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  1. Beanie Sigel song quote. Feel it in the air.
  2. Probably take a look at Jurnigan, hope they take a look at Rankins in NO or Irving after reinstatement.
  3. Hey, at least we are better than the Patriots currently lol.
  4. Hopefully they can trade Murphy for a LB or CB. Maybe package him and HH together.
  5. We seriously need some help and depth on defense. I think Zimmer needs more rotation time. Make a trade for Fletcher Cox, Philly is trash.
  6. I'm intrigued to see the two Ps players activated. Made HH and Murphy expendable. Glad to have smoke back.
  7. At least we have Wallace and Norman.
  8. Patriots have like five productive backs. I don't see it, the other two teams I agree.
  9. A few teams are about to have dumpster fires before trade deadline. I'll target the whole NFC East first.
  10. Just put a little Tussin on it.
  11. Wow, another ref virus trying to disrupt the process.
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