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  1. Exactly. Every GDT mentions Brady like it’s a sickness. Now we need to switch to Mahomes like he doesn’t deserve praise. It’s embarrassing. This fan base acts like a wounded animal sometimes.
  2. We should be throwing on every down? Boy… some serious coaching talent on this forum. LMAO
  3. Well you’re saying “here comes the Mahomes ball washing” like he doesn’t deserve it. Only Bills need to be praised?
  4. They don’t need a stop. It’s the first quarter. Adrenaline is talking for you. However I would like to see nothing more than a FG out of KC on this possession.
  5. Amazing game between the Bucs and Rams. Hopefully the Bills and KC will be just as good.
  6. Best QB of all time. Not even close.. and I’m as big of a Bills fan as anyone but come on. Dude is still ballin’ at 44.
  7. He did throw a 70 TD pass to make it a one score game.
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