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  1. WR, DT, and secondary depth has been tested early.
  2. Smells like one of them trap games they talk about.
  3. Zack Moss doesn’t break tackles or make anyone miss. That’s what he is supposed to be. He’s also 33, I wasn’t being serious.
  4. Come on Beane, trade for Cooper Kupp or something.
  5. Nope. Allen was calling for flags all game and they gave him that one. Refs make bad calls. I wish they didn’t but it’s part of the game . Not why Baltimore lost.
  6. We need to stop talking about OBJ. He’s no where near ready to play football. When he’s ready sure, but we’re talking December.
  7. I don’t know. DaQuan Jones has been outstanding. Also our edge guys have stepped up. Can’t wait to get them all back together.
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