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  1. MiltonWaddams

    So ...who knows where the Pegula jet is....

    Maybe Pegula just loves the fine brews coming out of Surly these days. I know that i sure do!
  2. MiltonWaddams

    Trent Murphy probably not going anywhere

    Just get him some better, undetectable PED’s and he will be fine
  3. MiltonWaddams

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Ridiculous. I have a Bills decal and license plate on my car, 4 Bills ball caps, 2 toques (yes, I am Canadian) 5 tshirts and a few jerseys. I wear as much Bills gear as anyone and I do it because I am proud to be a Bills fan. Being embarrassed would be a very sad thing to be as a fan.
  4. MiltonWaddams

    Saints C Max Unger retires

    Homerism can make one perceive reality in a very erroneous manner.
  5. MiltonWaddams

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

    I think you are overstating this. Nice DE's, but as it stands we have very middle-of -the-pack DT's.
  6. MiltonWaddams

    Bills one of 6 teams in on Leveon Bell

    Hedge bets and throw a bunch of names out there. Ace reporting
  7. That is a helluva front 4! Cleveland is looking like they’re doing it right.
  8. MiltonWaddams

    Not a bad start to free agency

    Morse counts as a definite tier 1 signing in a 4 tier scale. The others are somewhere between a 3 and 4 as they currently stand. On a relative scale, we’re doing fine as no one is blowing anyone’s doors off with their signings to date. FA is nowhere near done. I don’t hate the start though.
  9. Strange infatuation with over-the-hill RBs
  10. Should we hide the field-goal kicker’s practice net?
  11. Morons! Mark Davis is in so far over his head. When your only asset is a currently homeless NFL team, and that is the thing you were trying to prop up, I can only imagine that creates an issue
  12. Good point. Hopefully Wynn is a loss