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  1. Man some of you guys are high strung for a mini camp practice based on a few tidbits
  2. It’s not that hard, make more plays in the clutch. Offense, Defense, and STs. That has been the difference
  3. Jason Kelce has readily admitted that Center is the easiest position on the Oline. McGovern will be fine if that is the route they decide to go. It’s going to be interesting to see how the back end of the OL group shakes out. That’s more what I’m interested in
  4. Shorter/Shavers over Hamler due to STs Either Claypool or Hamler or both will be on PS in case of WR injuries
  5. Locks: Coleman Shakir Samuel MVS Hollins is pretty much a lock for ST Going to be quite the battle for the 6th and last spot. You would think Shorter has the inside track there because of STs A vet on the PS for injuries. That’s kind of how I see this playing out
  6. Gotta think one of the Punters is gonna be let go after the first mini camp. Def need to hold that open for a CB
  7. The Bills didn't keep 5 safeties on the roster last year, Cam Lewis is firstly a nickle back who can play safety. They kept 4 with Lewis as position flex. This year they drafted a backup nickle in Hardy who is going to return punts. That means that Lewis likely going to continue to do both and be the 4th safety this year. Hamlin isn't making the team without an injury.
  8. He was inactive the vast majority of the season. That’s about as useless as you can get without being cut. He’s behind Cam Lewis that was proven last year as well as Rapp. He’ll be behind Bishop and Edwards.
  9. The Bills are cutting Hamlin pending injuries in preseason. It will be Rapp, Edwards, Bishop, Lewis and maybe another vet like Hyde before Hamlin
  10. I said this when someone brought up if we got screwed out of Legette when we traded down. Morgan and Beane are friends and former co workers. He knew who Carolina wanted and Legette spilled the beans. He also knew that NE wanted a WR so it made sense to call Carolina on a lot of fronts. Calls Morgan to let them know they are offering X and they are considering it and if they want to guarantee themselves Legette throw me a bone to move down one spot and we can both get our guys.
  11. It sounds like in every presser that Beane is giving Hyde space but if he tells them he wants to play they’d bring him back
  12. Carter has played the 1 Tech and could grow into that position. I expect him to also get reps there as well in camp
  13. Smoot is actually the best signing out of the 3 imo
  14. Misses his holes way too much and tries to bounce it but doesn’t have the speed to get around the corner
  15. Im guessing we’re keeping 6 LBs like usual. We know they Milano, Bernard, and Williams are locks Beyond that we have Ulofoshio who we drafted in the 5th and is likely to make it for STs Jones seems to have the inside track at Mike backup Morrow and Spector battling for the last spot
  16. I didn’t say we were going to get rid of him but look at the escalation of salaries for RTs. You’re looking at between 15-20 Mill AAV for Brown.
  17. The playoffs and see what happens. Transition doesn’t mean they have plans of losing more games. I don’t know why this is even a thing to discuss. We are only rebuilding in the sense of going from veterans to young . The goal is still the SB
  18. A couple of years out? LT- Dawkins LG- McGovern C- Van Pran RG- Torrence RT- Who knows (I think Spencer Brown gets transition tagged then is traded or gone)
  19. I thought it was interesting he played the boundary for the Jags. Prob because of Kirk. He’s only had one good year tho. Guess it truly depends on what they think of Shorter/Shavers etc
  20. He has faults I’m not denying that. The Bills have a type of person/player they like. Coleman fit it to a tee. They met with him numerous times. The problem is most people can’t separate what they want in a player vs what the Bills want
  21. Ray Davis is a complete back and he was my favorite RB in the draft. He’s a legit 3 down back. He obviously is a good down hill runner, led his team in TD receptions and his best attribute is he’s a hell of a pass pro RB which Janes Cook is terrible at. Davis was an incredibly smart pick
  22. They don’t really have a choice tbh he’s earned an extra year but he needs to turn it on like Oliver did
  23. We wanted Coleman the whole time. Why is this so hard to believe. Him and Dan Morgan are buddies. Legette stated that he met with Carolina a ton and they told him they were going to take him. Mike Reiss, New England’s reporter said they tried to trade up with the Bills ahead of Carolina. So is it hard to believe that Beane called up his buddy Morgan and told him NE offered him this and if he wanted to guarantee himself Legette he had to throw him a sweetener to move down a spot
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