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  1. All things considered he played a pretty good game. The Oline was crap, the defense was crap. The WRs couldn’t get open. If they could’ve put the ball in the end zone twice instead of FGs they’d have 8 more. Not good enough to win but but a good performance
  2. They got off to the hot start, then they went timid. Can’t do that and expect to beat these guys. I get the plan but my god make someone besides Kielce or Hill beat you. Make them run the ball
  3. They had to kick the FG, they were at the 2 not the 1. I get it it’s hard to stop KC but they had to get something on that drive
  4. I actually think it would be a better story if Buffalo had to beat Brady for their 1st super bowl after Brady dominated the Bills over his career, and they have to do it in Tampa’s stadium
  5. The thing that I think is the big difference between those teams and this team is the AFC was by far the inferior conference in that era. It’s what allowed the Bills IMO to get to 4 straight. Now the AFC is the superior conference in terms of top teams and depth
  6. i don’t really see Morse, Brown I can def see. They are set obviously with Beasley and Diggs. I think the emergence of Gabe Davis , the signing of Kenny Stills, and still having the possibility of McKenzie and Hodgins in the wings could spell the end for Brown
  7. I mean I don’t disagree I guess the problem I see is Ford has shown very little as a starting OL in this league and I don’t think you can cut Morse until your sure on Ford
  8. I was just thinking how he has kind of gone unheralded this year. Dude has been nothing but rock solid and had been nothing but overlooked with Spain, Ford, and Winters getting the early reps and playing time. With the cap being tight next year he will be a very cheap starter at LG. So that begs the question, does that mean the highly likable Feliciano walks so Ford can slot at RG and resign Williams? Do we sign both Feliciano and Williams for continuity and trade Ford? I find it to be an interesting discussion.
  9. I was at the game and the wind was swirling and changing direction constantly. Both Bass and Tucker looked frustrated during halftime as they were shanking their kicks from 40 and out. It was bad
  10. Boy that was boring, the AFC is so much more competitive and fun to watch in the Wild card games
  11. They play soft cover 2 defense , have a great front 7 and make you earn your yards. Plus the Bills had terrible field position in the first half
  12. I’m gonna lean towards Williams. I get the idea of going with the veteran guy but both Singletary and Yeldon have had fumbling issues in the recent past plus Williams runs exceptionally tough
  13. Man wins are wins idc but heart attack city
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