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  1. It is a no brainer for Allen. It is just face saving for Edmunds because they aren’t picking up his.
  2. Beane’s comments about it being tough to squeeze in both fifth year options seems like face-saving for Edmunds to me. That’s a pretty good strategy if they aren’t picking it up and still want to retain him at a lesser contract. Just to clarify, the two options at the same time (see below) thing didn’t just sneak up on Beane. He has known what was coming for a long time. He sure knew when he resigned Milano. One of the reasons I didn’t think he’d do that was Edmunds’ upcoming contract and I didn’t think he’d want to tie up $25M-$30M a year in two LBs. It’s possible that the deci
  3. I agree. Believe nothing you hear WRT the draft this time of year. Lying liars. All of them. As for Miami, never hurts to listen to offers and see who gets stupid. And (again) it might just be smoke anyway. Or maybe they trade out with a QB needy team and prevent NE from being able to move up for their QB. I’d be okay with that.
  4. I would bring this up in every argument with her for the rest of my life.
  5. That’s a fair way to look at it too.
  6. I am sure it’s an imperfect metric, but I think it give a more complete picture of Edmunds (and other players) when added to the other stats. I looked at this link for all LBs with at least 20 snaps per game. That’s all LBs, not just MLBs. One has 13%, four have 11%, eight have 10%, eight have 9% and Edmunds is among a group of 30 with 8%. He’s 40th on the list (assuming that matters) and that the list is ordered by the unrounded percentage. I don’t think that’s egregiously low and there might be mitigating factors - injury, no true NT to protect him, etc. But even so it is
  7. I just skimmed a bit of the article, but one thing it does not seem to address is the relative impact of other positions drafted in the first round. So first round RBs do not turn teams around? That’s what I would have expected. But other than QB, what positions do? Its point that improving the OL is more effective in improving the run game than selecting a RB high in the draft is a well worn analytics take. Still, a RB who can have a positive impact in the passing game (receiving and pass pro) as well as in the run game is valuable. I can certainly see value in a R
  8. He’d be a good choice. Several good options here. I voted Graham Jr but I’d be happy with Nasirildeen or Carter too.
  9. With the 91st pick in the draft the Cleveland Browns select Benjamin St.-Juste, CB, Minnesota @NeverOutNick is on the clock People getting some great values in this round. I love my two third round picks - Josh Palmer and Benjamin St.-Juste. Love Kendrick Green, Tay Gowan, Joe Tyron and some others where they got picked.
  10. With the 89th pick in the draft the Cleveland Browns take Josh Palmer, WR, Tennessee. @H2o is on the clock
  11. I’m interested to read what they say about Horn. Can you please post that? TIA
  12. No way to know without seeing how players come off the board. It’s why FOs have to do their homework. Beyond rating players and fits they have to set up possible trades both up and down the board. Then they can be effective on draft weekend. I expect that Beane is set up well.
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