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  1. I would love to know if Sullivan asked any questions in the post game presser last night.
  2. It is beyond absurd that they screwed up that inadvertent whistle rule.
  3. The ESPN boys actually just said the weather today favors Jones. Has SEL beck made a big deal about the Cheatriots practicing outside this week, and apparently didn’t check the weather because it was 45 DEGREES!!! How ridiculous are commentators going to get?
  4. At work this morning listening to different talk shows, and all you hear is the Cheatriots will win. They keep harping on their D shutting Josh down, as if he didn’t just shred them a couple weeks ago. They don’t acknowledge that Motor has stepped up. They don’t acknowledge that our D is ranked #1, and some even say Jones will outplay Josh. It is beyond ridiculous. Kick their ass boys!
  5. Yep. And those domes, with one exception, really helped both teams win Super Bowls, didn’t they? One of the arguments for building a dome is all the extra events it could host. I live outside Indy. Lucas Oil doesn’t have many other events than football. They have the high school championships for two days each fall, the FFA convention and monster truck rallies some years. They get the combine but they’ve had that since before Lucas Oil. They get the Big Ten championship on occasion and just got the Championship game. They get the Final Four on occasion. And that’s for a town known for its ability to host big events, that has the infrastructure with hotels, interconnected walkways to the convention center and Lucas Oil, etc. to bring these off. Bukling a dome in Buffalo, unless you build the hotel structure and all other necessary components, won’t bring in many more events. It would take decades to bring in the enhanced revenues to pay off the investment.
  6. The OP has an insane desire to draw attention to himself.
  7. The Bills have to stop the run and make Jones have to try and beat them.
  8. If Frazier gets a HC spot, I wouldn't mind seeing either Zimmer or Flores as our new DC.
  9. Well, I was at the first home game in the Rockpile in 1960, so I remember wind games in both stadiums. He was not reading his receiver’s routes well, missed some throws. The game should have been over by halftime. I love Josh, I think he’ll win a Lombardi for us. He just has not been sharp two games in a row. That is concerning.
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