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  1. Thanks, I’ll check it out. FWIW, I’ve settled on Trader Joe’s Columbia Supremo (the one with two toucans on the front) and the organic Peruvian from Aldi. Both are at a very reasonable price point. Thanks for the help, everyone. Edit to add: Checked and it looks like I can get Caribou medium roast beans from Amazon again. Costco has K-cups too so bean’s might be on the way there too. I guess I have a 3 coffee rotation now.
  2. That is often a good point where trades are concerned, but I don’t think it applies here. Denver ate a bunch of dead money this season and they are set to have a ton of space this coming offseason. They aren’t going to be gaining comp picks from the coming offseason’s activities. They’ll be buyers. The other important points are that the Broncos season is pretty well lost already and that Sanders is 32 years old and making $10.25M in the last year of his deal. Denver would probably jump at Zay and a 5th. They’d dump the salary of a player who is gone after this lost season and gain both a pick and a cheap, young WR who is under contract through 2020 and still has a chance to blossom.
  3. Yeah. I had a “Whoa!” Moment reading that too.
  4. I’ve said it before, Zay is a fit in NE. Coming out of college he was very good at the kind of short routes NE runs, but not much else. Recently, however, NE has been dialing in on WRs who are good at contested catches too. He’s not all that good at that, but he’s still a fit there and would have a place on their depth chart.
  5. I agree. BB will expose and take advantage of any flaws or weaknesses. Josh definitely has some and they got exposed big time. He seemed to settle down at halftime though. He had two excellent drives to start the 3rd quarter, but seemed to start regressing on the 3rd drive. Then BAM! Failure to slide. What I’d like to see is Allen come back after the bye more settled. I can see him working on things. For example, he started to bail to his right prematurely on one play and he stopped for a beat before bailing again. I’m sure the coaches are trying to get him to step up into the pocket much more often. It was there on that play and it’s there a lot in general. I’ve heard that that’s a tough thing to train yourself to do, but it’s so important. Allen has got to get over the hump on that, throwing the ball away, sliding, etc. Maybe a couple weeks to decompress helps with that.
  6. Maybe in college that sort of thing would work, but this is the NFL. The ONLY time it would make sense is late in the game if your defense is totally winded and getting killed. And then only if you’ve got both challenges or it’s getting close to the 2 min warning and the game is on the line.
  7. I agree that intent shouldn’t be part of the equation - and I don’t think that it is as far as the rules. When a player lowered the crown of their helmet and uses it as a weapon to attack another player’s head then it should be a penalty. The one issue I have arose last night when a Bengal was given a 15 yard penalty for it though. The offensive player had done the same thing and wasn’t penalized. Both planners led with the crowns of their helmets and connected with force. Should’ve been penalties on both IMO, but I never see it called for an offensive player.
  8. No contact so it was not a penalty. Acting like you’re going to hit someone and then not hitting them can’t be a penalty. Who could officiate that? What team wouldn’t lose its (crap) if a call like that went against them? Imagine losing to the Pats because we had the winning TD called back because Beasley acted like he was going to hit Gilmore, but didn’t and still got an OPI call for it. This place would melt down. The Pats are extremely well coached. They augment that by cheating in innumerable ways. They also have an incredibly good QB. The combination has really paid off for them. Next time our DB better not break stride. The coaches need to cover stuff like that.
  9. Only see that on one of the four plays and Josh’s footwork is bad on all of them. Also even on that play he got the ball off but threw a pick. Had his feet been where they should’ve been I have to think he would’ve thrown a better ball. I think the pressure of such a big game combined with playing the Pats (and everything Belichick three at him) got to Josh. A year and a half ago he was playing for Wyoming. Let’s remember that. If he learns and grows from this we will look back on it as growing pains. Let’s hope that’s what happens.
  10. I appreciate Josh’s heart and, yes, it was 3rd and 8 with us down by 6, but he’s got to slide. We can complain all we want and endlessly debate intent here (and it probably was intentional), but who would be complaining if Poyer had laid out Brady in the same fashion? What Josh can control is whether he puts himself in position to get hurt or not. Slide, Josh, slide.
  11. And Bradshaw would be the first to tell you he was never all that smart to begin with. At least he’s not a d**k about stuff. I hate the Stiller’s, but don’t have any ill will toward him.
  12. Chase Daniels might be an upgrade.
  13. Defense was stellar. Offense (Allen mostly) and specials (punt block for TD) let the team down. That said, a true #1 WR would be huge for this team.
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