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  1. that's all well and good, but the Houston returner caught the ball in the air. Pretty sure that the rulebook stipulates how one is to give themselves up. That was bizarre. Are these Members Only refs allowed to run on the field and provide their opinions whenever they see fit?
  2. Cuse needs to win the ACC Tourney to get in. I don't even think a run to the finals will get it done.
  3. Yeah, you did miss something - I only had one post in this thread. Par for the course, I guess.
  4. You watched "at least 8" games of a lousy team that you're not a fan of? That's just...odd.
  5. every HS girl from WNY who graduated between 1984-1987?
  6. That's awesome. Cancer is just so f'n evil... And I don't want to jinx it, but it sounds like Cuse Lax might just be back!
  7. To be clear, I'm not saying (nor did I intend to insinuate) that he's doing anything wrong - I'm just paranoid about the NCAA having it out for Boeheim. Your story above is yet another example of Weitsman doing good with his resources. Kudos to him, and I hope that your niece is on the road to recovery. By all reports, he's a solid dude, who is very generous with his resources.
  8. I was wrong about him paying Brady and Edelman to attend the game - he made donations to unnamed charity(ies) instead (per the WEEI interview). I don't have anything against Weitsman. He's been EXTREMELY generous with his money, which is awesome. My fear is that Weitsman's public image may result in the NCAA shining a really bright spotlight upon the program...and I think if you look hard enough at any big time D-1 program, you can find something. It's become apparent that the AD's office isn't very detail oriented (e.g. Fab Melo, spelling the name of retired players incorrectly, the Ernie Davis statue issue, etc.), so I don't particularly trust them to err on the side of caution. IMO, the sanctions caused a ripple effect which to some extent, is still felt - hence, the continued mediocrity. Some schools - Kansas, UNC, Dook, for example - can do whatever they want. We don't have that luxury, unfortunately.
  9. What leaps am I taking? I'm not saying that he's done anything wrong since 2004 - I have no idea whether he has or hasn't....same as you. He sits courtside at SU games, and is extremely close to Boeheim. The NCAA, who obviously had/has a hard on for the Syracuse Basketball program & Boeheim. You don't think that they'll be looking for any possible hint of NCAA violations insofar as the academy and Syracuse BB program are concerned? I'm sure that the good folks at the NCAA would love to take another swing at Boeheim & SU, and yet again turn a blind eye to Kansas, UNC & Dook
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