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  1. Jets start out hot on the Bills 10-0 but the better team prevails down the stretch Buffalo 24 Jets 13
  2. Apparently his wife has a picture of her crying excited to be going back to Buffalo. My the times have changed
  3. To the Bills they are. Laugh all you want but the Bills have been great at drafting players in rounds 4-7. Since either McDermott or Beane have been here the Bills have drafted: Matt Milano- 5th round Taron Johnson-4th round Siran Neal- 5th round Wyatt Teller- 5th round(mistake) Jaquan Johnson- 6th round Gabriel Davis 4th round Tyler Bass- 6th round Dane Jackson- 7th round Damar Hamlin- 6th round Khalil Shakir- 5th round Christian Benford- 6th round This doesn’t even include guys still in the league like Ray Ray McCloud or fringe guys like Tommy Sweeney, Tommy Doyle, or Daryl Johnson
  4. He can still be a lead back in a committee. That’s what Singletary was with Moss at the beginning of the year before they realized Moss stinks. will he ever be bellcow Taylor, Henry, Barkley no he won’t be but he can be the # 1 RB on this team based on the style we play
  5. In this offense he is. Their not a downhill bruising offense and won’t be until Allen is gone which hopefully is never
  6. I don’t think Marlowe is coming in here to be a starting safety. Like Hines, Marlowe is very good on STs. You know who plays a lot of STs for the Bills….Jaquan Johnson. This will allow Johnson the opportunity to focus on safety while Marlowe provides depth and take his STs spot
  7. I think the Bills did this for a number of reasons: 1. They wanted to solidify and get better at PR/KR. Hines has been top 10 in the league at it and takes pressure off of Shakir to just focus on becoming a better WR. Same with McKenzie on KR who we all know doesn’t have the most sure hands. 2. Hines is a matchup nightmare against LBs that puts extra strain on defenses to pick their poison. He can be used on STs, RB, Slot so he is versatile. 3. I actually think this is a good thing for James Cook. This allows Cook to focus on the nuances it’s going to take for him to be a # 1 RB in the future. He can focus on being a better runner between the tackles, picking up pass pro. 4. The Bills protected themselves against Devin Singletary leaving next year which seems more likely now. I don’t think the deters Buffalo from going after OBJ and still expect them to make an offer
  8. The Bills big moves are going to be the return of Tre White and the signing of Beckham when he's ready to go. I'm not expecting anything big from the Bills if they do make a deal. I actually think its more likely they ship a player out for a pick because they need the roster space for White.
  9. Well its a change of scenery for Ridley, and its a QB upgrade but its not much to go from Mariota or Ridder level QB play next year.
  10. They traded a 34 year DE for what they could get, traded Roquan Smith who they knew they weren't going to re-sign and got 2 decent picks for him then gave up one of those 2nd rounders for a younger WR that they are high on. I don't see a problem with it. I'm not a fan of Claypool but I respect their thought process. Its an offensive league and their changing it up to getting their young QB more weapons. Also for those saying they gave up a top 40 pick, you don't know that they may have flipped the Ravens 2nd rounder to Pittsburgh which will most likely be a late 2nd.
  11. Maybe i'm wrong is so. Hockenson is over rated but still a Top 10 TE to a divisional rival and only getting to upgrade a couple picks. Campbell must have wanted him out. Campbell is a former TE so maybe he sees something that we don't or maybe he's just a fool.
  12. We also didn't know if Hock wanted out. I gotta think that 4 picks are going to the Lions not Hockenson and swap of two to each team.
  13. Oklahoma is solid when Dillion Gabriel is the QB. Without him they are terrible.
  14. I actually think there is an argument for TCU to be # 2 right now but Georgias win over Oregon puts them over. I disagree with Ohio State over TCU if you look at where teams are at now. ND is unranked, and they beat Penn State who's ranked 16th. Those are Ohio States only two quality wins right now TCU on the other hand has beaten # 13 in the country KSU and # 19 in the country OSU. Those two wins are better than Ohio States two wins. You can't even really claim the depth of their victories is better because TCU beat Oklahoma and Kansas two very solid teams this year.
  15. The pure panic everytime someone else makes a move. Doesn't change the fact that the Ravens play a JV offense in the NFL, have a QB limited as a passer, and a choke artist of a team that blows 4th quarter leads but i'm sure a MLB in 2022 will change that about them. A 2nd and 5th is a lot for 8 games of player unless they plan on franchise tagging him.
  16. I say this all the time. Talking heads know that Bills fans are passionate and singing their praises doesn’t draw ratings. Now talk badly and all of Bills nations eyes starts watching, paying attention, spreading the news. Do you honestly think Cowherd, Nick Wright, even Peter Schraeger who plays the foil on the GMF group that loves the Bills, don’t know that the Bills are a really good football team? They do but they won’t get their check signed without viewers
  17. The only game I can see being flexed to the night game is when Miami comes to town in week 15. The Sunday night game stinks and there is a gap between the two Thursday prime times and the Bengals Monday Nighter
  18. I think that the 2 best teams reside in the AFC. I think the AFC is deeper which is why your seeing so much parity. The bottom of the NFC is garbage. The Eagles are legit. I actually think the 2nd best team in the NFC is Dallas. Minnesota is a decent team, San Francisco has been disappointing, same for TB.
  19. While McDermott is undefeated in byes, the Bills also have a nasty habit of being sloppy coming out of the bye weeks. Just reared its head in the 2nd half this year instead of the 1st half
  20. If the committee was looking only at Resumes and not name brands the top 4 of the playoffs in my opinion should be 1. Tennessee 2. Georgia 3. TCU 4. Ohio State
  21. If there is one thing I've learned, if new leaks early about the Bills and a player its probably not true. Comes from the team or agent trying to drum up extra interest. Beane if he is working on something, is probably something no one has ever heard of yet.
  22. Agreed, I would argue that that puking and pissing yourself shows no regard for yourself either. I just never understood it. You want to tip back 3-4 and get yourself a good buzz I understand that. What were the secondary prices for the game last night? I have season's but I think the market was like 250 for the nosebleeds to like thousands for the top seats. Why in the hell am I gonna pay 500 to 600 dollars to get myself blind drunk to the point where I wont even remember the game. If I wanted to get stupid drunk, I could pay 25 bucks for beer start drinking at noon, get passed out by 9 while the game is on tv and save myself about 575 bucks.
  23. I’ll be honest. I don’t know if it’s the night games and fans aren’t used to it or if Bills fans have already become spoiled by this team but the crowd noise this season has been not as loud as you’d expect from a SB contending team. Outside of the Bills unique intro, I thought the atmosphere was just ehh
  24. Dude , it was pretty clear that the Bills were very content letting the Packers run the ball down the field with a 17 point lead. The Packers had a 7 minute drive down 17 and got stuffed on 4th and 1 to get zero points. it’s like the Packers were like we’ll be content with a 10-17 point loss versus losing by 24 to 30. It was weird.
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