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  1. Week 1: Rams Week 2: Browns Week 3: Broncos Week 4: Bills Week 5: Bucs Week 6: Indy Colts Week 7: Zona Cardinals
  2. I’d like to see exactly what those stats were based on. In general, I think going for it is the right call. But I don’t see it in this particular case. Even if Allen had made the first down we’d still have been on the two (ish), had to have used our last time out and only had 15 or 16 seconds left on the clock. That would have substantially limited our playcalling.With a minute on the clock and all 3 time outs, easily yes, go for it. With 22 seconds and 1 time out, no. I would’ve had Allen try to draw the defense Offside, called our last TO and then kicked the FG.
  3. Week 1: Rams Week 2: Browns Week 3: Broncos Week 4: Bills Week 5: Bucs Week 6: Indy
  4. So happy we locked him up for awhile. Nice extension for a very good slot CB. Importantly we now have two of our three starting CBs locked up long term. That’s huge.
  5. He wasn’t starting and next season’s salary was guaranteed for injury. Guessing they just decided to cut their losses and not risk having to pay him more.
  6. You seem to be agreeing with me. My point was always that the circumstances are the defining factor here, not that a woman was grinding on a HC.
  7. Let me ask you about Bill Cowher. How much did you hear about his longtime affair with one of the Steelers’ secretaries? Almost took down his marriage and it is why he retired to Carolina when he did. It wasn’t the team that got him to retire. He was winning so it got hushed up and he kept his job. Only down the road a bit did an ultimatum from his wife cause him to call coaching quits. If Meyer was 4-0 and JAX was looking great this wouldn’t even be an issue by now. And if BB didn’t fly with the team prior to TB leaving NE, then no one would have cared. Now they might, but a few years ago they wouldn’t have. I agree with all of this. But I’m just saying that winning coaches can (and do) get away with a lot. Having the sense to walk a straight line when things are not going well is part of being a good/smart coach.
  8. That’s part of my point. You can’t do this stuff when you’re losing like this. Those coaches you note are winning and have the respect of their teams. If you think this would matter at all if it were Bruce Arians who is sitting at 3-1 and sporting a shiny new SB ring, then you’d be wrong. If it were Nagy in Chicago, sure, he’d be as good as gone.
  9. The wildcard there is that it is Jax and they were dumb enough to hire him I’m the first place. I don’t trust Khan to make a single good decision regardless of how obvious it is.
  10. Such things usually go unnoticed if a team is winning - or is at least competitive - but everything gets scrutinized if your team is 0-4 after being the worst team in the league the year before. Urban is probably not as clueless as the situation would indicate (though I am not 💯 on that). I think he’s probably aware that he’s in over his head and taking the job was a bad decision so he’s throwing in the towel early.
  11. This would be no big deal at all if it was a coach like Andy Reid in KC, BB in NE or even Urban when he was in Gainesville or Columbus during his heyday. But this is very different. He’s in over his head in the NFL and people (read: players and others in NFL circles) know it. That’s the killer here. Plus there’s the fact that he’s making it worse by mishandling it, which makes it more clear that he’s in over his head.
  12. His contract is set up where the Bills will likely keep him next season too. He has $6.75M in new money, but $2.5M of that is guaranteed. It’s not an absolute given but it’s very probable that for a difference of $4.25M they’ll keep him here in 2022.
  13. That’s not out of the question this year.
  14. As juvenile as that tweet is, it would not be nearly as laughable if it was followed up by another one where he’s whining about being booed. “I don’t care what you think of me! I know who I am!” Followed by: “Waaah! Why are people booing me 😢!?” JFC. Grow up. Or at least grow a pair instead of just pretending.
  15. Meh. We were unlucky to get Pittsburgh in week one. Ben at his freshest and a very healthy Steelers squad overall. But we were lucky to face two poor back up QBs and Tua (who sure looked back up level) in the next three weeks. I really don’t think this team took the Steelers loss as some water shed moment where they came together. I think they were already there as a team. The loss was what it was. It’s the NFL and we took one on the chin. It happens. Now we are 3-1. Time to get ready for KC and see what’s up. LFG
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