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  1. ngbills

    Bills sign TE Jake Fisher to 1-year deal

    Pretty much. No risk and may surprise some folks. Still has months to become a TE. But likely not making the roster.
  2. He will dominate. Nevermind he was undrafted and cut multiple times. This is the entertaining mindset around here at times. Random guys we have now are destined to be stars and better than anything in the past. Then fast forward a few years when they did nothing and its what did you expect Croom was terrible, player xyz who was also undrafted and cut multiple times is so much better because new gm is a genious.
  3. Lets not confuse playing or starting with a successful draft. Seriously go back and look through the drafts of the past. There are many Milano's, let alone a ton of Taron and Levi's. The 4-5 years before Milano - Ragland, P Brown, Alonso and Bradham. Pretty solid list. DB's during that time - Seymour, Darby, Gilmore, Brooks. When you create holes its easy to fill them with rookies and say we draft so well. You mention Dawkins and Teller - not earth shattering. Dawkins could turn into a good player or be a John Miller and lose his job, especially with all the signings. Zay, Croom and Foster could all see smaller roles next year and eventually gone. Not trying to be down but many of these guys played because the lack of talent more than their own talent. Or WR were awful and have gotten better. Same for our TE and OL.
  4. Somewhere between 0-16 and 16-0. Ok - I will narrow that range down to 3-13 and 13-3.
  5. Starting to become a popular pick to Bills.
  6. I just really dont see Harry being there in the 2nd. I think he goes top 15-20. JAX at 7 GB at 12 (or 30) WAS at 15 TEN at 19 PIT at 20 BAL at 22 IND at 26 KC at 29 Dont be shocked if AZ trades its 2nd rounder and another pick to move back in the first and get him. Pair him up with K Murray and work alongside Larry Fitz.
  7. This is the problem around here. Selective memory and short (and long) term memory loss. The present time is always great. Things are so clearly different now. The past was obviously a failure and everyone knew it would be. You cannot compare because the folks of the past were incompetent and the teams were terrible. Mario Williams - People went crazy when he signed here. The times are changing. Its a new era in Buffalo. This was not just on the message boards but even outside of Buffalo. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/eofs-2012-nfl-season-predictions/ That is just one example. Didnt work out that year. They were just a QB away...Niz drafted EJ and retired in style saying he left the team in shape to succeed. EJ wasnt the guy but the Defense kept getting better. In 2014 we had one of the best in the league. Mario had 10 sacks, hughes had 10, dareus had 10. Orton at QB and almsot made the playoffs.
  8. How is Allen "all in" unlike others? I would say that if he was the first QB taken in the draft...which EJ actually was.
  9. Fact in point - the year after making the playoffs the roster was further blown up and the team was not even close to a playoff contender. If Allen pans out and the roster shores up around him maybe they are a perennial playoff team. But reality at this point is until further evidence it is the same boat as many other years. If only Rob Johnson, Drew Bledsoe, JP Losman, Trent Edwards, Fitz, EJ, Tyrod and now Allen. Truth is there was "hope" with all of those guys at some point. The Bills traded a 1st for Bloedsoe. They traded a first for Johnson. Both Fitz and Tyrod were both given big contract extensions. JP and EJ were drafted to be the guy like Allen was.
  10. I treat the team like I did my teammates, friends or family. I will defend them at all cost against the opposition, attack or whatever. But internally we keep it real. Your not pulling your weight I will let you know. Make a bad decision you will be on notice. If a change needs to be made we better get on board. Thats how I enjoy being a fan. On game day I am always rooting for my team. In the offseason I am hoping the can sign or trade for guys that help the team. But I dont just go along blindly. If I dont like a move the team make I enjoy discussing and debating it. That doesn't mean I am not a fan of the team anymore. Others rather just completely cheer for everything. Every coach or player on the team now is the greatest, every coach ore player that left is the worst. Not my style.
  11. ngbills

    Feels strange to have a FO with a specific plan

    Well having Tom Brady doesnt hurt. Obviously its not all or nothing. But having a star WR helps a QB big time. No question - you have a guy that can bail you out and make everything easier. You can still be successful without that but the margin of error is impacted. And Stafford and Megatron - 2011, 2012 and were ridiculous...
  12. ngbills

    Feels strange to have a FO with a specific plan

    Yep. It is always easier to call the present a success and the past a failure (when it was a failure). We could just as easily be looking back 5 years from now with a new GM and Coach saying the exact same thing. I am going to look forward to seeing how this plays out. The offense does still lack star power. Allen cannot carry the team with his legs etc like last season. We have seen that with every young athletic QB that their legs can help in the early years but not long. McCoy must rebound off a awful season and the OL will need to gel together fast. The bet is a group of decent WR is better than a star WR is yet to be seen. All in all - more experienced Allen, better OL, WR - should be better, TE and RB is a question = better offense. Good enough to get to 7-9 wins is my bet.
  13. On these boards we win basically every year. We get the big name and times are different. We dont get the big name and see times are different we are smarter. Its a human nature maybe of wanting whatever is being done to be right. My posts get criticized for being negative, but I feel I am just more realistic. I have no problem say Tre is legit at CB or Edmunds has a bright future. But I am not going to just say Cole Beasley is obviously a better pickup than A Brown or OBJ would have been because Beane is so smart and could sniff out the right fit.
  14. Here are some of the bigger name remaining free agents. Highlighting ones that the Bills could use. What are your wants? Ansah: Bills talking to do. Would be a good signing at right price (obviously) Houston: Ansah or Houston? Callahan: Do we need one more CB? Suh: Need another DT. On the cheaps yes; Big $ that will be a no. Berry: Unlikely Jernigan: Younger DT. Good pick up at right price. Matthews: Blah, seen better days. Dennard: Slot corner - maybe? Cook: Not bad idea unless going TE in draft. Caught 68 passes last year. Barron: Unlikely Darby: Maybe, could use him. Crowell: Rather go RB in draft Yeldon: Same as above on RB Breeland: Another CB option Cobb: Could maybe see it. Competition with the other similar guys we have brought in. Cut whoever loses out.
  15. You confuse me. The consensus around the country or anyone interested in the NFL was that the Bills were bad. I agree with that assessment. Some games they looked better, some they looked worse. Taken as a whole they were bad. Not sure how that makes me self centered? Go ask 1000 people that watched the NFL if they thought the Bills were bad...I would guess at least 80% say yes. This has nothing to do with me. Its the reality of what the team was last year.