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  1. Florida State the original team who finished top 10 multiple years in a row and if they had the luxury of 4 team playoffs would have many more national titles in their case. The team that is 2-0 against the SEC this year including a win over the SEC West Champs LSU who beat Alabama. So please express your SEC dominance on me about how the little ACC can’t compete when their 3rd place team beat the SEC west champion and their rival Florida and will get another chance probably in the Gator Bowl against USC, Kentucky, or Miss. Unlike you I root for one team. So spare me the SEC dominance of the other ACC teams cause unlike SEC fans I don’t root for other ACC teams. I want Clemson to crash and others to crash and burn And no I’m not bragging and yes they have stunk but unlike you I can honestly say I’m very happy for Mike Norvell and FSU this year. They exceeded expectations and are on their way back. There I think I saved you a bunch of time by catching all of your rebuttals before you can spew them back at me.
  2. Simple don't lose two games and don't beat a 4 loss Texas team by 1 point, an unranked Ole Miss and Texas A&M barely, and your best wins are literally Mississippi and Mississippi State. All that junk your talking about TCU, they beat about 6 more teams similar to Miss and Miss State. They already beat the # 10 team, beat that same Texas team by 7 instead of 1 in the same stadium. We can talk about how on paper Alabama would crush this team or that team but they never showed it on the field. Thats where it matter not whatever concoction is in the your brain about what makes sense.
  3. I could actually see the Jets-Bills game getting flexed as well. There is some talk on twitter that the Chiefs/Broncos game wont be on Sunday Night.
  4. They have won the games on their schedule. I'm not going to hate on them because they beat bad teams. They won that's all that matters. Now these next games show what their made of on the road against 3 really good teams.
  5. Bills Struggle on the road with opponents. Pats will be ready but the Bills are too dynamic for them. As long as the turnovers are minimal, Bills 26 Patriots 17
  6. I'm the one who said Denver poses a threat. Yes its a dumpster fire over there but Russell Wilson is still a capable QB, they still have capable weapons, the Chiefs are on the road in division, and the Broncos have a great defense that can hold the Chiefs to a reasonable amount. Its one game and anything can happen. Would you say that you would have lost to the Colts before it happened? Probably not. I'm not saying they will lose. I'm saying that Denver has the capability in a one game setting to stun the Chiefs.
  7. I appreciate all this maybe you saw the thread on the front page where I literally talked about the Dolphins schedule before you quoted me. People had said that we should be worried about Baltimore because their schedule was so soft that they might not lose again this year and that we should be worried about them for the 1 seed. Of course we have to worry about the Chiefs and Dolphins moving forward.
  8. I know if you read I said the next 3 week are vital. I get all games are but I wanted to highlight the important games coming up more than listing the whole schedules
  9. These next 3 weeks are going to shape the road for all 3 of the Bills, Dolphins, and Chiefs. The Bills have 3 AFC East opponents in a row, The Dolphins have 3 straight road games against 3 tough opponents including the Bills, and the Chiefs have two straight road games against a Bengals team that beat them and a top notch Broncos defense on the road. Can the Broncos score enough. Bills schedule: @Patriots Jets Dolphins @Chicago @ Cinci Dolphins: @SF @LA Chargers @ Buffalo Green Bay Chiefs @ Bengals @ Broncos Texans Seattle
  10. Makes sense for him to go to Cincinnati, no i'm not joking.
  11. The Ravens play so many tight games and are so inconsistent I never believed the notion that their schedule was so soft that they could win out. @ Pittsburgh @ Cleveland with Watson @ Bengals are all very tough games for them.
  12. Man idk if Smoke has anything left but not many options out there
  13. Singletary. I wish they would find ways to get him more touches in general. Seems he gets going then they completely go away from him
  14. Dawson Knox has to block because the offensive line is garbage. Allen saves them so many sacks. They are awful. Dawkins is above average and so is Morse every other lineman is subpar and the backups are horrendous
  15. i mean in comparison to 5 days sure but we’re not playing next Sunday we’re playing the pats on Thursday next week
  16. It’s like watching the bad news bears right now on offense
  17. The twist stunt was poorly picked up by both but Van Roten chased his man while Brown was passing off the outside guy to him. I’d place that more on Van Roten
  18. he’s in blocking 75% of the time because our mash unit of an offensive line can’t hold up for more that a second and a half. My god Spencer Brown and Van Roten being turnstiles trying to pick up a twist stunt
  19. yup very accurate. How bout we roll Allen , how bout the TE screen, how bout run it on 1st and 10
  20. We should prob invest in an offensive line at some point.
  21. This game is going to be way closer than people think it will be. The Lions offense is legit and we haven't been able to stop a cold the last couple of weeks. Bills 30 Lions 27
  22. I get the feeling that McDermott has taken over the Defensive playcalling right now
  23. I'm honestly thinking about getting away from watching football in general. My nerves are always a wreck and it causes me very unneeded anxiety for something I can't control. I'll obviously come back to watching them again next week but it has been a thought that has come into my brain numerous times as I have gotten older.
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