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  1. While previewing the reveal of Nos. 1-50, the narrator did make some sort of reference to the Bills' secondary, so maybe one (or more) of Tre, Hyde or Poyer did make the cut.
  2. Like I said, no rhyme nor reason
  3. That was my thought as well, but OBJ is injured, and came in at #90 on the list, after (I believe) having not been ranked in 2021. There's really no rhyme nor reason to these rankings - look at the 2021 list, for proof.
  4. David Montgomery at 98. 1150 yards from scrimmage, 3.8 ypc, 7 TDs. ooookay.....
  5. It was already announced that Cousins is at 99 and Carr at 65. JMO, but each of Poyer, Hyde and Tre are better football players than Cousins. If he's at 99, all 3 these should be in the top 100. Edited to add: Gotta provide that top secret link! Phew!
  6. Hey man, it's all about post counts and solid thread starts...
  7. I think Flutie is still selling left over boxes of Flutie Flakes out of his garage.
  8. I had all but forgotten about Stevenson. Maybe he'll be an IR stash this year?
  9. I thought that it was pretty good. Certainly not Bar Bill-level, but solid.
  10. He's said in the past that he did nothing wrong. So why is he apologizing, and exactly what is he apologizing for?
  11. I believe they have until Tuesday to cut/release 1 more player (or reach an injury settlement).
  12. So, you read through the thread, learned what the story was about, and felt the need to admonish me on numerous occasions for not doing my "work" (on a football message board, lol). Got it. Enjoy your Sunday!
  13. you are aware that a non-lazy poster posted the video in the thread, right? Or was scrolling down like 5 posts too much effort?
  14. Yes, instead of spending the time to whine about the thread, search out the information for yourself.
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