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  1. Maxing your NFL contract vs winning super bowls and becoming a face of the NFL... Give up a little on the contract to win super bowls and you get all that money back and then some through endorsements and opportunities beyond playing. Tom Brady will make all that money and then some when he retires. Wasnt Brady already offered a $375M deal by Fox?
  2. Who is responsible for this? I give credit to Beane and McD for the D. Even though you could argue it is flawed as well. The O has been a whiff outside of Allen being drafted and the trade for Diggs. But you could even argue Diggs could just as easily be Jefferson... We want to give credit since the team has been winning. The question is without Allen what is this team? Does a GM/Coach deserve that much credit for getting the QB pick right? Without Allen the next 5 years what does this team look like? Is it any different really than the drought teams?
  3. I think Josh is going to be this. A player with more highs and lows than the steady Eddie. Still potentially the best in the game but will have stretches of amazing followed by wtf periods. You just hope he is in his good mode at the right times.
  4. I would love a rest our starters in the 3rd quarter game. Been a while...
  5. I want to not be impressed by the Fins. But if I try to be impartial... Tua is 7-0 in games he started and finished. Only loss he went out early. He has completed 70% of his passes and over 250 yds in 6 games. Thrown a pick in only 2 games. They have scored 30+ in 5 games. Got to give them some credit.
  6. What would be a Bills v Hou score be today? I want to say a blowout like Mia but hard see it with how they have looked.
  7. Hopefully. Med reports so far have said re-evaluated in 7-10 days so playing in 1-2 seeks seem aggressive.
  8. Anyone sitting at home with a few weeks of legs left? Dee Ford, Pernell McPhee, Alex Okafor? Back up plan if Von is out longer and Greg R does not heal up quick.
  9. This is nothing about Cook's potential but what and who is helping us now. I hear how Cook needs more touches, Cook has elite speed, Cook has receiver like ability. I dont see any of that yet. Drops, bad routes, bad reads on runs, slow side to side. The offense seems most efficient when Singletary is getting involved. Lets stop experimenting with Cook if he is not ready for primetime. Go with Singletary and Hines. Singletary had been solid when he is not forgotten by Dorsey. Bring Cook in once we have a big lead. But the on and off the field with these guys seems to create stalls in the O.
  10. Jackson bad Benford bad Johnson bad Elam blah Hamlin blah C Lewis Awful Rhodes who knows White who knows Poyer is Poyer
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