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  1. So many people on this forum defended that call by the refs. Are they going to post in this thread and admit that they were wrong?
  2. These are both great episodes. Thanks for the heads up! I haven't seen the Thurman Thomas episode anywhere, and I can't find it online. I'm hoping that one will be re-aired soon.
  3. 1st Commandment of March Madness: Thou shalt not stop Buckets.
  4. This was one of the more amusing takes I read on the trade when it occurred a few weeks ago. Thanks for the reminder.
  5. I bet the same people who said that this was a solid, low-risk move for the Dolphins would have mocked the Bills for doing the same thing.
  6. Beatdown last night. SDSU looked totally confounded by the 2-3. Buddy has taken his game to a whole different level. Edwards has been a revelation in the middle, and his emergence has allowed Dolezaj to move to his natural position, where he's much more effective. Griffin though 🤐
  7. LOL at those who have an issue with people thanking Barkley and wishing him well. Probably speaks more about the type of people they are than anything else.
  8. Boom. I think that we can beat SDSU, if good Alan Griffin shows up. I expect to see Buddy and Kadary either back down or post up SDSU's smallish guards.
  9. No. I think that Cuse will be a "Last Four" team.
  10. I remember a segment on Unsolved Mysteries about "The Dale" https://www.pajiba.com/tv_reviews/what-the-unsolved-mysteries-segment-about-liz-carmichael-tells-us-about-the-lady-and-the-dale.php
  11. Braswell, not Newton. Newton is getting no PT, which is puzzling to me, because he looked like he could play.
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