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  1. DAZN is such a blessing for Canadian fans. $30/month for every game and can replay at any time.
  2. Seattle. Hoping that we can get another group seating effort going. The last game was a good crowd for the Seattle Bills backers. The pregame tailgate was super fun. The first and only time I got to meet Ezra.
  3. I would have fully endorsed him! Perfect for any team that the Bills play twice annually.
  4. Well, they are dolphins and all. Can’t be that bad. Also, sounds like the opposing team’s sideline will finally be cooler. Does he like Mai Tai’s or margaritas?
  5. Zay had some strong games for the Jags. He turned into a far more reliable receiver than I expected. I am surprised to see them release a guy who was their wr2 or 3 for much of the past 3 seasons.
  6. I get your point, and feel the same way many weekends. Then watch a great game and I forget all about the outside noise and remember why I love the game. I feel like most people expressing the sentiment that you are end up doing the same as me.
  7. Ahhh, the off-season. That special point in the year when talk about Bills football is secondary, and taking digs at fellow members of the boards becomes the primary purpose. I feel so very fortunate that we have such a time every year…..
  8. Agreed. He’s just an excited, funny young guy who has the spotlight on him in his new city. I saw nothing but exactly that.
  9. We may expect something akin to Beasley’s better seasons though. That can be invaluable
  10. Do you think the Bills would go with Franklin if he were available next pick?
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