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  1. The defense has taken a huge step back and the offense has come back down to earth after the hot start.
  2. That's like saying it's hard of win in this league. I look at other teams in the league each week and I see a big difference between the elite teams and the middle of the pack teams like the Bills. After 4 seasons with Mcclappity and Beane I expected the Bills to be in the same league as the Chiefs, Steeles and Titans. Injuries aside they shouldn't have had difficulty with the Jets. I think thats the biggest problem with many Bills fans that have been around since the Rockpile days. This isn't that NFL, it doesn't take 4 years to be a top team.
  3. Y"all are just like @JoefromWinslow. Just happy with a win. Doesn't matter if they barely beat the lowly Jests. 🙄
  4. Let me guess you're a fan of the Bills from the ancient days. So any improvement is good enough. Sorry but with the parity in the NFL its not hard to win in this league like many seem to believe.
  5. Til they win a playoff game I will believe they are improved. Right now with that defense they aren't going far. One team did it in one season while the other might win by default. I get older fans have HOMER running through their veins. I'm not impressed til they win a playoff game.
  6. They are 4-2 and tired for first. I get it Dem Bills have been mediocre for so long winning the division is an accomplishment.
  7. Look at Arizona. In one year they are battling for the division, same with Miami. Bills fans seem to set the bar low.
  8. Sorry but it doesn't take 4 years to turn a season around. Winning the division isn't enough. I expect them to be on the same level as the best teams in the league at this point.
  9. If they were a good team they would have covered the spread and been the dominant team many want them to be. Maybe Bills fans should start watching games outside of the Bills and see what good teams look like. I look at what the Bucs and The Chiefs did today. The Bills wish they were in the same league.
  10. THEY PLAYED THE JESTS 🙄. They aren't good. Josh Allen had regressed since 4-0. Watching the Chiefs and the Bucs play shows how far the Bills are from their class.
  11. They just added Taylor Hall, one of the too players in Free Agency. It saddens me that so many Bills fans leave the are and only care about Dem Bills.
  12. I wish that same disease would go over the Sabres. Its crazy how the lack of love for hockey exists in Buffalo. Its all Bills all the Time
  13. Shhhhh. Joeinwinslow and friends might hear you. You can't say bad things about the Bills. Its Homer all the time just like Homer radio on WGR.
  14. Sometimes the homer glasses make things look better.
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