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  1. No one says he’s the next GOAT. This kind of hyperbole both ways is why you can’t have a reasonable discussion.
  2. He’s the guy now. Just has to do his job.
  3. As long as Brady and Belicheat are there we’ll be playing for the wild card.
  4. It’s actually the definition of hindsight. No one dreamed Jackson would be this good. They got their guy. They got their MLB as well. Not bad.
  5. So a quote from you: You are not the first person to draw this analogy and I think it's relevant. Allen gets by, now, on "he's still learning" and "he's young" and all of this. That crap will all finally go away only next year. He'll still be the same player he has always been. The difference will be fan expectations will have changed and patience will have worn thin. And then this fanbase will start to catch on that weneed to find a QB. Is this how you define “objective”?
  6. Yes we have seen it. His accuracy is fine. Instead of trying to continually justify your pre draft opinion watch the games.
  7. I din’t Know how you pick out of these guys. Brown is a given.
  8. I read it. Read the second paragraph where he gets into how difficult the teams will be. Anytime a poster starts out with "I am not saying", it's a fairly reliable indication that it is, in fact, what they are saying. My point is simple: you can't predict what will happen between now and then. And travel is harder for teams going west to east than east to west anyway. Plus you can't do a damn thing about it regardless.
  9. I scream a lot, but I don’t think it means I’m bipolar. I do tell friends and patients they wouldn’t recognize me on Sunday afternoons.
  10. If one good game doesn’t prove anything, neither does one bad game. Correct?
  11. Well stated. Really appreciate this perspective.
  12. To clarify, I think you've already seen a flash of greatness. The greats all have the ability to lead their teams back from behind in the fourth quarter. My understanding is Allen is one of the top ranked fourth quarter Qbs this season. Yes, he has a ways to go, as does every other young QB. But I will say something here that I know will be controversial, and I am not saying you feel this way. it's just that it comes to mind as I'm responding. I believe (sadly) there are some Bills fans who truly do not want to see a successful QB in Buffalo. They would prefer that the Bills not succeed because it gives them something to complain about, and gives them a reason to pound their chest and say: See? I was right!! on a message board. Granted it's not many, maybe a handful or so. But all I can say is that reading the board recently, I have seen guys say they'd rather have the team lose as long as a QB throws for 300 yards. I have seen guys readily admit the only time they want to come on the board to comment is when the team loses so they can harangue everyone with their negative takes. I keep these things in mind when reading the Allen posts.
  13. Sure we can. It's wrong. The kid is improving as you say. I see no reason why he should not continue to improve (and that doe not mean he won't have some more difficult games). You want the kid to be a star just past the midway point of his second season. That simply doesn't happen very often. I can remember Marino as an exception, maybe Russell Wilson. It's the most difficult position to play in sports. It takes some time to master it.
  14. Every year people talk about the schedule being tough. Every year things change in the off season and during the season where teams either fall off or improve.
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