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  1. Minnesota is taking so many L's on all levels at this moment. He need to worry about him team looming QB Controversy.
  2. Josh Allen is the best RB in the AFCE, hands down.
  3. Griselda, Jay-Z, now G Child. A lot of hiphop representation...Oh and Bease Really Can rap.
  4. To make it more Official. I rather be drafted if I was that kid.
  5. I want Patterson as the last pick. Keep him in Buf.
  6. Nope, keep it in the trenches. 2 DT's 1 G/C 1 G/T...Versatility 😉
  7. Versatility on the Dline is a trait I see the Bills are aiming at with the linemen that was picked the last few years. Battle is won in the trenches, and they are ready for combat.
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