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  1. Cog is a guy who really knows how to throw his weight....errrrr.....weights around.... Hard pass. Loved him on the line 5 years ago, but there are better options on the market and Ike is one of them who comes with so much less risk and wear and tear.
  2. Or, quite possibly, they may even sign a free agent? Could even be Milano? Looks like you got on that jump to conclusions mat?
  3. The exact kind of player that the Bills need at TE. Red zone weapon, great hands and strong blocker. He’s not in the Gronk, Kittle or Kelce category, but he’d be a great guy to plug in and teach Rambo as he learns how to use his physical gifts.
  4. He should heed this advice, but it sure doesn’t seem that he has any interest in it. A team who drafts any first round QB not named Trevor Lawrence should have him on speed dial.
  5. Maybe the Vikings should trade cousins back there. They don’t know what to do with even a moderately good quarterback it seems, so why not give them a less than moderately good quarterback.
  6. What a great move! The bills do not have to pay a prima donna QB and took TJ off the payroll years ago!
  7. So, the question is whose acquisition cost will be higher, Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson? Russell has a Super Bowl on his résumé and a lot of winning seasons. Deshaun is younger, but his stats and skillset jump off the page.
  8. These bread crumbs are getting tedious. I need more of them....
  9. You should consider changing your screen name to Royale with Cheese Whiz
  10. kyler Murray is a numpty? Edit: apologies, I just saw that it was just some numpty with Kyler Murray as his Twitter handle
  11. When the majority agree on something and you don’t, is the majority wrong? This isn’t a “everyone jumps off a bridge “ situation. It’s a “your palate reflects that of a 9 year old” situation. 😎
  12. Try a great steak with a bit of blue cheese and butter melted on top. It’s a gateway drug, but it leads to great things
  13. I used to go to a Seahawks game every season as they are a 2 hour boat ride from me. I would go to a Bills home game every 3 years for the past 24 since I moved west. 3 years ago, I determined that flying to an away game in most cities where I spend 3 nights would cost me about $200 each more than what it cost me for 2 nights, tickets and the boat ride to Seattle. Some cities have simply priced themselves out of reason. Happy to see our Bills are not amongst them.
  14. Apparently the Jets and Patriots will too! -Captain Obvious
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