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  1. Run inside, screen pass, swing pass... Cleveland doesn’t even want to win
  2. Wind was indeed a huge factor in the passing game all night. It may have kept the Bills from winning more like 35-10
  3. Hughes ( who deserves this playoff run more than he? ) Johnson - turning point in 2 key victories so far this year. Edmunds ( now has played extremely well in all 3 playoff games in career) Diggs - He’s just money in the bank Frazier - his most dominant performance in his largest ever game with the Bills
  4. I think it's going to be another McKenzie day with how much man coverage the Ravens play. With that said I don't think Stills cracks the top 5 for tomorrow.
  5. I hope he goes there. He's ok but also leaves a lot to be desired at the position.
  6. The level of success has been literally directly in sync with the level of talent on the team. It matters more than any other factor.
  7. As stated by others, they had already satisfied that rule. So it was quite serious and Frazier is a very good D coordinator and has experience as head coach. So the comment was short sighted and was only made because Frazier is black.
  8. Correct nobody did but I figured it was likely if you’re trying to only add a couple
  9. Basically the thinking was like/dislike and thumbs up/down can’t coexist even though they are ever so slightly different
  10. thumbs down most important to me followed by an an alternate of dislike.
  11. Milano really did have an oddly poor game. Certainly not typical for him so I am not too worried. Edmunds on the other hand,,,,IF YOU ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND HIS ROLE IN SEAN'S DEFENSE , played one of his best games if not his best game of the season! This is 2 playoff games in a row where Edmunds was the best player out there on D for us. Lots of breakups and helped immensely in keeping Taylor under 4 ypc.
  12. Did you ask that in the past? If not , someone else did. Either way, it's simply that they are my 3 favorite Bills of all time, during the era that I was able to attend every significant Bills home game live and in person. Love #12! My son and I went to his football camp too, and I had possibly even more fun than my son did, LOL.
  13. I loved KC too when I visited. Nice City, friendly people, cool venues.... BUT the BBQ in TX was indeed significantly better IMO and much more plentiful!
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