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  1. Hate to see this since Motor is my daughter’s favorite, and I think he was pretty solid. But our run game will improve based on the line improving, not because of a specific back.
  2. And that’s way overpricing himself. I see your point. But I think ultimately he’ll wind being much more on the side of the team’s perceived value.
  3. OBJ is way overpricing himself. Wait him out and sign him for a reasonable amount.
  4. He offers us nothing over what Cook and Hines do.
  5. This, in a world where bad takes abound, might be the worst one yet. I've been a fan since 1960 son, so settle down when you start talking about worst ever of anything Bills related.
  6. Edmunds had two things going against him with respect to contract, irrespective of his skills on the field: 1. He was drafted the same year as Allen, and when Allen showed up big and got the big contract it was going to limit what the Bills could do with a guy in the same year. hard to give another massive contract out in th e same time period, and this was exacerbated by paying Miller. 2. Milano turned out to be an All Pro, and it's hard to sink a ton of money into two players in the same position group.
  7. Improve the line and bring Motor back. He fights for the tough yards. He blocks well in protection. He's a good balance to Cook.
  8. Give Kyle # 17. Save $$ on jerseys.
  9. Too bad, but you could see it coming. Hard to pay a guy when: 1. He gets drafted the same year the star QB got drafted and thus tied up cap $$, and 2. You have an All Pro playing next to him at the same position
  10. Like this one. Wonder if they cut Morse for space now and move Bates to C?
  11. Morse at C Bates at LG, the big kid from Florida at RG (round #1 pick) Dawkins at LT, Brown at RT
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