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  1. If Ford and Nsekhe are fine, Bates may still sit. If one is out, he’s in is my take
  2. Soft team wears pastels Functional one does not Ex Pats coaches suck
  3. Rivera seems to have success every second year. Just enough to hold onto his job. They do look really good this year though. CMC is carrying the offence and the D is stout. They are contenders so Ron isn’t going anywhere. You did see yesterday’s game, or at least the highlights or result right? Darnold changes the narrative for that team.
  4. Did you see any of the game yesterday? Rosen looked like a juco QB. As bad as Miami is, he’s part of the problem not the solution
  5. The end of that game may be exhibit A on the loss of faith that Rivers and Lynn have in his arm and their less-than-competent OL. 55 seconds left, down a TD and he just tosses up 2 jump balls, both of which were right into defenders hands and the second of which was an INT. The Rivers of old would have been picking apart the D to get the team into better field position. He may just be done and it’s sad to watch.
  6. TBay is a train wreck. I feel bad for Godwin and Evans.
  7. My thoughts exactly. Miller is a fantastic talent who is seeing a decline in his game already. He’s not getting younger and he is getting extremely well paid. As much as I really like the idea of him completing the trio of linebackers that the Bills currently have, I don’t think that’s the right fit on a financial level.
  8. The guy behind me was really loud. You weren’t up in 343 were you?
  9. The chants of “Duuuuuuke” in Nashville told me that he already is a fan favourite. He works hard and plays hard as he is a man who made it, but is never going backwards.
  10. Canadian Thanksgiving, so turkey and football are on tap!
  11. He’s a “life of the party “ type, but asking him for analysis is a bit above his skillset. You lost me here Gug
  12. I would have been less surprised if he announced an entry into the porn industry. The guy was a great player, but speaking is definitely not his God-given talent.
  13. I don’t think the Falcons get things figured out. Their D is horrible. Really horrible. The Steelers looked pretty mediocre with Mason Rudolph under center. I don’t see them looking better as he goes through, what should be, a lengthy concussion protocol.
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