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  1. I dont agree with article. But he is pointing out it is not just a one game thing. It goes back to to the BAL and KC playoff games as well.
  2. I agree and felt like we were watching a pre-season Bills offense. The penalties and lack of rhythm.
  3. This may be true until 14-3 would have gotten us home field and instead we are 13-4 and heading into KC in the playoffs.
  4. On a related note. We went in the offseason with many pundits saying our biggest needs were RB and TE, along with pass rush. We ignored TE and RB essentially as I dont count Hollister and Breida as addressing it. But the Bills basically said we know better and are willing to let it ride with these guys.
  5. At least force teams to put more focus on them then currently.
  6. The earlier play was for one executed much better from the run fake to OL sell out. Not to mention look at the numbers - original play had one guy on the outside vs multiple defenders yesterday partially due to a wr going in motion bringing the QB over. It was plain ugly.
  7. Should have caught it. Should have thrown a second sooner. Either way play should have been made.
  8. Bottom line - team was not ready. Not like Pitt was either, but they stuck around, made less mistakes and took advantage when needed to pull out the win. I still think we would beat that Pitt team 8 out of 10 times. Hopefully just a bump in the round and not an indication of the season ahead. But if I am a DC playing the Bills I am watching this game and the KC playoff game.
  9. I agree to much of this. When you win its easy to just say we won, who cares. But there are so many times Daboll has done things that I just dont get. You can ask is Allen better because of Daboll? Is Daboll lucky Allen is so good that it makes him look good? Combo of both? Personally I am still not sold on Daboll and give more of the success to Allen. I think a ton of OC's could score points with Allen and the Bills offense.
  10. Maybe they should have played the starting O a bit more in preseason?
  11. The mindset of this team is to have the ball in Josh hands as much as possible. That said I do think in our losses Daboll appears to be unable to balance out the game. This was a good example of a time maybe you run the ball a bit to take the pressure of Allen who seemed of his game. Maybe that allows him to settle down a bit. I also want less of those designed Allen runs that put him spots to get destroyed. Some of them are juts so painfully obvious you know he is going to take a lick. And I hate hate hate the one option only plays. Allows at least have an outlet. That flea flicker could have still worked if there was another option, but is was all or anything.
  12. The game plan was bad. Seemed like the bills expected to show up and win. Let’s put McK in the backfield the first 3 plays at the pit 25…let’s do a flea flicker when we only need 2…the 4th down play. Nobody is talking d. But don’t get the last few drives while we had our safety playing 20 yards deep.
  13. Combo of Allen not at his best and Daboll in his try to be cute mindset. We could have just beat them with fundamental football early, but was out of sorts.
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