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  1. I will today if I get a chance. I am very familiar with Ross though and he has fairly regular appearances on WGR. Plus Happy Days did a fine job explaining what was said. This sounds like typical Ross, which is thought provoking but I find myself fairly regularly not agreeing with his takes. His points that take away from McD are fine in a vacuum, but NOT fine relative to many of the other coaches listed ahead of him. But seriously Dabol?? ( took a better roster than the 2017 Bills and did the same thing McD did with less) McDaniel?? (underachieved and mismanaged a life threatening injury to his starting QB)... Lots of the names ahead of McD are clown level. Ok I've already spent way too much time on this topic.
  2. That's fine. I just find it to be BS, and therefore clickbait. You do you, man... I respect it. He just "Found a way" to make his current shtick work, and set the bar there. I still don't think he actually believes he's that low. That's crazy. McD has been just as big a part in developing the players on the team as with coaching them. A part of why they are so good is credited to him. There is no one in the world that can tell me those coaches I listed are better than McD. Its just stupid on an extreme level. McD is a top 10 head coach in the NFL. Top 15 at worst. When you can take the dog crap we had in 2017 and bring it to a 9-7 record, then also not disappoint consistently year after year with 11 to 13 wins on a better roster, that's a very good coach. a top 10 coach. Tucker got exactly what he wants to get out of this.
  3. There is no way that even Ross Tucker actually believes that there are 21 guys better than McD. McDaniel? O'Connell? LaFleur?, Dabol? Rivera? Staley???? LMAO. Just no way. Pure 100% unadulterated click bait (and its working).
  4. but but but, Lofton! (Kidding, although what a great timely pickup he was back when). I imagine the #'s are quite glaring. HOWEVER, consider with DHop that speed was never his greatest asset. It's really been positioning and hands with him for his career. Might make him a more valuable add post 30.
  5. I've not seen a more well targeted click bait since that d*** nosed Chiefs fan guy's antics. I didn't think Tucker rolled this way, but yep, yep he does.... Bottom third is absolutely laughable!
  6. https://weeklyspiral.com/2022/02/21/12-personnel/
  7. Yes he is. Look at the #2's across the league. He's somewhere in the middle of that pack.
  8. Lots of 12 personnel coming ( 2 wr, 2 te, 1 rb), I love that! Peyton Manning offense which can dictate to the defense! If he pans out this is great for the offense.
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