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  1. If by "social justice" you mean "Don't shoot black people in ordinary traffic stops," then yes, I am an SJW. What is the "other side"of this issue? "Yes, it's okay to shoot black people--getting upset about it is political and racist"?
  2. This is what I remember happening. But the revisionists can't have any facts interfere with their scheduled 20-minute-hate.
  3. I have a friend who is a lifelong Bengals fan. When the Bills got Bodine from the Bengals, he warned me that Bodine was the worst center he had ever seen.
  4. Rex was a disaster from day one, and hiring him was a sign the Pegulas' judgment was dicey. The team was on the verge of respectability, with a lot of good players on the roster, though the cap situation was shaky. As to whether the subsequent transformation of the team under McDermott & Beane was worth it, there's some promise, but this season will tell the tale. If Josh Allen does not show significant improvement and the Bills face-plant this season, Rex's hiring will only look like even more of a disaster.
  5. http://www.sfcenter.ku.edu/cmckit-bio.htm
  6. At this point it's all just talk talk talk. And here I am talking, too. Time to go biking in Switzerland until August.
  7. You are misunderstanding what he said in the interview. He's saying Josh went from always starting with his left foot forward to always starting with his right foot forward. He's not saying he changes it with whatever pass play is called. Elsewhere in the interview Dorsey talks about how it does not help Allen to do many reps of something if he is doing it wrong--he will just lean bad habits. So he needs to get his mechanics right and consistent from one play to the next as the foundation for everything else he needs to learn.
  8. Good for Schatz if, should Allen's "analytics" improve, he changes his opinion. Not all commentators, even if they base their opinions on "objective standards," will. And there is often room for different interpretations of statistics, or analyses that point in different directions, as anyone who follows such analysis knows. It's not as cut and dried as you characterize it.
  9. Good. I like that there are guys like this saying Allen will never pan out. It will make it that much more satisfying when (and if) he does. And I expect that few of the analysts like Schatz will change their opinions.
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