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  1. Davis has been injured so….
  2. also, he still DOES work with Palmer from time to time... He's mentioned this as has Palmer, multiple times.
  3. PFF may never understand how to evaluate DT's like Eddie O. It usually makes for an otherwise entertaining read to see their work, but it always ends up disappointing with their ratings of guys in the trenches (for all teams).
  4. One of the greatest games I've ever been to. There with Pops and we'll both never forget it. And yes, we all knew then how special that team was, and then solidified it after that Raiders win soon after!
  5. All accurate things we can determine ^^^^ On the more difficult to outright prove side.... If you look real close and piece things together over a number of resources and years, you can glean some information on how well a coach is respected among his peer staffs (and even player comments) throughout the league. There are comments made here and there that get captured one way or another over time. You can also see the organizations that produce fruit for other organizations, in terms of staffing replacements and promotions. The Bills (McDermott and Beane) fair quite well in both of these discussions every time that I've been able to notice. Do casual fans out there realize (I bet many heads will explode on here just from me typing this) that within actual head coaching circles, Marty Schotenheimer (the guy so many love to compare McD to) is actually considered one of the best coaches to ever do it all-time? Well, that's the case. Shock and awe, Shock and awe, I know!
  6. All fair counters if this were a true debate (and it can be I suppose if you want it to). I think there are many out there that would agree with my angles on why to use more under-center in our offense with Josh though, including former players Eric Wood, Dan Orlovsky and J.T. O'Sullivan. They've been outspoken about it over the past couple seasons. I don't agree on Josh being removed as a run threat either. It's just going to rely more on the roll-out game where he gets his run-pass options. I do recall the thread where you did the analysis you mentioned... Whatever the case may be, thanks for starting an interesting thread.
  7. Looking at Josh's effectiveness and historical success on play action from under center when we have a legitimate threat to run the ball is where it started for me. Forgive me for not having numbers to show but I know his under-center #'s are pretty outstanding, and can be found online with the right subscription. He's got a good ball fake game (better deception than non under-center play action) and certainly has a natural aptitude in the roll out game resulting from those formations as well. When they actually do run out of those formations, the run game itself is typically more successful as well. Rb's can get more downhill. I think the better, more deceptive play action achieved from under-center also opens up more of the quick-hitter throws (like to the TE) in our offense. Lastly, I think the pre-snap field scanning information gathering benefits Josh by not having to focus visually on receiving the snap, and he can keep his head up and on a swivel, readying with his hands to receive the snap and processing information about the defense. Not to go either way on your many points, but Brown was literally among the most athletic measured tackles to ever get drafted by any team, if you have any faith whatsoever in RAS score. Dawkins is also a sneaky good athlete.
  8. I'm with those that would like to see more play-action pass plays with Josh under-center (not in Shotgun).
  9. Thanks for sharing, @HappyDays. For those that just come to poop any and all content: No one is trying to sell you anything or deceive you into thinking something. Not the poster, and not the article writer. These are stories in the off-season. People like fans sometimes like to hear such things. The articles aren't here to prove that they've finally reached your personal level of what's acceptable on your football team. I picture your collective posting personas as a fat medieval king, grease on his lips, ordering his servants around with persistent displeasure.
  10. Much of this is the same people making the same arguments across dozens and dozens of different threads. Yawn. To the one point I can glean that hasn't been covered a million times... Yes I believe that unlike many HC's in the league, McD has shown the ability to grow and learn on the job and improve in many areas, and not stubbornly hold on to beliefs or strategies that have failed him.
  11. A Kicker in Buffalo (current stadium) rarely will rank super high in FG%, even if they are really good, which Bass most definitely was prior to his decline for part of last season.
  12. I call him the pukey eyeroller (its way more expansive than the Coleman discussion) Its whatever though ... To each their own
  13. I think all he was trying to point out (and he is right) is that the Bills picks included at least 4 (I think more maybe) Alpha-Dog Team Captains from the college team they were on, and that it was part of the consideration in drafting them (Beane spoke on this and validated it) due to a large turnover in team leaders lost from the Bills (Poyer, Hyde, Morse, Diggs, Trey day, etc.). I think that is a sound and logical approach by the team for this draft. As far as the WR, I wanted to move up for BTJ or stay for Legette, but the guy we took is further along in development than Legette and rates/shows well enough in lots of other areas besides 40 time (he runs faster than 4.6 per Beanes mentioned GPS on the filed results), and I'll trust the team on that not hindering him too much. We'll find out in 2 or 3 years (Like with any prospect, its not an exact science).
  14. awful comparisons. Those comparisons are actually addressed in this cover 1 video. I'd recommend it - He's a waaay better athlete than Benjamin was and the hands and over the top abilities in tight coverage are worlds better than Gabe.
  15. All the remaining WR's have flaws. Opinions are fun but nobody here (or amongst the teams) knows at all which guys will overcome those flaws and which won't. For that reason I hope we choose 2 WR in the next 4 picks. My preference at 33 is Mitchell, but it seems like there's still quite a few possibilities (including another trade) that would make some sense. Franklin wouldn't anger me either...
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