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  1. She's really pretty though so it's OK.
  2. Pass rush is lacking. Ed Oliver is not going to help the pass rush IMO. He struggles to get off blocks as of now. They will have to scheme up a pass rush. Stunts and blitzes. Go get Clowney if available. This defense can be special.
  3. Maybe a game they looked good, but consistently through multiple games not that I remember. I remember Trent Edwards and the D carving up the Steelers in a week 3 preseason game that was supposed to be a dress rehearsal.
  4. Because we know they're good already. The question is how good?
  5. Because he doesn't really know how to play football yet. He could be a prime candidate for practice squad but he has a long road ahead of him.
  6. Although the D should be pretty good. The encouragement is the QB and OL. Josh Allen looks completely different this year. It's been pretty much all camp.
  7. I'm not seeing much from Oliver in terms of getting off blocks though. Not real impressive IMO.
  8. I'm not sure either. He has a good connection with Allen also. He fits the offense so much better than Zay on the outside. I don't know if it's a mental thing. Maybe he has too many mental mistakes we don't know about.
  9. The Colts aren't a good team in the trenches but the Bills dominated them without their 2 best players Morse and Hughes. Good to see the depth there.
  10. Anyone ever feel bad when a player has a serious injury and all we talk about is how it hurts the team?
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