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  1. As long as Josh plays at an elite level we’ll just keep pushing his cap into the future. Eventually it’ll catch up but that’s a long way away, maybe a decade.
  2. He lost his job due to injury and then watched Bates get a lot more money than he did. I understand why he’s salty but it’s not a good look for anyone.
  3. I think Tua can easily be an Alex Smith type QB. Or a Jimmy G. Dolphin fans are hoping for Drew Brees but he’d have to take giant steps in his processing.
  4. The criticism of Tua is way too strong. No one here knows what his future holds. Physically he’s underwhelming obviously. If he’s going to be a franchise qb he’ll have to think the game faster than others. I personally feel like his development has been fine, especially considering all the in fighting that surrounded him between coaches and front office. He’s entering a critical year 3 with talent around him. We’ll see what happens. I won’t be shocked if he has a break out season. I also won’t be shocked if he’s replaced early on by Bridgewater.
  5. I think it’s basically which QB steps up. Out of the 3 QBs, Wilson has the highest ceiling. Jones the highest floor. Tua the most talent around him. I think NE is going to be last in the division. I just don’t see the talent.
  6. I’m sure some network will pay him to talk football. I think he’ll do very well at that.
  7. Both Tua and Hurts can be the guy for their teams. I think Tua is going to surprise a lot of people.
  8. He’s also a 3rd round pick, he’s not likely to have eye popping physical ability.
  9. Injuries are an individual thing, big and small can be injury prone. They are a concern with Bernard.
  10. How big do you think Lbs are today? He’s 6’1 225lbs. I guess you’re looking for that 6’2 245lb LB? what people are trying to tell you is the game is different today and LBs come in many different sizes. The league doesn’t put a bunch of big people on the field to bang heads anymore. A lot of 3 WRs without FBs. 225 will get the job done. In fact I can’t remember the last time I cared about height and weight for any player. Maybe NT. It does matter when putting a grade to a player, I mean if everything is even you probably lean towards the more physically gifted player. But other than that it doesn’t really matter. Bernard won’t fail because he’s 225 instead of 235.
  11. Kay knows that wherever she goes, whatever she does, I will be right there waiting for her.
  12. There are many Lbs that play right around 230lbs. The one I cited is the best in the nfl. Fred Warner maybe the 2nd best plays around 225-230lbs.
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