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  1. I don’t think you can take anything regarding the Browns seriously when it comes from Mike Silver. He’s been a huge Hue Jackson sycophant for a long time and it is well known. Here’s a tweet from PFT’s managing editor:
  2. That’s fair. If he shows he has something left in the tank then maybe there could be a way that he stays. It’ll really depend on what he does want. It could be any of the following: - the last nickel - to run behind the best possible OL - to start - the best shot at a ring - to be close to home I honestly don’t know what he’d care most about, but I do believe that he still has to earn his spot here this season. Then if he plays well we have something to discuss, but that’s only if the Bills haven’t moved on already. It’s possible that it all works out and he’s here in 2020, but a lot has to work out. I just don’t see it as more than a very long shot.
  3. That’s just wishful thinking IMO. McCoy is a very highly paid RB who is on the wrong side of 30 and coming off a terrible season. Even if a good team does find itself with injury issues at RB, why would they trade for Shady? Why would they pay a draft pick and over $6M on the chance that he regained his form? There would be better options for them out there.
  4. Not sure if you’re serious about extending him...... At any rate, if Shady remains on the team this season I think he’d bounce back somewhat from last season but won’t be what he used to be. He’ll be a good, but an expensive rotational RB. That said, I can see him being a cut if it looks like we have 3 other good backs. No team would be interested in his contract unless he is tearing it up early in the season. In that (unlikely IMO) case, why would we we trade him?
  5. And that’s why all of the premium culture guys get the big bucks and the talented ones play for league minimum.
  6. Haynesworth did it right after he got paid. Pierce didn’t do this in the right order.
  7. Not to mention that it is rare that any fan knows the extent of the injury when it happens. Gory Joe Theismann injuries are rare and I can’t see people cheering something that, but in a game where people get knocked down all of the time or tweak things and come back to play it’s tough to blame fans for most of it. Heck, sometimes they’re just cheering the action or for something else. As for Toronto, it was a chance to close out their first NBA championship so I can’t believe that most of those fans weren’t cheering their asses off the whole freaking game. I don’t know how many actually cheered the injury, but I can’t imagine they could’ve possibly known the extent. After all, GS just said it was a calf strain. GS should have to answer some uncomfortable questions around that by the way.
  8. It happens with every fan base. I was at a bar watching the Browns v. Bills in 2013 and watched Bills fans cheer Hoyer’s injury. They were pretty pissed off when Manuel got injured though.
  9. Seahawks and Steelers at 2 & 3 despite the neon green color rush and worst throwback unis in the league? Ugh. Miami at 12 despite them slowly evolving a helmet logo that looks less and less like a dolphin and more and more like a penis with every update? Plus the teal. Bah! They did get a lot right, but the XFL Jets at 14 above the Bills at 16? No way. That’s wrong and I will die on that hill.
  10. I agree. Obviously the uncertainty is the problem and that’s why I don’t see the Bills making such a move. This seems like the kind of move that could happen as early as next year though, depending on the development of Allen and the team in general. If Allen proves himself and the team looks like it’s close, then I expect a push to try to put us over the top. If not, then we are going to need those picks.
  11. The problem with Ford is that he’s not a very good run defender. That and the scheme change are why KC paid to swap him out for Clark.
  12. I agree. I’d look at the Frank Clark trade too: Seattle got a 1st (#29 in 2019), a 2nd (2020) and a swap of 3rds (#84 for #92) from KC. Plus Clark got a 5 year, $105.5M contract. I’d expect Clowney’s contract and the draft value to be similar. I don’t see the Bills making a trade like this at this time, but if they did I think it would be their first that we get it done.
  13. Would it gross you out as much (or st all) if she was hot?
  14. True, but if Eli starts our DBs wouldn’t have to ever run more than 20 yards downfield. They’d be rested up for week 3.
  15. I can’t speak to the homelessness issue, but Chicago’s total metro area population is about 50% larger than Toronto’s. 9.5M to about 6.2M.
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