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  1. We label players saviors and when they don't save us we turn on them as soon as something goes wrong. It's just part of the losing culture.
  2. Mario was the highest paid on a team that didn't win many games.
  3. Josh is setting himself up for a $30 million per year deal with another season like last year. If he struggles then he'll likely play out his rookie deal. Stuck? I mean he an go anywhere in the offseason and post career.
  4. You're not a Bills fan if you don't know what he's celebrating here. I always loved Buddy Nix in the background. He's the least excited one.
  5. Do you think she kept the boots on? I salute you Russ Brandon.
  6. I also spent a lot of time reading about him after I shockingly found out the Bills weren't named after the Silence of the Lambs serial killer. Lol. But then I was like why are we named after a guy that killed Bison with no connection to the city of Buffalo?
  7. Knox is a serious TE prospect. Fans are stuck on the drops, and that's a problem. But this guy has talent to be a top TE. I'de love to add Njoku though and run double TES.
  8. This country is too sensitive, but I understand the name change. Washington Washingtons. George Washington as the logo. Done. I honestly thought the Bills were named after the serial killer in silence of the lambs until about 1996.
  9. Just postpone the season. A vaccine hopefully will be available in the fall-winter. Why force this. I'm perfectly fine with a season starting in December going through May.
  10. Everyone that doesn't think it's that bad are people that don't believe the experts. Whenever I watch disaster movies there are these characters that always choose not to believe the experts. I'm always like those guys are in every movie, it's always so unrealistic. Well I'm sorry Hollywood, those characters are 100 % real and they get people killed. It's truly unbelievable.
  11. Cam Newton doesn't scare me as a QB. He's a playmaker though. My problem is it gives them a veteran that can still be big time producer. QB won't be the reason they lose games. That was my hope for NE this year. I hoped QB would be a major reason they lose games. That's still an issue for Buffalo. QB is still a major reason the Bills lose games. I'm hoping Allen takes that next step where we don't have to worry about him.
  12. Their problem is the lack of speed on offense. Maybe they can address that before the season. They will see no respect deep.
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