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  1. Josh Allen is Blake Bortles or Mark Sanchez. Great team being held back by the QB position.
  2. Allen is tough to defend in the redzone. That run pass option is hard on defenses. He was a good redzone QB in college also.
  3. They aren't good until Josh Allen becomes a consistent QB.
  4. They ran it down the throat of a good defense on the road while missing multiple starting OL. It was beautiful. You just don't see that often in this league anymore. Killing 4+ minutes on the ground to end the game. Impressive. It gives me confidence to say this Bills team is different from all the others that started fast.
  5. Not worried about losing Frazier.We have in house replacements plus McDermott.
  6. Consistent QB play. We're basically the Rex Ryan Jets.
  7. QB A is Josh Allen and QB B is also Josh Allen.
  8. Allen knows. He's sort of at a crossroads. Many young QB's get here. He has to start making smarter decisions but continue to be agressive. It's a thin line. I'm afraid he'll start to be afraid to make a play. If that happens he's done.
  9. 3 1st down INTs forced to well covered WR's. Very alarming.
  10. My biggest issue with him are the turnovers. It's so frustrating watching him force throws on 1st down. He has to be smarter than that.
  11. Josh Allen is a problem right now. I'm afraid what's about to happen is what happens to all young QBs that begin to struggle with turnovers. He's going to start being afraid to pull the trigger. Once that happens it's basically over for him. Might be good for him to miss this next game.
  12. Foster. Not sure why he fell back on the depth chart. Zay and Josh just have no connection. I know Foster is hurt now but he should be starting outside.
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