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  1. Clyde Smith

    [Misleading Title] Ronald Curry WR Coach

    Bring back Sanjay Lal!
  2. He looks like a preset Sims character.
  3. Clyde Smith

    RB Trayveon Williams Texas A&M in round 3

    If we trade out of ninth, the Bills can possibly pick up a extra 2nd 3rd or 4th. After FA the team shouldn't have too many holes, so the draft picks will be able to fill remaining holes and augment the teams depth. Keep Shady and drafting a RB is the smart thing to do.
  4. Clyde Smith

    Tre White Deleted Bills Photos from IG

    So did Levi's play made Tre expendable?
  5. Kinda reminds me of Moulds a bit. Duke and Foster, the second coming of Moulds and Peerless?
  6. Clyde Smith

    2019 HOF Finalists announced

    Reed Flores Atwater Bruce Boselli Coryell Gonzalez
  7. Clyde Smith

    Kelly Skipper - RB Coach

    The Coach was Marrone.
  8. Clyde Smith

    Should the Train Horn Stay? Or Go?

    It is in the game...and is annoying as hell, especially when you're trying to be discreet HUUUUUUURRRRRNNNNNNNNN!!! Lol
  9. Clyde Smith

    Should the Train Horn Stay? Or Go?

    I don't care. I just hope they take it off of Madden.
  10. Clyde Smith

    Bills re-sign LS Reid Ferguson

    Since Kyle retired, I believe Reid is the longest tenured Bill beside Jerry I believe. I could be wrong though.
  11. Clyde Smith

    Keith Trowbridge Post Makes Very Little Sense

    Put some respeck on my name!
  12. Clyde Smith

    Bills fire OL Coach Juan Castillo

  13. Clyde Smith

    2019 Mock Drafts and top prospects

    I would go outside and make snow angels (even with no snow), if the draft turn out like this.
  14. Clyde Smith

    Bills 2019 opponents

    Of course changes will be made from now till then, but from my point of view that schedule looks pretty favorable.
  15. Clyde Smith

    Cincinnati Bengals: HC Marvin Lewis fired

    Wow! After 16 years. Just think, Tremaine Edmunds was 4yo when Marvin was hired.