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  1. This clarifies everything. Allen got the green light to play Justin Bieber in the locker room.
  2. Who is everyone? I can agree people did not expect instant Brees/Rodgers/Brady. But he still makes some horrible decisions that I would be mad my college QB makes. He misses horribly on some passes that an NFL QB just has to make. Those are the concerns. I am fine with the he needs time angle, but there are basic high school/college level concerns.
  3. Seriously? Neither of those are close to showing the ability to hit the deep pass. A broken play where a guy gets open and you huck it down there. Guy is standing and waits for it. The crossing play is better at least.
  4. Allen Clutch Factor 2018 Ten - He threw for 82 yds total this game. Gets credit for clutch but this was a win despite him. He had 2 short passes on game winning drive, they ran the ball most of the drive. 2018 Det - Battle of bad teams out of the race. Bills took lead with 10 min left nand counts as comeback win... 2019 - NYJ, CIN, MIA = Three of the worst teams in years. Only reason needed comeback wins was because Allen played bad. Again, this clutch factor is so over hyped. For one they have been against bad teams that our less likely to hold up and win a game. For another it should never require a comeback in the first place if he played better. These are not 38-35 comeback wins in a shootout vs Brady. These are 17-16 wins vs awful teams.
  5. Clutch factor - Tyrod did win some games. One difference I think people miss is those clutch games were Tyrod did not win were against good teams. Tyrod could be clutch like Allen against bad teams. Lets see Allen clutch against the good teams.
  6. Confusion... Tyrod did play with KB as his best WR and a worse OL (Mills, Ducasse and rookie Dawkins).
  7. Its because it is nonsense. Like you can have a green light to play fearless? That is a state of mind not an order. Or like there is some switch to turn it on or off. Come on now. He starts hitting his passes and building some confidence some of that fear goes away. But right now even Josh Allen knows he is not playing how he should...either he can rise to the challenge or not. Not some ok coach said I can do it yay.
  8. I see plenty of plays supposedly Tyrod would never be able to make...
  9. Forget the you are comparing a vet to a rookie. You are comparing an afterthought, 6th round QB, that was never supposed to even start or make the team to the Bills highest picked QB ever, who is the QB of the future. Sorry but the expectations for Allen should be considerably more than a guy like Tyrod.
  10. What is missed in this whole identical stats things... Allen - 19 Int's and 19 Fumbles Taylor - 8 Int's and 12 Fumbles
  11. This. He can be young, still need time to develop, be improving and all the positives you want to add to that. He can also be not good enough, disappointing, and holding this team back. Saying those things does not mean you are clueless, not a Bills fan, Tyrod lover or whatever else is said to anyone critical of JA.
  12. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28067012/teams-invited-colin-kaepernick-workout-saturday
  13. And every team in the league against any team with a QB worse than Allen. Now what does that say? Either Allen is awful or every team should be able to shut down nearly every other team in the league. No. Allen is not playing great but also not the worst QB in the league. However our OC is awful and has no idea how to adjust or use his players skillsets.
  14. Please please please. Stop with the you cant run when the defense stacks the box. That is such a horrible excuse. SO many ways to attack this. Its ridiculous. Lucky for Adrian Peterson nobody thought of stacking the box or he would never even sniffed a 2K yard season. You can run it at them at anyway. You can use formations that remove guys from the box. You can use motion. You can add more blockers to the box. You can design runs away from the extra defender. You can call the correct pass plays. On and on and on.
  15. Some legitimacy to this thread. Though I think he has earned the right to have a we are always looking for ways to get better type of response. This D can be better by getting more turnovers and getting to the QB. But this is still a pretty good defense and not the primary concern.
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