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  1. I hate when people spin everything to support their point. He says the 2 missed FGs by Tucker make it a 10-9 game and changes everything, but he fails to acknowledge the 2 missed FGs by Bass. I don't like this guy.
  2. I think he'll stay. Another strong year and he's probably someone teams will want to wait for the Bills season to end.
  3. Its hard to say what happens if stays. Blocking schemes are very important, much like coverage schemes for DBs. One size doesn't fit all.
  4. Lol. I saw that all over Twitter after the INT. I never saw it before.
  5. Numbers game that camp. Sucks. Never got a chance. Feliciano jumping all over the interior has been helpful. He's filled in everywhere.
  6. Honestly I'm not falling for this trick by the media. They build you up to tear you down. It's all positive right now calling them best friends but if anything goes wrong they'll break up this relationship as quickly as they can.
  7. I would love someone to get decibel readings of these games. It's likely not close to a full house but it sounds pretty good on TV.
  8. I would hope the Texans stand strong on wanting 2 1st round picks. Houston should get 3 and 18 plus Tua. Honestly though Miami should say yes to that deal. You're instantly a Super Bowl contender without losing a player. You'll be a free agent target of every player.
  9. I'm sure they feared Daboll going to the Super Bowl and them also missing out on Staley. Daboll likely isn't the type of candidate you wait a month for.
  10. He's not a big personality. If he wins the Super Bowl maybe. I think we'll see Diggs in a commercial 1st.
  11. Wow. I wonder if this was the Chargers just not wanting to wait another week and miss out on assistants? Either way looks like Buffalo will keep their coaching staff together for 4 years straight.
  12. A lot of things. I'm what you call a non homer, call it as I see it. Many people are concerned with our backup QB. Hopefully we never need him.
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