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  1. At his price that is too high to be just useful in multi TE sets. There just seems to be better options - if you can get Hooper or Hunter great. If not then you can find someone to go along with Knox, Sweeney, and Smith or Croom. What upgrade is Kroft really providing to that group? His best year he caught 40 balls for 400 yds. Every other year - 11, 10, 4, and 6 rec's. You dont need to spend $6M on a guy that will catch 10 balls all season.
  2. I will add: If the Saints had a better defense If Rodgers had more, well any weapons If Brady was well Brady Then you have Mahomes v Brady and Rodgers vs Brees and we are still saying you need a QB to win...
  3. But look at the final 4 teams RB's. I would argue maybe they are a dime a dozen. Outside of Henry you could have had any of these guys on your roster if you wanted them. SF - Mostert barely made it in the league KC - Damien Williams another marginal league player GB - Aaron Jones, 5th round pick, no superstar TEN - Henry, 2nd round pick, did not reach star status until this year
  4. Kroft is making over $6M per. He has only had one productive year in his career. I think they signed him last year more out of not having anything at the position but is he worth the money? If for $10M you can add Hooper and drop Kroft you have to do that in a heartbeat. Hooper can put up Kroft numbers with his eyes closed. He is a guy you line up outside and its like having another WR out there. I dont know if we could get him, but if you can that is a swap you better make.
  5. Purpose would be to upgrade and use these cuts to help make room for it whether it be a roster spot or the cash. The Bills have only 12 free agents this year. They will bring some of them back possibly and then you have 10 draft picks. So between our own free agents, draft picks and guys we sign there will be some guys let go.
  6. Believe me I expect to be disappointed. If they sign just one - Hooper. Then I am excited. I know folks like Knox. He is fun to watch but quite the level of a guy like Hooper.
  7. Well $20M is going to Yannick Ngakoue. Trent Murphy pays for a big chunk of that. Then $10M+ to Conklin. Spencer Long savings will help with that. Kroft helps pay for Hooper and his $10M. Then we are in good shape headed to the draft and a few other lower priced free agents. Get AJ Green on a short deal if possible, Robbie Anderson, and draft a WR.
  8. Very easily. He went from 44 targets to 18 targets. The balls that could have been thrown to him were thrown to someone else - namely Brown, Beasley, Knox, McK, Williams, etc.
  9. Kroft is the only one who I could see being an excuse. But he was hurt pretty early on and Knox may have turned out to be better than a healthy Kroft. So a big fat NO.
  10. Expected: Trent Murphy ($8.95 cap hit / $1.75M dead cap) Spencer Long ($4.1M cap hit / $700k dead cap) Surprise: Star Lotulelei ($10.1M cap hit / $7.8M dead cap) Tyler Kroft ($6.4M cap hit / $1.6M dead cap) Lee Smith ($3.25M cap hit / $1M dead cap) Steven Hauschka ($3M cap hit / $1.25M dead cap) Pat Dimcarco ($2.35M cap hit / $500k dead cap) Andre Roberts ($2M cap hit / $500k dead cap) TJ Yeldon ($1.9M cap hit / $250K dead cap)
  11. Cant hurt but lower on the priority list. Though with Tannehill and some of the other guys this year it could lead to some rethinking about your backup. I like the old logic of you want a guy that win 50% of your games. With our D I see Barkley as that. Never hurts to draft a prospect though - whether for yourself or future trade bait.
  12. Hooper. Allen to Hooper all day long like Mahomes to Kelce. Josh should watch on repeat the plays Mahomes was making to Kelce...look like your going to run and dump it off to him.
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