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  1. Wonder if they’d consider putting Zimmer back in
  2. I suspect the Raiders and Titans are saying the same about the Bills.
  3. You would rather have the Bills lose as long as the game is exciting, by your definition passing over 300 yards. People who are OK with the team losing should not be allowed to post in my opinion.
  4. I have always been of the opinion that he should remain on the Wall because he’s there based on his football career. But I think I’ve changed my mind. I can’t support having a murderous degenerate on the Wall.
  5. Well Ok it was offensive PI but he gives his guy a chance to make a play.
  6. I just heard Dungy say Josh should not have made the throw to Kroft on the INT play. Seen others here say the same. Why? He hit him right in the hands and we all think it was a completion. Why should he not make a throw like that?
  7. I think Peirera had it right. Kraft has possession and as soon as he got touched the play should have been dead.
  8. Why is Spain benched? He’s excellent in pass protection and Donald was destroying people the second half. Keep him in, let Ford play RG.
  9. I honestly feel sorry for Darnold. No line, no receivers, and a moron for a HC.
  10. Understood. I am just frustrated that Josh had to do another magic act. This game should have been over at the end of the third quarter.
  11. So I’m getting flack for saying the win was undeserved because we fell apart in the second half. We were outscored 29-7. You really think we deserved it? Valid point
  12. Yes, undeserved. We fell apart in the second half. Thank God for Josh and the PI.
  13. Great drive again by Josh. Great win (undeserved, but great). But two questions remain: 1. When are the Bills going to play a decent third quarter? 2. When are we going to come up with a better answer for teams running up the middle?
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