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  1. He may or may not be able to overcome the injuries and work out for this team BUT if what you said was true he would have been cut the next day. The teams e v a l at 20 times the level of joe fan. Big, long people look lumbering out there often times. Its an illusion.
  2. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sal-capaccio-buffalo-bills-beat-sideline-reporter/id1521071522?i=1000504583543
  3. Sal is part of the bills organization. So if it was him specifically, then sure it's possible I suppose.
  4. Under this regime since 2017, the only advantage the sideline reporters have over fans is the amount of visual exposure to practice. Nothing else leaks. Sideline reporters have no additional information regarding how the Bills organization feels about the development of one of their players. Period.
  5. Until we see any of these new young QB's eating up chunks of yardage in the passing game (like Burrow or Herbert for example), ain't none of them gonna be overly much of a problem.
  6. Watching all of Willis's plays last night showed that he's got a terribly long way to go as a passer. Pocket presence was also not quite a good as I expected. He might be a "problem" in 3 or 4 years if he works hard.
  7. The Patriots announcers are clinging hard to any historical success references they can make mention of. It's kind of sadly pathetic. I kinda like it.
  8. Fair points... To me, Andre made his living over the middle and revolutionized the position where Wr's didn't dare to go prior too often. And in no way was Irvin stronger than Reed, or tougher. Irvin was very very good for sure and indeed faster! Emmit was great too. The Boys had the best O line in ball too. That helped. Of course the Bills line were no slouches either.
  9. Thurman>>>Emmit but it was never really looked at that way across the league. Michael Irvin was also quite good of course but was always thought of as better than Andre Reed nationally which is also false in my opinion. Not being on a team winning the bowl hurts individual players reps way more than it should in what is the ultimate team sport.
  10. Nothing could be more ideal for the real game. Would give opposing defensive coordinators nightmares!
  11. For the slower thickheaded ones that start or linger on in threads just like this one for weeks on end (or more) trying to be uber critical or "real" in evaluating the Bills staff such as Beane , you're missing one very simple truth in the NFL. Having a top roster, GM , coach and staff will almost always get you a ticket to the dance (say, a deep playoff run) but it does not guarantee you a dance with the queen. That goes to just one team and to go with that great roster and staff, there are a hundred uncontrollable variables that affect who gets to do that on a year to year basis. (Cincinnati made the Super Bowl over BOTH BUF AND KC) With that said seeing a topic "Reviewing Beane" just brings me to a giggle when I think how far the entire Bills franchise has come under he and McD in so many ways. As a fan or evaluator of your team, what you want is a roster and staff that can get you there consistently. They get you there every time they are "supposed to" (barring QB season ending injury, etc.) and even a time or two when they weren't expected to. We have that. Don't forget to enjoy it for an unsure amount of remaining years while Allen is in the very good to elite range.
  12. How did this thread go 9 pages? It's weather (ie wind and precipitation and cold). Period. Derrrrrr!
  13. Those wango wings at Dino are seriously good! I like the dry rub ones too!
  14. No survey received here... Was it from TM or BuffaloBills?
  15. Who's the "exec" that is literally laughing/mocking the idea that players actually develop? Esp late 1st rounders and 2nd rounders. Dude needs to shut up and look within maybe :). This is why there are perpetually poor organizations (hell ,we were one for quite some time aye?) in a league that drives everyone to the median.
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