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  1. Brandt is a Chicago guy, so I think he kind of gets the Buffalo mentality.
  2. I did not know that. I recently read that Spiller was inducted into the College Football HOF.
  3. Did you know that Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard? Or that Marvcus Patton's mother played LB in a women's football league? Or that Nick O'Leary is the grandson of Jack Nicklaus?
  4. Ryan Johnson (D) was on the squad. He was a 1st rounder in '19
  5. I hope the refs this week are flag happy - the Ravens DBs hold, grab, pull, etc. all game long.
  6. bars are open, but have to close by 10 pm. My guess is that the 10 pm curfew time will be extended this Saturday
  7. Generally agree with that, but look at Mahomes, as an example. he threw 2 picks in the Super Bowl last year, but his RB ran for 100+ yards and his D held SF to 20 points. IMO, it's unlikely that Allen would get such support...heck, our D couldn't hold SF to 20 point this year, without Kittle and Garoppollo.
  8. Not sure what Ryan Clark was getting at. Where were Hollywood Brown, JK Dobbins and Mark Andrews drafted?
  9. In general, I agree with Simms. If Allen has an off game, we're sunk. Our team is 100% dependent upon Allen, and if he doesn't deliver a 300+ yd, 65% completion%+, 0 turnover game, we're in big trouble. When the D has the chance to make a play, they need to seize that opportunity.
  10. Isolate Patrick Queen in coverage - he looked brutal yesterday in the pass game
  11. Refresh my memory, but wasn't there some sort of dust up between McDermott and Harbaugh during last year's game?
  12. Lamar Jackson had more passing yards than Tannehill did today. Still today's performance from Tannehill (165 whole yards!!!) was a vast improvement over his 72 and 88 yard passing days in last year's WC and Divisional Rounds.
  13. Nah, at least Rivers competes. Tannehill is as soft as they come.
  14. 2 POS organizations. Wish they both could have lost today. At least Tannehill was unveiled today (as if last year's post-season wasn't enough).
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