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  1. Bills vs chiefs over/under going to be like 75 pts lol
  2. Allen and Mahomes the class of the NFL stlil. Just wish Mahomes was in NFC so we could meet in superbowl.
  3. It was the correct strategy based on incoming weather. Not sure what the issue is.
  4. All complaints I posted in game day thread have been retracted. Let’s go!!!
  5. Receivers need to catch with body not hands in wet conditions.
  6. Excuses good teams find a way to win. Patriots did it for 15 years straight. Boston weather is similar to ours.
  7. Bills have some bad luck. It’s 65 and sunny in orchard park
  8. Why would the coach even play him tonight if dealing with concussion/back issues?
  9. I hate the dolphins but like Tua, hope he’s okay. Dude is a gamer.
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