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  1. The Bills really just need to play Singletary more. And they may want to look at trading Moss and/or Cook for another good back.
  2. Would love to know what was said at the half!
  3. I’ll kick in the first $100! There has to be a million Mafia brothers and sisters that’ll match!
  4. The offense simply does not look like it wants to play football.
  5. Any Backers at the Fenway bar in Boston? My daughter just moved to town and is looking to make some new Mafia buddies. She’s sitting at the bar so make her feel welcome!
  6. Ok boys, let’s matriculate the ball down the field!
  7. My order: 1. Lombardi 2. Paul Brown 3. Belicheat 4. Walsh 5. Parcells
  8. That kid could literally have been killed Thursday night if he had gotten hit the wrong way. The way this went down is disgusting.
  9. Just saw the doctor who evaluated him last Sunday got fired for making some “mistakes”. This really needs to be thoroughly investigated. That kid could literally have gotten killed Thursday night.
  10. I see your point, but I am giving both teams a pass for anything they could have done better last week. In all seriousness, I am glad no player died on Sunday. In that heat and humidity, I don’t think any player was mentally or physically anywhere near the top of their game, especially in the second half. Stop with your nonsense. I was in here ripping the coaching staff after that 13 second fiasco. You on the other hand are happy regardless of win or loss as long as the we throw for 300 yards snd/or if you think the game is exciting enough for you. I’m sure you were delighted Sunday.
  11. McKensie tried to get OOB as he should. A sneak behind the 3rd string C? Right. Last play with trying to line the ball up?
  12. Einstein starting threads that are the polar opposite of his user name are becoming a theme
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