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  1. Buddy traded for him, but Whaley claims the credit...funny how that works....
  2. They were too busy mentioning his lineage as the son of Hulk, perhaps?
  3. It was a great tradition. I love the teambuilding aspect, but we have seen the Bills build a great team atmosphere and build an incredible training facility. With the team in such a good place as a group, it just makes sense to put them where they can train the best and that is OBD.
  4. Although appreciated, that may be the least groundbreaking article I have read in some time. That’s a nice fluff piece if I’ve ever seen one.
  5. If Atlanta gets over the reported demand for a 1st rounder, Seahawks and Packers should be the favourites. Neither will give up the 1st and Seattle doesn’t even have one until 2023
  6. In the posters defense, he did a great job reiterating his feelings, reiterating his feelings, reiterating his feelings…In the posters defense, he did a great job reiterating his feelings, reiterating his feelings, reiterating his feelings…
  7. Sideline throw to Davis when it looked like he was throwing it away in the Colts game. No one makes that throw.
  8. Are you saying that he ties up 3 blockers?!! 🥰
  9. That just reminds me of the great “Weird Al” Yankovic movie UHF.“OK Weaver will you take what’s under the box or the snapper?” Either you get that one or you don’t, but I find it hilarious.
  10. The sentiment here in the PNW is that Carroll is the Hawks coach until he retires. Despite his high energy, he’s seventy and is unlikely to coach another 5 years. That would be a massive surprise, but I know a good number of Hawks fans who would love to see a fresh start for that team.
  11. Sink/toilet/eye-wash station is the future.
  12. Care to elaborate on that one? Just FYI, I got the jab the second I could. I’m more interested in the conversation regarding the kind of people that have been brought in to the team and how that reflects their thoughts on the vaccine
  13. I look forward to the day when NFL press conferences aren’t a balance between football talk and vaccination questions.
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