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  1. Josh’s career is more like Peyton Manning. Took Manning 9 years to finally get past NE and Pittsburgh. Colts were considered a soft team that was all Manning. Allen having more success than Manning in the 1st 5 years. Manning missed the playoffs 2 times and was eliminated 2 times in the WC round. Rivers took over a top team.
  2. No one watches games for the announcers. They’re just like the refs, but with no impact. The least we hear or see them the better. Networks have way too much money is what I take away from these monster contracts.
  3. Happy is the wrong way to put it. How do you improve on being a final 8 or better team in the NFL every year? Firing the coaching staff is not the way. Maybe firing a coordinator or position coach makes sense, but probably not when you’re top 5 on offense and defense. If you’re 1-2 games away from reaching the Super Bowl every year eventually you will get there. There are very few coaches with multiple Super Bowl appearances. Very few become available. So how exactly are you upgrading a coaching staff that gets you 1-2 games away from Super Bowl every year? Is getting 1-2 to games away a success? Yes. Is it the goal? No. No one should be content with losing in the playoffs. The Bills need to be better to beat the top 2 teams in the AFC. Blowout losses like we saw vs Cincinnati are unacceptable. 2 blowout losses in a row without advancing to the Super Bowl would definitely heat up McDermott’s seat. I don’t think it’s warming yet.
  4. It should be. And it’s not bad. .500 playoff record is not bad.
  5. I just feel differently. Losing to the Chiefs or the Bengals just isn’t something I’m firing McDermott over unless there are multiple performances in a row like the Bengals loss. I don’t think you start over when you’re that close. Probably the best example of this is Dungy to Gruden but the problem with those Dungy Buccaneer teams was their offense was near the bottom of the league. I don’t think changing coaches when you’re top 5 in both offense and defense makes an any sense.
  6. Games are won during the week. What you saw vs the Bengals was a team not prepared to play. It falls squarely on the shoulders of McDermott and his staff. But you don’t grade the staff based solely on that game.
  7. If the Dolphins, Jets, and Patriots don’t win it there’s a chance the Bills do.
  8. Did Tom thank the Bills for being a doormat during his time in New England?
  9. I remember a host on WGR a while back saying they got calls everyday to bench Jim Kelly and start Frank Reich in the Super Bowl. It’s amazing how losing makes fans think. Doesn’t matter if you’re one of the best teams. If you lose you need to make drastic changes in the eyes of many fans.
  10. They’re fixing it. Only took tearing down a Super Bowl contender.
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