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  1. That is correct at this time, but he was overrated on this board by most posters nearly the whole time he was here. If Allen doesn’t improve then I suspect he’ll get much the same treatment.
  2. When I worked in an office a had a giant container of fireballs. It was the perfect candy to have on my desk. I would never eat too many and I didn’t get cleaned out in two days like if I’d have put out something chocolate.
  3. Bill Murray, my son and three of my best friends or Bill Murray Jon Stewart Michelle Obama Noam Chompsky Alyissa Milano
  4. Please link. I remember hearing the podcast, but cant find the article you’re referencing with Google.
  5. This is so wrong it hurts to read. The people at PFF have a specific way of collecting and analyzing data that they use to rate QBs. Allen does poorly by their metrics. He did poorly in college and he’s done poorly in the pros. It is what it is. If he improves, then they’ll rate him better. If he becomes a successful NFL QB despite doing poorly with their metrics, then they’ll take a look at changing their metrics. I’ve literally heard them say exactly that when talking about Allen.
  6. Just to further clarify what was said by PFF, it was a highly qualified comment about Hodges and Allen. It was something to the effect of Hodges having been graded higher than Allen in the couple games leading up to the Bills v Steelers game. The guy made a point of how difficult it was to find any positive thing to say in regard to the Steelers offense and Hodges versus the Bills.
  7. Let’s not make that one sided. In many cases the police have been the ones to initiate violence. I’ve seen enough footage of that that I can’t imagine you haven’t. In some other cases police have reacted with violence to violence initiated by suspected or known white supremacists within the crowd of protesters.
  8. At the risk of getting back on topic, there is definitely a strong effort by white supremacists to incite violence and derail progress. That includes directly committing violent acts against police at demonstrations and inciting both sides online. I’m surprised we’re so far into this thread without that being mentioned.
  9. I suspect that when the technology reaches the point where fully functional and very realistic companion androids are affordable by the masses we will see a significant population downturn.
  10. Whoa, whoa, whoa there. He’s also fat.
  11. PFF generally has good, unbiased analysis
  12. Looking at him to be a quality rotational DE who is primarily used on passing downs to get to QBs. Addison was a good signing IMO.
  13. Yup. I fear that it gets started too early, then canceled after a bunch of outbreaks. I’d rather have a late start and no fans than that. Also I did not read this whole thread, but is there anyone who says they will not watch if fans aren’t allowed?
  14. That’s the big risk associated with QBs who need to make a substantial mechanical improvement. There’s a huge payoff if it happens, but it usually doesn’t. Fixing a throwing motion is like fixing a golf swing - except that a bunch of 265 pound men are trying to destroy you and you only have 2.5 seconds to look at the fairway and take your swing before that happens. Pennington got destroyed physically before he improved enough. I didn’t watch his career closely enough to be able to tell how he was handled by the Jest so I don’t know if they ruined him or if he didn’t have a chance. The weird thing will Allen is that he was such a mess mechanically, but did better than expected with that considered. So what happens if his mechanics don’t ever get “fixed” but get improved somewhat. Where does he land performance-wise with that? With everything else he can do, will that be good enough? I just hope we have football this year and can find out.
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