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  1. Robert's. I don't remember many mistakes. I hope we don't have to use Hyde for punt returns. Ball security in the return game is crucial. He's about to be really free.
  2. Seems those that don't want it like to tell people why it's bad.
  3. The day the American people don't trust American press is the day Democracy ends.
  4. I couldn't tell if it was him or Ertz.
  5. Hopefully Rousseau soaks in everything Campbell says. Ultimate professional. Look at the development.
  6. I apologize calling you sensitive. I wasn't being mindful of your feelings. I also apologize for saying most people believe Allen will regress statistically. I'm not trolling though. I can back up what I'm saying. Look up the stats. It's very likely Allen and the offense scores less. Less TD's is very likely. I won't respond again though.
  7. If you're going through a tough time in your life, get a dog. Preferably adobt because you'll both love each other that much more.
  8. Lol. What? I don't know what has you all worked up man.
  9. Speaking of regression, it's been statistical regression. PFF obviously expects more than a statistical regression.
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