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  1. No way! That can't be her grill ewww. Gotta be photoshopped.
  2. Exactly! Some of the complainers probably have no sense of style in person. These uni's are sharp, anyway they configure the tops and buttons they still look great. I'll take them over half the team uni's in the league.
  3. With Thelen injured, we can certainly forget about Diggs becoming a Bill anytime soon.
  4. F that! I love the all red and the all blue uni's.
  5. More like a 35-3 game. If a team puts 31 on us, then that probably means our D is playing crappy.
  6. I got Singletary, Saquan and Shady starting
  7. If you pick him up, I hope you don't start him this week.
  8. At least we have a big Johnson and a little Johnson.
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