.
  4. He’s a good get this late. Previously paired up with Von. Hopefully draws some attention away from Oliver so he can finally get after the QB. Looks like their trying to recreate the dline the Rams had a couple years ago
  5. If he does have a good year I still don't expect the Bills to pony up the money required to keep him. I think the Bills want to get bigger at that spot moving forward.
  6. The problem is the Bills don't have a ton of speed at WR and teams try to mitigate the big plays by the Bills offense. That means that a lot of teams play a plethora of two high safety/zone looks to make the Bills matriculate the ball down the field. This is not McKenzie's strength. His strength is playing against man to man coverage and his best games as a WR came against such. When he was forced to sit in zones or find openings that mitigates his greatest strength(his speed) and he just isn't good at it. Its a feel for whats going on around you to find open spaces in zone defenses. McKenzie didn't have that trait. He also has average to below average hands which are vital for a slot WR. Its always been a curse for him even when he was with the Broncos in the preseason muffing and fumbling punt returns and you could see that residual here with the Bills still. I also think Allen lost faith in him midway through last season after the dropping/fumbling/tripping that he did early in the season.
  7. I love Dalvin as an FSU fan but the tread is wearing thin, the injuries are starting to occur and the production is slowing. He had a ton of Carries at both FSU and in Minny and he might just be starting the drop off
  8. I always thought Preston Williams had some major potential and at times has shown it but has been inconsistent. I would take a dart throw on him.
  9. I believe they should have Washington and Hogs in their name since its the moniker for their offensive line. Its the name to me that makes the most sense. Washington RedHogs would be my choice but to each their own.
  10. Sounds like a personal problem
  11. Well I mean you've already set yourself up for a 5 to 1 advantage and if 1 out of these guys is better you can say see I told you so. I'm glad to see many people coming around to Williams after doing a little more digging. I was always high on him and told people he was my # 2 MLB in the draft this past year.
  12. I think it stings more to me when they are lost quickly or unexpectedly. I had two Husky brothers, Oreo and Zorro, from the same litter and we raised them both since they were puppies. Oreo was 12 years old when he passed. Up until a month before he was energetic, his normal self and loving life. The next month he had dropped significant weight, jaundice started and he had liver cancer. Due to his age we had him pass to stop any future suffering. My wife and I balled our eyes out for days due to the unexpected nature of it because we had seen him as his normal self until it happened. Zorro was almost 15 when he passed this past October. He was a shell of his former self. He had lost a ton of muscle mass, slept all day, and started to lose his bodily functions while struggling to walk. While I was sad to see him go for sure, it was his time and probably beyond his time with us. I was more empathetic for him and knew I was doing the right thing for him. I miss him but the situations were vastly different and the emotional side of things were handled very different.
  13. I didn't think it was that great either. Thought it was uninspiring and the Bills social media has been fantastic in the past just not this one.
  14. I didn't mean Ertz necessarily. I get where you would think that by the way I typed it though. I suspect their going to keep Morris as that 2nd Traditional Y TE in case Knox gets hurt because Kincaid cant block NFL players right now. Having an OL be that guy again then restricts you to really 11 personnel instead of a wide array of packages that they could use with the traditional Y and F TE
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