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  1. Agree Keenum looked bad. But dont forget he played against the 1/2's on the colts. Barkley was playing 3/4/5's. But he did look much better regardless.
  2. Foles looks bad. Shaq Lawson looks bad. Keenum looks bad. Shakur looks good. My only thoughts.
  3. Wow. Amazing take. The team that was almost in the Super Bowl the past two years with Josh Allen as QB and bring in Von Miller. We are really a contender? Shocker. It may also snow this winter at some point and I may drink a beer this week.
  4. He will get picked up once a starter gets hurt somewhere.
  5. Hughes and Addison. Star next?
  6. Have a good year, win a super bowl, and get paid next year even more than he is in store right now. He is not getting some $100M deal this year. If he has a good year that is not out of the question for him.
  7. vet minimum. win a super bowl and make money the next year.
  8. I hope the hype pans out. Im just not as high on shakir based on the tape or the numbers. He makes some good catches but doesn’t seem to get great separation and is playing low level competition. He just looks like a good college wr that gets lots of targets. I also don’t see the he is a guy you can hand the ball too, Deebo comparisons. Prove me wrong.
  9. I chose worse but will be feared. I think they will still be a good defense but history tends to show a regression in defenses. I think they turn it on come playoff time but have some rough patches during the season that hurt the stat book. But they still finish top 10 in the regular season, but #1 during the playoffs when it counts.
  10. Everyone forgot Stevenson already? Last draft we heard how he would be competing day 1 and returning kicks…
  11. Only names I know left that I like: didn’t post in time but got the wr. Ty Chandler - rb Cole Turner - te Shakur or Ross - wr West or Smith - iol Thomas - dl jackson - lb woolen - db
  12. Doubt any 6 rounder other than a specialist is making the roster.
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