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  1. It just shows why you need to draft a good one. Its becoming one of the harder and more expensive positions to fill in free agency.
  2. No Coleman and no S in the 1st. I am on the 1st round picks have to be QB, WR or Edge train.
  3. I do not expect any jail time etc. It will be a suspended license, probation, fines and community service. Kind of ridiculous if you think about it - because he got lucky no one died he does not end up like Ruggs. So the luck of the outcome is what is more important than the action. You should definitely get more severe punishment if someone dies...but if you do the exact same thing and no one dies it should not be the difference between many years in jail and nothing. That wont stop anyone from actually killing someone next time.
  4. The comparison is that he used to go work out in LA and was basically a full go year round. Now he is taking a lot more time off. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. The first few years he had much more to work on so had to put in the work to get better. He is much more in maintain mode now with less focus on working on things. But that is doing less.
  5. Well some of it is based on Josh saying himself that getting rest in the offseason is what is most important to him. He takes time off until official practices start. But lets not take Josh word for it, the posters here know more about what he does.
  6. Bills fans can be pretty embarrassing. It is ridiculous to question Diggs commitment and work ethic. He was one of the hardest workers on this team. He wants to win. Now the story is he is a cancer and sucked and was a problem.
  7. Diggs also said awhile back that he doesn’t think a lot people are working hard enough in the offseason. Diggs is very intense I could believe there may be too much low key going on.
  8. It was fun while it lasted. Bills are cash strapped and go/coach have limitations. I will gladly be wrong but let’s see how this plays out. Huge cap available on 2029 season. Woohoo.
  9. Would you want him on the books or Miller on the books? Could have possibly structured a deal to escalate once Miller is gone
  10. This logic is basically assuming everything goes right and the old addition by subtraction holds true (which I am not a fan of because that means you have incompetent coaches making bad choices). If the Bills are not a team that on paper took a step back then I dont know what team in the league did. We lost multiple starters and all have not been replaced with a better player. That by itself would suggest a step back. It would be better to argue it is only a small step back, but to say it was a step forward? The biggest flaws in being better are: OL - We moved our G to C and a backup G to the starting G. I dont see how that is an upgrade. The hope is this reshuffle works out. But it could be very likely that McG is worse at C than Morse and Edwards is worse at G than McG so you have two positions worse off. Edge - Floyd being gone is not an upgrade. The hope is Von is better so we dont miss Floyd as much. But based on what we saw from Von last year that is not even close to a guarantee. WR - Davis has not been replaced. Even if we do draft his replacement there is hope a rookie is better but its hard to say. Samuel is an upgrade over Harty. Hoskins and Sherfield are a wash. So the hope is really a rookie can step in to Davis role. S - Hyde and Poyer played nearly every snap. Its way too easy to just say no big deal. Rapp was here last year and was not an upgrade last year. Edwards is serviceable. The hope is we dont see a big fall off, not that we upgraded the position. The other moves have not been as impactful. But I dont see how any position group could be viewed as an upgrade at this point. Again, its basically the flawed logic of this guy who we all used to say was good is now not good so no matter who replaces them is better. Not the end of the world. The hope is we hit on some draft picks and like we have seen with KC have some early season growing pains but see contributions from the new guys down the stretch.
  11. I heard he has the clap and that is why sd didnt want him
  12. I think stats can be confused with opportunity. I am not saying this is the case with Kincaid but you cant ignore how many of his catches were easy dump-offs that 99.9 % of NFL guys catch. At the end of the year we finally saw more, but for the majority of the season it was very limited. I would argue you can take any NFL talent and they would put up 800+ yard receiving season if given the chance. There are so many plays a D is just willing to give up the 5 yard pass or the D focused on better players so the 3-4 option guys are gonna be open a ton. The difference is some guys are playmakers that can make something special happen out of a 5 yard play. So every time you go to the 5 yard guy, your losing the chance that the better player does something special. So getting Joe Schmo an 800 yard season and Justin Jefferson only 1000 could be viewed as a failure not a look how great a year Joe Schmo had, that OC must be great. Again, not saying Kincaid is in that bucket. But the O stalled quite a bit during the stretch we played the throw to Kincaid for 2 yards and watch him be tackled. I would have preferred I'm stretching the field and opening things up for Diggs.
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