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  1. Would be shocked if anyone gives him more than vet min $.
  2. Is that the goal? Top 10 coach with a top 10 team. No super bowl appearances with the best all around QB in the league that plays like an alien. If he missed this list he should have been fired yesterday. It is expected he is a top 10, that is pretty meaningless.
  3. Do the Bills have Andy Reid too? Reid has proven that he can scheme. Brady in a small sample size has shown he can let Josh put this team on his back via his legs. But the passing game with Brady was way below average.
  4. After Allen hooked up with Diggs girl then he went and tracked down Palmer's.
  5. Well he caught for 1,000 his first two season with a very limited passing attack. I think the Bills broke him. Maybe it was the bust status and it got to his head. Injuries got to him.
  6. Not even close. He has one year as the feature back and even in that season he was on the field typically 50% of the snaps. He is generally pulled for pass blocking downs, short yardage downs and many times even as the receiving back. Long way to go before he is a top anything back.
  7. Agreed. There is a fine line between being competitive and being a jack a$$. But I would bet most elite wr in the league would not have been happy with that the O turned into in most of those games. WR can be the way they are because more than any other position they rely on the QB and playcalling.
  8. The world where a guy that has been getting 1 year minimum level salary deals for the past 3-4 years or more can get you a 4th rounder.
  9. Do you want your #1 WR to not want the ball? I dont know man. I dont want my number 1 to be the guy thats like, dont worry I am good blocking or being a decoy, pulling coverage away from guys. You want your number one to an alpha. Throw me the damn ball.
  10. Weeks 3-6 he had 4 100 yard games in a row. He had 6 catches and over 5 yards every game until the DEN game followed by Dorsey being fired. After that he only had 6 catches twice and over 50 yards twice. The slowly following off a cliff was after Dorsey not before. Its convenient to say it was all Diggs but the numbers would support that the switch to Brady had more to do with it. Look at Allen's numbers. So I guess that has nothing to do with the OC either? Its convenient and makes people feel better to say he is washed. No one is saying Allen is washed and his numbers dropped off as well. If not for his running things would be a lot different. The passing game disappeared in the majority of Brady games. Hopefully that changes this year or its gonna get wild around here.
  11. And dude had like 800 yards at the midway point of the season. He was pace to have a record season until Dorsey got canned and passing game kind of went with it.
  12. Stephon Gilmore Adoree Jackson Xavien Howard Steven Nelson J.C. Jackson Carl Lawson Emmanuel Ogbah Tyus Bowser Yannick Ngakoue Calais Campbell Justin Simmons Quandre Diggs Micah Hyde Jamal Adams Eddie Jackson
  13. Nico Collins says hi... three-year, $72.75 deal.
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