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  1. I did not see three drops. I saw one attempt at a circus catch in the end zone. I saw Allen miss him badly when he was wide open on a slant. I'm impressed that so many of you guys can ride the Zay Jones hobby horse at the same time. You have to jockey for position to stay on.
  2. My wife and I were talking about this last night. It really does feel different. I'm not completely convinced yet, and things could go wrong, but this feels like a different sort of Bills team. They don't get as flustered when things go wrong. They maintain a belief in themselves and keep their eyes on what they have to do to win. I remember at the beginning of the Kelly/Levy years how surprised I was when the Bills began to win games that they would have blown in the previous decade. It took me a while to come to realize that the could regularly win when they were in a tough spot; that they would come from behind, that the could be dominated for a while but then assert their own dominance, that they could be relied upon to keep working until they won. I haven't had that feeling for a very long time--not even with the hot starts when Trent Edwards seemed like he might be the guy, or when Fitz had that hot start in 2011. I hope this one is not a mirage, but it certainly makes watching the team more interesting. My wife pointed out that even the announcers must like calling a Bills game more than they have for years, because the team is capable of playing well and surprising them.
  3. I doubt Brady knew any of the stuff in this article when he made that offer. He just wanted Brown on his team as a player. Brown sounds like he has a lot of emotional baggage; he's a troubled man. This absolutely does not excuse his behavior; but he's going to pay a price at some point for behaving this way--he's carrying his own destruction around inside himself. Money can defer the reckoning (cf. Donald Trump) but it can't defer it indefinitely.
  4. I like The Athletic and think it's worth the money, but YMMV.
  5. Let me go on record as saying I LIKED the fact that the Bills came out throwing the ball. It worked--the Jets were not prepared for that. The Bills moved the ball well and but for a couple of fluke interceptions and a strip sack and bad snap would have been in the lead, by a shutout, at the half. The old Bills would have tried to "establish the run" against a loaded front, got stuffed, put Allen in 3rd-and-long situations, and ended up with a lot of three-and-outs and punts. I am tremendously encouraged by Dabol's playcalling and Allen's ability to carry out this game plan. I expect that it will be different for every game--they won't come out firing fifteen passes in a row every game. This was done to cross up the Jets defense, and it did.
  6. This is the first half that I saw, too. The Bills moved the ball effectively on most drives until they shot themselves in the foot. The Jets played hard on defense and benefited from tipped passes or Bills miscues, but it wasn't because they stopped the Bills from moving the ball. Add in the bad field position the Bills had for most of their drive starts, and it's easy to over-react and say the offense did not work. Not to say they don't have to clean up those mishaps that they can clean up. They know that themselves, and I expect them to as the season progresses.
  7. In the end it doesn't matter that Brown ended up with the Pats. It's not like the Patriots are a team of Marvel superheroes. The thing is what it always was--the Bills are just going to have to beat them regardless of who's on their roster. Just the way they began beating Marino and the Dolphins regularly in the late 80s even though Marino was considered the best QB in the league.
  8. If by "social justice" you mean "Don't shoot black people in ordinary traffic stops," then yes, I am an SJW. What is the "other side"of this issue? "Yes, it's okay to shoot black people--getting upset about it is political and racist"?
  9. This is what I remember happening. But the revisionists can't have any facts interfere with their scheduled 20-minute-hate.
  10. I have a friend who is a lifelong Bengals fan. When the Bills got Bodine from the Bengals, he warned me that Bodine was the worst center he had ever seen.
  11. Rex was a disaster from day one, and hiring him was a sign the Pegulas' judgment was dicey. The team was on the verge of respectability, with a lot of good players on the roster, though the cap situation was shaky. As to whether the subsequent transformation of the team under McDermott & Beane was worth it, there's some promise, but this season will tell the tale. If Josh Allen does not show significant improvement and the Bills face-plant this season, Rex's hiring will only look like even more of a disaster.
  12. http://www.sfcenter.ku.edu/cmckit-bio.htm
  13. At this point it's all just talk talk talk. And here I am talking, too. Time to go biking in Switzerland until August.
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