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  1. Seems like an overreaction. I always call it either Rich Stadium or the Ralph anyway.
  2. Well, not really with the Sabres. They had Lindy (maybe should never have let him leave). They hired a former vacuous winning coach in Bylsma, a guy recognized as ready for his shot in Housley. Same with Murray and Botterill, two guys people thought were ready to ascend. People talk about Patty but he did the same bail out with the Islanders so who knows what really happened there. i see Ralph and Kevyn as their attempt to get the McBean for the Sabres. A HC who preaches process and works well with th players along with a GM in synch with the HC.
  3. I have reviewed scientific and medical studies for 40 years now, and I read the entire paper from Henry Ford. There are some methodologic flaws. The biggest one is that they do not define what patients got HCQ, which got that plus zithro, which got none, and why. So it's impossible to know if the differences represent the drug or some other o\issue with patient selection. The other big one is that 68% of patients also received corticosteroids, and again we don't know which. There is data indicating that steroids (dexamethasone) decrease Covid symptoms, so again I can't tell in the HCQ effect might be a steroid effect. I think the data would certainly warrant more investigation, and if I was treating a Covid patient I'd probably get on the phone to the authors to get more info and consider using the HCQ.
  4. The only owner I can think of that has had actual pro playing experience in their sport is Jeter. Jerruh played college football but not pros. If I’m missing any let me know, but this is why I have always found the concept that an owner is bad because they don’t understand a given sport is kind of silly. I found the column enlightening and gave insights into what she and Terry are trying to do and the challenges they face. Parts of it came off as tone deaf, but overall it was a very interesting read.
  5. Almost a half billion dollars to play football.
  6. We have started treating patients again with appropriate precautions. My older daughter just went back to Orlando so worried about that given the explosion in cases there. Stay safe my friend!
  7. Odds are long for him. How you holding up my friend?
  8. I am surprised the store is so open like this.

    There are opening themselves into a discrimination claim.

    If they did that with my wife or daughter I would be perusing it.

    Maybe it is because Asian populations are so much larger in Northern Virginia.

    1. oldmanfan


      We’re just north of Indianapolis.  If it had been my daughter I would have blown up the store

  9. I would like to think you’re right. But I fear not. Maybe you should enumerate them for me then.
  10. Content of character will truly become correct when all are considered equal. When as I pointed out above there are people of my skin color still referring to blacks as coloreds of monkeys we aren’t close to being there.
  11. I qualify because it is far past time for folks like me to recognize there are issues with minority folks in general that must finally be addressed. I have a daughter that is Asian. Her friend who is also Asian was refused service in a grocery store, was told We can’t serve people like you. In a town near me there was a peaceful protest for black lives yesterday, and comments to a local news station included talking about “colored” or “ monkeys”. Treatment if minorities in this country has been horrible for years. I’m personally embarrassed it’s taken me so long to realize and speak up.
  12. You’ve made your decision. As a white man and as a man who is capable of critical thinking, I support the league in its desire to recognize that black people in this country have suffered for far too long. I do not support riots or destruction of property, and these many times are being done by opportunists who take advantage of the protests. I agree one’s voice should be separate from color. But unfortunately that has not been the case for far too long and it ‘s time for that to end.
  13. People get on Croom a lot but to me it looks like he has potential
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