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  1. Happy Birthday and Happy Draft Day! Lets goooooooo!
  2. Ha! That’s why I’m posting it. Just waiting around for the draft. Almost included that line in my post
  3. Wondering what your dream job with the Bills would be? Getting to be in the draft room building the best team possible? Using your knowledge of X’s and O’s to coach? Or getting to be on the field as a player?
  4. Going to be tough seeing him in their jersey. Gross.
  5. The Bills draft defensive players in the first two rounds (gasp)
  6. I need to get my foot in the door at One Bills Drive. Before I know it I’ll be running the place.
  7. Unpopular opinion: I think we draft a safety in the first round. Id prefer a WR, I just think they went pass catcher last year.
  8. What if both Hyde and Poyer don’t return? Anyone on our current roster we trust to start?
  9. What do you think is our starting 11 on Defense next year? Im thinking we’ll see a lot more changes on defense than what we started VS the Chiefs.
  10. Thoughts on Ron Rivera helping as Defensive Asst. He said he would be comfortable as an assistant.
  11. lol. I’m counting flags on GB now that the NFL wants this game to be close
  12. Tua just shot puts every ball has far as he can and hopes his top notch receivers make a play. it will be interesting to see the battle his agent and the fins have during his new contract talks.
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