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  1. I’m as surprised as the next guy…. Pleasantly. That’s an L without his efforts yesterday
  2. Who woulda known? McKenzie saved their bacon today in terms of consistency
  3. He was walking up and down the sidelines and rooting happily and looking pretty casual on our lead taking drive. I’d say no chance he misses 3 to 5 games. Maybe one
  4. Jacksonville game? Was there...was painful. Was that also the game where Bruce had Natrone Means stopped in the backfield for the win but then he busts out and scores?
  5. Hines is a situational only type of player on any NFL team he's going to play for. That's it. Simple reality of it. He's a better fit for our offensive style than Zack Moss was, and we didn't pay much for him. The problem is the misinterpretation of the trade and somehow equating and comparing it to a CMC type of trade. Hines is a bakup rb who has great speed and quickness and can play some slot wr, and return punts well. It was a fine trade for what it really was, and hopefully Hines will earn his way to 10-12 snaps per game and making a play here and there.
  6. its a grade 1 sprain in all likelihood people! (yes technically that is a microscopic tear but not a "TORN UCL") My goodness with the lack of reading comprehension, WOW
  7. Could but wouldn't. Why?, because logic tells us that when McD uses the term day to day since he came here in 2017, it means the player has a good chance of playing in the upcoming game, and if not then for sure the next game. If it were week to week, McD would say week to week.
  8. I do agree with you that the pass protection was poor at times throughout the game and seemed to have Josh making odd choices at times. The line of site argument to me not a forced error. That is an unfortunate happen stance. Its kinda like when a D-line gets a tipped pass or two as a benefactor of being so poor at beating the O lineman across from them, that all they can do is wait and jump and hope to get a piece of the ball. Its not like the DE had penetrated so far into Josh's face, otherwise I wouldn't have used the example. The other pick was also not pressure based. Gabe ran the wrong route and Josh, for some crazy reason still threw the ball where Gabe was supposed to be.
  9. Allen was not "forced into mistakes" whatsoever in the Jets game. Those were 100% on him and Gabe. Unforced errors are the most frustrating of all errors and just about the only way this team loses games with a healthy Allen.
  10. Bernard’s ceiling is Klein ( the slightly younger version). I can’t see him starting full time unless he really develops
  11. Gotcha thanks. My timing comment was that this was in a thread about his elbow bruise which occurred in the pocket and happens all the time randomly to QB's, and not from additional wear and tear taking off running.
  12. I don't understand your timing in this case with this. We are talking about an arm being hit while passing in the pocket. How is that acting or treating our QB needlessly compared to any other, and diminishing on his longevity? Wasn't your point about Josh running past the LOS when we previously discussed this?
  13. I think Cook is starting to look pretty good and it shows with where they are putting him in during game situations. Also, hoping Shakir figures things out pretty quick here, as he's shown a lot of good signs. Elam, having faced lots of #1's has been up and down (couple excellent picks and some tight coverage plus giving up a ton of underneath outs) but his athletic ability and apparent work ethic looks like he'll get there eventually. Benford has played solid yet unspectacular so far. Bernard? ehhh. we'll see!
  14. Bernard was out of position a LOT in the run game. We noticed that as well.
  15. ... And that's where the analysis goes to crap with Morse being listed as replacement level. Dawkins and Morse are both above average, top quarter of the league at their positions guys, in both the run game and the pass game. Morse is an athletic center and better suited in the Pin and Pulls we run in the ground game. Funny irony - if we did run the ball a lot more (which we definitely don't need to do, we just need to be effective enough at it, and also utilize the short passing game more!) then Saffold and Quessenberry's grades would probably look a lot better because those guys are above average run blockers, but (far) below average pass blockers. Stats and grades woot!
  16. hmm. I certainly want to take your word for it, but it just makes no logical sense that they could have that info. They are in no way associated with the team. Unless there is a Bills staff member that's also a member of the slack channel. But then that person would be fired before long. Maybe they have a relationship with a player or two?
  17. Also, cover1 (slack channel or not) has no inside track to the Bills medical related news
  18. I feel like JP is getting too many reps for his skill set. He’s a very good penetrator but not great at the point of attack. I like him in third downs
  19. I thought it would have been worth challenging. It was for sure a pick, but as Simon mentioned it was one of those that would be hard to get them to over turn.
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