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  1. Clyde Smith

    Terrelle Pryor - cut

    Peterman got Peterman cut.
  2. Clyde Smith

    Peterman to Patriots? They always liked him.

    I would not be surprised.
  3. Clyde Smith

    John Harbaugh & Ravens to part ways?

    I hope he goes collegiate or to the NFC.
  4. HAHA That's what I want to see and hear. Look closely at his eyes, you can see that he's truly hurt by the loss.
  5. Clyde Smith

    Have a relaxing Veterans Day.

    Same to you my fellow Vet! After four years in the Navy, I put away my dress blues/whites and Dixie cup. Now I can eat all the geedunk my heart so desires lol. Salute!!
  6. Back in the day I knocked a guy out in Virginia for following and harassing me. Several cops pulled up, so I was escorted into a cop car. The officer said to me “wow you have one helluva punch, where are you from?”. I said I was from Buffalo, he says “ hey I’m from Rochester, how about them Bills”. We talked and laugh for a bit, reports came back our stories matched, so I was free to go. The Bills went on to lose to Dallas, the last time the Bills sniffed the SB.
  7. Clyde Smith

    Ameer Abdullah Released

    Just claimed off waivers from the Vikes.
  8. Clyde Smith

    Bills' Fan Creates a GoFundMe Page for Peterman to Retire

    He's probably the same guy who left his draws and the pie at the stadium as a statement of some sort.
  9. Clyde Smith

    We gotta find a way to lose this one boys.

    Screw that! If Allen is healthy, then he plays. You can draft a great player from the first pick to the 32nd. We don’t need to be top 5 to get a good/great pick. Let the scouts do their job.
  10. Clyde Smith

    Who here made this ? Lol

    The dude who made the page said EJ actually donated lol.
  11. Clyde Smith

    82 &28

    I don’t understand why Gaines is starting over Lewis. TE should be addressed in the draft.
  12. Clyde Smith

    EJ should start

    Oh wow lol, Just saw the post. He does have a point.
  13. Clyde Smith

    EJ should start

    Wait, What!! What did I miss? What did EJ say?