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  1. The Chiefs game he had another bad play where he ran backwards and took a negative play. Josh use to make these mistakes multiple times a game. He's really worked to limit these mistakes. It's actually been great to see his development here. Trust me he knows what he should have done instead of taking the sack. He'll grow from that.
  2. That's what I'm saying. Never know. He could've damaged tendons or broke the bone.
  3. You never know. Look at Russell Wilson.
  4. I saw somewhere it was a dislocated finger that the trainer popped back in.
  5. It is what it is. This thread is about redzone. Allen missed some things. Yeah it happens. We haven't been good in the redzone this year believe it or not. Probably the coach in me, this team can still get better on offense which is scary.
  6. Pretty much. All 22 will show Allen missed some open WR'S. It wasn't his best performance in the redzone.
  7. I feel like the OL blocked it wrong. Something just seems off. Or Allen went the wrong way.
  8. If Allen goes right on that sneak it's a TD. I'm not sure why he ran right into the teeth of DL alignment. OL blocks right, Allen goes left. Dawkins has to reach a powerful DT.
  9. I keep watching it. That's a very difficult block vs a player like Simmons.
  10. Really? I didn't see that. I think it was a good football game both ways.
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