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  1. Yeah but there are major corporations who donate to BLM, don't get it twisted. Corporations like Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon even companies like Facebook and EA Sports ect. Please do some research before you try to validate your argument.
  2. I expect all teams to "go all in". No game is safe, one player injury can change the outcome of a game or the entire season, good or bad.
  3. Tired of these pop sh!t and apologize dudes. I don't care if he's a Bill, f*** him too.
  4. I was a Gameday fan more than Madden back in the day. I also miss College football, which I played more than madden. Still love Madden though, they keep changing ***t too much.
  5. Lmao, love the B17 tweet. I automatically got a vision of Kelsey when I saw that lunchpail.
  6. Not to mention the state of GA opened up. I wonder if that is part of the Bills thinking. Get a jump on practice with everyone involved.
  7. This guy was undrafted but I'm rooting for him. FB Gillium supplanting Dimarco at fb and special teams.
  8. I would not be surprised if they give us another Thanksgiving day game due to ratings last season.
  9. I blame Keyshawn for bringing the teen number back and making it en vogue once again. Didn't like the teen numbers for Wr's at that time, but love them now. Every now and then I like to see a #81, #83, or #86 dominate besides a TE.
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