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  1. Josh has been my quarterback since the day he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills. But, he’s been a quarterback that I knew I could believe in long-term since the game in Minnesota two seasons ago. Anybody with a set on him like that has to be someone you can get behind in Buffalo
  2. I’d still expect a solid turnout. Probably 30% Bills fans. We are very well represented in FLA, Georgia and the Carolinas.
  3. I hope that Lacey has been working hard with some trainers in the off-season. He’s coming into this one pretty cold. I know he was familiar with the defence from 2018, but I still worry when a guy like that is forced into duty right off the street.
  4. That will forever be engrained in my mind. I played in a men’s basketball league at the time. One of my buddies is a big Seahawks fan and I got there and told him that they had themselves their quarterback of the future and I was really angry about the stupid move that the Bills had made and bypassed him. He has often thanked me for that.
  5. It’s only bragging if it’s not true, and he’s got an excellent case on that claim. I live in the PNW, and I watch that guy’s growth year in and year out. He is phenomenal on all levels of the game.
  6. Good depth signing with experience. He hasn’t shown to ever be part of a great Oline, but having a salvageable center waiting in the wings is always a good call. Morse is not exactly known for his durability.
  7. Apparently this Joe Burrow kid can really play. That was a pretty good series
  8. They’re not really a team or a Fanbase worth hating. The owner? Yeah, that guy is a little bit of a scumbag.
  9. I couldn’t get past it. How many places would he have the logo in his home that he could have at least cross referenced?!! FFS he has it on his damn shirt in the interview!!
  10. Rivers may have looked the best of the four if TY had recalled how to use his hands.
  11. I know they worked out some last week, so they are prepared, if they are confident that Bass is not a long-term solution. I highly doubt they do change things this week. He was a rookie in his first game and had one make called a miss. I don’t imagine that does great things for the psyche. He did come back and hit two though, so hopefully it’s just jitters on the second miss and I imagine that’s what the FO thinks as well.
  12. Will you be joining 12000 people in a stadium for your work trip?
  13. You mean after Josh had released the ball? More dirty crap from Greggo
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