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  1. This one reminds me of the '64 and '65 games. San Diego was favored in both, had dominant offenses each year, but we just rolled on through.
  2. actions speak louder than words. I have a Mafia shirt, proud to wear it because people identify more with the charity things and the passion of the fan base vs. jumping through tables.
  3. When the Super Bowl teams with Kelly et al played, they did not replace my memories and admiration of the ‘64/‘65 championship teams and guys like Kemp, Sestak, Saimes, Duby et al. If (when!!) the current team wins it all they will take their place in line as Bills greats. They won’t replace, but add to, the legacy.
  4. Harrison Phillips was great tonight
  5. It has to be Weber’s mustard. Has to be.
  6. Nope, general statement but certainly not you.
  7. The OP to his credit is looking for common ground, asking for things all can agree upon. To the shame of many who have posted, rather than engaging in the spirit of such, you hijack the thread to continue denigrating the other side. Neither side of the political spectrum has all the answers. We should however be able to agree of some basics. I listed several previously. How about focusing on that vs. negativity?
  8. I think it is more difficult to make the kind of jukes and cuts Jackson normally makes if the footing is bad. Receivers know where they want to get to when they start.
  9. A serious question: why are you here? It is obvious you don't like the Bills and you want to be negative about them; you've picked against them for Saturday. Why are you on a site for Bills fans? Now as to the snow, snow always favors the offensive player, because he knows where he wants to go. WRs know the pattern they have to run, and DB's have to react and are more prone to slipping. Same of course with guys running, although in both cases the ability to make sharp cuts and change of direction are impaired. If you just look at the two QBs, snow would favor Allen's running
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