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  1. BarleyNY

    AJ Green to Jets Trade rumor chatter on Twitter

    No. Looking to trade him. They’ve been asking for a 3rd. Nobody is in on that, obviously. I expect to see him traded during the draft for a lot less than that.
  2. BarleyNY

    Do Bills pick up Shaq Lawsons 5th year option?

    5th year options are only guaranteed for injury until the first day of the league year when they become fully guaranteed. So if picked up it could be rescinded unless Lawson has an injury that will linger into next season. Picking it up would set the expectations for guarantees and the basic average salary in his next contract however. That’s the issue. If he’s not worth $11M guaranteed with close to that on average then they shouldn’t pick it up. This year will go a long way to determining whether or not he’s worth that. I guess I’d pick it up and try to work out a LTD if he plays well enough to earn a big contract. And I’d rescind it and let him walk if he didn’t.
  3. BarleyNY

    Clowney and the Texans are still far apart.

    I’m in agreement. He’s a very good DE with the tools to be great, but he hasn’t been. We’d have to pay the price for an elite DE to acquire him and keep him. That’s a hard pass.
  4. It’s from a Browns site, but they appear to be running the same basic defensive scheme as the Bills. You can see why McD moved to Bills to a a base of Cover 3. I think the Bills are utilizing route matching, but someone that has done some research with All 22 can verify. https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/Article/Film-Study-Why-I-Detest-Spot-Drops-in-Zone-Coverage-131106759/
  5. He’d be looking at a 1 year, $28M contract. I can’t imagine him sitting out with that on the table, but who knows? There is one more twist: what about the potential lockout in 2021? How does that play into this? I don’t even think that Seattle could tag him a second time (for 2021) until the CBA is resolved. If they’re going to move him, then the time is before the draft. If they tag him and try to trade him next offseason who knows how much the uncertainty in 2021 will factor into his value.
  6. Seattle can tag Wilson for 1 year for sure and probably 2 years without cap issues. I can’t see him leaving that kind of money on the table by not signing the tag. He might not do it right away, but he’ll donor before the season. if the Giants want him they’re going to have to give up some value. They need him in the fold before camp be it this season or next. And honestly, if it’s going to happen then now is the right time for both teams. Gettleman has extra draft capital this year and it will look like he had a plan all along if he brings Wilson in. Seattle isn’t winning anything this season with or without Wilson so they might was well go full rebuild now and add some draft capital (which they’re sorely lacking as of now).
  7. Yeah. It looks like Wilson want PAID if he’s going to have to live through a total rebuild in Seattle. Or he wants out. Seattle has to get something for him if he isn’t going to play for them. You can’t let a bona fide FQB go for nothing. You need additional picks to speed up your rebuild.
  8. Seattle only has 26 players under contract for next season. That’s odd. They won’t even get many more from this draft class without some trades because they only have 4 picks right now. They’ll certainly have the cap space to franchise Wilson, but I can see why he wants paid or traded. Not really sure what the Seattle plan is right now. 2020 outlook: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/seattle-seahawks/cap/2020/ Not a lot of high end talent to build around on that list either. Baldwin is the best of the lot and he’s 30.
  9. BarleyNY

    If anyone still thinks we drafted the wrong QB

    Maybe so. But the Browns could not have a better fit than Mayfield.
  10. BarleyNY

    If anyone still thinks we drafted the wrong QB

    Well, then enjoy the ride! Just give the kid his due if he does well, but doesn’t quite get that gold jacket. And I hope you’re right about him
  11. BarleyNY

    My Hypothetical Julio Jones Trade....Yes or No?

    Of course you’d like that scenario a lot. It values Julio Jones at the 43rd pick of this draft, which is a total joke. (It’s be just slightly better with the addition 3rd mentioned.) No, Atlanta would laugh the Bills offer out of the room if they made that offer. He’s a top 5 WR in the league.
  12. BarleyNY

    If anyone still thinks we drafted the wrong QB

    I really like Mayfield’s chances of success right now. Allen is more gifted in certain ways - arm strength and running ability for sure - but still has some areas where he lags way behind. Allen rarely gets the ball out when he hits his drop. Maybe a better supporting cast will help that. Accuracy is still an issue too often too. Not on every throw but still on too many. It’s early and all of these QBs have a lot of years ahead is them. Allen has a lot going for him and we don’t know what his ceiling ultimately will be. Let’s just pump the brakes a little on the sky high expectations and see what happens.
  13. BarleyNY

    If anyone still thinks we drafted the wrong QB

    You think Allen is better than Mayfield?
  14. BarleyNY

    Trade market for Rosen "soft"

    I don’t know if running the ball - and extending plays behind the LOS - like he does is sustainable or not, but I think you have to let him do it. The ball does not come out of his hand when his foot hits on his drops. Maybe that improves, but you can’t count on it. He holds the ball like Roethlisberger does and he’s going to take hits like he does. The good news his that Allen is much more mobile. The bad news is that he’s not as accurate. The rushing yards will have to make up for the lost passing yards. It is a risk, but it’s his only path to success.
  15. BarleyNY

    Bills sign DE Eli Harold

    We have enough needs that I’d be happy to sign a player like Ansah and then use our high picks to shore up other areas. I’d be excited to see him and Olivier added to this line. That’d make for a formidable pass rush.