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  1. I mean what’s the chances Fisher is successful in his transition. I get the blocking TE thing for him but he was a below average offensive lineman who will still be blocking DEs and he offers probably nothing in the passing game. Smith is still a hell of a blocking TE and at least offers something in the passing game. I fully suspect you’ll see Sweeney on the PS. Kroft is the all around guy, Knox is the pass catcher, Smith the Blocker, and Croom if he makes the roster(I suspect he would) would allow them to use Knox and him in passing situations
  2. I’m going to go QB- Allen, Barkley, Anderson RB- McCoy, Gore, Yeldon, Singletary FB-DiMarco WR- Foster, Jones, Roberts, Brown, Beasley, Williams TE- Kroft, Knox, Croom OL- Dawkins, Nsekhe, Ford, Morse, Long, Waddle, Spain, Teller Off- 25 DE- Hughes, Murphy, Lawson, Love DT- Loutelelei, Oliver, Phillips, Phillips LB- Edmunds, Alexander, Milano, Joseph, Stanford, Alexander, Lacey CB- Wallace, White, Johnson, Gaines, Johnson Saf- Hyde, Poyer, Bush, Johnson, Neal Def- 25 K- Hauschka P- Carter LS- Ferguson Specials- 3 PS- Jackson(QB), Nick Easley(WR), Sills(WR), Sweeney(TE)
  3. Nsekhe plays his best at LT, Beane notes that as well as Nsekhe himself, they clearly stated that they will start Ford at RT and he was a high second round pick meaning he will start and if he can handle RT he will. Dawkins struggles at LT last year and Beane mentioned him being unimpressed. Dawkins was a guy who was thought to be a Guard coming into the league. The whole thing is going to be new anyways. Idk that your argument for continuity at positions hold up anyways. If you bring in 7 new guys chances are things are going to be shuffled around
  4. I would think an extension for Jerry Hughes would be at the top of the priority list
  5. To me it’s nowhere near as funny when a guy is self recording himself for a reaction and attention on the internet. What made the Jets picks so funny over the years was seeing a 3rd party camera(ESPN) catching their reactions to their picks
  6. Derek Anderson comes down with a mysterious injury that requires him to go on IR with the possibility to return, Jackson goes to the Practice squad. Allen and Barkley active on game days. Jackson called up if an injury Weeks 1-7, Anderson can return after week 8
  7. The Way I think you put the best 5 on the field is: LT- Ty Nsekhe LG-Dion Dawkins OC- Mitch Morse RG-Spain/Long/Teller RT- Ford
  8. I’ll also be curious to see if they leave a spot open for another FA signing(Ansah)
  9. I know we only technically have 5 roster spots left but it is conceivable that they sign more and release current guys on the 90.
  10. Emmanuel Hall is signing with the Bears according to his twitter
  11. For you UB guys, James O’Hagan the Center is going to the Giants
  12. https://www.rotoworld.com/college-football/nfl-draft/player/39983/nick-easley
  13. Easley had minimal production at Iowa because of the offense obviously focused on running and TEs. Apparently he dominated his pro day and tested off the charts including running an insane 3 cone. Very similar mindset as the Knox pick
  14. Tyree Jackson has serious accuracy issues, Johnson had trouble separating from DBs in the MAC, and Hodge ran a 5 flat at his pro day
  15. Good pick by NO there with Elliss versatile guy, ran a 4.6 at the combine, raw at LB because he was used as a TE as well at Idaho
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