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  1. He hates our offense. At one point maybe prior to the 2017 season he called our secondary one of the worst units he ever saw. That comment didn't age well that year. 2017
  2. Aren't we supposed to all be zombies by then? I thought I saw that on the news.
  3. Schedule will be a lot harder. Big difference though is 9-7 might win the AFC East next year. It's going to be a grind next year. But we have a better team and Allen should improve.
  4. I think Yannick is getting traded soon and that's why Clowney hasn't signed. Teams and Clowney are waiting to see what happens with Yannick.
  5. I've said this a few times that the Bills could be a better team in 2020 but finish with a worse record due to schedule.
  6. He's a fit the players to defense type of coach. He's run a lot of zone as well. Washington has good coaches, but that's never been their problem. It's the owner.
  7. Right about preseason time is when I suspect things start opening back up. I think the season gets postponed into October. Eliminate games out of conference. 12 game season is my guess. Kickoff early October.
  8. Simply put we need more explosive players on offense. Honestly I don't think we have any. Someone that put fear in the opponent when they have the ball.
  9. I don't know. Our roster is very deep. I don't see 7 open spots. This is the year to go after it. Really have 2 years to load up talent. I wouldn't give up picks next year but this year yeah.
  10. They both are zone guys. Darby should be OK though. He's a physical player that will come up and tackle.
  11. We need that home run hitter coming out the backfield to complete this offense. Instead of a 10 yard gain it's 60 yards.
  12. He'd be no more than the 4th target here. Taking a prove it contract in Buffalo would be pointless.
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