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  1. I think he’s had conversations about moving into the top 10 to get a guy like Harrison, but didn’t like what he heard. I still think he’ll move up somewhere in round 1 to get a guy he really likes, whether it’s a WR or not we’ll see. To me a first round pick should go to someone you think has All-Pro potential, and if that’s at a position other than WR so be it.
  2. Why pose it as a question of such extremes?
  3. At the turn of the century there was a list of the thousand most important people of the millennium. The top of the list was Gutenberg because of the printing press. I vote for that because the printing press allowed for the widespread sharing and application of knowledge.
  4. To watch him live at the Rich was unbelievable. A phenomenal talent, one of the best ever, but also a degenerate murderer post NFL. I have no sorrow or mercy for him today.
  5. Diggs of course. Reich had the most iconic moment. Let’s not be ridiculous.
  6. Try and trade up for one of the top 3. If you can’t make the deal stand Pat, they’ll be some pretty good ones at 28.
  7. We are better at safety. Two younger guys with experience in Rapp and Edwards for two older guys. We are the same if not better at DT. At LB Milano is back so better there. At DE lost Floyd but Miller should be healed up. On O line May lose a bit in the run game since Morse could pull well but should be better in pass pro. Got our two RB back. Fine at TE.
  8. We always bring in depth. Every team does. I think a mistake some make is in thinking depth guys should perform at an All Pro level.
  9. To me depth does not equal holes. A hole to me is needing a starter.
  10. Where at these holes? Maybe 1 guy at DE. We have starters at CB, S, LB, O line, RB, DT, DE.
  11. I am looking at starters, where you have to fill in a starting spot. They have Rousseau, Epenesa, Miller at that spot. As P pointed out they could add a draft pick ther levfor depth but it is not a hole.
  12. Can’t tell for sure with Diggs until we see who they bring in but will likely miss him a bit. Morse maybe on the run game unless McGovern can pull as well as Morse did, but may be stronger there in pass protection. Floyd a bit. Not at safety and I think Hyde may very well be back.
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