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  1. Psychology of picking a QB

    Physical attributes aside, I would think one of the things the brain trust at OBD should be looking at is the psychology of whom they wind up getting for their QB. Whomever they pick either through FA or the draft is coming into a situation where there is a fan base starved for a winner, and who are even more starved for a QB that they can get behind and see as the hero to the team, and to the city. Those are pretty sizeable expectations, and I'm wondering what opinions are, of the options out there, which guys might be able to handle those kinds of pressures.
  2. Here me out...Does it matter which QB we draft?

    I agree it doesn't matter who we pick. Because the top 4 all have flaws and none of them are can't miss kind of guys. Be because historically around of high first round QBsvdon't pan out.50%
  3. Why we don't want to draft one of the top 4 QB

    It's a slow time right now and while talking about the draft is about all we have to do, all the different mocks and experts and op-eds don't change the one basic reality going on. If Beane sees a guy he feels will be the answer at QB, he'll do what he needs to do to get in position to take him. If not he'll likely get a decent FA and build with all the picks. He has said on a number of occasions they need a QB. The question is whether he feels one of the guys is a can't miss type and only he knows that. Everything else is just pure conjecture.
  4. Now they like Josh Allen in Trade Up?

    All this stuff is just white noise
  5. Now they like Josh Allen in Trade Up?

    No one cares, first of all. Second, no one knows what they're thinking. These sites just guess to get hits.
  6. Some of us older folks could educate you on some great players you're missing. Too bad your mind is so closed off, you could learn something.
  7. It's a shame some of the younger folk never got to see the AFL Bills, or the OJ years. You missed seeing a number of great players.
  8. Tom Sestak. Mike Stratton.
  9. Joe Buscaglias take on the QB situation

    I think people need to get past this idea that you have to draft a QB in round 1. We have done so twice in the drought period, Manuel and Losman, and both picks were bad. Ultimately you have to rely on the ability of the scouts and front office personnel to make good judgments on these guys. So let's say they feel Darnold is a can't miss guy (I would disagree, but they do a helluva lot more work on this than I do). Beane should then use his draft pick capital to move up and do what it takes to get him. But let's say that after scouting they feel a guy like a Mike White has as good a potential as the supposed top 4 guys. Then they'd be foolish to waste picks in round 1 when you can get him in round 2. We can all sit here and debate what they should or should not do in the draft (and that's fun, until someone claims they alone have the answers), but remember the front office guys, scouts, etc. have invested a ton more time in evaluations, plus these guys do it for a living and have done so for years. And even given that, if you look at top QB picks over the years only about 50% of guys taken round 1 become long term starters, and an even smaller percentage become that kind of start player every team looks for. My personal view? It comes down to how you play poker, and I'm a conservative poker player. If I'm holding two pair, I'll go with that as opposed to trying to draw to an inside straight. My two pair would be a FA QB that you have watched and know that he has a given skill set that you can work with. Ideally for me it would be Cousins; I think he's poised to be a really top tier QB (more a three of a kind or a straight for a poker hand). But if his price is too high, or if he elects to sign elsewhere, then give me a Bridgewater or a Bradford or maybe a McCarron, and then draft a kid like a White and use the majority of your picks to build up our fronts on both sides of the ball. I'll ride with my two pair, because I win more than I lose doing so.
  10. It's a vast right wing conspiracy
  11. Cookie and Carleton each were sort of HB/FB. I always looked at Wray more as the FB since Cookie got more carries usually.
  12. Don't know how long you've followed the Bills, but you have to have Jim Braxton and Wray Carleton on any list of great Bills FBs.
  13. Joe Buscaglias take on the QB situation

    A nice analysis, but the question is whether the Bills see any of the supposed top guys this year as the kind of QB they have to have and would thus use a lot of picks to move up. My guess is not. But we'll see.
  14. Please. Eyeballing something is a judgment. Actually measuring something and giving it a defined value is math. My reading says they give about a half yard from the tackle. The ref said fine and that's all that matters.
  15. No, actually it is not. Unless you are going to give the refs tape measures to align guys every play it is a judgment. So no it is not cut and dried.