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  1. The optics of this are incredibly bad. That being said, if someone captured a snippet of a text that I had when I was 20 years old, they may have been able to make me look really bad under certain circumstances. I really am not sure what his intention was and whether it was a joke or not. It was in bad taste, that we cannot argue, but I’m not sure that this isn’t just someone seeking fame and looking to ruin someone else’s career and, quite possibly, life.
  2. It may just be me, and I know that likelihood is real, but I always felt as though training camp at SJF had a slightly collegial atmosphere whilst a training camp at OBD may be a more business 1st atmosphere. This team, in the majority, is very good socially together and doesn’t require much of a bonding experience. What they do require is experience on working their butts off to get to the end goal of a Super Bowl win.
  3. Brady got a crew together in TBay and I believe that Murray got a few together from AZ.
  4. I think he was also easy to cheer for because he put 1000% more effort in and was far more reliable than the overpaid bum Charles Clay.
  5. Tre. Best player, great teammate and funny.
  6. Fair assessment. It also may depend upon the term of the offer. If Cleveland is offering $16million for one year, it may be worthwhile for him to take the risk. If they are exclusively offering multi-year, he maybe uninterested in the length of term in being stuck on a franchise with such a history of calamity. There aren’t any indications of what the offer on the table is.
  7. Kind of odd to refuse Cleveland. Bookends of Clowney and Garrett would be downright terrifying.
  8. If it applies to Darnold, then I would have to say yes, but I think it doesn’t apply to either. They are both young QBs with the skill set and leadership abilities to lead a franchise for the next decade. If year three is an abject failure, then I would assume they would both be in the hot seat. I just don’t see year three being an abject failure for either of them.
  9. That was my initial thought... but there is so much risk in turning down 5 years $200 with a definite financial crisis in place and so much unknown looming. The NFL success grew during a time of great economic growth and will assuredly shrink as the economy slides downwards. The cap will not continue to grow if revenues don’t and salaries will fall in line.
  10. Why are you defending the Jets? Do you find them to have redeeming qualities and would like to move your fandom that way? Or, is it that you just like to play devils advocate?
  11. And lost to the Bengals and won against the second team of the Bills.
  12. Well, it seems like the kind of company that would take two Johnson’s at the same time
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