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  1. B+ Although I question some of his individual calls, I do not have much problem with Daboll. It seems to me the issue is more penalties and inconsistency of execution, not the play calling or strategy. I actually like his imagination and unpredictability. He does not just trot out the same game plan no matter who the opponent is. I do worry about Allen being run too much, and occasional times where Daboll goes for the tricky play rather than the obvious one, but I worry more about penalties and dropped passes killing drives, and Allen's still not hitting on long passes. And even that stuff I expect to improve.
  2. Point taken. But I can't imagine Rosen would have played the gutsy, risk-taking game Fitz did.
  3. If Josh Rosen had played QB for the Dolphins instead of Fitz, the Bills would have rolled over the Fins.
  4. "Bated" breath, short for "abated." I know it sounds dumb but that's where it comes from.
  5. The "Just give it to them" Bills-Pats game. Two egregious calls on the Pats last drive to give them the game. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2011/6/16/2225057/buffalo-bills-walk-off-foxboro-patriots
  6. I thought that Reid's call of a deep pass play from the 20-yard-line at the end of the first half, ahead by one point, with less than 30 seconds left, was beyond idiocy. Mahomes had a bad ankle, gets a big rush, fumbled, Texans recovered on the two yard line and scored to put them ahead. That touchdown was the difference in the game.
  7. Where did you get the idea the Bills play run-first football? They most definitely do not, not this season. Saying such a clueless thing undermines anything you have to say.
  8. So Chiefs get the ball back on their 20 after Texans have scored to bring them within one. Less than 30 seconds left in the half. Patrick Mahomes has a bad ankle. What does Andy Reid dial up? A deep-drop pass play. Mahomes gets crushed, fumbles, Texans get the ball on the Chiefs' three yard line, score to go ahead 23-17. Idiocy, thy name is Andy Reid.
  9. It would take a while for fans to get used to it, but it's a good idea.
  10. It happened in the Jets game--first touchdown of the game was a pick six off the hands of Cole Beasley.
  11. I'm not sure who's up next--probably Yeldon--but I can guarantee that there will be someone singled out as whipping boy within one game.
  12. Yes, he needs to get better but he had four punts downed inside the 20 yesterday.
  13. Gotta be happy for the guy and the team. I hope this is the start of a long and productive career for Williams in Buffalo.
  14. Thanks for clearing that up. I had no idea the Bills' coaches were interested in winning games. I thought they did everything in response to message board posts.
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