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  1. All true. I still have very bad feelings about him stealing money here too. But he’s probably right about Judge. Also WTF is Gettlemen thinking with that OL? It might be the worst in the league. You can’t develop a QB behind that.
  2. This tells me that it is on the Jest org. The agent is just holding firm to the precedent the league - and the Jets - set and followed in the past. The Jest org is trying to change it to the team’s advantage. No decent agent would let that happen. So the Jest are gonna lose this one. So stupid to do it at all, but especially with a QB you need in house. Jest gonna Jest I guess. They are in the top 3 or 4 worst run organizations in the league and arguably the worst.
  3. If we are going to do more zone blocking then Moss is the better fit. That might be game plan dependent though.
  4. I voted Bar Bill, but only the original Bar Bill. The new one is good but not special. It’s still a lot better than Duff’s though.
  5. There is zero evidence Allen has done anything behind the scenes. Nothing has leaked out. Beasley picked up right where he left off on Twitter so he hasn’t done anything there. And he obviously hasn’t done anything publicly. Yet you take this to the opposite extreme, completely baselessly speculating that Allen could be doing a lot of good behind the scenes (but if he was doing a lot, it would be leaking out) while also giving him a pass on not being effective (which really doesn’t make sense since effectiveness is a key component of good leadership). So you’re suggesting a possible situa
  6. Dude. I don’t even know what to say to this.
  7. What I said is that this could be something that divides the locker room, not that it already was. The point would be to head that off before it happens. Do you disagree?
  8. As I already said, we can definitely see that Allen is either doing nothing or something that has been ineffective. That’s been borne out by what we see. Suggesting that the team’s QB should show some leadership when something threatens to divide the locker room should not be controversial. He can do so without taking a public stance or by calling any particular player out.
  9. He’s not doing anything of substance behind the scenes - or if he has been, it obviously hasn’t been effective. He could go the route that Baker Mayfield did. Or he could simply make a statement to the effect that players need to put the team first by respecting each other’s opinions, following whichever set of rules they chose and keeping anything decisive in house.
  10. As much as I disagree with everything Beasley has said on COVID vaccinations, nothing he said seemed racist to me. I saw this covered way up thread by another poster, but I’ll reiterate it here: This would be an excellent time for Josh Allen to show some leadership.
  11. That “never makes a play” straw man comment is just wrong. Even those of us with concerns about Edmunds’ play talk about him making plays. The main criticism of him is that he’s inconsistent. That’s generally attributed to below average instincts, which was a concern well covered in his draft profiles. Great splash plays mixed with missed assignments. But it did occur to me that he might be playing as coached, as you mention. I just don’t think that’s the case though. He’s too prone to do things like leave his assignment and overpursue, leaving RBs free to run through his gap.
  12. Restaurant owner’s quote from the article: “I don’t understand what goes through people’s minds. … It’s a fricking tragedy when anyone dies senselessly.” Kinda says it all
  13. Always important to consider where someone might be on the Dunning-Kruger Effect graph when considering their opinion
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