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  1. They need to pay Burrow and Chase. Higgins will get WR1 money somewhere. The smart move by the Bengals is probably to trade him for a first plus more picks and replace him in the draft. A team could stay ahead of the game like that. He was a second round pick.
  2. It’s not. Just look at how few SBs have been won by QBs on their rookies deals since 2010: - Mahomes in 2019 - Russell Wilson in 2013 - Joe Flacco in 2012 That’s it. I used 2010 as the cut off since that was the last draft before the rookie salary cap was instituted. Early picks were getting paid well in 2010 and before. Wilson and Flacco were drafted prior to 2010, but were still on relatively cheap deals due to their draft position so I included them. Eli and Roethlisberger each got one on their rookie deals - and then each got a second while on big vet deals. But Eli was 1st overall and Roethlisberger was 11th and both were paid well at the time. (Both were drafted before 2010 and won their first before then too.) So, sure, it’s helpful to have a cheap QB contract when building a team, but it’s not the secret to hoisting the Lombardi. And guess what? A stud veteran QB can help bring in supporting players, often at a discount.
  3. Agreed. I’ve been saying the same thing. Same focus on the same positions. Lots of players brought to Buffalo from Carolina and lots of similarities between other additions and what he had. For example, it didn’t take McD long to try to get his new Kuechly with Edmunds. Same zone concepts even if some have evolved a little. I don’t know how much McD is involved these days, but his finger prints are all over the defensive scheme and personnel.
  4. I think most fans were looking for a sign that we weren’t just going to run it all back in 2023. We were looking for an acknowledgment that some changes needed to be made, but it doesn’t seem like we are going to get that. Sigh
  5. Agree on all counts. A Bills fan board is the only place this would even be asked. Spot on regarding Allen’s contract. He got paid full market value at the time of signing. However I give both Beane and Allen credit for doing it a year early. Josh got a huge chunk of cash early and the Bills locked him in at that season’s rate. I’d take winning a SB or two with a Favre or Roethlisberger level career for Allen. What I don’t want to see is him have a Philip Rivers career. That was certainly not all on Rivers. HCs Norvell Turner, Mike McCarthy and Anthony Lynn (!) all had a hand in it. Unfortunately we still need to progress from the Rivers/Turner trajectory because where we sit today looks scarily similar.
  6. No love for Bart Starr, Otto Graham, Johnny U, etc.?
  7. Really depends on if they keep Hines. He seems like a cut due to salary or a pay cut candidate to me. They traded (not much) for him, then hardly used him on offense. $4.8M is his salary in 2023. That would put him 17th among RBs in average salary. I just don’t see that happening, but maybe we see an extension with some decent guaranteed money and lower AAV. He just turned 26 so it’s possible. But I think him getting cut is much more likely. If Hines is a cut then we just have Singletary and we’re looking at adding a FA, a draft pick and an UDFA to our 90. I would not use any consequential resources on one with one possible exception: Bijan Robinson. That’s not the direction I think they will go and it’s not my first choice, but if the team was to revamp its offense, he’s the one playmaker at RB we could afford and possibly acquire. I think they’ll go with low cost solutions.
  8. I agree, but I was a little more concerned about the Miami playoff game. We just looked sloppy. I was worried, but thought that as long as they got all that out of the way and came in focused the rest of the way we’d be competitive. They did seem to clean up the sloppiness for Cincy, but the game plans on both sides of the ball were awful.
  9. I can’t imagine that McDermott and Beane aren’t a package deal and I think their tenures will end on the same day - whether that’s one or twenty years from now. That’s probably for the best anyway. I did want a bit of a shake up in the coaching staff if only as a sign that McDermott understood that changes were needed. I think I’m sitting here thinking the same thing as most Bills fans - that next year will look a lot like the last 3. I just wanted some sign that the team was making some changes. My concern at OC is that Dorsey isn’t up for it. I really don’t want the Bills to be his on-the-job-training. My concern at DC is that Frazier is just helping McDermott run his scheme and any change would just result in another DC doing the same. At least a new DC might bring in some fresh ideas and aggressiveness come playoff time.
  10. Maybe some fans are overreacting to a bad loss, but there are other fans that are more concerned with the coaching failures in the postseason the last two years. To ignore those very legitimate criticisms and write it off as pure overreaction is not fair. Nor is it good journalism. The author’s take about replacing a (somewhat) successful coach not yielding better results is terrible. We are talking about moving from a HC that fields a contending team to one who wins a championship. There are very, very few active HCs that have won it all so of course it’s easy to find examples of ones that haven’t. That’s almost all of what’s out there and most teams get revamped when they change HCs anyway. Note: I’m not even arguing that the Bills coaches should all be fired, but the article doesn’t make a good case for why they shouldn’t. I do think that the coaches and FO have some mistakes to answer for and that their seats should be getting very toasty though.
  11. Not only that, Salgado has been here since 2017. Poyer and Hyde have been stellar the whole time and backups seemed to know their assignments when on the field. I understand that sometimes coaches get fired for reasons unrelated to their main job such as disagreements/personality conflicts with their managers. Maybe he told McD and Frazier they were stupid for rolling out soft coverages against the Bengals and they wanted him off the staff if he wasn’t on board with their plan. Who knows? It’s just weird though. I’ve got no idea what’s up with the new hire. I hope he does well here.
  12. He played more snaps this season as it was his first as a full time starter. That’s why he got a lot more targets. Lots more to it than yardage = ranking among WRs. I’ve mentioned several factors and I’ll leave it there.
  13. Agreed. Previously I’ve mentioned that the best scenario would be adding a WR who could play in the slot or outside. That way Davis can play outside on sets with 3 or more WRs and leave the field on 2 WR sets. But the other big issue is that Davis is in year 4 of his rookie contract and will be a FA next season. This off-season is the time to prepare for life without him on the Bills in 2024. We may be able to re-sign him, but we don’t know what offers he will get in FA and we are better off improving at the position anyway.
  14. Most of his non-catches were not drops, they were because he can’t create separation. Part of why Allen looked off was because Davis wasn’t getting open in single coverage. He isn’t “on par” with any WR1. He’s a low-end WR2. It’s dumb to compare him to players like Devonte Adams who are constantly getting double teamed. As @Straight Hucklebuck astutely points out, Davis has two routes that he runs well: the long developing go and the comeback off of that. Dorsey had him running a variety of other routes and he couldn’t separate. Thus, more contested catches for Davis and tougher throws for Allen. That’s why he has such a low catch rate. Let’s look at another name you threw out: Julio Jones. That comparison would be impressive if Jones wasn’t totally washed up. He had less than 300 yards receiving this season because his speed is declining and he’s not able to separate on any level of the field at this point. And he still had a better catch rate than Davis. There is room for Davis to have a role on this team while he’s on his rookie deal or an inexpensive vet contract, but that role is not as WR2.
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