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  1. This is true. It is mostly used as an excuse on these boards as to why the Bills do this or that. I think the guys running the team know they have a ton of flexibility to make all the pieces work.
  2. He played 3 snaps last week. I bet he gets a few snaps this week but the majority will be 2 LB sets with Dodson, Klein and some 3 LB Lacey and Smith.
  3. If I am MIA I utilize Tua and play the QB option vs Bills. WIth no Edmunds and Milano the Bills could struggle defending it.
  4. Again, missing the point. I was not nit-picking one bad pass. Even if it was an int or overthrown by 30 yards. Oh well, it happens. The point was people saying that was a perfect pass and exactly where Josh wanted to throw it. If he threw it differently it would have been intercepted. That is what I was responding to. I posted a pic to show Beasley had beaten the two deep and was wide open.
  5. Well in this example you just said it right there. You called it a bad pass. The topic did not come up over it being nit-picked as a bad pass. It was whether it should even be called a bad pass.
  6. Not a great pass. No big deal. Wind did not impact the pass. Cover 1 did a good job slowing the play down and Allen's base was too wide so he did not get enough zip on the ball. It was one bad pass, no need to defend it - wind, meant to throw it there, hard pass to throw, avoiding int. No - just a bad pass that Josh would say he wants back as well. And I have an agenda? Defending one bad pass is a bad look. Own it and move on - guy had a good game and one of the best of his career thus far.
  7. Oh how I wish you could ask Josh about that play. I would bet money he say " yep, missed on that one. Beasley made a great catch to bail me out".
  8. It was not higher risk. It was an inaccurate pass. Just stop with the he purposely threw it there. The pass he threw was more risky.
  9. Take a look at his career. Then take a look at Allen. Jackson has played well numerous times vs good teams. He beat NE, HOU, SF last year. It is ridiculous to play this game like Jackson has done nothing in this league. Just naive.
  10. So do many QB's. They need to learn to harness it and use it wisely vs. all the time.
  11. Yes, that is a miss. If a better placed ball is a TD then that would call that a miss. Defending Josh at all costs makes so many so blind to reality. You are allowed to like Josh and still admit he missed on a throw. He wont get mad at you. It is ok.
  12. Read above. Context. It was not about Josh is not allowed to miss that pass. It was about if he did miss it or not. Honesty is the best policy. Yes he did. Move on.
  13. This is the nonsense right here. We make fun of the guy and use this logic to say that guy is not good. Yet with Josh everything is ignored? What big game has Josh played well in? He was bad in his only playoff game. Awful both career games vs BAL. Awful in 3 games vs NE. He was blah vs PIT and Duck Hodges. His game vs Dallas may be his only solid game and that was a 6-6 team. Seriously, I dont want to bash him. But when we mock other guys for playing bad in a big game and our own QB has not played big in ANY? Just wish we could keep it real.
  14. Context. The picture and discussion was not a "only Allen throws this pass" "Allen sucks and had a horrible game" post. It was responding to a few that actually said it was not a bad pass. He threw it in the right spot and that anywhere else it was a pick and not a touchdown. I called bs on that. Beasley was clearly open and had beaten the two deep coverage. Ball in the right spot and he is gone. Thats all. And yes, that pass can be missed by any QB and it does happen all the time. But no need to pretend it didn't happen.
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