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  1. I read the poll and I can assure you the Buffalo Bills don’t give a damn about making the kids happy over staying healthy. You will see more starters but for a very short period of time. I expect Keenum with the same WRs and a better Oline for a very short period of time. Defensively your literally going to see the same defense as week 1
  2. He’s always been a bust even before the Achilles issue. He will be on the roster but he can have a role. His role should be a lot like Lee Smith. Blocker and red zone target. That’s it. He’s not a seam stretcher or someone who gets vertical. Put him inline to block and catch a couple TDs and that 5 million doesn’t look as awful
  3. Joe B said he played 6 snaps. Sorry I wasn’t intently paying attention for him.
  4. Did Beane make one last year? I don’t recall if he did but I didn’t think so. As for guys I think he could: Cody Ford: 6th rounder but prob too valuable as a backup to move for that price Zack Moss: 5th or 6th: Again not sure Beane is ready to make this move so I don’t see it necessarily. Shaq Lawson: 7th rounder. I know he’s a fan favorite but he’s squarely on the roster bubble and if the Bills can get some value than why not. Cam Lewis: 6th or 7th rounder. I think another guy the Bills would like to hold onto. The Bills have a lot of CBS this year and not sure if Lewis fits in. He has a lot of tape in real games that can be intriguing but with White, Jackson, Elam, Benford, Johnson, and Neal I don’t really see where he can fit in. Any other Olineman: Greg Van Roten, Mancz that’s a veteran.
  5. You knew Wydermeyer was toast when he didn’t get in at all and they put OJ Howard in at the end. I wonder if Wydermeyer refused to go in near the end of the game. A stretch but he has been known to have character concerns
  6. if that’s the case I could see Slot guy cute, in this case Crowder and released WR outside signed
  7. Luke Tenuta, who is prob at best a PS guy pretty much played the whole game at RT. It’s either Brown, Q-Berry, or Doyle at RT . The only one who played was Doyle who was only okay today .
  8. If they keep 6 then Hodgins is out. If they keep 7 he’s in. Diggs, Davis, McKenzie, Crowder, Shakir, Kumerow, Hodgins
  9. He’s so hit and miss. He is bad in the booth, okay as side line reporter, he’s more cold than hot as a team with Chris Brown. He’s average as a commercial guy but he’s fantastic in the pre recorded Bills hype videos. It’s like sometimes his brain still produces genius but most of the time it’s at 40%
  10. Tasker either misspoke or he’s an idiot. The play they scored was on a RB wheel to the right side of the offensive formation. Elam was lined up on the left side and clearly got picked because he was in man coverage. He was on the crosser. It was either on the CB on the other side or one of the LBs
  11. I don’t really want to dog Willis cause he made some plays but the Ravens, outside of Kyle Hamilton, didn’t really play anyone in their two deep at DB last night.
  12. who’s to say Milano isn’t the odd man out and Bernard takes his place down the road. Many ways to manipulate this situation
  13. see this is what all things considered means. Smith is the better player but he is going to cost more than Edmunds. Smith may get 17 while Edmunds gets 14. There is value in cap savings. Smith wants out of Chicago while as far as we know, Edmunds has thrown no stink about wanting out of Buffalo. That has value as well considering Smith can holdout, become a locker room problem etc, when Edmunds clearly isn’t that guy. Yea Smith is better than Edmunds but when you take in ALL FACTORS right now it would be a fairly even trade.
  14. Yea Edmunds for Smith is actually a fairly even trade all things considered
  15. Its 100% going to look like a UEFA Soccer Stadium in my opinion. I think its Jeremy who said it and he's spot on. All the new ones have the exact same details and have about the same seating capacity as to what the Bills were looking for around 60,000.
  16. Some of you guys are looking way too much into the first depth charts. usually the first depth charts are a nod to veteran players over younger players as a show of respect. Cook and Jones are on the same depth spot, Hodgins over Shakir, Q-Berry over Brown, Dodson over Bernard. The one that stood out to me was how high Benford is to be honest.
  17. I said at the time when we drafted him that I was not a fan. Obviously I'm rooting for the guy to be successful cause he's a Bill but a lot of the same warts have cropped up but against better comp. Lets see how he does when the lights turn on in preseason though. Its not easy going up against the Bills offense either. I mean at worst they'll be top 5 in the league.
  18. I believe that Chad's is the given term for a Male Karen
  19. If they were smart they’d have a baseball guy look at his elbow. I would see TJ is a small possibility. Probably tennis elbow or a strain but man it’s not too far fetched. This is usually how baseball injuries start for pitchers
  20. I would but its a working day and I can't take it off unfortunately.
  21. They could carry “4 TEs” but not in the traditional sense. They could go Knox, Howard, Sweeney or whomever, and Gilliam. You could also go Knox, Howard, Gilliam(FB), and Doyle (OT) who played a lot of blocking TE last year.
  22. Saffold is fine. Their holding him out as a precaution. He’s a vet, he knows Kromers system, it’s day 2 of camp. Teams, particularly with their big guys, like to have a certain number of Lineman in camp so there is adequate enough time for them to recover. I haven’t looked at the numbers but my guess is they want to have 3 different OL groupings without having to double up someone.
  23. Just an FYI there is a difference between camp PUP and in season PUP. Just because White was put on PUP today doesn’t mean he’s out the first 6 weeks of the season
  24. While the Bills were the cream of the crop in the AFC, the NFC was a far superior conference at that time. Kelly was never really good in big games. Even the playoff games against the Dolphins he was not great, or he was injured. The only SB the Bills should have won was the first one. They had a great chanced in the 4th SB but they let a sleeping giant off the mat and got rolled in the 2nd half. I remember thinking man the Bills owned that first half and their only up 13-6. When the fumble happened and they returned it I knew in my heart it was over.
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