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  1. Exactly. It drives me nuts that McDermott is accused of being too conservative when, for one example, he takes more fourth-down chances than any Bills coach in recent memory
  2. All I am saying is that in your option 3 here, it is a judgment call, and too many fans act as if it's a simple matter. Your "universe of prospects" formulation is ludicrous. If you compare ANY coach against the "universe of prospects" then you will fire him and hire somebody else. There are many factors in evaluating a coach. It's not as simple as you present it here. Unless a coach is completely incompetent, it's a judgment call. I know a lot of Bills fans believe that Daboll is hopelessly incompetent, but they are wrong.
  3. "the entire universe of prospects"? That's laughable. Nobody will measure up against the entire universe of prospects. You DON'T KNOW how any of those other coaches in that entire universe will work out. It's a hypothetical. You are acting as if this is physics. I have a degree in physics. Making a judgment like this is not science. You're still making a grass is always greener" argument.
  4. I've bolded the crucial question. Notice that you use "might be good enough" with these hypothetical alternatives to Daboll, and use "will Daboll be good enough" when challenging Daboll's abilities. This is the essence of "the grass is always greener." If you ask, "might Daboll be good enough to build a championship offense" then you're much more likely to stick with him. I don't know for a fact that things will go better next year with him instead of somebody's flavor-of-the-month alternative. I just point out that the alternative always looks great because it's a hypothetical.
  5. This "grass is always greener in the other guy's yard" attitude of fans always drives me nuts. As if it's a foregone conclusion anybody they bring in is going to be better.
  6. I used to live in KC, have may friends there, and since they haven't been to the show in fifty years or so I'll root for them. I like it that they are one of the original AFL teams, too.
  7. Andy Reid is a moron, putting in Hill to field a punt in a pressure situation when he'd only returned one put all season.
  8. I would think there would be nothing left of it by this point. He couldn't chop down a dandelion with it.
  9. I love it that Brady's last pass (maybe) as a Patriot was a pick 6.
  10. It's good. Hard hitting action flick. You should see it.
  11. Because the amnesia, and the continual beating on Peterman long after he's gone, indicates that some Bills fans can't let go of their whipping boys, to the point where they have to make them worse than they were. It's a kind of cognitive dissonance, the flipside of which is those who will not admit any flaws in their heroes. Look up Manichaeism.
  12. I guess if Daboll has the chance to be a HC then the Bills ought to let him interview. But I hope he does not end up going there. I hope he realizes what he's got going here.
  13. It has been proven, right. So why do Bills fans have to keep beating on him whenever anything even tangentially related to him comes up? Did he piss in their cornflakes or sleep with their girlfriend?
  14. Before Peterman threw the interceptions that led to the Texans winning, he threw a touchdown pass that put the Bills ahead in the fourth quarter. I find it interesting that so many Bills fans have erased this part of the game from their memories.
  15. I'm tired of the Daboll hate. I think he's doing better than a lot of people on this board say.
  16. WTF are you talking about? I didn't say not play him. I think they SHOULD play him. But he still acts like a jackass when he makes a catch.
  17. I wish Williams would not act as if he won the Super Bowl every time he makes a seven yard catch. It's ludicrous.
  18. I thought he tore up his knee. After he had surgery and came back, the fans called him "Golden Retreads." Fond memories. RIP.
  19. I do wonder sometimes if his career will be Mark Sanchez or Ben Rothliesberger. I like Allen and want him to succeed. He seems to be heading more in the Rothliesberger direction at this point. But Sanchez at one point looked to be heading toward being a franchise QB.
  20. Magox was being sarcastic, dude.
  21. Great comment. I was in agreement with Badol's analysis of what was possible, and it bothered me greatly when McBeane ditched so many good players, but I've come around since then. I think the culture change McD has managed is very important, as important as personnel changes.
  22. Been a Bills fan since the 1960s. There were some hard moments, but I never abandoned them. It just feels like part of my identity at this point. It's a pleasure to see them play well, and not just that, to feel that they have turned a corner and are on an upward path. I remember feelign this way in the late 1980s as the Marv Levy Bills became a juggernaut. I was not impressed with McDermott and Beane when it seemed they were determined to get rid of every good player on the team, but I was wrong and I'm happy to admit it.
  23. I'd award a "B" given the stage, the circumstances, the conservative play calling
  24. It does not matter one iota what these guys say, it only matters if the Bills win. If Allen plays well who cares what some stat freaks think?
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