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  1. Ralph Wilson is arguably one of the most important individuals in the history of the WNY region, and his impact on the NFL is underrated. He made the city a major league sports team, and what he has done for the health care community and countless other organizations through his charitable works that live on even after his death are remarkable. He helped save the Raiders and the AFL, he was the point person early on in negotiating television contracts for the league that helped lead the league towards the incredible revenue streams they enjoy to this day, stood up for smaller franchises to ensure that they survived and thrived. His impact on the league in general was incalculable, and led to his HOF recognition. Did the team do as well as it could have? No. Ralph had his faults as an owner to be sure, and towards the end of his life it was that he let Litman have too much influence. But stomping on a man's grave on his birthday, a man who contributed so much to WNY, doesn't seem necessary.
  2. Damn. Such great memories of him. Was there for the Hit. RIP Mike, one of the greats!
  3. I hope they just focus on the draft now and use cap dollars on extensions.
  4. Yeah they have time but I’ll feel better when they’r signed Long term
  5. If you don’t know about what made him a billionaire then maybe you should be quiet and not call him a lucky billionaire. He missed on Ryan, listened to some folks and went out and got McD and Beane. Botterill was highly regarded in the league. Housley was as well. Sometimes you don’t know until the give the guy a shot.
  6. BPA. Could be RB, TE. Should be interesting.
  7. Like what’s been done thus far, but I’d like to see at least two of these guys get locked up this off season.
  8. Great signings thus far. Maybe Terry can have him take over the Sabres? At the very least maybe he could advise them on how to run a team.
  9. I’ll help some. Joe Collier got fired in ‘68, and I think Harvey was interim for a bit there. Then we had the wonderful John Rauch in 69-70 with the brilliant idea of using OJ as a decoy. Then Harvey went 1-13 in71 and Lou came on in 72-76. He quit and the wonderful Jim Ringo was awful for a year. Lou did OK in round 2. He obviously saw OJs value, and got them to the playoffs in 74, where they got killed by the Steelers. I want to say Shaw was drafted in 70, and he was offensive ROY. I think he would have been great but he got hurt and was never the same afterward. Cousineau I want to say got drafted in 77. Might be off a year though.
  10. No one with any knowledge of football can possibly think you'd want Minshew over Allen as your QB. At least at this point in their careers.
  11. Yes it was. It's a shame the family got into such disputes.
  12. My first stop every time I'm back. Two burned with sauce, onion, and pickle, rings. It's heaven. Way, way back in the day when I was 10 years old I played baseball for the Lincoln Park Lions. an 8 year old kid named Teddy tried out and made the team, played center field. He was the grandson of the guy who started Ted's. Teddy's dad ran the Sheridan store (only one other than the one next to the Peace Bridge then), and he was so happy Teddy was on the team he told us we could get free lunch if we won on Saturday morning. We went undefeated and I still have great memories of going to get lunch with the team.
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