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  1. Some of the dropped INTs from the video they posted really shouldn't be considered dropped INTs. Some of them were either contested plays or no chance of an INT. Not really sure what their criteria is. Some were right in the Dbs hands. Allen is going to have these plays because he believes in his arm too often. But I wouldn't have him change a thing. There's more good than bad.
  2. Basically. And there is no reason to believe Oliver, Edmunds, or Epenesa can't make a huge jump in play. Still a lot of story to be written, but we need at least one of these players to be more than average.
  3. I think the problem is the contract. He's getting at least a Milano deal. More likely closer to $15 million per. I don't think as of now he's that player. Most would love him at the money he's at, but this is the last year for that. Time is now to decide if he's a future leader of the defense or not.
  4. Only way to beat KC is to challenge them, we back off them and hope they beat themselves. The defense actually played pretty well after a slow start last year. Still need some playmakers.
  5. He does need draft picks to step up. So far all of his defense picks have underperformed.
  6. I don't really know what to do with Edmunds. There is reason to trade him and possibly draft his replacement. Maybe a trade up with him and 30 as the piece. There's reason to sign him, mostly based on potential due to age. Edmunds isn't very instinctive. You would like your MLB to be the most instinctive player on the field. He's due big money over the next couple of years. Do you commit to a 5th year or try and replace him this year? His size and length for the position is elite. Even if out of position he takes up so much space. He's only turning 23. He
  7. Unless it's a QB, moving up by trading a lot of draft capital isn't a smart move. Also draft picks can be cheap starters or depth. It helps when you're tight in cap space. You hit on half your draft then you can have 3 really good starters for cheap.
  8. I don't think so. I mean yeah they make noise in the offseason but both are building around top QB's finally. Both teams look to be AFC contenders. Miami still has work to do developing QB so they're a little behind. Cleveland is there now. Every year? It's about building. They've been building right the last 3 years. Coaching and structure is so important. You have to get that right before winning. Talent then takes you to a Super Bowl.
  9. Browns are a very talented team. Top 3 roster.
  10. There's a lack of trust. Most people on this board either lived through the Civil Rights movement or their parents did. It wasn't very long ago black people were targets. There is a trauma there. It's not something you can just say forget about. There is systemic racism that is slowly dying off, very slowly. The rise of social media has added gasoline to the issues that remain. It's going to take generations to die off before black people can trust those in law enforcement.
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