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  1. Usually you at least let the guy get his keys in the bowl first. Kids these days have lost all etiquette…
  2. I think 32 teams are going to give him the Cam shaft. XFL?
  3. My burner account listed him as a “top five under the radar free agents to watch”. I don’t have a burner account.
  4. I did see the Baltimore ravens win two Super Bowls with guys I never expected to win, so I wouldn’t count out Jared Goff just yet.
  5. You should see how much I have acquired there just from cheap, colorful beads.
  6. Are you talking about James Robinson from the Jaguars? When Breece Hall went down, they picked him up, and I expected him to have a much bigger impact. Turns out I was wrong.
  7. His cap hit is $10million. Which whipping boy do we have with such a number? Perhaps a certain equestrian?
  8. The Bills D Line sure did their best to prove your point
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