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  1. That’s my plan as well. I am not touching our running backs with a 10 foot pole at this point
  2. Just not consistent at all. He either hits hard or blows the play 100%. Too bad, but it is what it is. Maybe PS if they think it can be coached out of him
  3. 8 home games and five away. Not too bad for a guy that lives in British Columbia.
  4. We are not talking about the most high-functioning organization in the league. Mario was also picked #1 overall
  5. I think I’ll make You a fancy new hat like the ones you like to wear in your press conferences. I’m going to make it out of your a$$ and you can wear it full time
  6. Irvin was a Richard with the Seahawks, a Richard with the Raiders and he’ll be a Richard for the Panthers
  7. Hoping he’s good. The right side of Ford and Nsekhe gives me more confidence than Having Ford at RT to start the rookies first season.
  8. I am not going to jump to conclusions that quickly, but I admit that he has performed far better than I had anticipated when he was signed off the street.
  9. They switched from the Swingline to the Boston, but I kept the Swingline because it doesn’t bind as much....
  10. That’s always been my experience. I find that is the best way to teach the next generation as well. Don’t they say that laziness is next to godliness?
  11. Sounds as though “measurables” equates to “good practice guy”. We hear great things coming out of training camp and then he hits the field for a game and disappears. Even Peterman was able to put together a respectable preseason game or three
  12. You just called him a hater. Not really sure who wins this battle Edit: And not being as pretty as me doesn’t make you ugly it just doesn’t make you stunningly handsome😂
  13. Spandex mafia...but I cover up the spandex with over-shorts. I have a very nice car that sits in my very nice driveway and cost me very much less because I bicycle commute. Parking in my city is $18 a day downtown. Between that and gas, I save about $30 a day. Add to that the fact that I am in really good shape for a mid 40s guy. Some people hate, but they’re probably lazy and not as pretty as me😁
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