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  1. I can't do this. Let me try to move on. Remember when Mcdermott declined that penalty earlier in the season that would have made it a 53 yard FG vs 48? Our coach made idiotic /questionable decisions all year long, this was nothing new. Execution my ***, Mcdermott is to blame and his lack of communication. ESPECIALLY with all the timeouts we had left to make sure everything was perfect.
  2. I feel better after reading this post, but I don't think you know how many last second losses the Bills/Sabres have had throughout their history. It's like this city is cursed. The Cowboys and Packers have multiple Superbowl wins to fall back on, all we have is misery.
  3. Its worse in the fact we would be hosting the AFC champ game at home against the Bengals and likely going to the superbowl. This team is much better than that team was. Music city miracle ending is still worse than this.
  4. Yep. There were so many instances this year where I'm like WDF MCD....It was commonplace this year and this game was just the cherry on the top.
  5. Good point. I also think we win this game with Tre White out there. We were missing him dearly and I think all of us here knew we would when we faced the Chiefs. Tre White is pretty quick. We need to get faster guys out there. Speed is everything in todays NFL.
  6. No excuse in losing to Jags. We win that game and tonight is at the Ralph. I like our chances here vs in Arrowhead.
  7. Hill, Hardman, Pringle, Clyde, Mckinnon. How big of an impact did those guys have vs Rousseau and Basham?
  8. Why were the Bills playing like the Chiefs didn't have 3 timeouts? The entire middle of the field was completely open.
  9. What we should have done was the Harbaugh Maneuver: Tackle/hold all eligible receivers at the snap. You get hit for 5 yard penalty - and 5 seconds roll off the clock. It forces a hail-mary and we win the game. I just don't get it. Mcdermott and Frazier failed miserably there. They also called all their timeouts getting ready for their play. They had time to make these discussions and couldn't do it.
  10. 100000% this. No one to blame but those 2 people.
  11. Same. This is going to take awhile to get over. After that TD I really thought we had it. It just seems so commonplace for Bills fans.
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