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  1. They would have had to move on 2-3 years ago. Yes Brady still had a few good years left but that's always the tough decision. 49ers had to make it with Montana when Young was waiting. Green Bay had to make it with Favre when Rodgers was waiting.
  2. I'm just glad they decide to go to the end with Brady rather than going with Jimmy G.
  3. Yes, some QB's don't have the freedom to change protection because coaches don't trust them. Allen has that freedom. That doesn't change the fact the center can't see what the QB sees because his head is down. Allen has spoken about making the protection calls. He has that responsibility.
  4. I'm dejected because plays were there to be made. I don't really like moral victories.
  5. Our best man beating WR smoked his guy on the last 4th down play. An accurate pass on time and Beasley scores. Matchup football.
  6. Please stop with the Duke Williams talk. He's just another guy.
  7. Derek Carr just threw the ball away on 4th down. Yep.
  8. Allen didn't see it multiple times. He stood there unaware of what was coming.
  9. I'm tough on QBs. I believe it's on the QB to beat pressure unless it's a 4 man rush. If pressure is coming on 4 man rush it's the OL. If pressure is getting home on a blitz it's the QB not seeing it.
  10. A C? Geez. Give credit when credit is due, but he stunk. That was a D performance. I'll give him bonus points for fighting through injury.
  11. Center doesn't see late shifts by the defense. QBs always have protection calls.
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