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  1. King's Island may have subdivisions and stores built up around it. I was there 2 years ago and there was still lots of forrest around the park unlike Canadas Wonderland.
  2. Its crazy how much its built up around the park. The funny thing is Kings Island is a sister park and its still out in the boonies
  3. If you're in Toronto, Canada's Wonderland is a must do. They just opened a new coaster too.
  4. Maybe I am wording it wrong. You can be a fan of hockey but if you only watch your team you obviously not a big fan of the sport if you don't watch when the important part of the season is going on. A lot of Bills fans seem to be like that too. They are big Bills fans but tune out the rest of the league when the Bills aren't playing. They may like football but not enough to watch the NFL as a whole.
  5. I am only talking about the NHL. In my case I am a fan of the Sabres but I am a fan of hockey and the NHL as a whole. In the U.S. there is not enough fans of the league and hockey as a whole. Thats what I mean when I say a lot aren't fans of hockey. Its one thing to watch your team play. But when some of the best hockey of the season is being played and you aren't watching means you really aren't a fan of the NHL or hockey.
  6. It is not short sighted. There is a big distinction in being a fan of hockey and being a fan of your team. To me its more that you may like the sport of hockey but not enough to watch it other then your team. That will always be a problem the NHL will never be able to solve. Too many Americans will watch their home team but don't like hockey enough to watch any other game in the League. It really is a shame as some of the best played hockey is playoff hockey but most have no interest in watching it.
  7. Ratings for hockey will never be good. Americans either don't like hockey or like a lot of people in this thread, are only fans of their team and not actual fans of hockey. At this point I don't think anything will change that. IMO one of the reasons is I think a lot of Americans find it too fast for them. If you look at the other major sports in the U.S. they are all slow paced and you don't have to be constantly tuned into the action.
  8. Tailgating as most of you know it is going to be going to way of the dinosaur. It may only be a small % that are belligerent and act like idiots but they have ruined it for everyone else. That is why they will move to a downtown stadium with a small tailgating area and higher ticket prices to push those people that just want to get drunk and slam tables out.
  9. That to me is sad. A lot of Americans are missing out on how good hockey is.
  10. Its their fans is the reason I don't like the leafs. I have been to quite a few Leafs Sabres games in Buffalo and the Leafs that go to those games are the worst. I have heard in most visiting rinks Leaf fans are some of the worst. The last Leaf game in Buffalo I went to I had beer dumped on me a couple of times cause I was wearing my Sabres jersey. The worst part is when they lost a lot of the Leaf fans threw their beer on the ice.
  11. I hope the Bruins win the next 2. The quicker the Leafs are out the better. The have some of the most obnoxious fans in the league. The so called fans in the platinum section can't even be in their seats for beginning of each period.
  12. The lack of primetime games could also be a trade off for having less december home games. I think its the league's way of saying get a new stadium.
  13. Non stop action is what makes hockey a better sport. Just wish more Americans would embrace it.
  14. Why do you say the playoff format is the worst in sports? I wish they would get rid of the wild card and make it top 4 in the division make the playoffs.
  15. There is always the NHL playoffs to tie you guys over til the draft. The Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy to win and the hockey is really good.
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