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  1. Or, alternatively, you could just have Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback. That way he would have full faith that he doesn’t just throw away the game when you hand him the keys to the Ferrari.
  2. Key improvements that I think we can all agree upon in this game: DB’s LB with Klein and Edmunds making numerous key plays Running Backs. Singletary’s fumble was bad. But, we saw some great runs from both he and Moss and, on a day when the passing offence was sub-par, they were needed and came through. The progression of a very high-calibre kicker. Bass is not in the Tucker and Butker conversation...yet. But, I sense it coming.
  3. Hopefully it can be a lesson that is learned this time.
  4. I just let my heart palpitate and sit in one place while placing constant messages on the board. I avoid distractions and stare dead eyed at the TV when things go wrong.
  5. We will take the win. So much to work on, but an eight and three record is no joke.
  6. I really like the human Anthony Lynn, but the coach Anthony Lynn is an absolute mess.
  7. You make me feel so good about my stress relief tactics.
  8. This hardly matters. It’s a win. Just get out of here and don’t get injured
  9. What the hell is with this team and an inability to stop the long bomb? Apparently every team should just throw Hail Marys all game against the bills defence
  10. A flag that goes the Bills way? I guess when they’re just that blatant, the refs have no choice but to call them
  11. This was the quarterback everybody was hyping up coming into the game. Herbert has had a bit of a rough game, but I don’t think you can hold him down forever. The 10 point cushion is so big right now.
  12. If you were considering taking up complaining about officiating, this would be your game
  13. Great work by the special teams in this game on both sides of the ball
  14. I just re-watched that play as well. That was 100% the case. He didn’t even raise his arms to protect himself
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