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  1. The nice thing is our QB, owner and GM agree, and think of McD as a great leader, mentor, program manager and one of the best coaches in the league. Who the F cares what 5 or 6 trolls/dumb dumbs think about him? Mike Tomlin (and prior, Bill Cowher) had literally an army of haters on the internet. Clearly, both are/were incredible head coaches... If you come here for information about team developments, this is a great place If you come for education/accurate hunches and opinions on the Bills or football in general, do your research in what posters to read that qualify for that. Its a wee fraction of the community as a whole (that's the nature of an open forum).
  2. How about you f$#^&*g appreciate the kind and gentle education/proven rebuttal of your takes you're getting from some of your fellow bills fans on this site and just simply throw them a nod? Do you simply HAVE to be "right" against all odds and facts. A lot of people on message boards should give it a try! Like "hey man, you know what? I was off on that and you proved it. Thanks man! Happy Holidays. Go Bills!"
  3. McKenzie has been an unexpected but crucial key to the last two victories. He’s been a reliable first down getting machine, displaying good ball protection as well. Love seeing this from him and hope he can keep it up.
  4. I think that was it more than anything. Leslie Frazier had mentioned something earlier in the week about him managing the pain. But its "spicier" to say and think he got "benched"
  5. I’m as surprised as the next guy…. Pleasantly. That’s an L without his efforts yesterday
  6. Who woulda known? McKenzie saved their bacon today in terms of consistency
  7. He was walking up and down the sidelines and rooting happily and looking pretty casual on our lead taking drive. I’d say no chance he misses 3 to 5 games. Maybe one
  8. Jacksonville game? Was there...was painful. Was that also the game where Bruce had Natrone Means stopped in the backfield for the win but then he busts out and scores?
  9. Hines is a situational only type of player on any NFL team he's going to play for. That's it. Simple reality of it. He's a better fit for our offensive style than Zack Moss was, and we didn't pay much for him. The problem is the misinterpretation of the trade and somehow equating and comparing it to a CMC type of trade. Hines is a bakup rb who has great speed and quickness and can play some slot wr, and return punts well. It was a fine trade for what it really was, and hopefully Hines will earn his way to 10-12 snaps per game and making a play here and there.
  10. its a grade 1 sprain in all likelihood people! (yes technically that is a microscopic tear but not a "TORN UCL") My goodness with the lack of reading comprehension, WOW
  11. Could but wouldn't. Why?, because logic tells us that when McD uses the term day to day since he came here in 2017, it means the player has a good chance of playing in the upcoming game, and if not then for sure the next game. If it were week to week, McD would say week to week.
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