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  1. I would take Jeudy in a heartbeat. Dareus was just Dareus lol.
  2. Now we need to draft a Najee Harris to pair up with Singletary and do what the Titans did. Run baby run!
  3. Dilly Dilly!!.......Had to bring that back...
  4. Hey, players get cut a day before the super bowl, anything's possible
  5. Most of the core defense practiced against an agile Qb like LJ everyday named Tyrod. Don't tell me they caught amnesia already? I think we'll be fine stopping/containing Lamar. Offense have to strike first early and often, make him stay in the pocket to beat us.
  6. He's been talking crap about them for years. I'm actually surprised he's giving them props. Waiting for Burleson to jump on the wagon now.
  7. No, because he hasn't thrown for 300 yet. (Sarcasm)
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