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  1. I love they way are playing this season so far. They are winning and playing entertaining hockey. Hopefully they keep this up.
  2. I am just saying. You always make a big deal about people being negative about the Bills but you are always negative about the Sabres. I bet you didn't even see the game yesterday.
  3. ^this guy 😀. According to him you can't be negative about the Bills but he is always down on the Sabres. I am glad they are off to a good start and hopefully it continues Saturday for the home opener.
  4. He is still turning the ball over a lot every game. I honestly believe a lot of the belief that he is better cause they are 3-1. If Allen was even average in all of his starts they should be 4-0 and have blown out the Bengals and the Jets.
  5. While he did choke, I don't think he lost focus. He played like he always plays. He will always want to play hero ball. Its just who he is. He will make plays but also will have the INTs to go with it. Where has his deep ball accuracy gone? So far this season its been pretty bad. I expect growing pains but to still have these moments of bad decisions should start to be less and less. So far this year he is making a few every game.
  6. He has been playing hero ball ever since he got here. I don't think it's going away any time soon. IMO I don't that will ever go away. He is going to be an inconsistent QB his whole career.
  7. The problem is Allen has had more bad games then good. I get that most of you are excited cause of the comebacks but other then the Giants game he hasn't played that well.
  8. I know young QBs have their ups and downs. The difference is Allen has been down for most of it this season. Comeback wins are all well and good but you will lose a lot if you turn the ball over like Allen tends to do.
  9. I guess after all the bad QBs,since Kelly, anything looks better.
  10. Then you are in big trouble. It's fine you want to cheer for him to succeed. I don't think he will be that top 10 guy. You guys keep saying it's only been 15 games but some other first year QBs look better in less games.
  11. I know you and others don't want to see the negatives. You want to BILLieve so bad but Allen is not good. How is it 2 first year QBs look so much better in their first 4 games then Allen has in 15?
  12. That's not saying much. Bills fans must look at what good QB play is.
  13. How many games are you going to give the kid? Thats always the answer Bills fans give. I'm sorry but their is QBs in their first season who already look better then Allen. Minshew in Jacksonville has played much better in his first 4 games. Has a completion % of 69% and 7 TDs to 1 int.
  14. In this era its hard to keep a top 3 D for a long time. You need that too 10 QB to be able to compete year in and year out. My question to the ones that believe Allen is the guy, have any of you seen what other 1st and 2nd QBs are doing? Look at Allen in Carolina or Minshew in Jacksonville, both playing really well and not having issues like Allen does.
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