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  1. I read the headline and said man this should be a really good read. Read the article and was like okay that wasn’t what I expected. Great Beane had a good relationship with the Agent and Milano wanted to stay. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff
  2. My biggest thing with Wawrow is his questions are always like this. Yes he particularly stammered because he tip toed trying to get an answer without pissing Poyer off , but his questions are always excessively long winded and too descriptive as if he is trying to get a player to go a certain direction. Half the time when he asks a question about halfway through I’m like get to the point already and stop talking. No one in The Bills media is anywhere close to as long winded with questions. I can’t be the only one who notices this. People will also defend him in this threa
  3. That is cheaper than going rate thats under 40 million a year which is around what the QBs are getting in annual salary, in this scenario, Allen would be getting 38.5 a cheap discount. I guess you could argue maybe he would take 35 to keep opportunities to win but we'll see.
  4. Beane will get the most cap friendly deal he can even from Allen. My guess is you’ll see 8 years 310 million(slight discount) with 250 million guaranteed
  5. I think the Bills schedule is really favorable. Two bye weeks essentially. Yes two tough stretches but after that are easier matchups. I look at the schedule and don’t see how Buffalo isn’t 7-2 or so after 9 games
  6. I think Bills Colts makes a lot of sense
  7. Okay so tell me how many of the 5’6 RBs that ran 4.51 got drafted. It’s a little different if a guy is 5’11 215 and ran 4.55 versus a guy 5’6 195 who ran 4.51 Travis Etienne 5’10 215 4.33 40 Najee Harris 6’1 232 No 40 time projected 4.52 Javonte Williams 5’10 220 4.55 Michael Carter 5’8 201 4.50 Trey Sermon 6’0 215 4.57 Rhamondre Stevenson 5’11 230 4.63 Kenny Gainwell 5’8 201 4.41 Jermar Jefferson 5’10 206 4.56 Larry Rountree 5’10 211 4.62 Khalil Herbert 5’9 210 4.46 Chubby Hubbard 6’0 210 4.48 Kylin Hill 5’11 214 4.55
  8. Whether people want to admit it their is a bias for local talent by some on this board. The Melifonwu and Patterson love was extremely high for two pretty average draft projections
  9. Undervalued position, small frame, not fast enough, plus as you get to the latter stages of the draft teams are looking for guys who can contribute on Special Teams. Patterson doesn’t really have that on film and his size would prob scare teams away from that idea. I thought maybe someone would take a shot in 6-7 but they didn’t. He’ll get his chance to prove himself as a UDFA. If he’s got the goods he’ll land somewhere as a 3rd down back.
  10. Well if they traded down with 3 spots, Roseman admitted they like guys who got picked that leaves the options very limited in who Donahue was pissed about Brady Christianson at 70, Aaron Robinson at 71, and Alim McNeil at 72. The assumption is I’m guessing Donahue wanted McNeil and went right before them
  11. I think that is where Anderson ends up to be honest. He did both at the senior bowl
  12. well dude wanted to know why he and Tamorrion Terry haven’t been drafted . Terrible character for both of them
  13. not really he’d probably be more aiming for Taiwan Jones job in year 1 as a ST and maybe Breida. If not he goes on the PS
  14. I think you can convince Patterson to come as a UDFA esp of the Bills don’t draft a RB. Tell him we have an unsettled situation, bring him in and let him compete for a spot.
  15. Marvin Wilson is fat out of shape, terrible football player, and threw his new coach under the bus on social media. Then he “hurt his groin” during the season and stood on the sidelines the rest of the year. Basically Norvell benched him at the end of the year but wanted to save face for Wilson
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