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  1. Weird, man. I stopped caring about Tom Brady when he left New England. What he does in Tampa only matters to me when he plays the Buffalo Bills. That and if he is beating teams that block the Bills way to the Super Bowl. I’m happy to see him do that. That’s his permanent face. He actually is perplexed full-time.
  2. Why do you want Kansas City to win? Why would you ever want someone amongst the AFC favorites to win? There is only one team in the AFC you should want to win that is amongst the top five teams.
  3. Not going to argue that. I’m just speaking as to what the prognosticators are going to say. This defense in Tampa Bay had a lot of hype. Apparently, Mahomes didn’t like that.
  4. I had hoped to see him throw an interception. That put me in my happy place.
  5. I think it will be fair to say that the prognosticators are going to anoint the Chiefs as the new Super Bowl favorite after this demolition of what many thought was the best defense in the league. No matter. Two weeks and we will determine who the Super Bowl favorite really should be.
  6. That’s Ryan Hurst from Sons of Anarchy. They killed Opie off after that season so he could come and join the Bills offensive coaching staff. You really don’t want to mess with the Bills offensive coaching staff.
  7. Tremaine deserves respect today. Those who are hating on him are just regurgitating an old take.
  8. I’m not sure that any rookie would be comfortable fielding a punt in these conditions. Most veterans definitely wouldn’t.
  9. Wrong thread. This is the thread where we question where Davis has been.
  10. I know that tackling Lamar Jackson is hard, but is it really this hard?
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