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  1. Multiple audits, the DOJ, and multiple courts say otherwise. You would offer anecdotes. Those are worthless.
  2. While I decry these tactics by each side this certainly makes sense from a political movement perspective. You put pressure on the company, they put pressure on legislators, laws then get written the way you want. It’s only been since, like the 1780’s that this has gone on. Which is one reason I think campaigns should have only restricted public funding.
  3. Where’s the data? Where are the facts? You have none. I say this all the time; you want to decide that 2+2= 5 just because you want to decide it’s true. Sorry but that doesn’t work.
  4. No. people here got up in arms and also pressured Lilly. Your pretend victimhood is amusing. I don't necessarily agree with the tactic. I am saying that for you to cry crocodile tears about people exerting political pressure as if it the sole province of liberals is silly.
  5. Maybe. But that happens to bea part of political protests in this country, and has been forever. and sometimes necessary. Here in Indiana a few years ago when Pence tried to force through his anti-gay legislation, Eli Lilly (arguably the biggest corporate presence in the state) was pressured and they understood it would result in them not being able to hire the best and brightest. And they brought pressure on Pence. Voila, the law was dumped. Yes. So what? Oh stop with this woke culture nonsense and that one side does it with more force. That's all crap. Both sides of t
  6. There is no difference. You want to see one to justify your right wing views. Corporations are pressured to go along with the political aspirations either way. Liberals are pressuring Home depot to take their side. Conservatives pressured the NFL and Disney to take their side. And so on.
  7. You are splitting hairs. Citizens pressuring corporations, politicians threatening corporations. Same coin, different sides.
  8. No I don't. They are exactly the same. Conservatives wanted to boycott Disney because they would not go along with their demands to stop recognizing gay people. Trump wanted the NFL boycotted because he wanted the NFL to be on his side. These are two sides of the exact same coin, and your partisanship does not allow you to see it.
  9. Some Republicans wanted to boycott Disney when it had a gay pride day. They wanted to boycott the NFL. And on and on. Quit pretending that political pressure on corporations is one sided.
  10. I agree about mobs not destroying cities. As well as US Capitols.
  11. What I’m saying is building trust is a two way street.
  12. When you say the police only show up to a radio call, that is what I'm talking about with respect to re-establishing trust. I think police should be out in communities during times of non-confrontation, establishing relationships in the community.
  13. I see your point, and would agree somewhat, but when I talk to friends that are black their point is that when they do what you say, such as obey commands and such, they still feel threatened. I think the soldier who got threatened by 2 policemen just because they did not see his temporary plate is a prime example. As a white man that would not have happened to me. I agree with the general idea of not stimulating more conflict by running from the police etc. But police trying also needs to emphasize de-escalation methods as well as better physical restraint methods. I still thi
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