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  1. The worst seat at the Ralph is as good as many mediocre seats at a lot of modern stadiums built in the last 10 years. Minnesota figured it out, but there is minimal sense of connection with the game in most if the new ones in seats that cost less than $300. I hope that the architects of the Bills new stadium don’t blow it. The old Tiger stadium in Detroit had those obstructed seats all over the place. Thankfully they were a terrible team so you could always move around if you got stuck with one.
  2. I really don’t. I only want to know how incredible a QB he will be.
  3. I used to do 30 hot and 20 honey garlic once a week at a 10cent wing night. That may have been 20 years ago (and 20 pounds) though. 40 would have been a snack. But, I wasn’t a pro athlete.
  4. “ Hey, Deshaun, do you want to go on a nice boat trip. I hear there are some really remote islands out there that are uninhabited.”
  5. It would be great to put a face to so many screen names! I will book my flights tomorrow (in hospital post-op today sadly) and DM you tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. The time has come. I haven’t been in Buffalo for an opener in 27 years. This seems to be as good a time as any to break that drought
  7. Odd take. Knowledgeable and hot AF. Not sure how that equates to annoying
  8. Bills have to change that with a number 1 seed this year.
  9. They actually tried, but the engineers couldn’t determine a way to design a roof to contain the pile of ***** that is Robert Kraft.
  10. Was that after they changed the name from Schittsburg?
  11. Dude is putting the more in Baltimore.
  12. Terrible. That's a giant pile of "No ***** Sherlock!"
  13. Broken ribs, injured knee Take no shot for the V-I-D Beane not happy, I don’t care I just let that heat, blow dry my hair Josh still loves me, this I know, only buyer on iTunes, thank you Bro!
  14. I don’t ever want to see an NFL game in that mausoleum of a stadium again.
  15. Agreed. The "offensive genius" moniker applied to Sean Payton lost it's luster a few years back. His devotion to Taysom Hill didn't help. They needed a fresh start and a defensive HC was the right move for them. Having Michael Thomas back won't hurt either.
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