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  1. Because he’s a elite WR1 with a Buffalo mentality. Rare.
  2. I’m not Tyler Dunne, I swear. But that’s exactly what I’ve been saying about Worthy. Also I think Beane really wants Odunze. Probably wants him the most he’s wanted a prospect other than Allen.
  3. I’ll tell you why. He’s slow early in his routes and has no route deception. You watch all these other WRs with the crossover, slow down, speed up route deception. Legette just runs same speed. NFL CBs will eat him up early in his career. They know what he’s doing every route. Also he’s a slow accelerator, build up speed guy. He’s not going to win his routes at the next level. He’ll be a good vertical route jump ball guy. I don’t see a WR1 or even a WR2.
  4. Metcalf had 1.48 10 yard split. He can be stiff.
  5. That’s pretty significant. I still think he’s a stiff route runner but I’ll delete all those posts if they draft him. 😉
  6. We are sending Picks 28, 60, 128 and 133 for pick 12 to Denver. Then we’re sending 12 and our 2025 2nd to Atlanta for pick 8.
  7. I’ll put this in the rumors thread. We're drafting Rome Odunze or Xavier Worthy. Write it down in ink.
  8. Hot take. Javon Baker > Xavier Legette.
  9. No. I actually see a lot of Diggs in a mid round guy though. Jamari Thrash!
  10. I don’t think we have any McConkeys. But I like other WRs better. McConkey is a smooth route runner and separator. I wish he had longer arms.
  11. I think the Bills trade up into the teens before the draft. Then trade up again into the top 10.
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