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  1. Off to tailgate here in Minneapolis. Prognosticators be damned.. let's get a win here Bills!
  2. MiltonWaddams

    Predict Josh Allen's stats v the Vikings

    19/33 212yards 2 tds 2int 32yards rushing. Let's not talk about Cousins 380 yard game that is coming our way.
  3. MiltonWaddams

    Heading to Minnesota Game - Any Gatherings

    See you there! In the airport in beautiful Victoria BC heading to the game!
  4. MiltonWaddams

    The Bills Worked Out Eight Players Yesterday

    I assume you know this is not the good Michael Bennett currently playing on the Eagles. He would not be a character fit, but we could definitely use him. You're righ about Pastzor. He has started in this league and is well worth a tire kick.
  5. MiltonWaddams

    Minnesota game roll call

    Man. Is nobody going to this game? I would have thought somebody else would want to check out US Bank stadium and see the Mary Tyler Moore statue.
  6. MiltonWaddams

    NYC Buffalo Bills Backers/Sad News

    So sorry to see this. Not a worse feeling in the world than losing a child. Immense prayers and condolences go out to Matt and his family.
  7. MiltonWaddams

    Minnesota game roll call

    Who's going to witness this weeks "game" in Minny? Thinking a good tailgate in which I get blindly incoherent might make things more pleasant. Go Bills!
  8. MiltonWaddams

    Tanner Gentry is the exact WR Bills should sign

    I didn't pick and choose. Those were high-yardage plays that he threw poorly. Those plays both added numbers to his total More than any of his other throws. I'm as bullish on JA's prospects as anyone, but the rose coloured glasses are not to be worn.He's a talent that needs polishing.
  9. MiltonWaddams

    Tanner Gentry is the exact WR Bills should sign

    The yardage is skewed by a few big plays (Zay Jones and DiMarco come to mind) where he got lucky that it wasn't picked and had poor ball placement. You're 100% correct in both statements. The line is bad and he's going to need to make quicker reads and trust his receivers to go get the deep ball and lead them with his throws. If he doesn't he's going to lead the league in picks and incompletions really quickly.
  10. No malls for me. Maybe Nicollet Mall. Lots of good micro-breweries and eateries plus a cool stadium. I think I'll be fine up until the 15 minute mark of quarter 1.
  11. I completely am fortunate in that I have/had no expectations for this game aside from seeing a new city/stadium, eating good Scando food and drinking new craft beers. I'm now excited to watch Allen's progression.
  12. Why I picked this game to travel to, I have no idea.
  13. MiltonWaddams

    Did Vontae Davis retire at halftime? Yes, yes he did!

    Perhaps he wanted to see what life is like as a tiny female dog in heat?
  14. MiltonWaddams

    Week 2 Game Day thread Bills vs. Chargers Second Half

    Why did Vontae pull himself out if he wasn't hurt? We are in deep crap if Vontae decides to retire. 4 cbs with 2 injured....them some badddd numbers.