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  1. i mean in comparison to 5 days sure but we’re not playing next Sunday we’re playing the pats on Thursday next week
  2. It’s like watching the bad news bears right now on offense
  3. The twist stunt was poorly picked up by both but Van Roten chased his man while Brown was passing off the outside guy to him. I’d place that more on Van Roten
  4. he’s in blocking 75% of the time because our mash unit of an offensive line can’t hold up for more that a second and a half. My god Spencer Brown and Van Roten being turnstiles trying to pick up a twist stunt
  5. yup very accurate. How bout we roll Allen , how bout the TE screen, how bout run it on 1st and 10
  6. I get the feeling that McDermott has taken over the Defensive playcalling right now
  7. I'm honestly thinking about getting away from watching football in general. My nerves are always a wreck and it causes me very unneeded anxiety for something I can't control. I'll obviously come back to watching them again next week but it has been a thought that has come into my brain numerous times as I have gotten older.
  8. I'm starting to really question Dorsey. We have really bogged down as an offense in the 2nd half. Either teams are figuring us out and we're not adjusting but the Miami, the Jets, Packers, and now this game our offense has gone into a shell of itself in the 2nd half.
  9. This is one of those game thats Vegas loves. Allen is out the line drops like 5 points because of it with everyone betting on the Vikings and then the Bills, with Case Keenum, win the game by a TD and Vegas makes huge bank off of it. Seen it a million times. I will not be at the game. I am an FSU fan and will be at the dome on Saturday watching Florida State versus Syracuse. I live in Rochester so not getting home until probably around 2. Decided to let my sister go since I have a 15 month old and didn't want to roll back out of bed early in the morning to head to the Bills game at 1 PM
  10. Because sometimes other teams value players more than their original team. Maybe another team will think they can unlock his potential in their system. A lack of depth on the market at a certain position like DT usually doesn't have a guy who has started for 5 years and is only 26 years old. Just like the draft, teams sign players more on what they think a player can be going into their late 20's early 30s much than signing a guy on the downside of his career 32 on.
  11. I'm at the point that we start investing some of this defensive money into offensive players. We need a legit OL and stop hodge podging it together every year. We need another weapon whether at WR/RB doesn't matter to me. Ed Oliver doesn't make enough splash plays to command the type of money he is going to command. If the system doesn't allow players to flourish than why are we going to pay a guy top dollar. We should only be investing in one of Ed Oliver or Tremaine Edmunds and then reallocate that money to the offensive side of the ball.
  12. Why not, its out there no doubt but Peyton has vouched for Saturday's football intellect. I know there is a lot more that goes into it than that but if they are going to stink anyways and are trying to get a top 5 pick for a franchise QB, then why not give a guy a shot and see if you can't strike oil. 98% chance it fails but if they are going to stink anyways maybe try to find a diamond in the rough.
  13. By the way 0-2 in division against the two teams that are now a half game behind us.
  14. This team can’t lose games to the Jets and get the 1 seed. The team went into a lull last year mid season and it cost them
  15. Jesus this team today. They did the same thing last season in the middle. They went into a funk and then came out of it. They have to win these game if they want to be a # 1 seed in the playoffs.
  16. We are playing way too conservative against a team with no offensive line and a bad QB. Get up and press the WR's and send blitzes on him.
  17. Watching this game, its pretty obvious that the Bills need another weapon. I dont know if Hines is that guy once he's up to speed but Allen is looking around forever for someone to get open. Diggs is clearly being double teamed.
  18. Yea I’m surprised there is no Jimmy Spags…..hope he’s okay . I enjoyed his yous guys takes
  19. Jets start out hot on the Bills 10-0 but the better team prevails down the stretch Buffalo 24 Jets 13
  20. Apparently his wife has a picture of her crying excited to be going back to Buffalo. My the times have changed
  21. To the Bills they are. Laugh all you want but the Bills have been great at drafting players in rounds 4-7. Since either McDermott or Beane have been here the Bills have drafted: Matt Milano- 5th round Taron Johnson-4th round Siran Neal- 5th round Wyatt Teller- 5th round(mistake) Jaquan Johnson- 6th round Gabriel Davis 4th round Tyler Bass- 6th round Dane Jackson- 7th round Damar Hamlin- 6th round Khalil Shakir- 5th round Christian Benford- 6th round This doesn’t even include guys still in the league like Ray Ray McCloud or fringe guys like Tommy Sweeney, Tommy Doyle, or Daryl Johnson
  22. He can still be a lead back in a committee. That’s what Singletary was with Moss at the beginning of the year before they realized Moss stinks. will he ever be bellcow Taylor, Henry, Barkley no he won’t be but he can be the # 1 RB on this team based on the style we play
  23. In this offense he is. Their not a downhill bruising offense and won’t be until Allen is gone which hopefully is never
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