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  1. The Jets have a legit D. The Raiders are an act team.
  2. No one has made a better living at being a game managed than Garoppolo. System type player who gets exposed so easily the moment something isn’t perfect around him.
  3. Aaaaand here comes Garoppolo to take the L.
  4. I do not blame him for the KC game.. outside of that, it’s win or lose. The rest is noise.
  5. Josh can throw 60 TDS in the regular season.. won’t matter if he doesn’t have success in the playoffs.
  6. People’s comments got you oppressed now? Everyone has an opinion. So what? Same ol’ same ol’.
  7. Sidearm flick for a TD. Nice play by Allen there.
  8. I’m a Bills fan first. Don’t care about the name tags.. maybe you do? Also, you trying to compare bad play to scripted sports?
  9. Josh isn’t very good at reading defenses. He tries to make up for it by forcing the ball.
  10. Today’s NFL.. giving up points to go on 4th down like they’re playing a video game.
  11. There goes the crazy gazelle running wild.
  12. Agree.. but people here complain about it regularly yet they give the NFL high ratings. Talk about a paradox.
  13. Who’s twisting your arm to answer? Ignore the post if you don’t like it.
  14. I don’t think it’s rigged. If you do, and yet you still watch it then you must love complaining. why not stop watching and giving the NFL ratings? Hit them in their pocket.
  15. So you’re watching a scripted sporting event. Why?
  16. So now the NFL is NOT rigged since the Bills scored a TD?
  17. So Allen played fine to you. It’s not realistic to expect more from him?
  18. This thread is about as pointless as a “How many teams started off 0-1 and won the Super Bowl?” thread. Joe Montana has four one and done’s in his career. He didn’t throw a single TD pass in the playoffs in three straight seasons from ‘85-‘87. Does that absolve Allen somehow? Brady wasn’t the best QB in football last season when he was 45 years old so Allen doesn’t have to have a perfect career. Lol. The really funny thing is that Brady at 46.. would have probably won the game last night if he was starting for the Bills. Allen had the OT win all setup despite everything. I’m not sure what the post game press conference was like last night and honestly.. I don’t want to hear the excuses anymore. Either play and coach competently or get lost.
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