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  1. If this is true, which it could be a lie to get Thomas Jr to fall a little bit, I do not believe Thomas still makes it close to 28
  2. I feel like Worthy running that fast makes me not want him based on historical data
  3. Brian Thomas Jr isn't making it to the Bills at 28. I said two days ago he's much closer to Nabers as the # 3 WR imo than he is to my # 5 who is McConkey. We are going to get a 2nd tier guy. Could be Mitchell, legette, mcconkey, coleman etc etc but Thomas aint getting out of the top 20.
  4. People crapped all over me when I touted Kincaid and mock drafted him to the Bills before the draft last year saying no chance in hell the Bills take Kincaid with Knox on the roster etc etc. If McConkey is the best WR on the board at 28 which I think is a very strong possibility I have zero hesitation to mock him to the Bills at 28.
  5. I'm curious if Tez Walker can rebound. I was really high on him off of the tape and thought he was WR #4. Then his senior bowl was atrocious. Now he's testing off of the charts right now.
  6. I'm with you here but the masses wont allow it on this board. It would be pitchforks if Beane drafted him. I'm glad you said it and not me. Its the old white WR's win with smarts not athleticism.
  7. People have to remember that Kupp ran a 4.62 and Nacua ran a 4.57 and Anquan Boldin ran 4.71. Guys can win in the the NFL running in the 4'6's especially ones who are near 6'4.
  8. Im not against Milton he's just inaccurate lol. You could tell today he was trying to work on his accuracy today because he was taking a lot off the ball. I'm guessing whoever his trainer is telling him he doesn't need to howitzer it everytime. He wasn't good at the senior bowl either. He has a ton of upside if he can ever harness his physical traits. I also believe that some team will draft him higher because of his traits than the Bills probably want to spend. I think Milton will probably go in round 4 which I don't think the Bills will be in the market before then.
  9. What does that have to do with it? I didn't say he was a starter I was just bringing up Manuel because he was a 65% passer in College and was inaccurate and that him saying Milton being a 65% college passer isn't an indicator of his accuracy. Its a perfectly fair analogy. Not all 65% passers are the same when one team is throwing downfield(Josh Allen) versus guys who are throwing quick screens all day.
  10. This is my thinking. Sometimes you just have to take the best player instead of drafting a guy because he's big. Thats how we ended up with James Hardy all those years ago. You can argue with me that McConkey is the best player at WR at 28 but I refuse to just say we need to draft a big guy there for the sake of it. I totally understand that thought process when you look at the composition of the roster.
  11. We see nothing but zone coverage against the Bills already we don't see a lot of teams play man coverage against us. We are at pick # 28. If you think you are getting a sure thing elite speed guy who can do everything you desire you better be ready to watch Beane trade up in April.
  12. EJ Manuel threw over 65% too and he sucked in the NFL and was inaccurate. Guys who throw bubble screens all day are different than guys who have to throw a 15 yard dig route or a 14 yard comeback.
  13. Then why in your last post did you say that playing outside isn't the only thing your looking for? Your kind of all over the place just saying.
  14. No you said you wanted a window opener and someone who can separate with yards after catch instead of a guy who's only going to get half a step. McConkey does all of that thats why i'm saying its a contradiction.
  15. I'm just saying then that is the ultimate contradiction. He literally fits everything your looking for but dont want him.
  16. He's a good football player and everything Mike Norvell has said is he's a great leader and a good kid who cares about team. That will sell him to teams besides his 40 time. I would have loved to have seen 4.55 but it didn't happen.
  17. I had him at # 5 in my rankings and he is not an ideal fit for the Bills but if you are to believe Brandon Beane that they are just looking for playmakers and guys who can separate and get open and don't care about body types than McConkey has to be in consideration at 28. I am coming around on the idea of him even though he's not a perfect fit and will never be a true # 1 WR.
  18. He is ungodly inaccurate. If you think you can put him on the Josh Allen plan than go for it but he's more of a PS guy in year 1 to me than a viable NFL backup.
  19. I don’t like Franklins body. Not even talking about him being slim but he’s very high waisted. Just looks awkward
  20. So here’s my question. Would you be okay with McConkey then? He fits everything you’re looking for. Best route runner, ran 4.4 toasted guys in the SEC but some question whether he can play outside
  21. There are two WR groups. He’s in the 2nd group
  22. Coleman is going to go in round 2. People knocking him for not being as fast as guys 30 pounds lighter than him is insane. All that did today was knock him out of the first round and it’s exactly the reason why Mitchell will be a 1st rounder now. Coleman is a good football player so I agree with you
  23. Everytime I’ve heard Jerry Rice I feel like the guy just loves to hear himself talk
  24. That’s exactly what I said too. Legette fought the football the whole time
  25. Mitchell maybe, Legette will absolutely be there
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