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  1. Hey, I heard of 8 guys in 3 cars firing 70 rounds for less. You never know lol.
  2. Some dudes take their wife very seriously
  3. I noticed on BB.com team listing they haven't updated the FA numbers, but they added the rookies numbers. Also Levi Wallace changed his number to #39.
  4. Good riddance Jordan "Turnstyle" Mills. Should be 6-8 sacks added to the team sack total this year.
  5. True, but actually I was referring to the Jags 1st rounder Josh Allen.
  6. I read somewhere he was shooting down trade talks, saying to some extent that he will be a Jag forever. Josh Allen made him expendable.
  7. High powered attack mode. Bombs away baby!!
  8. Damien Woody is a homer, of course he sides with the Jets or Pats.
  9. I agree, I would also include Detroit as well.
  10. I think we should be ranked ahead of a lot of teams Imo. Especially Tenn and Baltimore.
  11. If the Brownies can get OBJ with a 1st, then we should be able to get a young stud for a 1st. A 1st is too much for AJ, I like him but not for a 1st.
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