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  1. Blues Brothers is an awesome soundtrack. Another good one is Wedding Singer. Love the 80s music.
  2. That's cause you aren't the Bills region any more
  3. It does seem to many that hanging out in the parking lot pregame is the game. It seems like a big reason people don't a new stadium downtown cause they are afraid of higher ticket prices. At some point Bills tickets are going to have to be more in line with the league average. A new stadium will probably have tickets close to an average of $150.
  4. Bills fans are really getting ripped off. I was at an Indians game last weekend and it was $8 for a large pint of beer.
  5. You're not supposed to watch Bills games in Philly. You live in Philly, you're supposed to watch the Eagles. For the ones complaining about the game being blacked out, IMO its the NFL's way of getting back at the fans for getting rid of the local blackouts. Preseason games are a regional broadcast shown for the fans who live in the region. For the ones who don't live in WNY, maybe you should have left.
  6. They want to limit tailgating, in hopes of limiting the obnoxious drunks that go to the games. The Bills may lose a lot of tailgating fanbase but will gain a bunch of fans that want a more family friendly environment.
  7. I have never had an issue getting in or out for Sabres games and I live in Niagara Canada. I usually park at the parking garage across from the thru-way and walk. After games I go grab a drink waiting for traffic to clear.
  8. As far as your Brother in-law, it probably is a Llyodminster thing as it's a smaller town. I still would take our government paid system over insurance based system. I know the company would pay for my insurance as they already cover any medical in the U.S. when I travel. It may not be a large population against government paid insurance, but there is alot of them against more taxes. All you need to look at is a new Bills stadium. A lot of Bills fans don't want higher taxes to pay for it.
  9. Explain to me my ignorance of health care? All I have ever seen is people in the US up in arms whenever they mention the government covering the insurance. All because most don't want their taxes raised.
  10. It may not be free but I am glad to pay with my taxes for my health care instead of going into debt for any surgeries. Then again that goes against the attitude of a lot of Americans in helping their neighbors
  11. What is wrong with what I posted. What is bad about banning all automatic weapons and free health care?
  12. ,^ this guy 😆. I really believe the good ole USA should go the Canada route. Rifles, handguns and shotguns are legal. All gun owners must register their gun and have them locked up when not in use. As far as the mentally ill issue and these mass shootings, health care paid for by the government like Canada would do wonders. It does go against the whole caring for your neighbor thing. Any time it has been brought up, you hear a lot of Americans against paying for their neighbors care. Americans need to get over the me-first attitude.
  13. At some point the price of tickets have to go up. The Bills have had the lowest ticket prices in the league. I really think the Bills are going to raise their tickets to an average of $200, which is what the Bucs average out to. The Bills are half that right now. The way it sounds is a lot of the people on this board wouldn't pay that.
  14. Why is it so many are against a downtown stadium or a new stadium? I have never had an issue leaving downtown after a Sabres game but then again I usually go to one of the bars to wait til traffic clears. What's wrong with a stadium like the Browns play in but downtown?
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