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  1. He would net little, if anything, in trade so he stays until the position is upgraded. He’s certainly not in any long term plans, but this is not a strong or deep WR roster. He might have a role as Beasley’s back up or second slot WR. I hate him on the outside.
  2. Thanks! As much as I enjoy pervy commercials I will judge them by their beans.
  3. This is the correct answer. They lime wedges were just put in the necks to keep flies off. Then people started doing that for fun. Then they started pushing them into the beer. Then they realized that it helped to mask the flavor of sh***y beer and it caught on.
  4. Apparently Green Mountain has acquired Caribou Coffee and now I can’t find my go to coffee - Caribou - in any of my usual places. I usually got it from Amazon or Costco, but Wegmans and some other local places had it if I was in a pinch. All gone now. I use both whole bean and K cups. I like it on the dark side and the dark chocolate notes of Caribou sealed the deal for me. Looking for something along those lines that isn’t stupid expensive. Any recommendations? Also feel free to just talk about coffee.
  5. He would sure be the player I’d want.
  6. I totally agree that the lack of any response during the game was unacceptable. Failure to retaliate is a sign of a soft team and soft teams very rarely get very far. Landry did seem remorseful and apologized to Aaron on the field and through the media after the game. Looking up the play I saw that too.
  7. Thanks for your post. I think the Jets have some real talent being built. It’s not finished to be sure, but there are definitely more pieces in place than a lot of teams. You’ve got that going for you. In particular I am interested to see how Darnold develops (surprise, surprise). What I don’t like is your FO and coaching staff. I don’t think it was wise to invest so much cap space into a RB and an ILB that excels against the run. They’re definitely excellent players and Bell will help in the passing game as an outlet, but I do not see those positions as deserving so much money (except LBs that cover particularly well in addition to playing the run well). I’m not a big believer in Gase and I despise Gregg Williams’ defensive scheme. I am a Cleveland native and now live in Buffalo so I’ve seen plenty of Greggg. And he brought his son with him which makes things much worse. While Greggg is abrasive, his issue is his stubborn adherence to a scheme that doesn’t work anymore - at least not against good offenses. His son is a real problem though. He is apparently not only a huge a-hole but a completely incompetent coach. Sorry. That’s the word from the Browns. Again, thanks for stopping by and being polite. I didn’t really mean to rip on your team as much as I did (though I haven’t been easy on the Bills and Browns in the past). I think they’ve got real building blocks there - especially if Darnold hits - and that you’ll do decently this season (.500ish). You just need to flip your brass to the right group to get to the playoffs.
  8. The good news for them is that in Greggg’s defensive scheme the deep safety will actually be in the state of New York. So they got that going for them. There is certainly a lot of talent on the Jest defense - particularly the DL and up the middle with Mosley and Adams - but I have no faith in Greggg’s scheme. It’s tailor-made to abuse bad offenses and get shredded by good ones. That’s obviously a concern with how ours was and I’d rather play them a little later in the season after our offense has had time to gel, but these are the kinds of games we have to win if we want to go to the playoffs. Can’t wait to see what we have. This game will tell us a lot about the 2019 Bills.
  9. Great. Nothing good comes from playing starters in preseason game 4.
  10. I’d rock an Oliver jersey for sure, but right now the 50th anniversary Sabres jersey is at the top of my list.
  11. I Lombardied your post but this deserves a special shout out. Spectacular.
  12. Nope. No RB is worth a first much less a first and a huge contract. Plus there’s his suspension history which could impact his availability. Article on why RBs do not have high value
  13. It is a recent article, but the OBJ quotes about the trade were all old. It’s just a writer trying to get clicks by making it seem like they’re still feuding. OBJ said some nice stuff about Baker and Eli said some nice stuff about OBJ. Other than that it’s old news.
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