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  1. Maybe removing Flores allows the GM to pull in more of a scumbag coach who will be fine with bringing Watson (if all the 24 allegations are true) on board to the team?
  2. He’s my least favorite player in the game to say the least. Possibly ever. Could not believe those WWF ( but real) antics he displayed that day. I hope he gets to feel the other side of that at some point.
  3. The Steelers game was 30-40 mph winds as well. Neither the Washington game (as you pointed out) or the Steelers opener were "fine days".
  4. Its Orchard Park. Dave McBride has this whole thread covered. There are worse conditions for BOTH QB's (Bills AND their opponent) at every Bills home game as compared to just about every other venue. the stats of both the Bills QB's AND their opponents are going to always be worse in Buf than elsewhere especially in a year like we've had in 2021 with all the wind, snow and rain at literally every game.
  5. With Josh being the only human on earth to be able to function with decent success in throwing 30 passes in the 35-60 mph frozen windstorm vs NE in orchard park, this can’t play in the weather business needs to be put to rest. How do the other QBs play here in the same weather? I’m not worried about some tipped pass ints. The red zone pick was another story but not really weather related
  6. RIP John. Fantastic coach... I loved him as an announcer back in the day too and had always wished that he was able to cover more AFC games back during the Bills 4 Super Bowl run.
  7. The only thing I could possibly see getting in the way of drafting offense in rd 1 would be if there's a really good and stout DT that has fallen in the round.
  8. Whatevs man you know exactly what I mean because we’ve already been over it before we are mostly but not entirely on the same page . The Nickel reference is in reference to gap responsibility, and you know already that he’s been playing much better this season. Well aware of the rest of your take on him.
  9. Until some of our fans realize that we play a 2 backer Nickel scheme which alters gap responsibility as compared to an actual 4-3, and also prioritizes what the lbs do in coverage of areas ( very rarely man on man) and pass off eligible receivers to other zone defense areas, they’ll never be satisfied with Edmund’s play. That’s fine and even understandable. I think Edmund’s won’t get all the $ some defenders that make more game changing plays get on the second contract, but I do feel like he’ll be re-signed here and deservedly so. If his agent gets too greedy and asks for Leonard or R Smith $, we’ll then maybe we’ll have a problem. He does ALOT of what the coaches want him to do well, and as I’ve often said this season is bringing the wood more often… And thanks for the break down Hoof. It’s funny that there are still folks that try to debate detailed film based analysis such as that. I think it’s more the “facts are now debatable” world that we live in now.
  10. Agreed and held them to 1 for 10 on third down and a paltry passing percentage and total yards. Not sure what folks are looking for.
  11. Rule bending or not, this is my shocked face on the Bourne news - 😐. How many days was he on the list for?
  12. Dawkins has had an “ off year “, but he’s been a career solid starting left tackle. Feliciano AND Ford both being guards probably forces Williams back inside and leaves a very weak option like Hart at one of the tackle spots, and a promising but raw as heck rookie at the other tackle spot. It’s about the drop off at these spots.
  13. Are y’all forgetting that we are down 3 offensive linemen?
  14. It’s been enjoyable, yes. The disappointing part for me is while we all know the o-line needs some improving in the off season, I feel like they could have played well enough to get the job done and allow the team to advance a couple rounds in the playoffs or even help get us a chance to win out and win the division. Now that 3 of them are down with Covid I don’t feel like we’ll get that opportunity barring a Christmas miracle 🎅
  15. Beasley just went out this week. I give up on you getting my point that you replied to initially. Gabe has yet to moved to #2 WR on this team, so wtf are you talking about. The whole premise is Gabe getting moved to #2, which I would like to see happen, thus putting a healthy Sanders in the slot at times, or hell even Diggs in the slot at times with Sanders at the other outside position. I have never made crap up to make a point here or anywhere else. You just don't get what I am saying and are arguing with the wind.
  16. A rivalry requires competitive balance, or close to it. So we may NOW have a rivalry with them which you could at least subjectively say started with them in the 2nd Pats game in 2019. Prior to that, not a rivalry.
  17. Apparently somehow this was missed when posted above ... err something
  18. 80 percent of our snaps seem to be 3 wr or 4 wr on the field. Am I wrong? I think Gabe should be the #2 WR on this team behind Diggs. Do you disagree? In a 3 or 4 WR set with no Beasley, Gabe and Sanders (if healthy) are going to be on the field at the same time a lot. Disagree? I wasn't asking if YOU were talking about the Pats game but the discussion as a whole was looking at Sanders coming back in time to be there (for this PATS game) in light of Beasley having Covid. Rrrriiiight making stuff up for sure. The funny part is we agree on the main point.
  19. He wasn’t responding to the Joe B rating info, he was responding literally to the all 22 analysis video link I posted
  20. We’re talking primarily about this upcoming game without Beasley no?. And in either the 3 wr or 4 wr set (like 80% of our plays), we’re going to have Gabe and Sanders ( if healthy) in there together at times, not back or white at all. The black or white you and so many fall prey to is “if Davis is good then Sanders has to suck”, which is what my entire argument is against because that’s 100% false. Should Davis be the primary #2 in my opinion? YES
  21. Gabe is who I want at #2 WR. That is reflected in both of my posts in this thread if you read them. Why are you doing exactly as I pointed out in my first response? ( the black or white thing) 😀
  22. A look at some of the good sound play in this last game by your favorite punching bag
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