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  1. Despite his talents and his success, I did not care for Doug Flutie while he was here. He seemed to me to be too much about Doug Flutie. But YMMV.
  2. Very similar to my own story. Which of us is older? I graduated from West Seneca High School in 1968.
  3. The obvious breakdown is make sure you beat the Jets, find a way to beat the Steelers. Two wins there. But that would not be enough to cement the idea that the Bills are for real. The statement would be, on top of those two wins, to beat the Patriots at Foxboro. This would go a long way toward changing the narrative. Beating the Ravens would be, on top of that, gravy. I think 2-2 in these last four games is a reasonable expectation. 3-1 would be outstanding. 4-0 would be fantasyland, and the reaction nationally would be hysteria.
  4. I'd like it if the Bills did not crow too much. Stay humble.
  5. I had a great Thanksgiving with my family, for whom I am truly grateful. The game was just the icing on the cake, but what sweet icing. Thank you, Buffalo Bills.
  6. The Broncos shut down Dalvin Cook last week (11 carries for 26 yards). If the Bills try to run it down their throats they will create a bunch of three-and-outs. The Bills need to pass the ball.
  7. I just watched the Denver/Minnesota game and Denver looks good in a lot of areas. Their defense is fast and hard hitting. They beat up on Dalvin Cook. I think this is two tough games for the Bills, and your're right, how they play will tell us much more whether they are for real.
  8. Yes. The harping against Daboll is one of the most annoying elements on TBD right now.
  9. I think that Cover 1 comment is reasonable. I think Daboll is trending toward what that commenter says, with some mistakes. But that moderate opinion is far from the calls to fire Daboll by so many in these discussions, and those who call him "Dumboll." Those guys seem to me to be arrogant and unwarranted.
  10. To my mind this is the most sensible post in this thread. I get tired of the manic-depressive nature of the comments on the board, and the 20-20 hindsight.
  11. You are misreading--granted he said it poorly. Albany means he had a better opinion of the Jets before the season than he has now.
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