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  1. Do it. If they will take Kroft then great. If not, throw in a draft pick or whatever vet OL/DL we plan on cutting.
  2. Not if the rest of the AFCE grades out worse. MIA QB: C- RB: C+ TE: C- WR: C+ OL:C+ CB: C+ S: C+ LB: B- DL: B- ST: B NE QB: C RB: C+ TE: D+ WR: B- OL: B+ CB: B+ S: B+ LB: C+ DL: C ST: C NYJ QB: C+ RB: B TE: C- WR: C OL: C- CB: C- S: B LB: C DL: B- ST: C
  3. This is called being a fan. You see your player differently than others. You make excuses and justifications for your guy. It is ok for Allen not to be a finished product after two years. He can still be a megastar in this league. He has ways to go. But it is extremely naive to claim that he was one of the best QB's in the league last year. To set the record straight again. I do not disregard his running. Without it I would not want him starting at QB at this point in his career. His running makes up for weaknesses in his game and will always have value. Someday it will not be his saving grace but just an added bonus.
  4. I agree with you in theory regarding play style. Josh has more of the tools and traits needed to succeed long term in the league than Jackson. But as of today all things being equal and against the exact same defenses I still say Jackson is the better QB. Hopefully after this season that is put to rest and Allen shows he is the guy. Put another way - if I need to win a game tomorrow then I take Jackson as my QB. If I want to win for the next 10 years I am more likely to take Allen.
  5. That may be how you see it but most non-Bills fans would not agree with you. Jackson was excellent as a pocket passer last year. Lets look at some of your comments: 3rd and 7+ Jackson: 30-51 for 436 resulting in 19 1st downs; 1 Int Allen was: 40-71 for 529 resulting in 22 1st downs; 1 int Jackson - more accurate, more efficient and more success getting the first down Play Action Jackson: 66.3% completion % on non-play action vs. 65.5% on play action 30% of TD's on play action 28% of yards on play action QB Rating 120 on play action vs 110 Allen: 57.1% completion % on non-play action vs. 65.6% on play action 40% of TD's on play action 25% of yards on play action QB Rating 112 on play action vs 79 Allen benefited more than Jackson utilizing the play action. Allen shows a much larger statistical difference on play action plays than Jackson. Time in Pocket Jackson: >2.5 secs completes 64% of passes Allen: >2.5 secs completes 48% of passes Jackson is much more accurate when having time in pocket.
  6. Only mention the record because of the call out of facts. The opinion is he should be considered 7-4 but the fact is that he is 7-5. That is what the record books will show. Not looking to debate or argue anything, it is what it is. Lamar Jackson is a better passer than Josh Allen as of now. I do think the running part of his game will be less significant as teams game plan to limit it and he will rely more on his passing skills. It is much easier for a defense to scheme around limiting a running QB than a passing one. Still an important skillset but to be a QB you need to be able to throw the rock.
  7. Lets keep it real and honest. I was referencing passing stats and said not sure where the 21 TD's comes from. I never said rushing TD's dont count. And talk about inaccurate facts: "And maybe if we didn’t have scrubs like Zay, McKenzie, Foster, etc rotating as our starters opposite Brown all year" - Zay and Foster barely played. McK was our gadget WR. It was Brown, Beasley, Knox, and Singletary in most sets. Sprinkle in McK, D Williams, Roberts, etc. He was not second to only Lamar. Just a quick search shows Brees had 26 TD's, Tannehill 26, Winston 25, Wilson 24, Watson 24, Dak at 23, Garappolo 23, Cousins 23, Fitzpatrick 23, and a few more with 21. His stats show he was 7-5 not 7-4. You can put a asterisk but that does not change the "fact". Rushing TD's do count. Without his rushing ability Allen is not even close to the same QB he is. It supplements the shortfalls in his passing game. But as the NFL has shown is not sustainable. A QB needs to be able to throw the ball. Allen as a throwing QB is not there yet.
  8. He only had 20 TD's all year. Not sure were the 21 TD's comes from. And from week 5-17 he threw for over 250 yd's 2 times (300 zero times). He completed less than 60% of his passes 5 times. QB rating in 60's 4 times. The team was 7-5. He was not dominant. He was a game manager.
  9. I think it is the intent. I am assuming but this has the looks of a "if your going to punish bad white people why not punish bad black people".
  10. Does not mean they are not trying. He could be waiting things out to find the best landing spot. No reason for him to rush.
  11. Another way to ask the question who would they trade that is tradeable... Murphy Kroft Yeldon Long
  12. Last season Seattle was 12-6 in a season Clowney dealt with injuries. In games he played 75% of the snaps they were 6-1 including 3 wins vs playoff teams.
  13. Sign Clowney to 1 year deal and cut Murphy. Easy instant upgrade.
  14. How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?... Yeah... Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would've been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.
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