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  1. Edmunds is playing now in a system that makes him more aggressive in the blitz packages and he is bringing it in the run game. With his length and physicality, look for more big, impactful plays.
  2. Hodgins looked good vs the Colts, but can we see him produce in a real game against starters before we anoint him as a member of our receiver corp. I’m rooting for him because he’s had challenges but we need a consistent, clutch, durable player to replace Cole.
  3. The 2 areas of concern for me are O-line and corner. The O-line will have new pieces at guard(Saffold in his mid30s) and Quissenberry at multiple positions. Ford is still there and he doesn't impress anyone. At corner Elam will be a solid contributor, but it might take him a while and Tre is coming of an ACL. Is Dane Jackson ready to cover the kind of receivers we will face in the first 7 games? This is where Sean will have to piece it together. Maybe Taron Johnson gets more involved or we use more zone coverages. These are my ?s.
  4. I couldn't stomach him for many years but wrote it off as being a frustrated victim of the dominance he presided over us. Also, Belichick muzzled him in the few interviews he gave. Now his giant ego can't be controlled by anything a coach, GM or owner wants to avoid as bulletin board material. I know this, anyone who witnessed his sickening act and the constant deferential sucking up by cast and crew at TNT must admit this guy is a nasty squirrel in a little lord Fauntleroy outfit.
  5. Just wanted to express how impressed I was with Josh. He was honest and respectful towards the other three and showed class at all times despite having a challenging round. Brady, on the other hand, has become a superior minded,repugnant, humorless jerk who gets off on showing the world how great his life is and much better he is than anyone who dares to compete with him. I will root hard against him and any endeavor he pursues going forward. His career is unmatched but he is a detestable, 45 year old megalomaniac, who wants to insult others to show how cool he is.
  6. Totally agree. The NFL did nothing about CTE for 40 years, now they're committed to wiping out antihistamines not on the approved list. Makes total sense.
  7. Don't expect much from Josh/Mahomes vs Rodgers who's by far the best of these four. This should motivate Josh to exact revenge when it counts.
  8. Wow, that analysis was brilliant, far better and more insightful than the beat writer hacks could assemble. I'm not sold on Stevenson's ball security or pass catching skills until I see it for an extended period. He also seems slight.
  9. Thanks for naming the who's who of dbs in the NFL. Sadly they represent the tiny % of corners that overachieved in their rookie deal.
  10. What rookies do you have in mind? Just curious about the funky cottage cheese reference when you come up with zero examples. Maybe your silly, unfounded assertions work with the poor souls that need anything positive about their favorite team. Not objective Bills fans. Not saying Elam can't be dominant. ,, just not expecting it year one. If it happens the defense will not be so dependent on White being White immediately.
  11. OK, expecting quality corner play from a rookie usually comes from fans who don't realize there's a learning curve in the NFL. Tell me about getting everything out of depth dbs when they got lit up by KC with everything on the line. Love your optimism though.
  12. If he's only average, Beane better get some veteran depth because the thought of Jackson and the rookie against the receiving corps on our schedule(Miami,LA, Minn., Cleveland, Pittsburgh and KC etc) doesn't inspire confidence.
  13. The biggest ?marks?, not yet Weaknesses are the O-line development, as Dorsey will likely want a run threat to make Josh even more dangerous. Also, can Sean improve in game decisions as he has been reluctant to put the pedal down while protecting leads. Sean, coach this team as if you believe they're great. Stop coaching not to lose.
  14. KC is the biggest foe until the Bills prove they're better. Getting home field is mandatory. Denver, LA, and Vegas are all capable of winning a playoff game, but not in Buffalo come January. Baltimore has to prove they have enough weapons in the passing game to scare the Bills. If the Bills can show a multidimensional offense with an actual running threat, the opposition better score 30 or more. Let's see how Miller and our young D-line play against good offenses. If they dominate, I don’t think we will be denied.
  15. Sean is a very good coach. I hope he is evolving and will bring a championship to Buffalo fans. His strengths are preparing and motivating his players who hold him in high regard. He must learn from his losing, in game coaching decisions, that showed a fear of aggressively trying to impose his will on a game. He must remember, losing with this QB and our trajectory, established over the last few years is a reflection on his coaching. This team is absolutely good enough to get to the SB.
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