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  1. Do you know how fumbling away the ball impacts a team’s chances of winning a game?
  2. He’s gonna have to hold onto the ball if he wants designed runs. Just sayin.
  3. Allen needs to take care of the ball if he wants to be allowed to help the team by running it. I think the coaching staff will ease him back into running the ball. He’ll have to earn it by protecting it and himself in limited opportunities. If he does, then he’ll get more designed runs.
  4. Murphy is the 9th highest paid player on the team. We’d have saved $8M by cutting him and probably would’ve spent at least that on a comparable replacement. Addison is getting $10.15M per season by comparison. Honestly I’m wondering how much of our issues are scheme and how much is personnel. For what we are collectively paying this defense we are getting crap in return. $51.2M tied up in the DL this season per Spotrac.
  5. Ok, I get pumping the brakes on the doom and gloom, but let’s not overstate things either. We’ve made the playoffs 2 of the last 3 seasons BUT WE HAVE NOT HAD A REAL CHANCE AT MAKING A SUPER BOWL YET. We lost both playoff games we’ve been in. We got taken to the woodshed in the first one, then lost in OT to a team that KC crushed in the following round. We weren’t close. Now that doesn’t mean that McD and Beane haven’t improved this team vastly. They have. But this team isn’t an elite one yet. The 4-0 record we had as of a couple weeks ago set some lofty expectations because it looked like we might have arrived. Obviously we haven’t yet. What’s really concerning is why. The defense looks bad - and that’s enormously problematic. We have spent large on it and defense is supposed to be McD’s forte. Failure on that front deserves some major explanation by both him and Beane. On offense the WR corps has been great, pass blocking has been great and Allen has been up and down. But the run blocking and the run game in general has been really bad. If we are topping out at being a “bottom rung playoff team” would anyone be happy with that? It’s fair to ask why so many facets of the team are breaking down. It’s also fair to ask what the plan will be once Allen is off his rookie contract and we have $30M or so less to spend.
  6. KC’s defensive penalties really kept us in this one. If the DBs (Breeland in particular) hadn’t committed so many PI, def holding and hands to the face penalties, then things would have been a lot worse.
  7. I’d be hard pressed to name a single Bills DL player that has consistently performed well - or even decently - this season. McD would’ve been justified in benching any of them. KC was missing three OL starters in this game after Schwartz was injured early on. It was an awful performance against 60% backups.
  8. Anyone else find it particularly odd that a team allegedly would be trying to trade the third overall pick less than a year and a half into his career? For a second round pick? That move is known as a “Rosen” I believe. Something is up. Either this dude is coasting and partying now that he got paid or he hates the crap show that is the coaching staff and general atmosphere of the Jest so much that he’s trying to get out and into a better situation.
  9. Agreed. People know his name and that he was a great player. Plus most are down on everyone on the Bills defense right now. Kerrigan is a role player now. He’s not even starting for Washington.
  10. What’s so concerning to me is that this is the third season of this defense. They should be tight and humming along. Getting beat happens, the other team is getting paid too and we all know that defense is pretty much illegal in the NFL today anyway. But missing assignments and other mental errors - I’m looking particularly hard at our LBs here - is a real problem. The other thing that might be at play here is our offense’s production. Teams didn’t have to open up their offenses against us the last couple seasons. They expected a lower scoring game and could be more conservative. I’ve seen this happen with other teams too. Always beware of a great looking defense if your offense is poor. So I think that part of our problem this season is that our defense wasn’t quite as good as we thought it was. But I don’t think they’re as bad as they looked against the Titans either. There’s definitely work to be done and we are going to have to do it with less money soon. I think we’d all be shocked if Allen either didn’t have his 5th year option picked up or got an extension this offseason. That means one more season of an inexpensive QB and then $30M or so less cap space to work with. Beane has his work cut out for him.
  11. Too many way overpaid average former Panthers. And you can add Star to that list.
  12. Titans are a very well coached team that was well rested. Both teams were missing important players, but the Bills were in a particular bad spot in that regard. The Titans make you stack up the box to play the run and play man on the edges. That’s tough to do with your top 2 corners out. Missing Milano didn’t help the run defense either. Hopefully we get another shot at the Titans in the post season with our secondary healthy.
  13. I thought Epenesa looked like he lost a lot of weight!
  14. Yeah. This guy looks to be a second round bust. The Ravens moved on from him quickly. I guess the Titans aren’t too worried about him taking their playbook to the Jags.
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