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  1. Debt will destroy this country, and both parties are responsible.
  2. I have mixed feelings. Most of us older folks who played sports were taught that you have to be there for the team. So from that perspective when I heard the news I thought she was bailing on her teammates, that she owed it to them to suck it up and get out there. Then I got home and watched her vault, and it was clear she was way out of it. I think if she had continued not only would she have done poorly and cost her team a chance on the podium, but she could have hurt her self in a sport where one wrong move can break your neck. So it's hard to compare what she had to deal with vs. wha
  3. So he is supposed to be a mind reader? Come on. We all think he could have gotten more with no idea whom he’s been talking to, what the offers were, and so on. It may very well be that many GMs don’t hold Reinhart in as high regard as our fan base. I see parallels between what the Bills did and what the Sabres are trying to do. Get a GM and a HC that are in synch with the type of team they want and type of players that fit. Get rid of guys that don’t buy in and keep or get guys that do. Granted, it will take longer in the NHL since draft picks don’t immediately jump onto the t
  4. And how is Adams supposed to control that? If Florida makes an obscene offer to Sam that he can’t turn down, is that Adams fault.?
  5. You honestly have no clue about science and how viruses propagate and how vaccinations remove the hosts from viruses do they can’t replicate and such. And you don’t want to know, which is the most sickening thing about it.
  6. The vaccine is to get rid of mitigation. You really have no clue whatsoever. It is amazing how many people do not understand basics about viruses and how they work
  7. No. He has moments when he has trouble remembering something in the format he was in the other night; that is common in older individuals. I’m 65 and it happens to me more times than I’d like. And you watch other older politicians and you see it as well. But his style and speaking does not seem appreciably different to me than it’s been throughout his career. I don’t see anything in his public persona that makes me think his cognitive skills, his ability to consider data and make decisions, is altered with the caveat that I’m not in the room. My guess is he’ll serve one term u
  8. I am not a neurologist but I do teach neuroanatomy and neurophysiology
  9. You are not a neurologist. This kind of crap needs to stop. His predecessor babbles a lot too, but you don't see me calling him mentally deficient.
  10. It is not. He has a stuttering issue since childhood. He has expressed himself in the way he does now throughout his career. He needs to quit with the no joke stuff; well all know these are not joking issues. But people need to quit playing amateur neurologists around here.
  11. Vaccinated people have a much lower possibility of either contracting the virus or infecting others.
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