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  1. Yes. Since the new season started the ratings have gone up. I think the main reason ratings were down in the summer is due to most people being able to do things outdoors after being stuck indoors due to Covid.
  2. It's changed now. https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-draws-record-tv-ratings-on-opening-night/c-320321426
  3. I don't fully blame Bettman on that. A big part of the problem is for some reason hockey has never drawn well in the US. No matter what they do it hasn't helped.
  4. I get that most on this board don't care for hockey. Not surprised to see comments like that. All the disagrees, eye rolls and vomits are for all the comments on how the Bills will be in the Super Bowl next year. Or that a Super Bowl between Bills and Packers would have drawn more. First they are still 2 small markets and second the ratings are down due to lack of parties this year. Believe it or not Super bowl parties are where more casual fans watch it. Most of those people wouldn't be watching the game otherwise.
  5. I disagree cause there is one league were ratings are going up. The league that most here seem to forget about. The NHL. Their TV ratings are up from last year.
  6. I don't think the Penguins or the Islanders are better then the Sabres at all. I think they will be fighting with them all season. That's if the season gets finished. The way they have handled the situation with the Devils has been awful. They should never have played this past weekend.
  7. I will excuse them for their play against New Jersey due to the Covid situation. I'm guessing after hearing about some Devil players going into Covid protocol and still having to play their heads weren't in it. I don't think it's more of the same. They have played well for the most part. I think Eichel is still dealing with an injury. What gets me is all most seem to do is just look at their record being 4-4-2 and equate that to them being the same team as last year. I look at is them being 1 point out of the last playoff spot with games in hand now and still plenty of games left.
  8. I think they can get in at the number 4 spot. Pittsburgh isn't as good as they once were and the rest of the division doesn't look good at all.
  9. I really wonder if crowd noise had an affect on Allen. Playing with no noise probably helped a lot.
  10. I swear many just don't watch the games and just look at the record and say same old Sabres. Many forget there was no pre-season, its going to take time to get into regular season shape. Outside of the first game they have looked pretty good. Once they start scoring they will start winning games.
  11. I thought they played a good game. It's going to take a bit to get into game shape. They had no preseason its like that for every team. Adding a bunch of new players it will take some time to get adjusted. It's unfortunate so many of you are so quick to dump on them.
  12. It was the first game back with no preseason. I'm expecting a better game tonight with Ullmark in net. I'm guessing you didn't even watch the game.
  13. I disagree. Nobody took a night off. They were rusty from not playing for 10 months. Washington didn't look much better. It's going a bit for them to gel. Especially with not having any preseason games.
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