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  1. We was top 2 Defense, we only fell off a bit when Milano went down. Imagine if he played the whole entire season.
  2. It is if the three other receivers put up the same numbers
  3. No different than the treadmills Bruce use to go through..Woah!
  4. Seems like Poyer is having a good day on defense also.
  5. Hey, I heard of 8 guys in 3 cars firing 70 rounds for less. You never know lol.
  6. Some dudes take their wife very seriously
  7. I noticed on BB.com team listing they haven't updated the FA numbers, but they added the rookies numbers. Also Levi Wallace changed his number to #39.
  8. Good riddance Jordan "Turnstyle" Mills. Should be 6-8 sacks added to the team sack total this year.
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