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  1. It was a long TD on 4th down late in the 4th to Moulds, to tie it up. I believe that the Morton KR return in OT was his 2nd TD return that day.
  2. Never had Gandy's, but I'm not a huge fan of either Zahz or Johnny's. Not bad, mind you, but not great, IMO. The chicken finger burrata pizza is Macy's is great, and I thought that even their basic char cup pepperoni and cheese was excellent. The Hampton Inn on Camp Road is relatively new, as is the Holiday Inn Express on Commerce Place (right off of Camp Road)
  3. The next week may have been my favorite home opener. In the week after the Bears game, the Pegulas were named as the winning bidders for the franchise. The atmosphere around the stadium before the home opener (vs. Miami) was one of sheer euphoria, knowing that our team was staying put. The fact that we trounced Miami didn't hurt either.
  4. Beef on Weck: I'm partial to Bar-Bill (you can kill two birds with one stone, and grab wings there too) and Charlie the Butcher Fine dining: Downtown, I would go with Chophouse, Hutch's or Left Bank Pizza: I would grab Macy's Place on the way from the airport to your hotel. It's 2 minutes from the airport, and the pizza is awesome. La Nova's is probably the best place Downtown.
  5. I believe Marlowe and Roberts were cut and re-signed last season
  6. Thanks for this - well thought out. Tuesday will be very interesting, no doubt.
  7. that sucks. I wonder how many millions of dollars this will cost Lamar Jackson.
  8. Mims, who did little in his rookie season, and Moore, who's never played an NFL down, are "seemingly good options, while Davis, who snagged 7 TDs as a rookie, "flashed, but was also inconsistent"? Makes so much sense....
  9. Do you think that Beane and McDermott are happy about Beasley's numerous tweets regarding COVID and vaccinations? Do you think that Beasley has created a distraction for the Bills as an organization and other Bills players?
  10. He's not a 1000-yd receiver. Never has been. Came close last year, but not remotely close in his prior 8 seasons. The players said earlier this year, that COVID-related topics would be kept in house. Beasley, however, spouted off on Twitter regarding COVID, and then said that he was staying off of Twitter. He did it again, and said that he didn't want to be a distraction to the team. But then, he tweeted about it again...and again....and again...and again. He's created a massive distraction - I want the players to be focused on winning the SB, and not worried about how to answer questions regarding's Beasley's position re. vaccines and his rants. Regardless of my personal feelings, if Beasley doesn't want to get the vaccine, that's his call and decision. I'm inclined to believe that there are established vets on the team (e.g. Poyer) who could've gone off like Beasley did, but chose not to. Given the new NFL policy re. COVID forfeits, his decision to not vaccinate may impact his team's chances of winnings, and his teammates' pocketbooks. I have to imagine that McD and Beane are pissed beyond belief - Beasley has basically, via Twitter, given them both the giant FU over and over again this summer - and I wouldn't blame them for a second for cutting ties with Beasley.
  11. One of the worst facemask calls I've ever seen was in that game. Bruce Smith grabbed Esiason by the jersey and brought him down for a sack. Refs called a 15-yard facemask.
  12. It's easier said than done, but know that your trusted companion is now in a better place.
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