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  1. We have to see how he is used but... His high during three years of college was 5.5. Donald had 11 twice in college.
  2. And when your cap hurting you need to make even better decisions not worse. Such as wasting a few million on a WR you cut a week later, as just one example.
  3. In addition A Boldin...signed then retired rather than play. The argument that gambles dont really matter or this guy was cheap so who cares doesnt hold water. It is all part of the roster building process. The team expects a contribution from that player so either does not sign another player or spends the saved money elsewhere etc. The plan did not work regardless of the money associated. That is a failed attempt to fill the position with the guys they expected could do it.
  4. Your NCAA top 10 all time receiving yards... 1 Corey Davis* 5278 2013 2016 Western Michigan 2 Trevor Insley 5005 1996 1999 Nevada 3 Ryan Broyles* 4586 2008 2011 Oklahoma 4 Justin Hardy* 4541 2011 2014 East Carolina 5 Marcus Harris 4518 1993 1996 Wyoming 6 Patrick Edwards* 4507 2008 2011 Houston 7 James Washington* 4472 2014 2017 Oklahoma State 8 Rashaun Woods* 4414 2000 2003 Oklahoma State 9 Ryan Yarborough* 4374 1990 1993 Wyoming 10 Troy Edwards 4352 1996 1998 Louisiana Tech
  5. Two years left on his deal. Get him for those two years - we have the cap room. If he is healthy then our OL is significantly better for the next two years. He can mentor Cody Ford w the Okie connection.
  6. Multiple sources have reported they were not drafting a WR period. Did not see it as a big priority and like the group they have. Its hard to argue this group has made good decisions on the offensive side of the ball. The way QB has been handled for two years has been bad. From Tyrod to putting in Peterman. To then Starting Peterman again and having no back up plan. The OL has been a mess. Going forward its all about Allen and helping him succeed. If Allen regresses this year then this FO could be in trouble.
  7. On that 2015 roster guys recently drafted by Bills that are NFL starter quality. Offense Watkins Woods Glenn Henderson Wood Miller Goodwin Def Dareus Brown Bradham Darby Gilmore Brooks McKelvin A Williams
  8. True to some extent. However, there is a big difference between good starter and starter. Many drafted guys start because teams suck at that position. That is much different than drafting a long term starter.
  9. When has Tyree ever played RB, WR or TE? The guy didnt even get drafted at QB which was the position he did play. Now he is going to be NFL caliber at multiple positions?
  10. Your answer has some truth. But dont use Gronk as the example. Gronk is nothing like a Lee Smith. The modern NFL is moving towards Gronk types and away from Lee Smith types.
  11. FYI With Lee Smith the Raiders were ranked in the bottom of the league in rushing. 2018 - 25th 2017 - 25th 2015 - 28th Funny enough, he only played in 4 games in 2016 and they finished 6th that year. His last year with the Bills in 2014 they were 25th. After he left the next year they were #1. I only say this to temper the this is how we become a top 5 rushing team.
  12. I would call this an honest assessment. Yes, we signed a bunch of guys. But nearly all not top tier or even multi year building blocks except for maybe Morse. The rest nobody around the league would be shocked if they were cut before the season or after a year. Some will say Beasley and Brown, but guys like them are on the market all the time.They are all the rotating chairs type of talent.
  13. This. In the current year people express concerns and its called being negative or clueless. While the year before was obviously horrible and this year is so much better. But if you go back and look it was the same rhetoric about how they know what they are doing and its part of the plan, etc.
  14. This could also signal concerns about Krofty health. In reality what TE does this team really have if Kroft is not healthy? Croom and a couple rookies...
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