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  1. maybe that was the plan. I guess we'll never know for sure.
  2. I don't necessarily disagree. But why did Beane feel the need to state the same canned line repeatedly? The team knew about the allegations against Araiza, but decided to release Haack....and then they release Araiza after they first (supposedly) learned of the details via the filing? Were they just hoping that the allegations would never go public, and bury their heads in the sand?
  3. the nonsense about the release being in Araiza's best interest...over and over again. Does he really expect people to believe that's the reason they decided to release Araiza, and not the PR nightmare they have faced (and would continue to face had Araiza remained on the team)? What changed since yesterday morning? Did BB say that the team had no idea about the incident until a few weeks ago?
  4. I'll get slammed for this, but I thought that Beane came off pretty poorly in the press conference.
  5. I think that the claim would be that Araiza being cut wasn't based on performance. EDIT: what Beck Water just said right above me.
  6. If the Titans cut him, then he won't be collecting a game salary for home games in TN.
  7. It's probably been asked, but where are Kim Pegula and Beane on all of this? Why is McDermott being hung out to dry by the organization?
  8. I bet that most objective observers feel that Cook was the Bills' top off-season offensive acquisition.
  9. I thought the team chaplain he hired during his (thankfully) brief stint with the Bills might be his partner
  10. Are you always this weird, and do you act this way in real life?
  11. He won't win on the Amazing Race, either.
  12. My guess is that he will be just slightly higher than that. Maybe mid-20s
  13. Nice. The teaser at the end of the 100-51 reveal referenced the Bills secondary, so I assumed that either Hyde or Poyer made the Top 50.
  14. I stand corrected, Brown was a third round pick in 2021, not a 2nd round pick. Probably worth mentioning that Zay Jones was also a 2nd round pick.
  15. Yes, I specifically excluded the TE position. OL: 2nd round picks in Ford (trade up), Brown and Dawkins. Big $$ extension for Dawkins, healthy FA deal given to Morse, Bates offer sheet matched. WR: massive extension for Diggs (1st and 4th [I believe] traded to acquire Diggs), 4th round pick in Davis. If Davis is extended, that also won't be cheap.
  16. Is there any position, maybe aside from TE, in which the Bills haven't 'invested heavily'?
  17. I'd be really surprised if both Kumerow and Taiwan Jones are cut.
  18. While previewing the reveal of Nos. 1-50, the narrator did make some sort of reference to the Bills' secondary, so maybe one (or more) of Tre, Hyde or Poyer did make the cut.
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