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  1. Before someone else does. Odds are we are going to need guys in nov, dec, jan, feb
  2. Kicking but- do you run it on 3rd with 6 seconds? Take to if don’t score and then kick?
  3. Looks like it. That is why we need to run clock out and score.
  4. Yes that was bad. Perfect time to go play action or roll Allen out.
  5. One more first down and run this clock down. Don’t want the d back on the field.
  6. Nope. He had a chance to stop and still hit him.
  7. That’s what I am talking about Willis. no moss now on offense.
  8. Play of the game here. Give up a first and we lose.
  9. Have we ever scored on a drive that moss started?
  10. If that wasn’t leading with the crown not sure what is.
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