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  1. My old next door neighbor had a friend who was told by a coworker that they met a client who looked exactly like him. He brushed it off, but the sales rep kept on him about how they looked EXACTLY alike and that he really needed to meet this guy. Finally he calls him - and finds out he was adopted. He then goes to his mother and asks if he has a twin and she immediately lost it emotionally. The short story is that they were very poor and couldn’t afford to keep both twins so they gave one up for adoption. I know the brothers met after that but I don’t know where it went from there because
  2. You beat me to it. Not only was it horrific in every way it also attempted to destroy the first movie.
  3. Seriously. Zubas took him down early and didn’t capitalize. Lower level got up and went full Ralphie* on him. That gets you the KO in a fight with zero technique involved. Problem solved. * A Christmas Story reference
  4. I finally got to Tempo just as the pandemic hit. I enjoyed it. Very good food, more than ample portions and options for drinkable but inexpensive wine. Wait staff was good. Excellent value overall. I was looking forward to going again and hope I still can at some point. Congrats on the wedding. Sorry your Tempo friends couldn’t be there.
  5. Totally agree with your first paragraph, but no way would I want BOB here. He’s a mercenary who has angled for more power and money at every stop. He reminds me of coaches like Butch Davis and Doug Marrone. He’s the opposite of what the new Bills culture is about. It shouldn’t be a problem anyway because he’s still getting paid large by Houston and isn’t likely to take an OC job for free.
  6. I will have a lot more respect for Pederson’s intellectual acuity if this is found to be the case. The Iggles are going to be a tire fire for at least a couple seasons. He had two seasons left on his contract and he’ll probably get paid to sit on a beach for those two seasons rather than go through the horror of coaching a team that’s trying to avoid 0-16.
  7. I was so surprised by that too. It’s not the kind of mistake I’d think Tre would make, but he did and I also noted it at the time.
  8. Make Lamar be a QB. He’s a dynamic runner but a backup level passer. Clog the middle to make him throw to the sidelines and put defenders in his way if he runs. Seal those edges on pass rush and run defense. The Titans did not contain the edges and it cost them the game. When Lamar does run the ball make him pay. Teams really haven’t been able to do that because he’s so elusive but it’s coming.
  9. To the edges and downfield.
  10. I agree with this. Obviously Edge, LT and WR are all huge but with the level of holding allowed these days I gotta go CB. A stud CB and a stud LT both have to be consistent every play or it is probably a splash play by the other team. A stud CB and a stud DE can change the way a defense plays and allow much more flexibility in scheme. A stud CB checks both of those boxes. That’s my pick.
  11. The poll has McD, Stefanski and Flores 1-2-3. That’s the way it should be IMO. Stefanski should get it next season if hem the Browns continue to improve. That’s why McD deserves it this season.
  12. Wow. People are stupid and money does not seem to change that at all.
  13. Fivethirtyeight has been exceptionally good at picking presidential and congressional elections. Statistically I don’t think any other group has been better over the last couple decades. Eight years ago they called every state correctly for the presidential, senatorial and gubernatorial elections except one senate seat. I guess that’s why people take their predictions seriously.
  14. I agree. Due to the decrease in cap for 2021 I think Allen gets his 5th year option officially picked up but he has a new deal signed before we get to it. The timing of the signing and/or payout structure will be such that the big cap hits start in the 2022 season. That’ll give the team some flexibility next season. It’d wreak havoc to have the first big hit in 2021 with a $175M cap. That’s just not happening.
  15. You might be better off getting an induction plate. No open flame like propane so no oil flame ups and easy to set and forget. Plus they are reasonably priced.
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