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  1. The big question in Browns land is whether a guy who has never been a HC on any level can deal with the personalities on the team.
  2. I practically lived at Brighton when I was a kid. Junior club champion, 1972. And I taught the kids summer program for the Rec Department for several years back in the 70's
  3. Grew up in the Town of Tonawanda, but now live in Carmel IN just north of Indy. Not many Bills fans around here but we're vocal!
  4. I think “better” and “preseason game” is an oxymoron
  5. They're both the best ever at their jobs. If you held a gun to my head and had to make me pick I'd say Belichick, since entire teams win championships and not just QBs.
  6. The D line will be integral to be sure. One of the things I like about McD is that his guys on D know how to tackle. The DBs especially use good technique. As much as Gilmore has thrived in pass coverage, when he was a Bill I got tired of watching him just throw a shoulder at a guy and not even try to bring him down.
  7. You may want to consider the concept of tackling. Where the defender does things like wrap his arms around the runner to bring him down, especially around the legs.
  8. He's a scumball that should roast in hell. And anyone who was associated with him regardless of political party should suffer consequences
  9. If you have one great #1 and a bunch of bums at #2-5 then teams will simply double team and do what they have to do to take your elite guy out of the equation. Belichick is great at this. But if you have say several good WRs then it might be better overall because teams can't focus on taking out one player.
  10. I said above it is a nuanced thing. Accuracy is how close you are to a target, precision is how well you can consistently hit a given spot. The dartboard analogy. They can overlap if you narrow down what your definition of accuracy is to a very small area. I think it was the pff guys that did the analysis and basically defined accuracy as hitting a guy in the numbers. That's a very small window, and at that point being accurate and precise are pretty much the same. I would say having it within the catch radius is accurate, and having the QB hit a spot exactly where he wants it each time (or ball placement as I mentioned above) is being both accurate and precise. Which, to me, is what the greats can do.
  11. For the past 59 years I've gone into each season optimistic (even as a 5 year old that first year). I have a hard time seeing them get to 10 wins (given they already have two losses penciled in with the Pats, who as long as the y have Brady and Belichick I'll continue to write off), but anything's possible! I think a 9-7 record and playoff appearance is in the cards.
  12. I would equate precision with the football term "ball placement". Putting it on a specific spot with each throw. I did a mini-Transplant analysis for two of Allen's games last year. And there were a few throws that were just God awful- way off target. Most were certainly catchable, but if the ball had been put a little farther out front, or a little closer to the sideline, it would have resulted in more success. I've seen Allen quoted this offseason on having to improve his ball placement and I would concur. You used the word consistency, and I certainly agree there. What I'm hoping to see is for him to make quicker reads, find the open guy faster and get the ball there faster. Little more touch on his short throws. Mostly what young QBs generally go through.
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