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  1. I just went to his restaurant. Small place. Only decoration in the place is a Bills helmet. Being in Miami, it shows he loves his Bills.
  2. I went to UCF and watched every game. Of course I’m biased but so happy with this pick. He’s a stud and was a big part of UCF’s recent success. Can’t wait to watch him!!!
  3. Most weeks the NFL Network games are also available on another channel (Fox?). Is that not happening this Saturday?
  4. Jacksonville, Titans, Oakland only other teams close to the last Wild Card spot right now. A little early but Bills and Texans have great odds to make playoffs.
  5. Having a top QB fixes a lot. And the best way to get one is through the draft. Luck was the best QB prospect to come out in 10 years. Rewarding the Colts, who had Peyton Manning, for ONE bad year, with THAT QB seems unfair. The 3 year avg is much better
  6. Take the average of the last 3 year’s records. Rewards teams that have been really bad. And it stops teams like the Colts who were only bad for the year Luck came out.
  7. That hits not far from the hit on Allen. Allen was wrapped up. We’re watching NFL
  8. Did the Steelers keep AB in the dark with this news? “The internet thinks this is hilarious, with many on social media posting jokes about the plight of the prototypical diva wide receiver. Brown himself apparently didn’t believe the NFL Network report, commenting on an Instagram post calling it “fake news.” https://sports.yahoo.com/antonio-brown-calls-reported-trade-to-bills-fake-news-as-twitter-laughs-at-his-plight-052147790.html
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