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  1. You, sir, are a negative, negative human. I cannot recall a singular positive thing you have ever stated about the team. Perhaps that's in your use of the screen name "Cornette's Commentary" and is your intention. If not, you need to find something positive in your life as your undying affinity for disparaging the team that you are a "fan" of must be bringing you down.
  2. RIP to a legend and a guy who was simply one of us. Prayers and thoughts are with his family and loved ones. Cancer sucks.
  3. This is a shirt I would proudly wear. Make it happen!
  4. They look to be tying up all the loose ends with a bunch of tight ends
  5. Let’s all be honest here. We may just be trashing him out of jealousy. The guy was excellent last year. I love JA, but Baker outplayed him by a large margin. But, yeah, he does look like he’s trying too hard
  6. Nashville. Just got tickets at face value from a ST holder. Looking forward to meeting some of you for a good pre-game!
  7. I need 2 OL TD’s to ensure that we truly see the optimum level of offensive line play.
  8. That panel was a bucket of turds. Kiper has never been my favourite, but he was surrounded by asshats. all of the above is true.... until they fall in line with my perception of Josh Allen. Then they will be fine, upstanding members of the national sports media.
  9. Were those the “long dead” or the “newly dead”? Bodies that should have been long decomposed would have done that. The freshly reanimated would have more likely just fallen. Based on the crypt scene, there were a lot of bodies.
  10. Dare I say that you are just generally a bit meh? I believe I do dare say such things
  11. I definitely expected some linebacker signings/drafting with Milanos injury situation
  12. I find that both of my kids smell a bit like Cheerios in the morning. They are currently available for signing
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