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  1. Air drop him nudes next time. Always a great call.
  2. Spacing. The repeated clumping of the receivers is creating issues on many levels. It’s a lot harder to get decent yac when there are 3 or 4 db’s within 5 yards when you catch the ball. You can’t re-create the Fins offense because the speed is off the charts, but you can see how they get those huge plays repeatedly when their receivers are spaced out all over the field.
  3. The key to beating Miami is to continue down the path of the 4 man rush with a lot of disguised coverage. Blitzing a guy getting the ball out in under 2.5 seconds with the fastest weapons in the league at his disposal is a recipe for disaster
  4. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but the Bills have had a top 5 defense in most every metric for the last 3 years…Might just be me but that’s not bad…
  5. The city may not have great strip clubs, but you can’t say nobody knows how to party in Buffalo….
  6. Overreaction? Josh Allen needs to check himself and spend the season learning how to love film
  7. Fans/a fan threw batteries at Bryan Cox back in the 90’s.
  8. Well, that’s gonna be an unpopular opinion, shared by nobody…
  9. I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff from the media. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff from the media. I’ve heard a lot of media.
  10. I would love to know why you like this guy so much. It’s beyond reasonable.
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