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  1. Nate Odomes was such an underrated corner in his time with the Bills.
  2. There is a house in New Orleans They call the Rising Sun. And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy And God, I know I'm one
  3. Do I have the only Rob Riddick jersey?
  4. I feel like this is a public health related decision and the Bills will again participate in joint practices as soon as next season.
  5. We ruined this kid in the pre-season of his rookie (I think...if not 2nd year) year. Anybody recall?
  6. Well that's just it, exactly. Let's say the Bills in 2021 are 5-10% better in the running game, thus statistically giving more of the offensive total yardage for the season to the running game. Meanwhile Josh is playing in yet another year of the same system, is even better at reading defensive coverages and schemes, and has more continuity with his teammates. Joshes #'s in this scenario likely will be slightly lower than last years overall passing stats. But is Josh a worse QB? Certainly not. In fact he'd be a better QB. Is the offense not even better with the added threat of the running game
  7. Very good and consistent player that I rooted for a lot as a bright spot on a "growing" team. Sad to see he passed so young.
  8. this thread is frustrating to read. Just keep yammering and yelling in to the wind for more or "better" rb's to replace the ones we already have, and don't listen to the sound and well thought out takes by many of us as to why the backs we have are plenty good for our scheme and what the Bills are trying to accomplish on offense. Moving on.
  9. Singletary dropped a pass. He's a plenty good back. 2019 was excellent for a rook. Last year was solid, good ypc considering and often got stopped a yard or 2 behind the LOS, which is mostly out of his control. Moss looks nice too. They play an offensive scheme which most often rolls out 4 WR's on the field and no TE. If not then 3 WR's and 1 TE. Running the ball for the Bills is a matter of creating balance or perceived balance. This backfield group they have is plenty well equipped to achieve what this offense needs out of them.
  10. Nice detailed take overall! Only thing though.... "Skinny"??? Where in the world are you deriving skinny from. This guy has an ideal size. Is it just that he's tall that makes you think he's skinny? Cuz he's not.
  11. Opted out after a 15 sack season. This guy would have gone top 10 if he played in 2020. On that alone it’s worth the pick. Big frame too and doesn’t need to grow into his nfl form.
  12. Not sure how realistic this is (1st 2 rounds) but it happened
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