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  1. 3rd down decibel level at MNF for Jets Patriots at 93 decibels. Bills fans on 3rd down against the Dolphins, Sunday at 1:00 103 decibels
  2. It’s a pretty dumb article. Hey let’s see who we can pluck from a 4-1 team because “hey, who doesn’t want to trade. On Marlowe he says “ well he’s only been active for 6 games for the Bills in two years so he’ll get more playing time and opportunities”. That’s great and all but he’s under contract and teams don’t just trade guys because they don’t get to play as much as other guys. Levi Wallace’s one made me chuckle too. “Levi Wallace is great, he’s so great that eventually the Bills are going to have to pay him, maybe they should get something before he walks. Despite being a starter, 2 years away from URFA, the Bills having 84 million dollars in cap space it all makes perfect sense to ship him to the soon to be cap strapped Rams who already have given Goff, Gurley, Donald huge contracts and will soon give Ramsey, Kupp etc similar big contracts
  3. Matt Milano LB Ike Boettger OL Tommy Sweeney TE Jaquan Johnson SAF Corey Thompson LB Robert Foster WR Dean Marlowe SAF
  4. While Levi Wallace is technically a Free Agent, he is an exclusive right free agent meaning he can't negotiate with another team, so don't worry about him to get snapped up by another team. Mckenzie is a Restricted Free Agent so if they Bills tender him, another team would have to pony up a 5th rounder for him(unlikely). I think you'll see Ford get bumped inside next year and Spain has been inconsistent so he will probably go. Jordan Phillips i'd like back but he's going to be looking for his "big" contract next year. Lawson will probably want to be a starter and get a pay bump in a different situation. I could see Alexander coming back if he believes the Bills are legit super bowl contenders. The only guys I can see the Bills wanting to bring back that could leave is Dean Marlowe. He is also a restricted free agent but he was undrafted so the Bills wouldn't get compensation for him. I could see the Bills tendering him but getting a bigger deal that the Bills dont necessarily want to pay.
  5. I actually like the realism of this, maybe not the player and position but Dunlap on an 0-5 team and a decent salary can realistically be had for a 4 or 5. For some one reason I keep coming back to Punter, especially with the way we play with defense and field position. Maybe Brett Kern from Tennessee since he’s a Buffalo guy for a 5th.
  6. I think a lot can be attributed to a lot of young college system quarterbacks coming into the NFL and all of a sudden getting multiple disguises, blitzes, and speed of the game that they haven't seen before. The windows are also much smaller in the NFL and it took awhile but defenses have adjusted to having hybrid LB/Safety types that can play both the run and the pass. I also believe that these young Quarterbacks are naturally inpatient(See Josh Allen) and are unwilling to constantly take the short pass that is open while they try to push the ball into coverage down the field and defensive coordinators play more 8 man coverage.
  7. Mahomes will be the highest paid QB in NFL history probably at the end of this season. They will want to also keep some of their core WR group together as well which will cost huge money. There is only so much big money to go around when your talking about Mahomes making 40+, Kelce/Watkins/Hill/Hardeman whomever you want to choose making at least 15 million a year a piece. Like I said its just a hunch, I didn't prophecy it lol just watching the game it reminds me of the 90s dolphins. Explosive offense, abysmal running game, a defense that is actually worse than the 90's dolphins teams.
  8. I had a weird thought watching the Texans-Chiefs game. I think its very possible that Patrick Mahomes has a career trajectory much like Dan Marino. He will break all kinds of records, go down as one of the NFL's best of all time but a lack of running game and defense will continue to haunt him much like it did Marino. Make it deep in the playoffs every year only to be beaten by a more complete football team.
  9. Unlike the Bills, who arguably have less talent than the Browns, Cleveland plays like a bunch of individuals doing their own thing rather than a cohesive unit
  10. The problem is the way Phillips is playing he’s gonna want that big contract. I don’t see the Bills giving it to him especially with Harrison Phillips coming back, Ed Oliver, and even the emergence of Kyle Peko who has been playing very well. Lawson is kind of in the same boat. Murphy, Hughes and Johnson are in the rotation and I expect them to give Mike Love as well as Free Agents or draft picks to fill in the rest. The good old news is this is how good teams operate like the Patriots have for years. Get the most out of decent players, some other team gives them a big contract, said team gets comp picks, decent player doesn’t live up to their contract. I think its more likely you see extensions for key players like Poyer, Tre White etc
  11. I gotta think it’s a Tackle or a LB.
  12. Natural Selection, just let it play out. I never understood paying a huge amount of money for a ticket or tickets, buying multiple 30 racks and food in pregame, buying 4 or 5 more in the stadium at 15 bucks a pop , and not remembering a damn thing, while spending hundreds of dollars, about the game cause your passed out or puking the whole time.
  13. I played 4 years of HS all conference 2 years in Livingston County, played 2 years of college ball at the University of Saint Mary, an NAIA school in Leavenworth, KS. Coached HS ball in NY for 9 years, was a football recruiting asst at a D1 school for 2 years, and a football recruiting coordinator for a couple of D3 schools in Pennsylvania
  14. I actually was just thinking this last night after the game. I really like Josh Allen and his competitiveness I really do. I think he’s a stand up guy for Buffalo has all the physical tools and I’m far from saying give up on him. But when do you have to start thinking man maybe its just not gonna happen despite these qualities. He went 10 TDs 12 picks last year and this year so far he’s 3 TDs and 6 picks. I know there are some excuses in there, like terrible 2018 offense around him and a lot of the interceptions are correctable, but what troubles me is he keeps making the same mistakes despite being coached to limit mistakes. Still chucking the ball up out of desperation despite getting picked numerous time is one example. The first interception to McCourty played vividly in my mind. It was the same Corner Post route he threw to Robert Foster the week before that the safety dropped. It was the same exact play.
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