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  1. I like a lot of Pitt defenders. They just seem to find a role as NFL players
  2. What I’ve noticed is when he scrambles he wants you to over run it with him so he can throw it back towards the middle. It’s like a zone run play. You want to have a backside defender pursuing through the alley for a cut back. it’s the same for Mahomes when he does this except for it’s a pass. The LBs need to sit behind the play instead of trying to chase down Mahomes. That takes a lot of discipline
  3. It’s too young for Cook to make any determination. I am on the trade Zack Moss for a bag of balls train. Trade him and promote Duke Johnson.
  4. He’s played well this year so far. The Combo of Miller and better DTs(in particular Daquan Jones), has really helped him so far this year. Not sure I’d still pay him the money it would require to keep him
  5. I mentioned Greg Dortch in another thread. Has had a good start to the season and he's a Punt Returner but is going to get lost in the depth at WR with Brown, Rondale Moore and the return of DeAndre Hopkins. Longshot but maybe a 4th would be enticing enough for them. I honestly think T.Y Hilton is the best option. Plays the slot which they need. Still might have something in the tank. Its probably too early in the season for a lot of teams to be in tank mode and be selling.
  6. Longshot but I'd call the Cardinals and see if Greg Dortch is available. Would be a perfect fit here and they have Moore, Brown, and Hopkins coming off of suspension. Not many other Free Agent options out there. Beckham(not ready), Fuller(walking injury). If I was gonna go after a vet I guess I'd go after T.Y Hilton but not sure I advocate for that.
  7. Does anyone think he just was being emotional or had the wind knocked out of him. He played big today for a team that needed his vet presence. Looks like he'll be fine if the video means anything
  8. It’s a very good win on the road against a good football team. We’re 3-1 with 3 wins arguably over playoff teams and the only loss being a mistake filled heat game where guys were dropping like flies. I know it’s hard to say but we get a little break next week against the Steelers with probably a rookie QB and Watt out to terrorize Allen
  9. 2 Drops on that series both for 1st downs. They just dont have it.
  10. They look like they have no juice whatsoever. They have now been sloppy with Turnovers in 3 out of their 4 games. The O-line is bad which has become a staple of the Beane General Manager era. Dude seriously needs to invest in this area and stop being cheap in this area.
  11. Can't blame your family for your failures when your younger brother is a 2nd string TE who has started at Ole Miss and has made the Honor roll academically every year he has been there. Casey seems to have his life in order to some extent. Probably wont play pro ball but he'll be a bigger success in the game of life.
  12. He was alright for the Colts last year nothing special but not abysmal.
  13. I was talking about Jackson not Benford
  14. A guy can play with a fractured hand. Just gotta wrap it up good. I expect Dane Jackson to practice this week. Does he play who knows but he should be back at the very worst next week.
  15. They also had usually an extra day to prep and get fluids in. Game finishes at 4:30 Sunday and the Bills-Titans game ended at 10:30 on Monday that’s 30 less hours than usual to get the team prepped and hydrated and ready to go.
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