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  1. In the 5 games without Murray he had 34 rec for 332 yards. Still on pace for over 100 rec and over 1000 yards with Colt McCoy, Trace McCorsley and David Blough...
  2. How did DS get paid basically twice DH? Not that money is everything, but DS was in more demand and higher paid. So more teams out there believe he is the better player. The Bills needed a player like Harris more. He will likely get much less playing time than DS for the Bills. The real upgrade question is if Cook in year 2 is better not Harris.
  3. They can structure a deal with under $5m in cap hit. Restructured deals can easily get there. Hines is overpaid at $3.5m. Add in guys like mata, Neal, not all the OL will make the team etc.
  4. Exactly. Just look at 9 drops on under 100 targets just last year. Hopkins has less in over 300 targets the past 3 years combined.
  5. Agreed. That is the point many are missing. Its not just we dont need another WR bc we have a bunch of decent guys. Its what he does to the WR room. He makes every other guy better just because of the attention he will require.
  6. The drop off from Diggs to our next best target is huge. Teams can target Diggs without too much concern of the supporting cast. The addition of Hopkins will also make Diggs even more dangerous.
  7. Better happen. He goes to KC, MIA, NYJ, CIN gonna make the year even more challenging.
  8. While Allen is still factor #1 for our success. What other story lines will be most important in the next season?
  9. Poona Ford will be our best IDL. Hyde and Poyer will both miss time and Taylor Rapp will be a solid fill in Damien Harris will be used like Williams in DET. Minimal carries but 10+ TD's.
  10. The term special team ace is overrated. These are nfl players. One guy may be slightly better but the difference is not huge. It’s more preparation than players. So if your team practices special teams more than others maybe you outperform, rather than signing better players. Overall though special teams play has drastically been marginalized. It’s becoming less and less important. Focusing on special teams would be like saying we know it’s a passing league but we are gonna sign every good run blocking OL, WR and TE and run the ball since everyone else is focused on the passing game. How would that work out?
  11. Hopkins and Houston were just seen together at club marcella. package deal must be imminent.
  12. Those are my thoughts exactly. With our RB additions, you could argue Hines has minimal value on this team. Cutting Hines, Neal, Lewis and Mata would give us $8M+ and that could pay for a pretty good player - Hopkins or similar level.
  13. Can we now move the $10M on special teamers to D Hopkins? Never got the obsession with STers when it has been clear the NFL is making changes that drastically decrease the value of ST play. Pay your kickers and no one else matters. Draft and sign young DB and LB that can be used on ST's that have less importance. Maybe we develop them from ST players to contributors rather than guys that play only ST and will never play anything else.
  14. Kincaid was just late to playing football. He was a Mackey semi-finalist. Josh played forever but went unnoticed or was questioned. He played JC and then Wyo. Was not in the running for major awards.
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