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  1. I think Beane will try to make a big trade up and that he’ll probably succeed. The difference at WR after the top three probably doesn’t warrant a move. If he can’t make a big move up then I think he’ll try to trade back. The feasibility of those trades is the big question.
  2. Somewhat related tidbit I heard in Central PA last weekend is that Terry Pegula recently met with Neeli Bendapudi, the president of Penn State, about filling their NIL coffers. He is already a huge donor to the university so it’s not a surprise.
  3. I have seen the Steelers named a very logical destination for Aiyuk. Need, cap space, draft capital and preferred AFC destination all line up. No inside info, just makes sense. Also I’d hate it, so it’ll probably happen.
  4. That would be a big overpay by SF. If they gave that much up they could move up higher than our pick. Or we’d likely have to send back a 4th.
  5. Seems like a nice, safe pick that will get some goodwill from the fans. Not coincidentally it appears that the team is for sale.
  6. It doesn’t matter at all. A bunch of teams lie to a bunch players every year by telling them they’ll pick them at whatever pick. That talk is meaningless and is put out there to mislead other teams. Legette repeating it to reporters is just part of the game.
  7. I think choosing two is cheating. I’d take the long career. Most players’ careers are very short.
  8. I could do a shuffle pass, but that’s probably it.
  9. whoops! sorry about that. no, the chargers can’t trade Hebert. $108.5M dead cap if they traded him. That can’t happen.
  10. It’s tough to see how the Bills could work a deal to pay an expensive vet contract. They chose not to be more aggressive on contract restructures so that tells me that they chose not to go the high priced vet route. I think next offseason they’ll target to add talent that way. This season it’s just the draft.
  11. No, it is not allowed. Post 6/1 designation is for cut players only.
  12. There are not many difference makers on defense and we have real questions at pass rusher and in the secondary. If Milano isn’t healthy or doesn’t come back right then we have a deficiency there too. I am sure the defense will be sound, but I don’t see the talent to play with the better offenses. The offense will have to get us our Ws. We need production from a rookie WR and quality play from the shuffled interior OL, but that’s feasible. It’ll be a tough road, but I’d rather have to rely on our offense than our defense.
  13. I doubt that this is the case. He could borrow the money if he didn’t want to liquidate other assets. The business model of buying a sports team, building a largely publicly funded stadium/arena/field/etc and then selling part or all of said team is well worn.
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