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  1. “Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don’t turn it off!” Rambo quotes make it better.
  2. Dude it could be worse. The Bills could be in the Pats situation. They don’t even know where to begin over there.. yet the Bills managed to lose to them this season. People are on here defending the Bills coaches and players. Not good enough.
  3. The NFL is not rigged against Buffalo. The NHL is not rigged against Buffalo. Yet fans still think that there is a script.. they then proceed to watch every game and still complain which I can’t get my head around. You watch a sporting even that is supposedly already decided. You supposedly already know and accept this. Then you complain about it while putting money in NHL and NFL owner pockets. Queue the Twilight Zone theme. This theory that sports leagues are hellbent on not allowing Buffalo to win are so rampant and widely accepted by our fanbase that some people should get together and film a documentary about it.
  4. The Allen apologists run wild on here. He can do no wrong. It’s like some of these people truly think that they are part of his immediate family. The INT was nasty yesterday and it hurt. The apologists will say that it didn’t cost the Bills the game. Well.. the Bills had a chance to seal the game in OT. Allen threw an errant pass to the end zone. Miscommunication, bad pass, wrong route.. whatever it was, it resulted in a FG, not a TD. Everything counts.
  5. I’m glad you’re happy. The team is 6-6.. but they did go toe to toe with Philadelphia, and ended up losing. The team is wildly inconsistent this season but you want to pretend that the performance vs Philly is the norm? This team lost to NE this year and NE may be the worst team in the NFL. The Bills allowed them to score 29. That should all be dismissed now because they made a game of it with Philly. Ok. The lovable losers.
  6. The NFL is rigged so why do you watch it? You put money in their pockets.
  7. You know what? I have enough of these types of threads. The whining and complaining never seems to stop. It’s always someone else’s fault. We should pity the Bills for life. I get it. Desperate for excuses like they change anything.
  8. I didn’t say your posts. I said your post. As in your last post which I was responding to at that point. “The Bills were the better team. Don’t tell me how to feel. Tommy boy horsecollar, 59 yard field goal, the eagles are all great players.” Yeah.. I’d say that’s a rambling paragraph. Who is telling you how to feel? I merely said you wouldn’t care if the Bills won a SB on a blown call. How is that telling you how you need to feel? You can agree or disagree with the sentiment. You throw Tom Brady into the mix somehow too.. I mean.. come on man it’s like you’re in agony. I get it he was like 30-2 against the Bills but what does that have to do with 2023 and beyond? Tom Brady is retired.. we don’t need to have nightmares about him anymore. It’s over. You need to figure out how to mention him after a game with Philadelphia?
  9. Your post is all over the place. You’re rambling. The Bills were the better team today, ok. So let me guess, either the game was rigged or the refs were blind and deaf? This is the mantra? The NFL will never allow the Bills to win a SB? Is that it? If that is the case then why in the world do you support the brand by giving the league higher television ratings? You love supporting what you hate?
  10. A single game decides who the better team is? Have you paid attention to the season? The Bills lost anyway. Why couldn’t Josh connect on. Touchdown pass in the end zone in OT? Him and the receiver were not on the same page. You have to make your own breaks and earn it.. not cry about refs this refs that. Sometimes great teams and great players get favoritism. Welcome to pro sports. Would you complain if the Bills won a playoff game or a Super Bowl on a blown call? No, you wouldn’t care. Only losing teams care. Winning teams laugh.
  11. Classic loser thread blaming refs, finger pointing all over the place. Good call, bad call, decent call, warm call, cold call….. blind ref, rigged game…. Yap yap yap. Bills lost to a better team. Gossip won’t change a thing.
  12. And if the Eagles play like they are capable, they’ll win. The Bills have too many issues. I can’t see this as a W unless luck is on the Bills’ side.
  13. That false start was textbook.. not sure what game you’re watching.
  14. That was a textbook false start before the half. Perfect form.
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