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  1. Why the hate for Mahomes? I personally want K.C. to win. I want to see a high scoring offense win. After how last years Super bowl ended, I don't want to see a ground and pound team win.
  2. I have always felt they have focused too much on the defense. The way the league is now having an above average offense goes a lot farther then a top defense. All the teams left were in the top half for points and offense total. I know a lot of Bills fans wish it would go back to the way it used where defense matters but I don't see that changing.
  3. A little each season isn't good enough. I get that a lot of you don't want to start over again but by year 3 Allen should make a big jump. He should be in the top half for QBs. If not they should start looking for better. Why so many Bills fans have low expectations is beyond me.
  4. That isn't good enough. At some point he needs to make a big jump. The playoffs has shown you need you QB and offense to put up more points then what the Bills averaged. 17-19 points is not good enough. Next season will be a big test. There is no way they have such an easy schedule playing so many teams below .500 again.
  5. @Joe in Winslow what is so funny about what I said? The Sabres have one of the best home records. If they can improve their road record they can get back in the playoff race. If they can go .500 the rest of the season on the road it will help them get back in it Right now they are only 7 points out. Its funny how you will BILLieve in anything the Bills do but look down on the Sabres. They rebuilt the defense last off season. They have a good goalie in their system that will solve that issue. Their biggest issue right now is scoring. Part of that is cause Oloffson and Skinner are out.
  6. I don't get the obsession with adding to the defense. The Bills should be making the offense the priority in FA and the draft. These playoffs have shown you need to score points to win. The Bills offense didn't do enough of that.
  7. For the ones who are down on the Sabres for not being better, have any of you looked at their home record. On home ice they have one of the better records in the league. If they can figure out how to win more on the road they can be right in the playoff mix again.
  8. I am hoping for a Green Bay/KC super bowl. I have no interest in watching Titans/ 49ers game. I want to see high passing offenses. I don't understand the love for smash mouth Rockpile days football.
  9. My only concern is top defenses are hard to keep together for multiple seasons. I can see in a few seasons the defense taking a few steps back. Yes the Bills are in good position to be a playoff team but I don't think they are close at all. Til Allen and the offense can prove they can score more then 19 points week in and week out I doubt the Bills will go far when they make the playoffs. I hope K.C. wins it all cause I like seeing high powered offenses. I don't know why so many Bills fans want to go back to the Rockpile days with lots of running the ball and great defense.
  10. Blue collar is two words I am tired of hearing. For some reason a lot of Bills fans seem to like using those words to describe their team.
  11. That's the Buffalo way. A lot want that lunch pail blue collar team. Hate to break it to a lot of you but you need high end talent to win.
  12. I agree, he's JAG. I think the reason guys love him so much is he's a blue collar guy and he's the best the Bills have had in a long time. Both of which aren't saying much.
  13. Until McDermott stops being conservative on offense when he has a lead, nothing is going to change.
  14. There is always the other team in town that are good at home. Or are you like most Bills fans and don't Ike the Sabres or hockey.
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