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  1. Hey - trade will happen just not until draft day. Bills trade pick 61 for Ertz and Eagles pick 70.
  2. Kroft was 81. Kroft is gone. Gilliam has been 41, 21 and 14. I think he just likes 81 better than 86.
  3. Shocked if Samuel is not the pick based on the chatter. Hopefully we can trade down and pick up an extra pick.
  4. A good stat generally speaking. But I think its more of if your replacing a ton of guys you may be in trouble. Replacing the least number does not mean much to me if those positions needed upgrades. For example, most wanted to upgrade at TE - not replacing Knox should not be a positive.
  5. There was also this guy that retired at halftime more recently... Travis Henry had like 15 kids with 10 different women and refused to pay child support. Not to mentioned the 15 year old girl he tried to sleep with. Richie Incognito - I want to like him but he has done a lot of shady nonsense. Peterman - He was so terrible and kept playing. It was a blend of hate and feeling sorry for him.
  6. Well you cant have everything you want sop you pick your battles. The areas that are open to upgrade: QB: Set at 1 and 2 for next year. RB: Could upgrade, but serviceable group given passing offense. A better pass catching RB would be nice but these guys can at least be outlets. TE: Clear upgrade needed. OL: Set. Solid group DE: Clear upgrade needed both short term and long term. DT: Some questions here. Star is in his last days, Oliver needs to step up. LB: Rolling with these guys. Edmunds $ coming up; Milano got paid. Inconsistent group. DB:
  7. Based on the changes so for you have to think Bills are going big on defense in the draft. My new mock: 1) Edge: Still on the board are Rousseau, Phillips, Owusu-Koramoah, Paye, Ojulari or CB: Still on the board are Campbell, Farley, Joseph or may surprise TE: One the board is Friermuth The pick is Phillips 2) Whatever you didnt do in round 1 at Edge or CB. If any of those guys drop you grab them or based on Phillips in round 1. CB: On the board are Newsome, Robinson, Stokes, Adebo, Melifonwu, Samuel Jr, Molden Th
  8. Singletary Moss Breida Williams Wade Jones Potential Draft Pick If he was a clear upgrade that would elevate that group? Replace Singletary, Moss, or Breida with him and it does not change much.
  9. Can we pin this. I just updated it which I had not done since it fell so far off the main board.
  10. Where have the Bills added vs last year? As of now we have a better back up qb and 3rd string rb. Most of the pick ups were replacing guys - sanders for brown, Efe for Murphy and Jefferson. Hollister for Kroft and Smith. Haack for Bojo. Powell possibly for a Robert’s. No we are not deemed. But we are relying on the same guys getting better vs adding pieces. Next year when we lose in the playoffs the narrative will be that this is part of the plan. We knew that we had no cap so could not improve yada yada excuse excuse. There were options and moves to be made. Beane made the decision to stan
  11. Its bc ATL, CAR, NO games for all of those teams. Add in HOU and JAX for the AFCE that is 5 games against
  12. We sign him at the price. Great move by the wizard. Signs with another team. Not worth it at that price. Would have liked him on one year deal. Good mentor for Efe too.
  13. Had him on my list. Upgrade over Yeldon for sure- interested to see if they see him as back up or competing to be #1 back.
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