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  1. Well his only real choice if the the Bengals draft him is sitting out a year and reentering the draft in 2021. If he does that he’ll be 25 at the end of his first year and 30 at the end of his first contract if he’s good. He isn’t a 21 year old he’d be prudent to start his career right away to try squeezing two big contracts out before he’s done
  2. I’ll start with Justin Jefferson from LSU, just think he’s one of those underrated guys in the process that becomes a star in the league like DAndre Hopkins Cam Akers from Florida State. His Oline was horrendous, still put up 1,000 yard seasons and big plays in the run and pass game. Would be an awesome 1-2 punch Alex Taylor South Carolina State. Awesome 3-5 rounder who has all the measurable to be a big time NFL tackle. Small school will hurt him but he could play LT or RT after we get the rawness out
  3. To me, in this age of football you need two dominant Corners to win in this league. We have one mad need another. If we are ever going to beat the Chiefs especially we need to be really good in the secondary and up front
  4. I think I’d be more inclined to give him the transition tag at 12 million and if someone else offers big money then you let him go. The only way I would franchise him would be if I had the intention of trading him but I can’t see him going for more than a couple mid rounders
  5. I think a guy who makes a ton of sense is Kyler Fackrell. Won’t command huge money, just hitting his prime at 28. 6’5 245 and is a pure Sam LB that can rush the passer a bit
  6. If Brady goes to the Raiders, it’s 100% them. NFL loves Divisional games in week 1, Brady Mahomes, New Las Vegas team , if not probably the Ravens
  7. I never understood immortalizing athletes in particular. I feel sorry for his family like I would anyone else’s family, esp losing a person so young, but I never met the guy, watched him play basketball, and don’t feel some overwhelming dread like some are portraying on social media. Young people die everyday who do great things that go unnoticed and don’t get any credit.
  8. Big difference in taxes with a huge family moving from California to Florida
  9. Isaiah Simmons looks damn good so far on that Clemson defense. Doing it all playing the downhill thumper, side to side run defender, blitzed, and in coverage so far. Early but super impressed.
  10. Jack Conklin. Likely to hit Free Agency and seems like a good character toughness fit that the Bills covet.
  11. I actually think the Bills remind me more of the Vikings than they do the Bears. 2 WRs who are good but not great players, offensive line that is inconsistent, a QB who can win a game for you by looking super impressive or implode on you at any time. Dynamic RB with a top level defense.
  12. No one knows who the top 15 guys are right now. The media has their 15 or 20 but no one knows what execs actually think of these guys.
  13. I guess the problem I see is outside of Amari Cooper who everyone is going to want, AJ green is the next best option and you don’t know what your getting there. After that there is literally nothing at WR on the Free Agent market. Brashad Perriman might be the next best FA out there. You have to draft guys unless you get Cooper(who may get tagged) or Green(injury risk). I think the Bills should target RT Jack Conklin from the Titans to fill that void and move Ford inside permanently or get Anthony Constanzo from the Colts in Free agency. There are some good pass rushers in Free Agency outside of Clowney, Chris Jones and Yannick. It will be interesting but i see them going O line again in Free Agency and maybe Pass Rusher and drafting WR, DB, LB early
  14. The Bills need to snag the most elite WR, Tackle, DE or CB at 21 or 22
  15. The more I think about it Conklin should be priority # 1. He’ll be the best player at a position of need, the Titans will be much more likely to franchise tag Derrick Henry, they have about 40 million more in cap space, still need to resign Tannenhill and Logan Ryan, Wesley Woodyard
  16. 1. QB needs to keep progressing, he took a big leap this year, he needs another big leap next year with consistency 2. Get him weapons, a 2nd RB, 2 WRs one through FA and one in the draft, problem is there might not be a difference making WR in FA outside of Cooper. I prefer Tee Higgins I’ll put him there for now 1.Brown 2. Beasley 3. Higgins 4. AJ Green/Geronimo Allison type 5. Duke Williams 6. Andre Roberts Add a RT who is a starter( Daryl Williams or Jack Conklin) The defense could use an Edge player, SLB, # 2 CB.
  17. Gotta make the sack, gotta make the 3rd and 18 play, gotta not blindside block when we have a chance to kick a 55 yarder to win. Left so many plays out there that could have won us the game
  18. So the only time the Bills have beaten Baltimore in Baltimore was in 1999. The score was 13-10. Since then 2004- Ravens 20 Bills 6 2006-Ravens 19 Bills 7 2010- Ravens 37 Bills 34 2016- Ravens 13 Bills 7 2018- Ravens 47 Bills 3 so the Bills are 1-5 in Baltimore so my statement that the Bills don’t play well in Baltimore is true
  19. My issue is the Bills never play well in Baltimore. I know this is a new team compared to teams of the past but man they have been terrible playing Baltimore in Baltimore.
  20. In my opinion they did play scared. Everything Allen three was quick out of his hands so he didn’t get hit. He held the ball once in 2 series beyond a second and a half
  21. I would think for Ratings Buffalo vs Houston and the NFC 3seed vs the Vikings will be the two premiere games
  22. I was worried about that. You can stick White on Hopkins(hopefully). My big worry was Levi Wallace against Fuller but now it will be Kenny Stills if he can’t go. A huge difference
  23. I will say that maybe the Bills said hey let’s see if we can win straight up with this gameplan without throwing the sink at it. I don’t think the game was thrown per say but I could see where they might hold some things back in the playoffs particularly if they see the Patriots again. I mean they prob knew that the Patriots weren’t going to lose at home to the Dolphins so they prob knew win or lose they’d be the 5 seed
  24. What I would like to see when it comes to the intentional grounding rule is that all plays are intentional grounding if the ball doesn't cross the line of scrimmage on plays where its obvious the QB is just throwing the ball away. I dont know how you exactly word it but the ball, even though Burkhead "was in the area" was a clear throwaway and fell short of the line of scrimmage by at least 4 yards.
  25. The biggest issue I have is with the way they covered Edelman. They let Taron Johnson cover him 1 on 1 in the first half and Edelman torched him. They finally started bracketing him sometimes in the 2nd half but he comes back and they leave him wide open on the first play he returns. The Patriots have 3 players who can hurt you in the pass game. Julian Edelman, Rex Burkhead, and James White. We let 2 of those 3 guys hurt us in this game and its just unacceptable. Bracket Edelman all game or stick White on him then have Milano shadowing White/Burkhead out of the Backfield. Its not rocket science, thats what I didn't get. To me we could have won this game. We got extremely conservative when we got up 17-13 which I believe is more of a McDermott call than it is a DaBoll call. We have seen that in the past. The problem is most of the time it works out and we end up holding on to win. We have been bit by that twice now this year and tonight and the Browns were those two examples. Allen is what he is. He is a clutch kid who has some serious accuracy issues. To be fair he laid two absolute dime tonight that were probably 2 of his best throws of his career. He needs to hit Knox in the endzone there at the end. In conclusion, I like that Allen has the clutch 4th quarter gene. It didn't happen tonight but if he just could somehow figure it out in the 1st half of games he wouldn't need all of these heroics at the end. I still think we are a year away. With 9 or 10 draft picks, and a winning team plus 90 million we should be able to attract some top to middle tier guys to come in and help.
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