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  1. Well comparing only AFC teams keeps the teams more consistent in common opponents. But expanding to NFC: PIT 3-0, KC is 2-0, TEN is 2-2, BUF is 3-3, CLE is 1-1, MIA is 2-2, IND is 2-2
  2. KC is also Super Bowl champ and not still in prove yourself mode. They have the mindset of winning it all. In addition they beat won 5 games by 2 TD's or more. The Bills have won 0 by that margin. Doesn't matter. It all just shows it was a close game. The fact a FG being made or missed shows that. The Bills hung on by a thread. The starting D was on the field until the final whistle. Would be nice to let some guys get some time off late in the game once in while...
  3. Halftime - Bills up 17-6 Bills get ball to start half and score so up 24-6. LAC score on their first drive and convert 2 pt conversion - 24-14 Bills punt on next possession. LAC gets ball at 20 and drive down to Bills 25. They go for it on 4th rather than kick field goal. Would have made it a 7 point game. Bills fumble on next possession. LAC drive down to Bills 7. Have to settle for field goal. Game is now 24-17. Bills fumble next possession. Bills D forces punt Bills intercepted LAC intercepted Bills kick FG to push lead to 10 LAC gets ball and drives from own 12 to Bills 1 with 1min left. They have no clue and waste the clock. Game over. This was a one score game much of the second half. It required the Bills D to make some stops and get an Int. Some dumb play by the LAC help as well. This was not a blow out. The 24-6 lead lasted one drive and was back to a 10 point game and could have easily turned into a blown lead.
  4. Yes many games are close. But it is also a fact that the Bills have struggled more than other teams in the 2nd half. Most points allowed or close to it.
  5. The good news is we are getting to close to the point you can say "who cares how we win vs crappy teams". What we need to prove is we can beat a team like PIT in a couple weeks.
  6. Steelers are 10-0 and outscoring opponents by 124 points... We are 1-2 vs current AFC playoff teams. PIT is 2-0, KC is 1-0, TEN is 2-2, CLE is 1-1, MIA is 0-1, IND is 1-2
  7. Ugly win. It happens. Better than an ugly loss. The concerning parts if you want to dig into it... We had two weeks to prepare and came out flat and game plan did not seem great. How the heck do you keep running plays right at Bosa? Hail Mary's - This team has given up 3 straight hail mary's. One was a push off that was negated but they still are looking to catch the ball instead of knocking it down. Sloppy play, penalties. Allen has thrown for ~150yds or less in 3 of 6 games. 4 ints in last 4. Still have not won a game by >10.
  8. Haha. One reason why...Chad Hall. Try a few reasons why but number one reason is a guy names Stefon Diggs. Number two is an improved Josh Allen. Not trying to hate on Chad Hall but there are a ton of WR coaches that would be successful with the throwing the ball as much as we do, this QB and WR's.
  9. If you want to look at it this way... MIA and BUF played two teams within a week of each other. The NYJ and AZ. MIA destroyed a Jets team that we struggled against. MIA beat an AZ team that we lost to. I dont think its as simple as "No matter how you slice it, the Bills are better.". I do "think" we are the better team. It is likely coming down to week 17...
  10. Rankings are always based on trends. What have you done lately. Team A - You win 7 in a row, then lose 3 in a row. Team B - You lose 3 in a row, then win 7 in a row. Same records but team B is likely higher in the rankings.
  11. We it does show passes being completed and TD's being caught. The fact he has been hurt and what has been seen, I would feel confident the full tape shows him not playing as well. Still our best corner by far.
  12. Can we lobby to have CAR and all ex CAR players removed? It would help this team dramatically.
  13. Yes and no. The fact this team has not blown anyone away is concerning. The positive take is they are able to win close games and the fact they have played good teams (ex Jets). The negative is that they have let teams back in games when games look headed to blow out land. The defense has shown it is unable to stop anything for long stretches. Even even the 0-9 Jets were in the game late, outside of the Bills game and NE game, the Jets have lost most games by 20+. Other playoff teams are destroying them.
  14. I would not call it complaining. Its more looking at the ceiling for the team. How will the play in the playoffs. Can this regime run an elite football team or only a good football team.
  15. Yes, obviously more thorough analysis with coaches, tape, knowing the assignments, etc. could be done. But from the eyeball test he is getting beat more than normal. He gave up 0 TD's last year and already 2 this year. QB'S have a 90 qb rating vs 40 last year when throwing his way.
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