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  1. Oh I think there's always envy for folks that have lots of $$. But I get your point
  2. We all agree on that. Well, maybe not all.....
  3. Perhaps, perhaps not. It has that feel to me. I'm trying to figure out why fans of the team would dismiss an article that is complementary if the owner. That's what struck me.
  4. I believe the owners were asked a question and they answered. They have no reason to answer dishonestly. But you of course inflate that into my thinking they gave a "ringing endorsement" and so on. My question is why you would challenge this and somehow want to diminish it, and to me it smacks of envy. Note though you said were were done but keep coming back to this. Why can you not live up to your word? Why diminish the article? Why diminish what they said? Guys like Rooney don't say much that they don't mean. They either mean what they said, which is good, or they don't which would be a negative for our owner. Why choose the negative spin?
  5. oldmanfan

    All Time Bills 53 man Roster

    Yeah, I'd sub Brown for Richter. And just use MgGee as KR to make room for Taskerp Well that's the fun of this kind of thing is the debate. some make an argument for Kyle. But I saw Dunaway play and he and Sestak together were phenomenal.
  6. You said you were done, but then come right back. Can't stand being challenged on something, can you? Many times we agree. We don't here. And I'm the butt hurt one? Ha-ha.
  7. They're the same people who throw a fit if they don't get their Happy Meal at the drive through in less than a minute. And God forbid if they don't include the toy. They have young guys in camp. Let's see what they do first.
  8. oldmanfan

    All Time Bills 53 man Roster

    There is no way Stevie Johnson replaces Reed, Moulds, Duby, Butler, or Chandler. Plus you'd have guys like Lofton and Frank Lewis not on there than would go before Johnson if it were my call
  9. You are going out of your way to diminish the article. I think I know why. How long would you like to continue this? It's pretty clear neither of us are changing our opinion.
  10. As I have said a number of times I get it. You want to turn a positive about the owner into a negative. The other owners could have chosen to say nothing. Or did someone have a gun to their head?
  11. oldmanfan

    All Time Bills 53 man Roster

    Brings back great memories
  12. I understand perfectly. I understand you have a sensitive spot about this, and that I called you on it. And that you don't like it.
  13. oldmanfan

    All Time Bills 53 man Roster

    I see where you're coming from. And I would have had Moorman, forgot that one. Oh, and Schoebel instead of Edwards. maybe Tppier Day as well.
  14. You are diminishing their comments, saying they either aren't sincere or mean nothing. Quit pretending you aren't. Only thing worse than comments like that are a refusal to stand by them.