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  1. The Bills did not score a defensive touchdown in the previous season, either--none for either 2018 or 2019. They're overdue.
  2. I was skeptical that there would be a season, and I'm still crossing my fingers that Covid does not abbreviate it, but I'm very glad that there will be games played. I could use the distraction. So you may consider this to be some crow eating. Yum!
  3. Thank you, and for all the years you've run this forum. It's a service to all of us.
  4. Thad Brown didn't tweet this. Somebody named Danielle did.
  5. The only time I've ever been in court was when friend got pulled over for reckless driving. I was in the car with my date, he with his. We were all sober and he was absolutely not reckless driving. My friend contested the ticket and in court the arresting officer lied through his teeth about what had happened. I was only 20 or so, and it was an eye opener about how the police can lie and the judge and the legal system will automatically take the cop's story, without evidence, as true.
  6. I've visited Frostburg State. Was there last fall. Two of my good friends are professors there.
  7. My respect for Diggs's intelligence just went up. He's no fool.
  8. This history of the post-Civil War era is a myth. The federal government got out of managing the South in 1876; Reconstruction was over. There was no Federal oversight after 1876. In Plessy V. Fergusson the Supreme Court said it was okay for the South to install public segregatation, validating the Jim Crow laws that were passed. In the ensuing decades, as whites took over the South again and repressed Black rights and prevented Black voting, as lynchings swelled and whites rioted to throw out Blacks in Wilmington, NC and Tulsa, OK, THAT's when all these Confederate monuments were erected, to re-assert white supremacy and repudiate any federal interference in the Jim Crow South. Propaganda films like "The Birth of a Nation" (based on the novel "The Clansman" by Thomas Dixon) and "Gone With the Wind" popularized the myth that so many white Southerners (and Northerners) have continued to propagate until now. I have lived in the South for 38 years now. I think it's a good thing that finally this myth is being blown to pieces.
  9. The team spoke out immediately in the strongest terms, the NFL officially spoke out about it, Jackson has had to issue two different apologies after this first less informed one (just like Brees) and met with a local rabbi to discuss what he can donate and work with the Jewish community. The Anti-Defamation League spoke out as well and urged Jackson to educate himself about anti-semitism. This doesn't sound like people are ignoring what he said.
  10. I support Black Lives Matter. We have a chance here (Black and White) to alter race relations in the U.S. for the better. It's long overdue. The NFL is a place where men of different races have to work together to succeed. It's inspiring when they do, when they come to respect and treat each other as brothers. I'd like to see that carry beyond the field of play, and among the rest of us. If it matters, I am white.
  11. I never hated the Pats until the Belichick/Brady era.
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