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  1. I tend to agree that Philly is the most complete team, but KC did beat them in the last SB. The Iggles won their last one, what, five years ago?
  2. It’s effectively a 3 year, $48.4M deal with two optional years after that. The outs after this year and next would be expensive, but the offsets would help if we had to get out early. It’s an overpay, but I very much like the structure.
  3. The heavy DL rotation is philosophical. Draft and cap investments as well as roster construction over this regime’s tenure shows that. Obviously they’ll want their best on the field at the most important times, but the rotation helps keeps those players fresh. Philadelphia heavily employs this strategy.
  4. Intentionally misrepresenting opponents’ positions is called the Straw Man Fallacy. That and the Appeal to Authority Fallacy are super popular here. In this particular instance it is difficult to justify the size of extension Oliver got. It’s an obvious overpay even if it’s no worse than the Star contract. At least Oliver is a good player. There just aren’t a lot of sexy arguments for either side though. But if someone wants to pretend that some Bills fans hate Oliver, then that’s spicy. And it’s easy for someone to pretend to take the high ground.
  5. Not a fan of Chefs! food. Crappy pasta and worse sauce. Inedibly sweet. However I believe that the owners do a lot of community work so props to them for that.
  6. I am sure they’re using multiple void years. They could even structure the contract so he’s cut with a 6/1 designation on day one of the next league year.
  7. Agreed. Not sure that it’s enough tho.
  8. That is very misleading. Even with Oliver’s snap count increasing the last 8 games he still only played 50.18% of defensive snaps in 2022. His snap rates in 2019-2021 were 53.67%, 53.97% & 57.79%, respectively. His production, including his PRWR has to be viewed with this in mind. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/buf/2022-snap-counts.htm
  9. Seems to be a very good addition, depending on the contract ofc.
  10. Yup. This is why I’m surprised that people are expecting a significant contribution from Harty - and why I was surprised to see how much the Bills paid him. He’s smaller than McKenzie.
  11. I don’t think so unless they get a great deal from him. I think he’ll get paid decently by some team next offseason and that it’ll be more than the Bills want to (or reasonably can) pay him. The Bills were already top 3 in cash spending this season prior to the Oliver extension. They’ll likely move up to #2 with that included. Incidentally they only trail the Browns and Ravens now. That’s three of the teams that keep getting connected to Hopkins already spending the most cash now.
  12. Bad teams pay players like that. Oliver has not nearly played to the level of this contract extension. Paying him with the hopes that he takes a big enough step forward to be worth makes me SMH.
  13. The extension is 4 years, $68 million as his 5th year option in 2023 was already fully guaranteed. People are going to want to put this in the best possible light, but it is what it is. Judging by guarantees, yes, it’s likely that the earliest out is after 2025. Also the contract comparisons are for all DTs, not just 3Ts.
  14. I understand that DTs, especially ones that can provide a decent pass rush, are scarce. Oliver is a good DT, but even with that said I don’t get $17M AAV on the extension. There’s no way to look at that and not see a substantial overpay.
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