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  1. By the sounds of it he doesn’t even wait until night time
  2. We remain an elite defence and a work in progress on offense
  3. I imagine Josh would appreciate it if his wide receivers could do him a favour and catch the ball
  4. Ford sucks at right tackle. This is without question. The guy just can’t hack it
  5. They are often throwing double teams at Oliver today. I guess the league took notice
  6. I suspect the FO is investigating speedy RB’s for the draft or FA. A 5’7” workhorse back is odd, but it’s what he is.
  7. Maintain position between the TE and the QB on the goal line and that’s a stop.
  8. 1A Josh. Incredible leadership intangibles and as exciting to watch as most anyone in the league today. 1B Tre. Incredible corner, with an immense heart and has as much fun playing the game as you could hope for.
  9. If we are going to talk early round kickers, Sebastian Janikowski is the archetype. Based on the Aguayo failure, I doubt we see a kicker taken in the first 4 rounds for years.
  10. Doug Marrone has to be done in JAX. I assumed that he was a coach that would have an expiry date based on his disposition. That expiry date is today
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