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  1. I have not read all the responses here, but I expect that many if not most rank on him. I don't think he deserves to be run down that much. He produced a roster of good players. I believe he would not have hired Rex if it was strictly up to him. It was the Pegulas who didn't want to let Rex get out of the building. Yes, the cap was a mess and there were some dicey draft picks. But some good ones too, and he brought some fine players to the team. If the Pegulas had let him hire the coach after Saint Doug quit he might have survived. He didn't, and in the long run that proved best for the Bills. I'm very happy with McDermott & Beane. But I don't think he was the disaster many here have made him out to be.
  2. Multiple orgasms reported in Western New York
  3. WARNING!!!! This is entirely too sane a response to the selection. You need to demand that Beene and McDermott get their heads out of their butts and listen to your devastatingly accurate strategy based on your deep understanding of how football teams are staffed and the extensive scouting you have done on all division I college players. If you fail to set your hair on fire, you are endangering your status as a card-carrying Bills fan. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!
  4. No, we can't. it will be another stupid free-for-all.
  5. Williams was a number 4 pick, and thus was more of a disappointment than Maybin.
  6. I'm an old dude. I remember back in the day after the Bills lost their third Super Bowl, by increasingly bigger margins, that Ralph firing the GM Polian rather than coach Marv Levy was stupid. I liked Marv, but still, that Bills team was rife with star players. If Marv couldn't win the SB with that roster, it made more sense to fire him than fire the man who built the roster.
  7. Plus there was a loud contingent of Bills fans who did nothing but bad mouth him while he was here. Though I'm not sure he's worth the cash it would take at this stage of his career.
  8. He's right. Foghorn Kevin Harlan makes me turn off the sound.
  9. There is no distance element. Kansas City MO and Kansas City KS are separated by a street called State Line. I used to live in Missouri and work in Kansas and traveled a distance of precisely two blocks to go from my apartment to my office. The big hassle was having to file two different state income tax returns every spring.
  10. McDermott strives never to say anything that gives another team the advantage, or supplies bulletin board material, or that throws one of his coaches or players under the bus. That makes his press conferences rather wooden--he's so cautious--but I respect that. He's always trying to avoid distractions and do what is best for the TEAM. I have to respect that.
  11. I confess I don't know anything, but I am worried that investing heavily in a player so far along in years could backfire. He could get injured or his play could decline drastically. The Bills have pushed themselves up against the cap with aging players like Miller and Saffold.
  12. He's a good, gutsy player, and on the field he did a lot for this team.
  13. Why present a "poll" as if you think it is an open question when you already know the answer? That's fundamentally dishonest, and it was evident from your very first post. I did not even know what you opinion was before I clicked on this thread but it was instantly obvious as soon as I read that. Everything after that was blowing smoke.
  14. You really are ridiculously dishonest. Just admit you think McDermott and Beane are the problem. I've got nothing more to say to you.
  15. Really, your agenda is screaming out from under your "dispassionate" analysis. There are so many assumptions buried under the way you've put this that it's laughable even to engage with you. This is a waste of our time.
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