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  1. Jrb1979

    Chad Kelly is 350 bucks richer...

    Why does that matter. He doesn't play for the Bills. I am sorry but this mentality that players have to be nice guys is over rated. I would take an elite WR like Antonio Brown over a guy like foster any day. Talent trumps blue collar nice guys.
  2. ^this guy. 😄 A big BILLiever in the hype. A bunch of #2 and #3 WRs isn't going to get it done. It remains to be seen if these moves will work out. Almost all of them have had injuries in the last 2 seasons. But you keep buying what they are selling.
  3. While that is true and I love how downtown has changed for the better, IMO the stadium doesn't help or the fanbase either. IMO the stadium and a lot of the older fans of the Bills scream Blue Collar. A downtown stadium similar to the one in Atlanta would help the Bills get rid of the Blue Collar stigma. As far as the fanbase goes, you really need to drop the whole bring your lunchpail to work type players to play for the Bills. This past week how many of you kept saying that you don't want guys like Odell Beckham or Antonio Brown cause they are Divas and don't fit the Bills mold. Sometimes you need those diva elite WR to get you over the top. Blue Collar doesn't win much in this league and the Bills need to lose that.
  4. I can understand why players don't want to play for Buffalo. A lot of the fanbase gives off this blue collar vibe to the city. If I am a young guy that likes to party, a blue collar city is the last place I want to live. If they ever build a downtown stadium that would help things a lot. They have really built up the night life downtown.
  5. I would rather have the A+ players on my team over the B+ blue collar type.
  6. ^ this guy is one of the many that BILLieve blue collar talent is what the Bills should be all about. We don't want high end talent here.
  7. After reading many threads on here I have come across a lot of Bills fans seem to love a blue collar type team. A lot seem to be against having an Antonio Brown type player cause they don't fit the Buffalo blue collar type. Why do you fans love the Blue Collar team?
  8. Jrb1979

    Process Guys At the Draft

    Sorry I could care less about PROCESS BLUE COLLAR players. Why is it Bills fans love blue collar teams? Blue collar teams don't do well in the NFL anymore.
  9. Jrb1979

    Anyone get a stadium focused group invite.

    PSL's are most likely going to happen as well as tailgating going to change. They are trying to price out the ones that go to the game just to drink and get drunk.
  10. Jrb1979

    Albert Breer breaks down SB after film review

    You guys really need to layoff the fixed agenda. If it was really fixed for the Pats to win all the time wouldn't other owners be upset about it? Keep Billieving what you want.
  11. Jrb1979

    MVP sums it up

    Nothing wrong with fantasy football. It makes games that don't involve your team worthwhile to watch.
  12. Jrb1979

    Rate the 2019 Super Bowl Commercials

    Probably the same ones who drink Genny lite
  13. Jrb1979

    Defense wins championships

    Fixed it for you.
  14. Jrb1979

    MVP sums it up

    Its only niche in the US cause people like you find it too fast to keep up with whats going on.
  15. Jrb1979

    Super Bowl game day thread

    I'm surprised they didn't go all in with the new Pop music that some claim is country.